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Bill Seeds
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My father told me when my experience here was just a child, “Son, your going to realize that you are more intelligent than the majority of the people on this planet.” When I reflect on those words, images of the germination of my awakening, largely my understanding of religion, begin to manifest themselves and reflect the greater picture as Mandelbrot so eloquently established in visual form. The information being introduced to me afterwards, piece by piece, has increased my awareness exponentially.

I began researching the basics: Banking and Government. Then BOOM! I’m receiving more information than I know what to do with. I had a comprehensive knowledge of the Bloodlines excluding extraterrestrial origin. Then it seemed once the universe saw that my comprehension of the subject was solid, the next piece to the puzzle was introduced through David Icke.

After months of going over volumes of information, I felt David Icke’s interpretation of the information available resonates well with me. Once your awaken, there’s no point of return, as Immortal Technique puts it. You can transcend past the illusory barriers put before you by the false reality programmers. There is a feeling of awe, as you see it all connected. It’s a feeling I believe of consciousness reclaiming a large portion of our mind-body vessels.

My experience has been shared by millions across the globe. People everywhere are crawling out of their caves decoding the reality around them for what it really is. It’s an exciting age we have the good fortune to be experiencing. An age of realization of our true potential.

I can see now why the unstable consciousness that exerts its futile control over the Saturn-worshiping reptile-hybrids is attempting to create a force of low-vibrational frequencies powerful enough to drown out what David calls “The Truth Vibrations”. I use the word attempting because their actions have been carried out in vain. People from all walks of life are uncovering their true being, and are disconnecting themselves from the matrix that envelopes their known existence.

People everywhere are turning off their televisions, ignoring sports, and disregarding media entertainment institutions. People are beginning to grow their own food, understanding further their relationship with the earth and the food they eat. No more are people attributing who they are to the computer their consciousness inhabits. There is a bright, wonderful future awaiting the human experience. A world without barriers. A world of love, peace, and freedom. A world without the interruption of the true informational construct. A world of consciousness.

My love for experiences such as David Icke and others like him extends beyond this reality into “the space between spaces.” This way I ensure by manifesting this love the unbalanced consciousness in this space can not only comprehend the limitless power a partially aware experience can unfurl, but the impact of all experiences fully conscious. If you are reading this, I want you to know that this love also extends to you. We are one, WE are eternal.

With Unconditional Love,
Bill Seeds III  

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