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Chris Morris
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The global agenda that we find ourselves, not facing, but deeply embroiled in today, can be characterised in many ways, as it is multi-faceted. The various elements of the agenda, though, all share one fundamental characteristic: the advancement of phenomena that, for the vast majority of people, are dehumanising, degrading and debilitating. Yet they are presented to us as being entirely natural, and perhaps the most telling phrase that has been introduced in recent years is the expression “the new normal”. The vast majority of the world’s population is relentlessly conditioned to accept what should be considered repulsive to be normal, even desirable.

There are two over-arching themes that dominate this global agenda. Firstly, is the hierarchical control of society by a banking elite whose tentacles reach out into virtually every social arena. Secondly, is the irrevocable move towards a global banking and business network from which no sovereign entity can assert independence. The banking hierarchy ultimately desires a world order in
which everyone on the planet either works for them, or buys what they need to survive from them, or both, while simultaneously annihilating the living standards of the great mass of humanity.

Thus, arguably the key element to this agenda is the globalisation of the economic system. This has been crafted over many decades through agreements such as Bretton Woods, and the creation of the IMF, World Bank and Bank of International Settlements (BIS). This is allied to the increasing digitalisation of money, with the vast majority of financial transactions not utilising cash, and large numbers of ‘convenient’ digital monetary systems now being released into the public domain.

Secondly, is the steady destruction of national sovereignty, with global institutions such as the WTO and, particularly, the UN adopting an increasingly prominent position. In accordance with this is an ‘elite policy network’ which encompasses organisations such as the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, somewhat more well-known, but equally nefarious, groups
such as the G20 and World Economic Forum, and the ultra-secretive Bilderberg Group. Such groups have promoted the legislative environment which has been adopted by governments all over the ‘Western’ world, which has invoked destroying ‘economic protectionism’ through legislation such as the GATT and NAFTA agreements and the creation of ‘free trade areas’ such as the Eurozone. This network is instrumental in creating a consensus amongst political figures from all over Europe and North America in particular, steered by globalists such as Bilderberger and Trilateral Commission founder, David Rockefeller.

Thirdly, is the domination of valuable resources. The grotesque rape of the ‘third-world’ is chronicled in John Perkins’ book Confessions of an Economic Hitman, in which he describes the sort of economic blackmail that has been playing out all over the globe during the twentieth century. This is nothing new for Africa, as anyone with awareness of Cecil Rhodes’ Round Table group and the brutal British Empire will testify. When ‘Economic Hitmen’ cannot successfully steal the resources of a nation, and if the type of CIA-run military coups that date back to Operation Ajax are unsuccessful, then the NATO war machine – increasingly an unaccountable world army – is sent in to cluster bomb the nation into submission and install a puppet government who will inevitably sign the resources over to the ‘Western’ corporations. And this is always done under the guise of ‘democracy’, ‘human- rights’, or some form of mortal threat to ‘our way of life’.

Fourthly, is the ‘climate change’ agenda, and its attendant paraphernalia. The insane drive to cut CO2 emissions will serve the purpose of allowing the State to proscribe the most mundane activities, to impose ever more invasive ways of monitoring it, as well as justifying some of the more arcane social programmes that they wish to impose, allowing the corporate sector to make a lot more money for selling a lot less product, and introducing a worldwide ‘Carbon Tax’, which has already been passed in Australia.

Fifthly, is the breakdown of human bonds, traditional social roles, and the importance of locality and community. This is in order to craft a new culture in which both parents of children work almost by definition, in which two (taxable) incomes are required to survive, and in which people willingly hand their children over to the State to raise. In which the idea that the satisfaction of individual feelings and desires should be our highest priority is relentlessly promoted; ie. not human relationships, communication and bonding. This desire is then satisfied by purchasing consumer products, provided by multinational corporations, and produced overseas. Yet despite this unremitting pursuit of personal pleasure, virtually every study into human psychology indicates that at no time in human history has there been such mental instability and unhappiness.

Finally, is the manufacturing of consent to this agenda in every area of our lives. We are taught to accept authoritarianism and the imposition of hierarchy through the school system. The comprehensive school system in England is designed to create economically useful worker drones who accept that all the key decisions are made by a class of person to which they will never have access. And the corporate-owned or state-controlled media, particularly the broadcast media, confuses the public with a hotchpotch of lies, misrepresentations and obfuscations, and presents the existing social order as inevitable.

Meanwhile all financial activity is filtered via taxation through State architecture to private banks, with everything ultimately funnelled into the BIS. This pervades every activity we engage in. Every consumer item carries 20% VAT, with it now being argued that ‘unhealthy’ foods should be taxed.

All forms of transport are taxed. Oil is heavily taxed. You pay tax to have rubbish removed. You pay tax for the privilege of having a roof over your head. If you empty your bowels you’re being taxed because you pay private companies for the water. The tax on the air you breathe is coming. And it all feeds into the exchequer, which is paying billions to private banks in interest payments, and ultimately funnels into the BIS, through other central banks.

And once they’ve managed to bankrupt everyone, they then send their cronies the IMF in to impose ‘austerity’ measure on the people; ie. rob them blind of what few public assets remain. While the TV tells everyone that everything is okay, and that there’s an ‘economic recovery’ on the horizon.

Perhaps the most abiding characteristic of this societal transformation is that it happens incrementally so that people are steadily acclimated to it. So that what should be viewed as dehumanising seems normal. So that what should be recognised as a blatant decimation of living standards by greedy psychopaths is not demonstrably opposed, but instead grudgingly accepted as being inevitable. This is the great triumph of the social engineers; the ability to use increasingly sophisticated forms of propaganda to promote their view of the world.

Essentially, the society we live in now is a technocracy. It’s a culture in which the majority of humanity have their views and perspective spoonfed to them by ‘experts’, while any attempts by the great unwashed to form their own opinions are treated with derision; the worst culprit for both of these phenomena being the BBC. Think all this ‘global warming’ stuff might be a bit dubious? Listen to this person with a PhD explain it to you. Concerned about the level of government debt in Britain and America? Don’t worry, here’s someone from LSE to put your mind at ease. NIST have worked out why WTC7 collapsed, the Warren Commission have worked out who shot JFK, an academic has worked out that ‘after-birth abortion’ is perfectly morally justifiable. Just go back to your beer.

In order to break out of this hierarchical control, we simply have to remember what it is to be human. We have to demand the right to think for ourselves, we need the intellectual vigour to reject social programming and form our own opinions, we have to define ourselves not by where we work, what we own, or live in, or drive, but by who and what we are. And above all else, we have to show solidarity with others who share our common concerns. As Bill Hicks once said: “The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your doors, buy guns, close yourselves off. The eyes of love, instead, see all of us as one”.

The elites have long since understood that strength lies in numbers, in consensus, in working together. A cursory glance at the Royal bloodlines and the Huxleys, Galtons, Darwins and Wedgwoods would confirm quite emphatically that they’ve been interbreeding for generations. This is precisely why they have worked so hard to create an atomised culture and done so much to break down the social bonds that tie people together. Until we learn to arrest this alarming tendency, then our culture and society will slide further into the abyss, towards the global fascist neo-feudal State that the social controllers have been working toward for so long.

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