Paris Attackers Funded by Pentagon Dinner Guest, and 5 Other ”Coincidences”

Tony Cartalucci 
Activist Post

Corroborating claims by French security agencies, a bizarre interview conducted just before the death of terror suspect Chérif Kouachi reveals that he had been in Yemen and in direct contact with none other than Anwar Al Awlaki – the notorious Al Qaeda leader allegedly killed in a drone strike in Yemen in 2011. 

Image: The Kouachi brothers, arrested twice for terrorism, convicted and imprisoned for terrorism, having met senior leadership of Al Qaeda, having trained with and fought alongside Al Qaeda, French intelligence would – 6 months ago – deem the dangerous duo a “low risk.” 6 months also happens to be the perfect time frame within which they could plan, fund, and begin executing their grand finale. Are we to believe it is a coincidence French intelligence turned the spotlight off just in time for them to piece together the worst terror attack in France in decades? Who is it French intelligence considers “high risk” and isn’t immediately arresting? 

The UK Mirror in an article titled, “Paris shootings: Listen to terrorist Amedy Coulibaly’s bizarre conversation with hostage during supermarket siege,” quoted Kouachi as saying: 

We are just telling you we are the defenders of the prophet and that I Chérif Kouachi have been sent by Al Qaida of Yemen and that I went over there and that Anwar Al Awaki financed me.

Not only was Anwar Al Awlaki a senior leader in Al Qaeda, he also infamously spent dinner with top brass at the Pentagon shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks in Washington, New York, and over Pennsylvania.

CBS News would report in their article, “Qaeda-Linked Imam Dined at Pentagon after 9/11,” that:  

Anwar al-Awlaki – the radical spiritual leader linked to several 9/11 attackers, the Fort Hood shooting, and the attempted Christmas Day bombing of an airliner – was a guest at the Pentagon in the months after 9/11, a Pentagon official confirmed to CBS News. 

Awlaki was invited as “…part of an informal outreach program” in which officials sought contact “…with leading members of the Muslim community,” the official said. At that time, Awlaki was widely viewed as a “moderate” imam at a mosque in Northern Virginia.

At the same time, the FBI was also interviewing Awlaki about his contacts with three of the 9/11 attackers – Nawaf al-Hazmi, Khalid al Midhar and Hani Hanjour – who were all part of the crew of five that hijacked the American Airlines jet that hit the Pentagon.

Image: Just another coincidence … Senior Al Qaeda leader Anwar Al Awlaki
was clicking glasses together at the Pentagon with American military brass
just months after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. Also, “coincidentally,” he had in
fact met at least one of the several alleged hijackers. He also, just before
being liquidated by a US drone attack in 2011, allegedly funded the terror cell
responsible for the recent Paris shootings. 

Indeed, Anwar Al Awlaki would admit to having met Hazmi – in yet another incident the general public is supposed to believe is simply an astonishing coincidence.

The list of “coincidences” and “accidents” is so far impressive and include the following:

1. French authorities arrested and imprisoned Chérif Kouachi in 2005 for terrorism. He would be released in 2008 after sentencing was suspended for “time served,” this despite evidence suggesting Kouachi may have even gone as far with his plot as travel to Yemen. Slate Magazine would report in their article, “The Details of Paris Suspect Cherif Kouachi’s 2008 Terrorism Conviction,” that:

Kouachi was arrested in January 2005, accused of planning to join jihadists in Iraq. He was said to have fallen under the sway of Farid Benyettou, a young “self-taught preacher” who advocated violence, but had not actually yet traveled to Iraq or committed any acts of terror. Lawyers at the time said he had not received weapons training and “had begun having second thoughts,” going so far as to express “relief” that he’d been apprehended. 

2. Kouachi and brother Said would be implicated in another terrorist plot again in 2010 but were not prosecuted due to a lack of evidence. The BBC in their report titled, “Charlie Hebdo attack: Suspects’ profiles,” would state: 

In 2010 Cherif Kouachi was named in connection with a plot to spring another Islamist, Smain Ait Ali Belkacem, from jail – a plot hatched by Beghal, according to French anti-terror police. 

Belkacem used to be in the outlawed Algerian Islamic Armed Group (GIA) and was jailed for life in 2002 for a Paris metro station bombing in 1995 which injured 30 people. 

Said Kouachi, 34, was also named in the Belkacem plot, but the brothers were not prosecuted because of a lack of evidence.

