DRONE Webseries, Ep. 2/4: Who Gives the Orders?

Nicholas West
Activist Post

This four-part series, which will continue over the coming two weeks each Thursday on YouTube HERE, began as humanoid robot soldiers redefine the landscape of the battlefield in 2023 … and one of them is on the run.

In part 2, we get a glimpse of the human programmer behind unit 237 and the commander who wonders how a robot can make the decision to run.

The introduction of the programmer raises a question that the U.S. government has been trying to answer: How can robots be developed that will never question orders? This is the mission of programs like MUSIC, which incorporates Future Combat Systems to create a matrix of computer-to-robot interaction with humans on the periphery at best:

The objective of the FCS effort is to develop lightweight (no individual element greater than 20 tons), overwhelmingly lethal, strategically deployable, self-sustaining and survivable combat and combat support force, systems and supporting technologies for the 2012-2025 timeframe and beyond…. (Source

Part 1: DRONE: Rise of the Autonomous Super Soldier

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