Propaganda Alert: The Ninja Threat From Iran

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The CNN video below is just the latest salvo in the shameless media distortion about events in Iran.  The most dangerous propaganda is of course Iran’s supposed nuclear weapons threat, which is being revealed at every turn as unfounded allegations, even as Iran welcomes the IAEA to investigate and discuss their nuclear program.  Iran continues to insist that the program is strictly for energy and not world destruction. 

The hyperbole, however, even extends down to the social level.  What most rational people would simply call martial arts training — similar to what can be found in any American city — instead receives a CNN segment title of “Iran’s Potential Assassins” with the caption, “3,500 women train as Ninjas.”

Funnily enough, the anchors don’t seem to cooperate with the gravitas of the headline, instead stating it for what it really is: a sport, or a way toward healthy self-empowerment.  Or, even perhaps the nefarious objective to “defend their country.”

It’s a strange clip, so we welcome your thoughts in the comment section below.

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