3. With French intelligence agencies’ knowledge, the Kouachi brothers would then travel to Yemen in 2011, receiving weapons training directly from Al Qaeda.  CNN’s report titled, “France tells U.S. Paris suspect trained with al Qaeda in Yemen,” would report:

A U.S. official says the United States was given information from the French intelligence agency that Said Kouachi traveled to Yemen as late as 2011 on behalf of the al Qaeda affiliate there. Once in Yemen, the older brother of the two received a variety of weapons training from al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) — the affiliate in Yemen — the official said, including on how to fire weapons. It is also possible Said was trained in bomb making, a common jihadist training in Yemen. Two other U.S. officials confirmed that information about the Yemeni travel was passed to the U.S. from French intelligence agencies.

In addition, French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour in an interview broadcast on CNN International that one of the brothers traveled to Yemen in 2005. Taubira would not say which brother.

Admissions that one of the brothers had traveled to Yemen in 2005, suggests the possibility he may indeed have received weapons training from Al Qaeda before his arrest and imprisonment later that same year.

4. It was reported that the brothers then fought in Syria before returning last summer, approximately 6 months ago. USA Today would report in an article titled, “Manhunt continues for two French terror suspects,” that:

The brothers were born in Paris of Algerian descent. Cherif was sentenced to three years in prison on terrorism charges in May 2008. Both brothers returned from Syria this summer. 

5. Also about 6 months ago, French intelligence decided the suspects’ serial offenses along with their direct contact with Al Qaeda – including the receiving of terrorist training and battlefield experience fighting along side them in Syria – were “low risk” cases and therefore not worthy of their attention. 

Astoundingly, UK’s Daily Mail would report in their article, “Revealed: Police stopped watching Paris killers six months ago after terror cell of kosher deli attacker and his crossbow jihadi wife – who has fled to Syria – were deemed ‘low-risk’,” that:

The world’s most wanted female terrorist has fled to Syria, it was revealed last night – as police admitted they stopped surveillance on her deadly Parisian cell six months ago because they were deemed ‘low-risk’. 

The Daily Mail would go on to report on other cell members including Amedy Coulibaly, also killed by police during the recent shootings and attacks in Paris – also a notorious serial offender, known terrorist, and also previously arrested, convicted, and sentenced to prison for terrorism. 

Who decided this cell was “low risk” six months ago? That is probably where the French people should begin searching for justice – if justice is in fact what they seek.

Six months, coincidentally, is also about the typical length (6-10 months) of security and intelligence “sting operations” targeting terrorists. It provides an appropriate time frame within which an event like the recent attacks could have been planned, funded, and eventually carried out. The public is expected to believe this obvious terror cell who had been in and out of prison for terrorism over the course of a decade and in direct contact with Al Qaeda, was suddenly dropped from the attention of French intelligence just in time for them to carry out their most spectacular crime to date? 

Who decided this cell was “low risk” six months ago? That is probably where the French people should begin searching for justice – if justice is in fact what they seek. 

Europe Has Been Here Before 

Unfortunately, these “coincidences” and “accidents” are not coincidences and accidents at all. They fit an obvious pattern of staged provocations within the context of an intentionally engineered “strategy of tension,” identical but scaled up from what NATO was exposed to have committed during the Cold War as part of its “stay behind networks,” more commonly known as “Operation Gladio.” 

Indeed, if NATO could carry out attacks during the Cold War, targeting Western Europeans in deadly brutality designed to appear as the work of NATO’s enemies, why would NATO now be suddenly excused from the investigation as a prime suspect? With the “coincidences” and “accidents” described above, those occupying the highest of France’s political, military, and intelligence offices, should be removed, tried, and imprisoned for criminal negligence at the very least.

As the puzzle pieces continue to fit together, the picture that appears is one of brazen, intentional provocation either to divide society at home, or wage war abroad, or both. And as this picture comes into focus, the rhetoric designed to distract the public from seeing it will reach a fever pitch. 

Tony Cartalucci’s articles have appeared on many alternative media websites, including his own at
Land Destroyer Report, Alternative Thai News Network and LocalOrg. Read other contributed articles by Tony Cartalucci here.

