Is 2013 the Real 2012?

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Janet C. Phelan
Activist Post

Apocalyptic fever is running high. A friend in the Bible Belt, who recently became “born again,” called me excitedly to tell me she was leaving me her house. “In case I suddenly vanish,” she confided.

Of course. She would be raptured up and I, a hardcore “One God” believer, would be left behind. How sweet of her to make preparations for the damned.

But as the projected date for the rapture came and went and disappointed, my friend abandoned her newfound religion.

Not so fast for the 2012-ers, however. The end of the world is still scheduled for December 21, 2012 according to those who buy into the Mayan prophecies, Planet X, Niburu, exponential solar flares – did I miss anything?

The scenarios are stunning — tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, as the world comes crashing down around us. And should we awaken the morning of December 22 to find ourselves still alive, the ratcheting up of doomsday prophecies will deflate like a spent balloon.

And we just may find ourselves sucker-punched. But, lurking right under our noses is the specter of what may occur in 2013.

While another war in the Middle East and a global pandemic might pale in comparison with the cataclysmic changes promised by the 2012-ers, the result might be very close to the same thing. We may not see the hand of God reach down and pluck His faithful from this troubled planet; we may not see benign aliens beam themselves down into our living rooms while the walls are imploding around us; but the effect of what the governments of the world have cooked up may result in a similar upheaval.

The announcements that the global pandemic will hit in 2013 have hardly been ear splitting. One has to be attentive to find these predictions, which are being made by such insiders as former Senators Jim Talent and Bob Graham both of the WMD Center. Also weighing in on the 2013 Big Bug scenario is Dr. Daniel Gerstein of the Department of Homeland Security. Gerstein made this prediction during a side event hosted by the US at the Biological Weapons Convention just last December.

And what would be the connection between a global pandemic and those attending to biological weapons, like Graham, Talent and Gerstein?

A parallel thread runs through this last decade, right alongside the events of 9/11 and the fallout from that event. The parallel thread pertains to the anthrax attacks, which took place only one week later. Our government responded to the attacks of 9/11 with a Draconian shift towards a top-heavy surveillance society and a concomitant stripping of our civil liberties, all of which has made us increasingly vulnerable to government intrusion and attack. Emphasis on the word “attack.” The response to the anthrax mailings was to invest billions of dollars in a biological warfare program for which there is no transparency and no public oversight.

Since September of 2001, the U.S. government has pumped over 60 billion dollars into what it euphemistically terms “biodefense.”

Let’s take a moment to consider what has gone into that program and what has come out the other end. The concept of “dual use” is the first thing we must consider in order to understand what constitutes “biodefense.” To put it simply, dual use means that you first have to create the bug in order to find the cure.

And our biodefense program is top heavy with bugs: ebola, marburg, anthrax; we got ‘em and we are secretly working to cut and splice natural horrors into recombinant nightmares.

And that brings us to the crux of the matter. What goes on in these “biodefense” labs are occluded by protestations of “national security.” The now defunct Sunshine Project, which was dedicated to working “against the hostile use of biotechnology in the post-Cold War era,” found that there was little if any oversight as to the types of research going on in these labs. In 2007, in a report (PDF) submitted to the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce for the Hearing: Germs, Viruses, and Secrets: The Silent Proliferation of Bio-Laboratories in the United States, Sunshine Project Director Edward Hammond wrote the following:

Our research indicates that in the vast majority of cases, it is not possible to verify that federally funded research is properly overseen at the local level, nor are the local committees that are charged with overseeing this research actually required to produce meeting minutes or annual reports that demonstrate that they have fulfilled this charge.

Elsewhere in the report, he states that:

lab expansion under the Bush administration has gone far beyond what is prudent and necessary, and without an adequate regulatory framework.

