Shock Report: U.S. Military Misplaced Samples of Black Plague and Other Deadly Pathogens

bioweaponsBy Mac Slavo

What could possibly go wrong when you mix deadly pathogens with inept government bureaucracy?

Well don’t look now, but the DoD is out warning that the army might have also mishandled samples of the black plague which isn’t known to be dangerous unless you count the time it wiped out 60% of Europe’s entire population. Here’s more from CNN:

The U.S. Department of Defense is looking into possible mishandling of bubonic plague and equine encephalitis samples at its laboratories, a Pentagon spokesman said Thursday.

The new inquiry is part of an investigation into the mishandling of anthrax at Department of Defense labs, Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said.

The department hasn’t determined whether samples containing plague bacteria and specimens of the deadly virus were shipped from its labs, Cook said.

The latest investigation started after CDC inspectors found a sample of the plague in a freezer outside of a containment area on August 17 at the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center in Maryland, Cook said.

Investigators are working to determine whether the sample posed an “infectious threat,” Cook said. Army tests found it was not infectious.

“That’s the scientific work that’s being done at this particular time, determining exactly what happened there, and whether or not … there was mislabeling,” he said.

Yersinia pestis, the same type of bacterium that was responsible for the plague pandemic that wiped out 60% of the European population between the 14th and 17th centuries, maintains a foothold in the United States and around the globe in rodents and the fleas that live on them.

Today, the infections are treatable with antibiotics if they’re caught early enough. Since 1970, there have been anywhere from a few to a few dozen cases of plague every year in the United States, most of them occurring in Western states, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Yes, only “a few to a few dozen cases of plague” per year, but that bubonic dearth is nothing the US military can’t fix with a few “mislabed” samples and a FedEx account.

For their part, Fred Upton (chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee) and Frank Pallone (ranking Democrat) are incredulous: “Anthrax being mishandled is disconcerting enough, but now the mishandling also includes [the] plague.”

Via Zero Hedge

Last month The Prepper’s Blueprint author Tess Pennington reported that the Centers for Disease Control put U.S. doctors on alert for Bubonic Plague as cases began popping up from Georgia to California.

In a world where we have been told by officials that there is no threat of such a virus ever grabbing hold and wiping out our population, we wondered, how could such a thing happen in modern times? How can a plague from the Middle Ages still be killing people?

We may now have our answer. You see, when you leave a deadly pathogen once responsible for killing off 60% of an entire continent in a freezer with TV dinners, there is a distinct possibility that it could be released into the wild. While we understand that the recent outbreak of Plague could have occurred as a result of natural means, an accidental or purposeful release cannot be ruled out.

The government would never release a deadly pathogen on a population, unless of course you consider that this is exactly what we did when we dropped Bubonic plague infected fleas on North Korea. But they’re the enemy, so that doesn’t count.

We’d never kill our own people, though. Not intentionally, right?

Human Experimentation – An Overview on Cold War Era Programs

…we have identified hundreds of radiological, chemical, and biological tests and experiments in which hundreds of thousands of people were used as test subjects. These tests and experiments often involved hazardous substances such as radiation, blister and nerve agents, biological agents, and lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). In some cases, basic safeguards to protect people were either not in place or not followed. For example, some tests and experiments were conducted in secret; others involved the use of people without their knowledge or consent or their full knowledge of the risks involved.

The effects of the tests and experiments are often difficult to determine. Although some participants suffered immediate acute injuries, and some died, in other cases adverse health problems were not discovered until many years later–often 20 to 30 years or longer.

You can’t handle the truth about vaccines (Ad)

One particular experiment involved spraying thousands of unsuspecting Americans with radiological particles:

It is now confirmed that during the Cold War, the United States Army conducted experiments on St. Louis, Missouri residents, which at the time they claimed were for the purposes of protecting the population. Sociologist Lisa Martino-Taylor filed multiple Freedom of Information requests and obtained documents from the US Army that confirmed her worst fears: Some 10,000 people in St. Louis had been sprayed day and night with radioactive particles in the 1950s and ’60s.

Keep in mind that this is not conspiracy theory. These citations are from official government documents. Though most of the experiments documented are from the Cold War era, the key takeaway is that to government scientists and military personnel we are all just guinea pigs.