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59 Comments on "Paris Attackers Funded by Pentagon Dinner Guest, and 5 Other ”Coincidences”"

  1. The media is currently making tremendous efforts to connect it all to “Al Qaeda in Yemen” (aka ‘AQAP’). WHAT IS NATO PLANNING TO DO IN YEMEN? READ ON:

    • Indeed, people holdd up (holed up, wholed up) in the rugged mountains of a tiny nation with a failed government (also in bed with CIA), ARE the greatest threat to us today. I am quaking in my boots! What if they sneak across the border and….where is Yeman? Is that near the Cayman Islands…..not too far off. As brown people, they could pretend they were Honduran immigrants seeking asylum and get free cellphones and stuff from Obama.

      Whatever happened to those Kardashian brothers who were bombed a few months back as the most imminent threat to the US? They were holed up in the mountains of Syria. It is ironic how the most organized and sophisticated attacks are mounted from remote camps deep in the desert 8,000 miles away.

  2. I’m waiting to hear the Parisienne’s shouting ‘VivaLaFrance’ and organizing crusades to swarm the middle east. The Rothschild’s need some new scriptwriters.


    video clip of Malek Merabet (apparently slain policeman’s brother) giving a public speech on behalf of mourning relatives. Why is the woman on the right (presumably relative) trying not to laugh?? Especially whe he gets “emotional”??

  4. Dude why do you continue to write about this like it really happened?
    Are you completely stupid of the fact that this has been totally shown for what it was another Sandy Hook, Colorado theater shooting, Boston Bombing etc.. the list goes on.
    You obviously are working for the wrong folks and hey Activist Post WTF who’s side are you on anyway to promote this BS propaganda.
    You are no better than Faux Or CNN.
    Just boggles the mind as to just how fucking stupid Americans have become
    do you fucking people not have eyes? Can you not see BS and call it that or do you depend on some hack like Tony Cartalucci to tell you what you see.
    I guess the answer is yes by the way things are going.

    • It has NOT been “totally shown” to be like Sandy Hook or anything else. It’s TOO EARLY for that.

      Suit yourself, though. Personally, I prefer a little more circumspection.

      • Tell ya what William i will just take one of the points being talked about ie. people managing to get to rooftops within seconds finding a place with a view to the action getting their cellphones out and focused to catch the action and BTW record perfectly compressed audio without getting any overbleed from themselves.
        I challenge you to go to a place in your town that you know well and with a stop watch simulate the first shot. Start the stop watch and see how long it takes you to get to the nearest rooftop find a good view of a location on the ground and start recording with no bumping around dead focus and perfect audio with no overbleed.
        Remember this event took less than a min so you better be humping.
        Let us know how it goes will you.
        Circumspection!! why don’t you use your brain and a bit of logic instead of emotion you will see much clearer.

        • philip.dennany | January 11, 2015 at 8:08 pm | Reply

          Your good common sense reasoning is well done, but when you are pointedly abusive to party you are discussing might it not get more favorable understanding if you would use common courtesy, rather than personal attack nastiness in your argument to William and others?

          • philip –
            I would tend to agree with eyes — most ‘mericans cannot think and have only fuzziness for feelings. They have lost all reasoning and logic. I left ‘merica in 1995 and can now see things in ‘merica more clearly.
            47 years in ‘merica and 20 years outside.

          • eyeswideopen | January 12, 2015 at 11:29 am |

            You are right Phillip i must remember i am dealing with a population educated by the Rockefeller education system which denied teaching the Trivium and instead opted for a repeat after me system where everybody was taught WHAT to think not HOW to think so i must keep that in mind when dealing with mentally deficient people who have had the ability to see and think critically taken away from them.
            I apologize William it’s not your fault you cannot think.

            It is so sad Americans need some so called expert to go on TV and tell them what they saw and explain to them what happen when if you apply just a bit of common sense and trust what you have seen you can quit easily figure things out for yourself.

            In this so called terrorist attack an officer was shot point blank in the head with an assault rifle yet his head did not explode his body did not move.
            I think all will agree if the so called terrorist had kicked the officer in the head his head and probably upper body would move yet he is hit with a force many times greater than that of a human leg and there is no movement not a twitch.
            Now how do you listen to the expert tell you that his body would not move that somehow his head absorbed the impact of the projectile and his head and body remained motionless.
            Oh yeah and he didn’t even bleed…right sound reasonable i see people shot in the movies all the time and they don’t bleed either.
            Yet this is the story that is being believed by the poor dumbed down American population and it is fucking sad.
            You’ve got people holding prayer vigils over a Hollywood production please tell me there are Americans out there smarter than this.

