Economy is So Good People are Living in Cars (Video)

Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

I have never seen, in all my time, so many people holding signs on street corners asking for money, food and work.  My wife spotted a couple in their forties living in their car in the middle of a crowded WalMart parking lot.  I am seeing more of that, too.  I was watching CNBC Monday, and one analyst basically said the economy was good and getting better.  He pointed to the great sales numbers on Black Friday.  Of course, no one adjusted the sales numbers for inflation.  Also, many think the retailers just stole sales from the rest of the holiday shopping season.  The number of people living in cars and tents have gone up, and it is not the sign of a healthy economy.  The true unemployment rate is nearly 23% (according to if it was calculated the way Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported it in 1994 and earlier.  The homelessness phenomenon is making it’s way into the mainstream media because it is a national problem that is also reflected in the record numbers of people on food stamps.  The number is nearly 46 million and growing as the real economy sinks.  Please watch the story below from 60 Minutes that aired this past weekend.  It is a sad mile marker on the road to perdition here in the U.S.:

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