The Whole Thing is a House of Cards Based in Corruption

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Truth is an enemy of wealth and power. – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Sometimes in life we are presented with an opportunity that shows us, without question, what greatness looks like, sounds like and acts like. There are other times in our lives when we realize just how inner-connected we are with the other people on this planet. Then, it happens. We are presented with a gift that we could never have imagined. We come face to face with honesty, integrity and true patriotism.

The character that makes a man is not necessarily his accomplishments. How many people do you remember that gave you an honest handshake? Kept their word when it mattered most? Stood by you during your darkest hour? These people are few and far between in most peoples lives. In other peoples lives, sadly, they are nonexistent. It seems there is a total disconnect developing between truth and lies. Lies have become truth and truth has become very, very dangerous; some may argue deadly. Just look at the rash of banker “suicides” over the past three-four months. There have been so many, I can no longer keep count.

Friday November 21 there was moment when it became crystal clear that sometimes the puzzle pieces are moved around without any of our assistance. Opportunities arise and we must strike while the iron is hot.

I had been preparing for almost two weeks, researching, developing questions and making an attempt to put together an interview worthy of the guest that I would be asking questions. The good news is, Dr. Roberts is well versed and answered my questions with the kind of depth that only comes from a lifetime of knowledge. The tapestry that is woven is light on the ear, dark in places and downright infuriating at times. The frustration comes from the reality of what our once great country has become – which is nothing more than giant ATM machine sucking the life blood out of the citizens of the world. The patient is getting close to either a) dying or b) unplugging altogether and developing a whole new system that is not under the control of American hegemony.

When the US Mint sells out of the world’s premier silver coin and the price of silver does not go to the moon, what does that say about how the system works?

When you have demand that outstrips supply and the price is falling you know the price is rigged. There’s no other explanation. — Dr. Roberts

What about when a handful, fewer than 100 people, have more wealth than 60% of a nation?

The United States now has one of the worst income and wealth distributions on the face of the earth; it’s woret than some of the third world gangster states. It’s extraordinary they completely have destroyed the United States as an opportunity society.

Dr. Roberts was gracious enough to share what he knows about the Swiss Gold Initiative and, hopefully, this article will make its way all around the Swiss countryside. It would be good for it circulate through Germany as well to let the people of Germany know we want them to succeed as well.

What the polls in Switzerland show is all the poor people are in favor of the Central Bank keeping 20% of their reserves in gold, while all the rich people are against it. The view in Switzerland is, if this passes it means a strong Franc, and therefore, it means the cost of living for the poor, falls. A strong Franc helps the poor people. It reduces their cost of living.

If the Germans had gold with which to back the Mark, a return to the Mark; it would be the end of the American hegemony over Europe. It would break up NATO, it would break up the EU and therefore, it could well be there is plenty of gold in Ft. Knox, but they’re not going to let the Germans have theirs back because it could be used for a strong Mark…which would then go hand-in-hand with a strong Ruble. You know Russians have been buying gold and there’s a limit on how much the American authorities, financial banks and hedge funds can drive down the Ruble….when they (the Russians and Germans) are sitting on tons and tons of gold!!

Whatever it (gold) does, it reduces American power and, therefore, reduces the likelihood of nuclear war. Even if we have dislocations, financially, it kind of ends this view, this hubris, that the United States is indispensable, it’s an exceptional country, ordained to exercise hegemony over the world and any country that gets in the way, like Russia and China has to be dealt with in severe ways…

With the BRICS and the SCO continually moving in positive directions and making strides to take care of business, protect their country and do all they can to get away from the dollar, what is the reality of moving away from the dollar? We have seen what happened when Hussein and Gaddafi attempted to use another form of payment for their oil? Can you say Tomahawk missiles? Sure you can. They rained down on Libya like a hail storm before a tornado. Hussein, the media simply made into a monster and then the authorities tracked him down like an animal and made a circus of the whole situation. Then they killed him.

No country that participates in the dollar payment system is independent. No country that participates in the dollar payment system has sovereignty. They’re vassal states; they’re subject to Washington’s orders. And if they disobey they are overthrown or they get sanctions. –(Rory)or they get bombed

This is an interview that should be listened to at least once. If you don’t stick around till the very last word, you are going to miss the point of the first two paragraphs of this article along with one of the best stories you will hear anywhere.

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