Expendable: Overcoming Censorship and Suppression in the Schapelle Corby Case

Schapelle Corby

Simon Langford
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The Expendable documentary movie, released just a few weeks ago, revealed appalling corruption at the heart of the Australian government, and its terrible  consequences for an individual citizen, Schapelle Corby. Every abuse it documents is proven, by the government’s own correspondence.

Since it was released, however, the reaction of Australian politicians, and the Australian media, has been to suppress and censor it. Those suspected of association within Australia have been subjected to a range of intimidating actions, and the Expendable website itself has been scanned and ripped, almost on a daily basis, by the Australian Department of Defence, and the Australian Federal Police.

The Expendable Movie

The movie itself can be openly viewed below:

Both the film, and the information dossiers, have been downloaded in large numbers across the world. This is strongly encouraged by the producers, who fear further assaults on the website. The Expendable PayPal account, which was intended to collect funds to support distribution, has already been frozen.

The Open Initiative: Overcoming Suppression

The latest initiative to overcome this is to submit and distribute the film, and the dossier, directly in the name of citizens from around the world.

With Care2, the producers have used a petition page to enable humanitarians, supporters, and anyone at all opposed to the activities of the Australian establishment, to add their names to the project.

Expendable will therefore be submitted not by the small team who created it, but by the thousands who sign the online database.

It will not only be submitted to institutions, such as the United Nations and the ICC, but will be sent the media, celebrities, special interest groups, lobbyists, humanitarians, churches, individuals, and many others.

In line with the open nature of the project development, members of the public will also be able to copy the signature list, and forward the film/dossier, themselves. Again, this is encouraged by project insiders:

This is about decent people across the world drawing a line, and fighting for an innocent life against corrupt politicians. The Expendable Project team have merely supplied the tools, in the form of proof of their crimes, and the film. What really matters is that good people use it: use truth and integrity as a weapon of choice.

For further information on the Expendable Project:

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