          • eyeswideopen

            your logic can not be argued with. BUT all Americans are not and should not be lumped together. Why? They are feed propaganda news (likes of CNN and Fox). They do not have the time to do their own research and just drink what is being told to them. When they do wake up the government will have to brace themselves for a revolution.

            I hope it is soon as we have come to a point that a baby looking in from outside of the US can see whats going on, yet the US themselves are blind.

            Even the French PM openly said it was a conspiracy and not Muslims.

          • eyeswideopen | January 13, 2015 at 1:15 pm |

            Yes that is why i apologized to William in an earlier post.
            These poor people have no chance they are kept so high on debt and entertainment they are just dizzy.
            And their poor children wow by the time this generation gets through High School it will be game over unless something is done.
            Y’all better get it together soon if it’s not already too late which in my opinion it is. Revolution? forget it Americans are way to divided on everything under the sun no way they come together like their Forefathers did…Of course their Forefathers had functioning brains and could think for themselves not these slobbering idiots that now occupy the greatest country ever envisioned.

            I really hope Y’all are proud of yourselves!!!

            The Bankers game is time and they have all the time in the world to let it just fall to them.
            It will keep getting worst but not too much at a time until the final takeover which will come without a whimper as hungry people do not fight.

          • eyeswideclosed, let me put into words what many are thinking: you are an arrogant asshole. Where did you get educated? HOw did you escape the stupidity that everyone else is immersed in? You say it came to you: does that mean you are totally uneducated?

        • One day the likes of “dale ruff” will wake up with a camera stuck up there Ass and wonder what happened. How stupid can people like “”dale ruff “” be before they wake up to the truth.

          • eyeswideopen | January 13, 2015 at 4:52 pm |

            People like Dale will never wake up.
            In order to wake up to truth you first have to let go of the lie.

            Truth cannot be found by anyone so stop searching for it.
            If you are willing to let go of the lie. Truth will find you in fact will seek you out.
            People like Dale love the lie it’s what gives them purpose. It’s what makes sense. so letting it go not hardly.

          • Beautiful! Your satirical powers are stunning? You almost make us believe you really are a totally stupid asshole.

        • eyeswideclosed, your self-proclaimed enlightenment, in a sea of ignorance (science), is very comical. You are a brilliant mimic of a totally deluded but absolutely certain kind of character.

          “without any overbleed” won me over.

          I see your pain in trying to provide evidence, while mocking it as lies. Keep it up!

          • eyeswideopen | January 14, 2015 at 12:15 am |

            Dale your not even making sense not that you ever were but your really reaching now even trying to piss off other posters. Are you into verbal abuse or just lonely?
            Dale i am not “providing” any evidence at all. All i am saying is when “I” see a man shot in the head and he doesn’t bleed that’s all the evidence “I” need to make a correct assertion that he really didn’t get shot and someone is trying to pull a fast one on me so i better get my awareness to a sharp edge because something is being manipulated to bring something probably not good for me about.
            Now you have the perfect right to see a man shot in the head and believe a human head can absorb that kind of impact and go your merry way.
            You can ignore the Footage of the JFK killing and say nope being shot in the head doesn’t do that i saw and expert on TV that said nothing like that happens you just die… hey you have that right.
            I just happen to know from my youth while hunting that if you shoot something it fucking bleeds every time. so i do not need an expert telling me what happens when bullets hit flesh and bone. Evidently you do and i am truly sorry as not being able to figure things out on your own you don’t stand much of a chance in the coming turmoil.

            And yes dale no overbleed. I like that that amuses you however I would like to see you run to the top of a building and have your cell phone recording and get perfect audio from the street below and not get your huffing puffing ass from running at less than 2 ft away from the phone.
            And are you really that steady with a cell phone camera where it is as if it is on a tripod.
            I have tried holding my cell phone still while shooting video it is not easy and in a state of confusion and running and all i find it hard to believe many people with cell phones are so good at keeping them that still and not get their own voices recorded because you know they are saying shit like OMG and other more colorful language. How does none of that get on the recording Dale please explain.
            I have spent 30 + years as an Audio Eng and know a thing or two about recording so i know these recording are not legit.

            Lastly Dale read a few of the latest articles on this site on this subject.
            That evidence you are so desperately looking for is being presented by a number of people who have eyes and intellect and have figured it out or…
            you can keep you’re blinders on and continue to just attack everyone who posts anything your narrow mind disagrees with.