In summary, Hammond blasted the biodefense industry and wrote:

The proliferation of BSL-3 and BSL-4 laboratories across the United States since 2002 is greater than what our country needs and what its safety and security net can absorb. One-off NEPA processes are not sufficient or appropriate for this national-scale problem. Congress should impose a moratorium on federal funding for construction and commissioning of new biodefense labs. No new construction contracts should be issued, and no new labs should open until a comprehensive needs assessment is performed by the Government Accountability Office.

One must ask what has come out of all these billions pumped into biodefense. The answer is clouded. We do know that we have not even produced a second generation anthrax vaccine. The first generation anthrax vaccine was reputed to cause Gulf War Syndrome and other ills. A scientist working in a BSL-3 in Arizona proudly informed me recently that he has developed a smallpox vaccine that also cures herpes. Awesome, bro…except we pretty much stomped out smallpox decades ago….

When informed of the plans for a new biodefense campus at Ft. Detrick, Maryland, local activists became alarmed. Beth Willis, chairwoman of the Frederick County Containment Lab Advisory Committee and founder of Frederick Citizens for Biolab safety, has stated concerns that the plans for the Homeland Security lab at Detrick may be in violation of the Biological Weapons Convention. The DHS facility has opened but is not yet fully operational. While some of the Frederick activists have stopped short of declaring that the US has indeed launched an offensive biological weapons program, others are not so shy. Barry Kissin, an attorney and activist in Frederick has stated that the US is now illegally producing and stockpiling biological weapons.

In order to produce biological weapons you must first have a lab, properly outfitted for the seriousness of bug you are working with. The labs are designated from BSL-1 through 5, with the 3’s and 4’s housing the most dangerous bugs known to man. The 5’s purportedly deal with space bugs, although you wouldn’t ever hear that from the CDC. That agency recently responded to a FOIA Request about the containment specifications for the 5’s, stating that these records were not in their office.

The CDC, which has the responsibility for tracking these bugs and registering the labs, is furiously shoveling out disinfo about the proliferations of 3’s and 4’s , tripping over itself in its eagerness to convince us that there are no more BSL-3 and 4 labs than before 9/11.

In fact, the proliferation of these labs has been astounding. There are at least 1360 BSL-3’s at this juncture, according to documents released by the DOJ and DOE (although the CDC insists the number is closer to 250). The CDC can only count as far as six when it comes to BSL-4s, although independent sources, such as the Federation for American Scientists, have come up with a head count of 13. Factor in the existence of secret labs on military bases, evidenced by the C.V.’s of a couple of engineering firms which proudly state that they constructed BSL-4s on at least two bases, and the numbers of these labs, like Topsy, just keep on growing.

If a global pandemic should hit in 2013, the chances are good that we will have caused it through the release of a biological weapon that has been cooked up in one of these labs. The similarities between what is now happening in the US and what happened in Germany in the thirties are perturbing: A false flag event used to topple our civil rights and a project to poison us with … well, this time it won’t be Zyklon- B.

If our government learned anything from the mistakes made by Adolph Hitler, it was to keep appearances up. The public image maintained by the United States is that of freedom and justice. The image is straining due to the weight of evidence to the contrary, and the more evidence that accumulates the higher pitched are the denials being issued by the State.

This reporter has been working off information provided by a high-level source back in 2003, when he confided that the State of Israel would be destroyed around the time that the bugs were selectively released. Israel, you say? You thought Israel was pulling the strings all along, did you?

Israel was very likely set up to be destroyed. A haven for the Jews after the horrific events of WWII and the holocaust morphed into a ghetto for those far-flung in the diaspora. Forty percent of the world’s Jews now reside in Israel. A well-placed missile or two and you’ve gotten rid of 7,848,800 people–approximately 5,865,300 are Jews. Hitler will be high-fiving from the seventh circle of Hell.

