The Videos Banned Only in Australia

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Chances are, you can view the videos below – unless you’re Australian.

Apparently, under Australian jurisdiction, you will see an image similar to the one on the right (minus the word “censored”). Anywhere else it can be seen and heard perfectly normally.

According to the The Expendable Project, there are a growing number of online videos like the ones below that are being censored from the Australian people, and only the Australian people.

YouTube didn’t remove the videos. But Google, owner of YouTube was allegedly forced to block the videos from Australian IP addresses on order of the Australian authorities.

Could this have anything to do with Schapelle Corby?

People for Schapelle Corby asks:


What is it they don’t want the people to see?

What is it that threatens the Australian establishment, and its media?

What are they so scared of?

They are afraid that the people of Australia might learn the truth: learn how corrupt they are, who they govern for, and what they are prepared to do to anyone who gets caught under the wheels of their greed.

In a nutshell, they fear an innocent and courageous woman who DID get caught under those wheels.

Her name is Schapelle Corby, and The Expendable Project has published hundreds of government cables, including dozens of items of ministerial correspondence, which exposes them, by their own hands. It proves exactly what they did to her to protect their own interests.

It has also recorded and published dozens of interviews with whistleblowers and insiders, like the ones in those YouTube clips above, which are censored.


For the nine years and four months that Schapelle Corby suffered in an Indonesian prison, the Australian government, the AFP, and others within the establishment, knew that she was innocent. But more, they actually suppressed the conclusive proof of this: they buried it and sought to bury her to protect themselves and the commercial interests of Sydney Airport, Macquarie Bank, and those who were funding their gravy train.

The media went into overdrive to poison public perception, censoring and fabricating at every turn. They have vilified, lied directly, and abused her family and loved ones on a scale which beggars belief. This worked perfectly… at least until the material facts began to appear on the Expendable website.

Much of this is explained in Max Igan’s must-watch video, which isn’t yet censored:


On 10th February 2014, Schapelle was released on parole. But she isn’t free. She has to stay in Bali until the end of 2017: trapped in her sister’s home, with the media stalking and hounding her outside, 24×7. It gets worse…

She is gagged.

If she speaks and exposes the truth, she will be sent back to prison for over three years. Even if her sister speaks, Schapelle will still be sent back to prison for those years.

This is a clear breach of her human rights, but everyone is happy and relieved. The government, the media, and the corrupt Australian human-rights industry: all are happy, and silent.

She has no-one to turn to […]

The crimes referred to above remain hidden from the people: the nature of the government and those who control society remains hidden. Indeed, much of the public believe the misinformation they have been fed about Schapelle and her family, and are happy to repeat it online at every opportunity.

The truth may remain buried, but it remains a serious and significant threat: hence the continued censorship by the media, and the current efforts of Australian authorities to censor YouTube and other networks.


The first and most important step is to learn the truth for yourself. See it with your own eyes. KNOW what they did. When you have watched Max’s introduction, take a look at the website.

A good report to read is the following, which demonstrates the corruption in all its glory:

But take a look at some of the cables, in the reports:

Or watch the full film on the front page:

Most importantly… please mirror and spread the material and information, to prevent it ever disappearing. Place the films on social networks across the world, to counter the censorship.

You can download Max’s introduction from here:

The Expendable Documentary can be downloaded from here:

Schapelle Corby has been abused, vilified, smeared, and traumatized for almost ten years, but her remarkable courage has created a window of opportunity, not only to make sure that this never happens again, but to open eyes, and to change society forever.

Please help to achieve this by taking the truth to the world, and overcoming the censors.

Finally, the YouTube video interviews demonstrated at the start of this post can be viewed, via a Chinese server, on the following web page:

or from Vimeo on this web page:

Via People for Schapelle Corby

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