            With that I am finished Dialoging with you Dale.
            It’s been fun but it’s usefulness is waning.
            I am sure you will find the need to have the last word and i will not deny you that as i know you see that as a victory.
            Then you can be off to attack someone else
            in fact i see already some you are provoking.
            Good luck.

      • But what you get is circumcision..

    • You are operating from a fixed idea. Some require evidence and more than possibility. You just want to assume………….the rest of us demand evidence and understand that skepticism requires something other than a strong conviction.

      You are the fucking stupid one, blinded by an ideology of conspiracy so fixed that it cannot separate the possible from the proven.

      Your certainty is dangerous, as is evident from the way it leads you to an arrogant dismissal of fucking stupid Americans and investigative journalists like Tony.

      Your inability to withhold judgement blinds you to the search for evidence and those who carry it out. I think we can safely say that people like you are useful idiots for the global elite, as you make all conspiracy theorists look like idiotic assholes. And whom does that benefit?

      • Evidence?
        when i see a man get shot point blank by an AK47 and his head does not explode his body does not flinch and there is no blood even minutes later i call bull shit.
        When i see a cue line on the road marking the spot where the car is to stop as to be in the preset camera view and focus i call bull shit.
        I guess you have watched so many Hollywood movies where that kind of thing happens all the time that it escaped your lack of intellect. I suggest you find a copy of the Zapruter footage of the Kennedy assassination and see what it truly looks like when you get shot in the head.
        You have obviously been made stupid by your wonderful education system which makes all of you stupid Americans not be able to see what is right before your eyes nor have the ability to think critically.
        Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing you think those were real events as well huh! and you want to call me stupid.
        Bring it asshole!!

        • Please, fuck off. I believe the assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK< Gary WEbb and others were conspiracies and I know for a fact that the government lied about 9/11, because the head and lead investigator of the Bush-appointed 9/11 Commission has written so.

          But this is all based on a word you despise: evidence. You think, as a total narcissist, that what you think you have seen (for example a faint line in the road that cannot be seen in other shot, but one much darker than the other, etc etc…… know what, your problem is you call people asswholes and tools who actually would agree with you if you would stop calling everyone stupid and brainwashed.

          Among the many conspiracy theories, some are sound and based on evidence, while others are unscientific, even whacky. The existence of ludicrous conspiracy theories is a method used by those with something to hide (I am talking about the CIA and aligned intelligence/provocateurs/assassins/arms smugglers, etc) promote really improbably conspiracy theory which attract about 1% of the most unhinged, and the purpose of this is to poison the well. Then all conspiracy theories, from sound to stupid, are lumped together and dismissed.

          Your approach is helping those with something to hide. You are blinded by the delusion of your own superior vision and as a consequence, you serve as the perfect useful idiot of the CIA, which seeks to smear all conspiracies theories by lumping them together and conflating the solid research into the murder of JFK, or the 9/11 events, with the unscientific claims of the chemtrails cult (promoted by the Koch brothers) or those who think every mass shooting is staged, based on "facts" like "the blood in that blurry video on Youtube looks fake."

          What you cannot see is that you are doing the work of educating people on real conspiracies (such as the lies of the Bush administration justifying war crimes against Afghanistan and Iraq, and the lies of Obama in helping to destroy Libya and nearly started a new war in Syria, based on a false flag, discovered just in time.

          In short, you are hurting the cause you think you are the sole visionary leading, in a sea of morons. In fact, you are the tool, and your approach only damages the cause of others who understand that bad conspiracy theories (or those promoted with wild claims and hostile rhetoric) drive out good. I suggest that you think about how you are helping, with your insulting and arrogant tone, driving out the good.

        • Your brilliant logic is stunning>
          Anyone who demands evidence is full of shit.
          Anyone who disagrees with you is full of shit.
          People are full of shit, except you.

          Just brilliant!

          • Your the one that is full of sh@t. You can not see the trees for the wood. You can not see the magic bullet that does not spill blood. You can not differentiate a made up story from the truth. One day you will wake up, but by that time you will have a camera up your ass wondering how it got there. At that time you will remember our words and realise how stupid you are allowing the Zionists to in slave you. Enjoy your sleep….

          • You are mistaken. I have been a skeptic for 60 years, and I can tell you that your defense of lunacy only poisons the well. Your vulgar language betrays your lack of ability to respond with rational discourse.

          • Wow, after your comments you are calling me vulgar. Its a little rich of you.

