Obama DOJ to Target “Root Causes of Violent Extremism”

James F. Tracy
Activist Post

On CBS’s Face the Nation today Attorney General Eric Holder stated that the Obama administration will host a summit on February 18 in Washington DC to address “the root causes” of incidents such as this week’s terrorist attacks in Paris. “‘Countering violent extremism’ is what we call it–[so] we can deal with the root causes of what it is that attracts these young men to these really negative ideological groups.”

Holder told Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer that the United States entered a “new phase” in the war on terror some time ago that specifically concerns “homegrown terrorism.”

The decimation of Al Qaeda has probably reduced or eliminated the ability of Al Qaeda [sic] to do the kind of thing they did on September the 11th. On the other hand, Al Qaeda affiliates in the Arabian Peninsula has [sic] moved to what they do to smaller kinds of attacks. They have inspired people around the world to these really small attacks that involve only one or two people–a small number of arms that can have a devastating impact, as we have seen in France.

Holder continues to state that “the possibility for such attacks” to occur in the US remains a distinct possibility. “It is something that we worry about all the time. It is something that we meet about all the time. It’s something that, frankly, keeps me up at night-worrying about a ‘lone wolf’ or a group of people–a very small group of people–who decide to decide to get arms on their own and do what we saw in France this week.”

Evidence suggests that Holder was a major force behind the Sandy Hook Elementary School media event. In November 2014 tens of thousands of documents turned over by Holder’s Justice Department to the House Oversight Committee revealed the Attorney General’s calculating politicization of federal law enforcement. And, as journalist Trevor Aaronson has documented, since 2001 the greatest sources of US domestic terrorism is the DOJ’s very own Federal Bureau of Investigation.

This article first appeared at MemoryHoleBlog.com, the official blog of Dr. James Tracy.

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