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Oyenu Olugbala
Activist Post

I had a false start to my awakening. Around the year of 1999 I was going through a weird period in my life when I was questioning every single thing, so much so that I started questioning my own sanity.

To cut a long story short, to remedy this as a ‘black man’ I sought solace in my history, black history, that meant looking at the history that was hidden; taken away; misrepresented; whatever you call it. I got so caught up with it that I changed my name, much to the displeasure of my family and friends. I then turned into what is deemed to be known as a ‘Black Radical’ and such a character I was then, prickly or what.

With ease I would accuse the white man of any crimes that were committed against humanity that would happen worldwide or any slight that would happen to me and end it with ‘the white man is the devil’.

As my dance with black radicalism gradually lost momentum, I got bored and went and got a job. So much for radicalism; guess where I worked, yes the government (I started in 2005 and left in 2011, had enough). I was just like everybody else thereafter: got educated, went to work, paid the bills and so forth, got a professional qualification, went to work, paid the bills and so forth, got more specialised (just to keep myself relevant), went to work, paid the bills and so forth.  Sound familiar? I knew there was more to life than just ‘the run-of-the-mill-nine-to-five-rat-race-scenario’ I had to get out, do something, anything!

I needed to plan an escape route, and not going back to ‘Black Radicalism’. I started reading many books such as Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill to name a few. This kick-started my plan of action to escape the rat race by building my business. I started to attend many seminars which had good information but left me with more questions than I had before. This was frustrating for me; all I was looking for was a starting point to get out of the rat race.

I went on with my path to get out of the rat race and then a stumbled across this book by Thomas L. Friedman the title The World Is Flat: A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE TWENTY – FIRST CENTURY. At first glance the book seemed to make some valid points in terms of where this world was going, tech-wise anyway. After reading the book for a while, I was left with the opinion that the way he put this book together would have anyone with no specialised training, i.e. deep know how of computer science and attracting VC capital to just give up. What I took away from this book was a feeling of inadequacy to even start my venture. This led me on to find more meaningful and straightforward ways of starting up my own venture. By the way, at the time I did not know that Thomas L. Freidman was a total globalist.

That was my life before the true awakening. Undeterred I continued on my search, to just set up my venture. Whilst researching on how to set up shop, I noticed when I was reading articles related or unrelated to business at that time, they were far too similar or just plain copies of each other. All seemed lost when I came across a website called Infowars.  I cannot tell you how I reached this website; I just got onto it and it blew my mind as to what was happening then and still is happening now. I recall reading something about David Icke from Infowars, and what he was saying took me completely off stride, because being involved with black radicalism I did run into people that would talk about the New World Order and the Illuminati, so I was familiar with this type of info.

However, reading what David Icke was saying resonated with me because this took me back to a time before I went radical; yes that was the time when I was questioning everything, I mean, I was questioning everything: what is reality; why are we here; there must be something more. I read on and I just had to find out more of what David Icke was saying; it was as if he was residing in my head! So I went onto the website of David Icke and the rest was history.

My ‘true’ awakening has led me to ask better questions; I’ll present just a couple. I’ll also make suggestions regarding how we the people can deal with the ever blatant New World Order rearing its ugly head.


Who are the governments representing? Who are they operating for wherever you are?

Be critical and cautious of the government that has control of an ‘out of control’ military and a domestic police force.

Where ever you are in the world it is the same elitist cabal oligarchy behind the scenes that controls all processes and strategy’s behind closed doors. They make out that all parties have separate policies that cater for the greater good of the people giving you the illusion of ‘choice’. Also, they do a good job of making the people who are at the lower levels of power and on the front line so oblivious to what the few know at the top, that if you challenge someone in government about the New World Order they simply deem you over the top or just plain mad. If I can give you one task, look at the historical actions and records of all governments worldwide and I’ll bet you they barely scrape past competent in terms of what they supposedly stand for . . . and this is when they are at their best behaviour.


Is it all that bad?

David Icke speaks of the totalitarian tip-toe and the problem-reaction-solution strategies that these oligarchies constantly use to bewilder the people of the world to such a point that people who run into this information can’t deal with it and run back into normalcy; or, as David Icke will tell you, back into the “No hassle Free Zone”.

Before you run away! If you’re in the early stages of facing the truth, allow yourself time to acclimatize to such knowledge by becoming a student of truth and allowing the truth to be your guide no matter how ugly, and view David Icke as being a facilitator/coach of the truth to help you on your own path. It’s like training to be fit and healthy; people the world over accept without failure that to get fit one has to make drastic changes to lose weight. I mean everyone accepts that you have to eat differently by getting rid of bad food and introducing good food, train by lifting weights and doing cardio and resting well. Also your goals for losing weight will be easier met with a coach! See the correlation.


Who the hell are you anyway to tell me what to do?

Good! If you’ve asked that question your well underway on your path to finding yourself. Question everything, even in the freedom movement, because believe it or not that’s the whole point of the freedom movement; it is to be free to do what one wants, just so long as it does not interfere or hinder one’s own path. We all should be free to agree to disagree and to debate, that’s the only way to learn and grow as a human civilization with the hopes that we can focus on the real issue of true self-discovery.

But how far we’ve come, when the very viewpoint you hold is treated as a crime.

People listen to me very carefully…when the very words that come from within you, nobody else but you, that you hold to be true are scrutinized by people that you know, and a supposed authority called the government (some cases, action has been taken by the government to curtail such speech), we are in trouble as a people the world over. We need to call this out every time this happens and shine light upon.

Anyone who reads this, if I can implore you to do one thing, it is this: encourage people that you know to have a discussion with you or anyone else, and please agree to disagree whether you like the issue or not it shouldn’t matter. Oh!! And try to completely go off point — it’s your right and have fun whilst you’re at it. 

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