Cop Caught on Film Electrocuting Captured Suspect In the Back


By Amanda Warren

An incident in Fairfax County, Virginia is stirring up a long awaited ire. Perhaps due to years of programming, apathy can be a typical response to police beating or hurting suspects unless it becomes too garish. But as more cell phone footage rises to the surface it becomes harder for police to obscure events with their provided perceptions and reports.

“Stop resisting!” is a favorite line of officers pinning down arrestees. But what happens when they are calm and comply?

Unfortunately – sometimes it is this…

The officer below was captured by a witness on September 24, tasing a suspect in the back after the man had turned around and placed his hands on the hood of the vehicle.

A spokeswoman makes a case that video footage is out of context and that one cannot tell what really happened. But internal affairs will “make an inquiry…”

Additionally, officers referred to the incident as “the deployment of a electronic control weapon.” Electronic. Control. Weapon.

Whether the detainee was really a thief or not – is not why people are upset. They are not upset at the concept of arresting a criminal. They are upset because tasing someone in the back highlights a pervasive attitude that feels entitled to harm someone in a state of surrender and custody.

What do you think about the incident? Is that acceptable treatment for compliance?

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10 Comments on "Cop Caught on Film Electrocuting Captured Suspect In the Back"

  1. The police are the revenue gatherers and enFORCEers, (Leg breakers) , for the criminal gang who operate under the street name, government.

  2. Based on the Short video, this looks like excessive use of force. But we do not hear what is being said, so fully understanding the situation is flawed. BUT based on my previous training when I was in Law Enforcement, I do not understand, nor condone the officers use of the Electronic Control Device. It appears in the video that the suspect was complying with the officers request. Should be investigated by an outside the dept investigation.

    • …another…”we don’t know what was being said”…BS-moment for you on-your-knees-for-corrupt-cop-suckers. Charge the cop with violation of his oath…convict him for treason and hang him from a lamp pole on the PD parking lot….for a warning to the other…”good cops”….
      RJ O’Guillory

      • You like jumping off the handle, can not handle any thoughts but your own. Like My comment said, everything that you can see aligns itself to excessive force. WHY do you think I said Needs to be investigated by an outside the department entity. We are a nation of laws, and yes if he is convicted of breaking the laws, violating the rights of the suspect/victim then he should have to pay the just penalty. We do not want to label all LEO’s, All Blacks, All Whites, All Christians, All Muslims, All Aliens together in groups, that will cause a balkanization of the USA that destroyed much of Europe. We as CITIZENS of the USA, and again Citizens, illegals, foreigners do not get a say in matters concerning this nation, until they become citizens, need to stand up for the USA and all its citizens and restore this nation to a nation of LAWS, not of men. Men are corruptable. We must not become vigilantes against groups of people, we must judge each occurance based on its Facts, on Truth, NOT ON EMOTIONS.

        NOW RJ, you think tazing someone deserves Death by Hanging, THEN YOU are unjust and unfounded in your dislike of my comment. YOU ARE ALSO not a TRUE AMERICAN, believing in the the IDEALS that this nation was Founded on.

        Now If this Law Enforcement officer was found guilty in a JUST court, then I could understand a penalty for criminal Assault. But Death by Hanging RJ, is as this video appears to indicate would be excessive. SO THINK with your HEAD, HEART, and CHRISTIAN CHARACTER, not those of anarchist.

  3. Problem is the same in Canada. Police are paid very well with best of benefits.Makes them superior. Police union is very powerful and worse politicians get favors and that is why Poolice –no matter what their crimes are–protected to 100% paid leave.

  4. Proving yet again the only good cop has its brains splattered across the front seat of its cop car.

  5. This cop needs to be tested for drugs, he is high on meth or on Steriods.

  6. For Sure!

  7. Would have been funny if the neighborhood had rushed the officer, stripped him naked, hog tied him and locked him in the trunk of his cruiser. Too many people have no business being cops.

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