            People like you will cause millions to die, in the attempt to go two war and convince others that bad guys exist by our governments. 60 years and you have learned nothing. Stupidity is not a defence.

            It is obvious you have been brainwashed by the Zionist general Media. I think you actually believe what you are saying!

            Utterly disgraceful video from the media groups. No real investigation or analysis of facts. They just wish to spin a narrative handed down to them by people behind all this.

            All the people just jumping on the back of this without looking at the facts. I bet the group behind it (Mossad part of Israel) are laughing their heads off at the stupidity around the world. No wonder they think they are the master race. With this show of stupidity I would agree with them.

            That police man did not get shot. No blood. AK-47 would have blown his head apart like a melon at that close range. Simple physics, that much power and velocity from a very very powerful gun intended for long range shooting has to go somewhere and it would go into the head. The head would have blown up like a melon. Are you certain you have been a skeptic for 60 years? Did you ever go to school? Do you know any thing about physics? Newtons laws of motion? Your comments indicate that you have less common sense then a 12 year old.

            Additionally look at the marks around the car before (the line in the middle of the car and a sudden appearance of the line by the front wheel. The clip was done in two takes….Just google it and you will see. I ask my self why? But the evidence does not lie. He was not shot dead in the head that is a fact. The video was a staged event that is also a fact.

            Some more detailed facts on this link. please explain them away with your 60 years of scepticism.

            Further the factual videos on youtube have been removed. Ask your self why? It contained no blood and was not gruesome. They wish to change history and stop others from waking up to the truth. Are you certain your a skeptic?

            I had to look hard for you to find this one….

            But as the other video’s have been deleted, this will also soon go look at it before they re-write history.

            If you wish to respond to me back it up with facts… I am open to another view, but at this point I believe it to be a false flag event orchestrated to take your liberties away and go to war.

            You guys that are sympathising with this apparently dead Cope (video) and 11 others from the cartoon group and thinking this is all really will cause the death of thousands in Muslim countries. Think what your actions will do….. Wake up and don’t play into the hands of the protagonists.

            Remember, if I can do a little research and use simple high school knowledge ask yourself why non of the news papers or media group are not investigating the anomalies outside the internet community. It is because they are all complicit in the lie, controlled by zionists that own the media empire. Remember I said Zionists not Jews, there is a big difference.

            All I can say is wake up before you find yourself with a camera up your ass, by that time it will be too late. I guess if you have been around for 60 years+ it wont matter to you if that camera if up your ass when your 6feet under.

            Think about the millions that will die because you and others have been so stupid that you could not be bothered to look beyond the local corrupt media. If you don’t care about other races or religions think about your family do you wish them to live in a restrictive totally controlled one-wold Adof Hitler environment? What about your grand children? Is it starting to sink in Dale Ruff? We all have something to lose. I do not have 60+ years, so I have more to lose, so that might make me more selfish then you? I care about other religions that are unjustly being persecuted. I care about our future….Do you?

            I respectfully close with enjoy your sleep.

          • eyeswideopen | January 13, 2015 at 4:27 pm |

            See here’s poor ole dale his inability to think for himself is obvious for all to see yet run his mouth he will.

            See Dale Demands Evidence ie he needs a man in a nice suit to come on TV and provide him with an opinion, a way of seeing it properly so he can go to beddy bye and sleep all nice warm and fuzzy.

            See Dale has not the ability to look at something and form an opinion for himself. He has been made so dependent on others these so called Expert’s to tell him what he sees and how to feel about it that he just cannot get it on his own.
            Until a man in a nice suit comes on Fox or CNN and tells Dale this was a hoax he is lost in a world of denial and delusion and will never figure it out.

            Please Dale let me hear a valid argument as to why we should listen to you. What is your take on a man being shot in the head yet it doesn’t explode or at least bleed a little.
            Please Dale explain to us all how that can happen in a real terrorist attack and Dale please tell us if you were going to shoot up a place would you go in yelling “I’m Dale Ruff a God fearing Christian man God is great” shoot a bunch of people and then leave your ID…. I have to believe a real terrorist would be much smarter than that. I don’t think you get invited to be a terrorist if you are stupid.

            Furthermore Dale you have offered nothing in the way of debate just attacks so put your money where your mouth is Dale speak up man be heard.
            Let’s hear your “Strong Conviction” (to use your words) on how a man gets shot in the head and his head doesn’t explode? forget that just tell us why he didn’t bleed.
            just cover that one forget the now dozens of other oddities of this so called terrorist attack.
            Were waiting Dale for your wisdom to flow forth.

