Cameron and Sarkozy Announce Joint Military Command Centre After Libya “Success”

Keelan Balderson, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

After shamelessly declaring their obliteration of Libya a success, UK Prime Minister David Cameron and France’s Nicolas Sarkozy have announced the creation of a joint military command and control center to streamline future operations.

At a summit in Paris, Cameron lauded their “incredibly strong relationship based on shared interests”.

Although they hid behind the Orwellian euphemism of defense, it’s quite clear that those shared interests are that of military aggression and corporate imperialism. There is no foreign army storming Normandy, and no air-force bombing London. To defend, is to protect one’s homeland; however, Cameron and Sarkozy revealed plans to produce a series of unmanned fighter drones, the kind that regularly prey on sovereign nations in the Middle-East and strike innocent civilians.

As the once-prosperous Libya lay in ruins, now ruled under Sharia law by squabbling extremist factions with ties to Al Qaeda, the pair of warmongers turned their attention to Syria, vowing “to stand up to the murderous regime,” completely failing to admit that their own agencies have been backing and arming the rebels and fomenting the very violence they arrogantly condemn [1].

Exuding further hypocrisy, the duo announced a strengthening of their nuclear energy ties in conjunction with the IAEA, while simultaneously condemning Iran’s nuclear program, which by all barometers is itself a nuclear energy program, only capable of enriching uranium to 20%. They of course ignored this fact, and instead comically vowed to “stop a nuclear weapon (getting) in(to) the hands of Iran,” which shouldn’t be hard considering President Ahmadinejad has publicly stated that possession of a nuclear bomb is “disgusting and shameful” [2].

The Anglo-French nuclear deal will allegedly create 1,500 UK jobs and business deals totaling more than £500m. The countries will work closely together on education, training, research, development, and security.

Prior to the summit, a Downing Street statement read [3]:  

This joint declaration will signal our shared commitment to the future of civil nuclear power, setting out a shared long term vision of safe, secure, sustainable and affordable energy that supports growth and helps to deliver our emission reductions targets.

Targets that will create a hidden tax on citizens who are being forced to fund the new developments through increased energy costs [4]. This new deal may also put some of France’s burden onto the British people.

One has to wonder at what point the people will be asked if they want to merge military operations with a foreign power, and undertake transnational business deals that cost the taxpayer. For a self-professed Eurosceptic, Cameron sure doesn’t like national sovereignty and democracy.

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