Whether the latest string of Bubonic Plague infections is the result of natural causes or government carelessness we may never know. What we do know is that there is a distinct possibility that the American people are actively a part of yet another experiment for the greater good.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Have you heard of the video game Plague, Inc: Evolved? It was “released” in 2012. Interesting trailer … hopefully not a bit of predictive programmingCan you infect the world?

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  1. If any of these killers should accidentally get released lets hope it is at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  2. Displace ALL the Personnel responsible for the safety of the Samples all the way UP.There are enough, Privately run for profit, Jails.

    • That won’t happen for they won’t find out who is at fault, they if they do, they will bury the info. That is what they did at NIH when someone caught committing fraud, they covered it up–did not want it to hit the media for it might jeopardize Congressional funding!

  3. Just goes to show how the American people are so ignorant, now are government is using biological warfare to kill us off. Why do you think cancer is so widespread. It’s funny, I’ve been telling people for years that something is in the air, causing people to die or feel tired all the time. Now it’s really happening. Wake up America!

  4. Nothing the DOD does shocks me any more. I doubt this was an accident. It was probably an accident that this was discovered. It was probably supposed to be sprayed all over the country with them chemtrails. Look at how “OFFICIAL” incompetence was highly rewarded on 9/11!

    • And now we also have the incompetence of the Iran nuclear deal by this terrorist-loving admin and the cowardly Republican leaders who refuse to do anything to halt it!

  5. when are government officials going to be held responsible for their actions since all the regular working class are prosecuted if they screw up or do wrong but people like hillary , obama and the corrupt washington eleit get a free pass

  6. This incompetence reminds me of the dangerous pathogens (smallpox, etc) that were improperly “stored” in a cold room at the NIH and found several times when they were cleaning out. I worked at the NIH, and this really is no surprise; too many visiting foreign scientists (not abiding by US policy) and much fed employee turnover which leads to the incompetency. The policies of US lab requirements vs policies in other countries is not the always the same; I remember years ago that a foreign scientist disposed of radioactive material in the trash can rather than dispose correctly–reason why radiation scans/reports required every day. Both of the current incidents were in federal complexes in Edgewood and Bethesda, Maryland, under Obama administration!

  7. agencies that deal with those such things ought to be in DC or Chicago (the neighborhood of o’bama and bill ayers) so if they escape, no great loss

  8. Can anyone explain to me why DoD would have these pathagens? The military needs these because why? And shouldn’t CDC have these instead of the military?

  9. Time to move to Idaho.

  10. Americans, know, 1 year after the fact, it fits the entire big picture of the Syrians migrating to this country, it wont be their fault , the disease will be on them and they wont even know it, the people of Syria are not vaccinated ,every one who has taken in a foreign exchange student , has to take them to get vaccinated the people in this country know that, all of your democrats know that , just like ebola, that is 7 diseases make ebola.
    Look at Dr Ben Carson , one of his best friends, Warren Buffett, has been testing the brain pill that has kept Ben Carson , going and going , Addium, Dr. Carson knows what he is doing , on the Board of Directors for Costco for 15 years and selling his brain pills, I don’t think he will make a good president, I don’t hold that against him , but he is not presidential material, his eyes give it away they are closed more than they are open, when they are open he looks as if he is legally blind. What’s up with that ? Then Ben Carson was on the board of directors with another company, vote for Trump.

    • Ben Carson has nothing to do with the incompetency and lack of security on Obama’s agenda. Obama could not care less about national security and protecting the people of the US; he is more interested in dismantling and degrading the US. Where does Ben Carson fit in with Obama’s disturbed agenda?

  11. Since the Muslims have infiltrated our government, there is no telling where this went. My only hope is that Obama gets the first dose of each….no one deserves it more.

  12. does anyone with two brains cells to rub together believe for one millisecond that this rash of mistakes were by accident? just like the bankers who caused the financial collapse no one has been held accountable or will ever be.

  13. De-population agenda…

  14. you said it , who has control of it , WE ARE FROM THE GOVNT AN WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU. LOL LOL LOL

  15. Misplace !! ? STOLEN. !! Military too busy banishing Christianity, and catering to nasty liberal conduct.

  16. no it is they allow potentchel people that are sleepers or terrorists in the making and those in charged not doing there job just drawing money PERIOD

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