          • I read a few words and realized that you are utterly ignorant of evidence in science, in journalism, and in life. I also noted immediately that you were being sarcastic and juvenile manner. Therefore, I will just say: enjoy your stupidity.

          • eyeswideopen | January 13, 2015 at 7:37 pm |

            Science – Lies
            Journalism – Lies
            You just keep proving to us your need for someone else to tell you what is going on so.
            It’s so normal for you you don’t even realize it.

          • I have never actually heard anyone say that knowledge is a lie (and by default ignorance is the truth).

            As for journalism, the corporate media is full of lies but that is not journalism. Journalism challenges power and conventional explanations to dig deeper and expose the truth behind the propaganda appearance. You have confused the pressitutes with journalism. For examples of real journalists, we can start with George Orwell and today celebrate the groundbreaking journalism of people like Glenn Greenwald, Jeramy Scahill, and America’s greatest investigative journalist, going back to breaking the news of the Mai Lai Massacre 45 years ago to last year’s exposure of the fact that the CW used on Syrian civilians could not possibly be from the government, per British intelligence and the Pentagon. These agencies have no motive to debunk their government’s (false)narratives about CW in Syria, but the Pentagon told Obama, who was within 48 hours of bombing Syria that this would be a great historical blunder because the evidence was in: the CW had to come from the rebels, who had been trained by the CIA in Jordan on CW handling (since they realized al Quada–opps I mean the “moderate rebels” had the ability to overrun govt CW storage facilities) and of course it didn’t help that in Turkey, where generals were recorded plotting a false flag attack to blame Assad in Syria, jihadists were caught with sarin.

            As for your love of ignorance and dismissal of science as lies, thank you. Would I be correct to guess you are far right of center?

            Orwell would have loved you!

          • eyeswideopen | January 13, 2015 at 9:55 pm |

            Not sure where you got me saying Knowledge is a lie. I’ve looked can’t find it will you be so kind as to point it out.
            Sure journalism in it’s intended use is a wonderful thing but where are the Journalist that the masses are listening to, that are changing the minds of the masses not just a few hundred thousand who are in different stages of waking up.
            I’ll tell you lumped in with all the nut cases so their message is diluted and not given any real prominence in the controlled media except for the purposes of lampooning.
            What good is real Journalism if it never sees the light of day if it only resides on obscure conspiracy websites where not enough of the population will hear it for it to be effective.
            Once again you are on your own to figure out what is really going on it is up to you not Glenn Greenwald or anyone else. Believe it or not these people have agendas too. The only person looking out for your best interest is you. Leaving that job to anyone else is just foolish and lazy.

            Not sure what point you are trying to make about the CW in Syria the fact that the US is in there now under the cover of hunting ISIS renders whatever happened last year mute. The US is actually dropping weapons and supplies to ISIS.
            (which is just another Gov Agency see here:
            to help them move closer to Damacus so when the US bombs Assad who is the intended target they can have plausible deniability and tell you whatever they feel like as you have no choice but to believe them as you lack the intellect to see through the Bull shit.
            Dale all of your arguments are coming from within a system of lies which you see as truth and have since birth been conditioned to see things the way the rulers of this world want you to see them.
            It’s up to you to recognize this and abandon all that you have been indoctrinated with and realize it is all a lie to control and eventually devour you no one is going to do this for you.

            Yes there is real science but it is buried by the corrupted science. No funding is approved except for those things that promote the corruption.
            Money runs the show and if you want money to do a science investigation you will only be funded if your findings support the current corruption.
            It’s a big game Dale and it’s all about power and control someday i hope you can figure it out.

          • You said:

            Science is knowledge.

            I pointed out real journalists…who are widely published.Hersh is one of the most famous journalists in the world. Seeking out real investigative journalists is hardly givng up my own search for truth; it is part of the search.

            My arguments for independent investigations into government lies about JFK, 9/11, Syrian CW is hardly part of the government’s agenda. You are lost.

            I am not indoctrinated; I have been a skeptic since my early youth and have a world class education in critical thinking a lifetime of study of alternative sources and viewponts.

            YOur views of science are refuted by the facts. You have been brainwashed by the anti-science manipulators. MOst scientists have secure and ample incomes from their professorships; the corrupt scientists are the ones who worked for tobacco and today, big oil and coal.

            It’s a big game and it IS all about power and control; I learned that in my late teens and have shared what I have learned all my life.

