A Big Heart Felt Thank You David Icke: Writing Contest


C Walker
Activist Post

You have been very instrumental in opening my eyes to the globalists agenda of enslavement and genocide.

I hope my message will give others hope not to give up. I don’t profess to be a writer; however it’s better to try than not try at all. 🙂

I started waking up as a young girl, first having the odd psychic gifts randomly happen at the time I didn’t understand. Along with having a UFO visit me when I was a young teen.

I was diagnosed with Cancer in 2000 and again in 2005, I saved myself the second time around by Natural means from terminal bone Cancer along with tumors throughout my body after allowing the medical protocols treat me for “prevention.” I’ve learned the hard way when the Cancer treatments just about took me out. I am awake and aware that everything the medical profession offers in Cancer treatment suppresses your immune system & causes more Cancer. I’m still here and I’m not giving up!

The globalist Agenda in my understanding could have destroyed all the inhabitants and our planet if we hadn’t of had an awakening of enough people to bring a counter balance and movement to take our power back and remember who we really are.

I am doing what I can as a light worker. The events in my life have taken me on a fascinating journey out of the rabbit hole and I’m grateful to be able to learn what the truth is and what I can do about it to help myself and humanity. There’s an old saying: I was once blind and now I see.

As for Dec. 2012, we are coming to the end of a 2600 yr cycle; we still aren’t without some turbulence, so hang onto your hats. It’s already happening; the globalist agenda is already collapsing in on itself.

Our future is bright and I’m excited for our future, we will create a beautiful new world for ourselves as it was intended.

Thank you again David for your relentless work and commitment to humanity. I would love the opportunity to see you live.

I’m sending you and all of humanity much Love~

C Walker
B.C. Canada

This submission has been entered into a contest to win 2 premium tickets + $500 for travel to see David Icke at Wembley Arena, London — October 27, 2012.  If you like this article, please share it far and wide, as the winner will be determined by the total number of pageviews acquired before the end of the contest on June 15th.  For additional details about submissions, please visit our Contest Page.

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