5 Fundraisers That Need Your Help!

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As the economy continues to worsen for the average person and the holidays are rapidly approaching, we know it’s difficult to find the extra money to donate to info warriors and starving activists with so many other important charities in need.  But unfortunately for anti-establishment causes, sometimes there is simply no other way to survive without passionate viewer support.

There are currently five fundraisers that we’re hoping you’ll find the generosity to support at this time.  Please send what you can to them for their great work, even if it’s only $5 or $10, it really makes a HUGE difference in these organizations.  If you simply do not have the financial resources to give, please do what you can to support their sponsors, share their content, and spread the word. These are friends who really make a big difference.

1. Infowars Moneybomb: This annual moneybomb supports Infowars.com, who is by far the most influential news group in alternative media.  Constantly expanding, Infowars now employs over 30 people and produces vital news articles, radio shows, nightly TV news, and documentaries.  Alex Jones is a pioneer in encouraging people to duplicate his material just to spread the word.  Over the years he’s been able to grow without corporate backing because of the help of loyal and passionate activists. Click HERE to Donate.

2. Stop The Drug War:  StopTheDrugWar.org is an organization that works very hard to advocate ending prohibition of drugs.  With so many harmful legal drugs, the hypocrisy becomes clearer by the day.  However, as it becomes more obvious to the masses that the war on drugs is an utter failure at best, and something more sinister at worst, we need to support hardworking organizations like Stop The Drug War to not only inform average people of drug issues but to also lobby policy makers in the fight to legalize freedom of consciousness. Click HERE to Donate.

3. The Intel Hub: TheIntelHub.com is a great alternative news aggregate and radio program.  Shepard and Alex are some of the most genuine truth tellers out there.  They literally just survive solely by viewer support and rarely have fundraisers to meet their basic expenses.  Again, corporate interests steer clear from them as they expose establishment lies and deception.  All donations large and small go a long way with these guys who work tirelessly to educate their audience and are as humble as they come. Click HERE to Donate.

4. Alt-Market: Alt-Market.com is a news site and social network for those seeking to create and join groups who operate alternative markets, barter systems, competing currencies, local food cooperatives and much more.  The concepts on this website are truly the only form of insulation against economic collapse.  As the economy worsens, Alt-Market provides some of the most valuable solutions for individuals and communities alike.  They rely 100% on viewer support through donations and their Humble Seed sales. Click HERE to Donate.

5. Freedomain Radio: FreedomainRadio.com is a philosophical program dedicated to peace and liberty.  Stefan Molyneux survives solely on donations and subscriptions, but offers all of his material for free including countless podcasts, audio and e-books, short films and more.  Although Molyneux is not running a defined fundraiser, he recently made a rare plea for donations.  In a time when this information is becoming more vital than ever, we must keep these voices healthy.  Click HERE to Donate.

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