Jailed Hacker Guccifer Warns of Second Nuke False Flag Plan for US City

By Paul Joseph Watson

Renowned hacker Guccifer, who accessed the private emails of numerous top military, political and intelligence leaders, told the New York Times that a city in Pennsylvania is the target of a nuke attack in 2015. He made a similar warning two weeks ago for Chicago. Guccifer also revealed that he is sitting on an archive of hacked emails that have not been publicly released.

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7 Comments on "Jailed Hacker Guccifer Warns of Second Nuke False Flag Plan for US City"

  1. yeah sure….and as reported by the NYT?? That’s a joke. The propaganda is in full swing. Live in fear MFers cause that’s what they want!!

  2. Provide real evidence, and names, so we may destroy them!

  3. Perhaps the earth will be consumed by the sun and God will sort the good and evil. That could not happen too soon.

  4. Curious point here. May not have been that “good” of a “hacker” as they are jailed. Honestly, if I chose “cracking” anyone’s system, you can be sure as most polticos are crooks, I would not leave traceable logs or any evidence with which to place me in jail. Yeah, real “reknown hacker” there for ya, all in jail and sh**. I got bridge in Broklyn to sell you real cheap too, if you’re buying, call 1-800-Ima-Rube leave word for I. D. Iot.

    • A decent hacker/cracker would not have been noticed, right? This is scary stuff (I admit), but if (and only if) it were to be true. More evidence is needed, especially since NYT cannot be trusted.
      Don’t let the fear set in.fear has been their most used tool for psy-warfare ever since I was born.

      • Fear? No, not really fear so much as just laughing at their “hi-larious”ly stupid bullsh**. You’re right in part regarding what I said. Hackers do not usually enter into the systems of other folks. Hackers are more concerned with “can i get this bit of code to make me toast, coffee, flush the toliet in the morning despite it only being written to create a database entry?”

        Why bother with the banal of looking at some other boring Joe’s drama? Nobody got anything worth stealing. If they did it wouldn’t be connected. Besides, if a theif wants it, no lock made to stop it being pinched.

        Those “breaking in” are called “crackers”, mostly immature children who don’t realize, “nobody got sh** to steal”. Another aspect to this is the adage, “don’t steal, the mafi, er government hates competition.” They normally send apes on steriods to attack pacifists, call the apes police. No point putting a welcome out for them.

        Rather figure out how to make Lisp program designed to create another program in C, do something neat, wash my laundry. 🙂

  5. Something IS brewing, the zeitgeist of humanity feels the rumblings. The contemptuous taunting of NWO leaders, such as Jay Rockefeller are once again saying ALL they need to plummet the world into a never before seen Hell is another major event, like 9/11.(my interpretation of his ominous statement) Anyone who investigates any of the obvious lies, distortions and covert actors in the “New Pearl Harbor” know these fiends will stop at nothing to get their grotesque design fulfilled.

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