            I hope someday you will figure out that you are being used as a tool. If I were the CIA, I would hire you as the poster child for conspiracy theory nutcases.

            Your abusive language leaves you no room to criticize others who respond in kind. You are a sad but fortunately irrelevant case.

  5. So which one has the “blue eyes”?


    • I guess he had it painted……lol

      • France is really pee’d off. When America had 9/11, there were 5 dancing Israelis filming the event. Paris only had 1!
        How did the 5 know to be there with their camera, how did the one?

        • Agree discrimination at its best. France should have had 5 Israelis also. My be we should write to Nut&Yhoo and complain? lol

          • Not to worry, his aides makes sure he gets to read all my non-complimentary posts.
            Uh-oh now he will get yours too.

          • Thats ok with me. He can have all my comments. I see whats going on and I know the Zionists are the ones.

  6. ” the American Airlines jet that hit the Pentagon.”
    flight 77 did not hit the pentagon – either this site tells the truth, or it doesnt.

  7. Try and listen to the radio show on 21st Century Sunday Wire with Tony Goslings. The American guy on is a right bore but Gosling is brilliant. He helps to shed more than ample light on this.

  8. NOT just “allegedly killed in a drone strike”, but KILLED OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! More lives than a cat!

    • That was a quote from a MSM news program, not Tony saying that. Please pay more attention to details- it will help you.

  9. A jetliner DID NOT hit the Pentagon, That’s a lie that’s been promoted since 9/11 in order to obfuscate what went on that day.
    Simply compare the hole in the Pentagon wall with the size of the jetliner and you will see for yourself that It WAS NOT a jetliner that hit the Pentagon.
    What hit the Pentagon? Contact Bush, Cheney, or Rumsfeld for that answer.

    • ©₦@®£€$ ₣€N€¥ | January 11, 2015 at 10:22 pm | Reply

      It was a Granite missile stolen from the Kursk sunken sub by Halliburton Norway

    • Watch “national security alert.” They interview the folks that saw the plane. One pentagon officer saw the plane flying away after the explosion.

    • We will never know precisely what happened, that said may be in 200 years…..

      What we do know is that the formal narrative/ story is a complete lie, thats a fact.

      What we can suppose is that MOSSAD had some kind of involvement with other alphabet soup government groups around the world.

      What we know for a fact is that the Muslims did not pull off the attack, that was a story to go to war to get the oil.

      If you look at the basic facts, stated above we can deduce that our governments did not do their investigations properly and are current to the core.

      So why would be trust anything that they say going forward? Just look at what Snowdon showed us.

    • I HATE agree with you! But I do.

  10. Unrelated to this particular topic but another instance of how the media lies constantly here is a little job by MSNBC on the NAACP bombing except it isn’t a pic from that at all.
    This is how ALL of your propaganda news is put together and spoon feed to you idiots… Y’all must be fuckin’ hungry because you keep gobbling it up.

  11. False flag!

  12. Didn’t the Pentagon, White House announce that Al Awlaki had been killed when it “supposedly” happened? If they had, which I sort of remember… why is he still alive?? Terrorists are simply the stooges of Washington controllers.

  13. Here’s another odd “coincidence”. Mohammed al-Kibsi, described as a Yemen veteran freelance journalist, is reporting in 2009 Said Kouachi lived for two weeks in a Yemen apartment with “underwear bomber” Umar Farouk Abdulmatallab. If you recall, it was later confirmed in congressional hearings that US Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy said he attempted to deny Abdulmatallab a visa but was ordered by US counter terrorism officials to allow him on the flight – as attorney Kurt Haskell witnessed and reported to the FBI. FWIW, al-Kibsi reported this the MSM’s chief mind control operation – CNN. Make of this what we will.

  14. “We are just telling you we are the defenders of the prophet and that I Chérif Kouachi have been sent by Al Qaida of Yemen and that I went over there and that Anwar Al Awaki financed me.”

    Only if someone wanted you to think Chérif Kouachi and muslims did this, would they refer to their entire name in a sentence and say they were sent by
    Al Qaida of Yemen.

    I, Big Dan, have made this comment. Who talks like that? Unless someone wants you to think it’s someone other than who they are.

    It’s like masked men yelling muslim phrases and leaving ID.

    Maked men yelling muslim phrases and leaving ID = someone isn’t muslim but wants you to think muslims are doing it.

    I, Big Dan, have said this.

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