Action Alert: Investigative Reporter Set to Attend Biological Weapons Convention 2012 in Geneva

Janet Phelan
Activist Post

The multiple violations by the U.S.A. of the international biological weapons convention (BWC) has put the entire planet at risk.  Biological weapons are far more dangerous than nuclear in their ultimate destructive capability.

Last December I traveled to Geneva, Switzerland and addressed the Biological Weapons Convention and — for the first time in the Convention’s history — blew the whistle on the illegal offensive biological weapons program which is being covertly operated by the United States of America.

It is my intent to travel to Geneva again this December to update the Convention-at-large on the likelihood that deployment is now imminent.

Pundits, including insiders such as former Senators Graham and Talent of the WMD Center in Washington, DC, are stating that a biological weapons attack or (false flag) pandemic may occur as soon as the end of 2013.

Here are a few of my recent articles discussing this issue, including articles from the Convention last year:

Geneva is a very expensive city, and airfare around the holidays is also quite high. The intersessional meeting of the BWC will run from December 10-14. Last year, there was a last-minute effort by a coordinator at the Convention, who was a former director of the British bio/chem facility, Porton Down, to block my speaking in Geneva.&nbsp

The obstacles are many, and with your help I can overcome them. I am seeking assistance in defraying the costs. Please go to my and donate through PayPal!

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Blessings and a long and safe life,

Janet Phelan

Janet Phelan is an investigative journalist whose articles have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, The San Bernardino County Sentinel, The Santa Monica Daily Press, The Long Beach Press Telegram, Oui Magazine and other regional and national publications. Janet specializes in issues pertaining to legal corruption and addresses the heated subject of adult conservatorship, revealing shocking information about the relationships between courts and shady financial consultants. She also covers issues relating to international bioweapons treaties. Her poetry has been published in Gambit, Libera, Applezaba Review, Nausea One and other magazines. Her first book, The Hitler Poems, was published in 2005. She currently resides abroad.  You may browse through her articles (and poetry) at

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