The government of Israel is just itching to get into this war with Iran, a war for which Israel is poorly prepared, defensively speaking. The much-touted “Iron dome”, Israel’s primary missile defense system, only works for incoming projectiles that are launched from nearby, like Gaza. Israel is largely unprotected from a fly-over. Factor in the state-of-the-art S-300 defense system possessed by Iran, and the odds that Israel will survive this war appear to be almost non-existent.

Israel wiped off the map due to all the trouble fomented by the United States in the Middle East, culminating with a manufactured war with Iran and then a fatal bug, released through a selective mechanism such as the double line water system or the imposter pharmaceuticals — and there you have the makings of another holocaust, all done under the mantle of plausible deniability.

 The US comes out squeaky clean, as it scampers to innoculate its citizenry with vaccinations which may serve to further reduce its population, while insisting that all along, we tried to support Israel.

The hell, you say. The Zionists run the world! Well, yes and no. If the Zionists are the same guys, heavily anti-Semitic, (such as Mark Sykes and Otto Rand,) who set up the State of Israel in order to lure the world’s Jews into that alleged haven—a desert mirage– so that Boom! Then yes, those Zionists may indeed run the world.

And some of those Zionists are Jews.

The Jews are ill informed as to the traitors within their midst; the same sort of saboteurs as Stephen Wise, head of the US Jewish Congress during WWII.

Wise lobbied heavily to keep the Eastern European Jews from immigrating to the United States, thus ensuring they would be unable to escape Hitler’s death machine. This reporter has had her own skirmishes with duplicitous leadership in the Jewish community, some of which are discussed in this article HERE.

And please, don’t get me wrong. The Jews are certainly not the only ones on the chopping block. When the dust clears, after the Big Bug strikes, we will likely see a world divested of much of its people of color. This is already happening.

Africa is being emptied out by AIDS. Dark-skinned people are also now experiencing an epidemic of the “silent killers” of diabetes and hypertension, believed to be a product of a biological weapon leaked into food and attaching onto melanin (those with darker skin have more melanin). According to Dr. Trudy Gaillard, a researcher and with the Wexner Medical Center, about 12% of African Americans are now diagnosed with diabetes, three times as many as reported in 1980. The actual figures may be quite a bit higher. If you look at the statistics for African American women over the age of 55.25% are now diagnosed with diabetes. The numbers are also up for other dark-skinned groups, such as indigenous Mexicans and Pacific Islanders.

Dr. Wouter Basson, who sailed through the South African Truth and Reconciliation hearings, was under scrutiny for his work with Project Coast, which was the apartheid government’s biological weapons group. Basson was purportedly working on developing a “blacks only” bioweapons back in the 1980s.  The epidemic of diabetes and hypertension among people of color began to surface shortly thereafter. Was Basson successful in creating this race specific bioweapons? He ain’t talking.

And, as a writer-friend in Los Angeles once noted, “Anyone who will sell out his brother for his own safety gets to sit at the table.” The resonant and beautiful voices of resistance may also succumb to the selectively delivered Big Bug. How convenient and diabolical this plan is. Any problem person, any out-of-favor demographic group, and our beneficent government utilities and/or Big Pharma will provide the final solution. No recriminations and no onus of responsibility. No Nuremberg Trials, no Truth and Reconciliation Commission and no one pointing the finger at anything except a wayward microbe, an accident of nature.

Just a whole lot of burying to do and the world made over, in a different image: Obedient and lily white. A Nazi’s wet dream.

Janet Phelan is an investigative journalist whose articles have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, The San Bernardino County Sentinel, The Santa Monica Daily Press, The Long Beach Press Telegram, Oui Magazine and other regional and national publications. Janet specializes in issues pertaining to legal corruption and addresses the heated subject of adult conservatorship, revealing shocking information about the relationships between courts and shady financial consultants. She also covers issues relating to international bioweapons treaties. Her poetry has been published in Gambit, Libera, Applezaba Review, Nausea One and other magazines. Her first book, The Hitler Poems, was published in 2005. She currently resides abroad.  You may browse through her articles (and poetry) at

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