Alaska Earthquake Registered 8.0 Magnitude, Tsunami Warning


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A magnitude 8.0 earthquake was just recorded near Little Sitkin Island, a part of Alaska at 12:53 p.m., local time. It was thought to be 7.1 until the U.S. Geological Survey calibrated and upgraded the measurement – usually, it becomes a downgrade.

Aftershocks as large as 5.9 magnitude continue to shake the Aleutian Islands, sometimes coursing near populated regions. It’s recorded depth is 60+ miles. No immediate reports of damage.

Coastal regions of Alaska are on Tsunami warning. stated that “significant inundation is possible or is already occurring.” Residents have been warned to move inland or get to higher ground. A companion advisory is also issued, which would mean to expect dangerous waves, but not full inundation.

Update: Warning has been downgraded to advisory.

Just before the Alaska earthquake, a 6.9 magnitude struck north of New Zealand on the complete opposite side of the ocean. Northwest and Alaskan coastal areas may experience sea level changes, non-destructive.

According to CBS, Alaska can be home to the most devastating tsunamis. Alaska’s Lituya Bay shouldered one of the biggest recorded mega-waves – 1,720 feet – in 1958. Fifty years ago, in 1964, a devastating earthquake and tsunami sent deadly waves through the coast that wiped out much of Crescent City, California.

Up-to-the-minute Alaska Tsunami Info:

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  1. The Lituya Bay mega tsunami was not caused by an earthquake as such, it was caused by a section of mountainside breaking off and falling into the bay.

  2. the NOAA site referenced indicates it was only 5.9 magnitude. Crying wolf too many times will get you discredited.

  3. Correction: 5.2 magnitude

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