DRONE Webseries, Ep. 3/4: Executing Prime Directives

Nicholas West
Activist Post

This four-part series, which will conclude next Thursday on YouTube HERE, began in part 1 as humanoid robot soldiers begin to redefine the landscape of the battlefield in 2023 … and one of them is on the run. In part 2, we caught a glimpse of the human programmer behind unit 237 and the commander who wonders how a robot can make the decision to run.

Part 3 continues to explore the connection between the programmer and the robot that he has evidently worked to set free, which has put him on the commander’s kill list. 

As the programmer begins to ask questions of the “drone” unit 237, a series of answers appear begining with understanding its role:

Q: Number and purpose
A: To serve and protect the interest of The United States of America. To follow the orders of my superiors while at all times adhering to code 24-C of prime directives as established by United States Government.

The central issue becomes what the prime directives are, and the importance of who is doing the programming when a machine is set only to execute the parameters it has been given. With the rise of autonomous drones and machine warfare, the questions we ask today may be answered sooner than we think.

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