Serbia’s Nikola Aleksic to President Tadic: Stop GMO, Stop Chemtrails, Or I Will Call the People of Serbia to the Streets (Video)

In this remarkable video from Serbia (English transcript is below), Nikola Aleksic, Director of the Ecological Movement of Novi Sad, issues a stern warning to the president Boris Tadic to stop importing food based upon GMO and stop the chemtrail spraying, or he will call and personally lead the people of Serbia to the streets.  He concludes his speech by saying: “You can be sure that, I, Nikola Aleksic, will keep my word – even at the cost of my own life.”

Aleksic also implores the Serbian army to “defend your people and sky over Serbia”, and tells the people of Serbia  that now is no time to be cowards – they need to stand up for their rights for themselves and their children.

Here’s the transcript of Nikola Aleksic’s amazing speech:

“National Assembly and the Government of Serbia,

The recent events surrounding the intentions for legalizing the growing genetically modified organisms (GMO) have shown that these GMO plans must be put under public supervision and control since they betray the national interests of the Serbian people.

They must not play with the state and our lives, no matter who wants them.

The legalization of the growing GMO in Serbia would mean that we would have to open our borders to import such food and products.

Import of such hazardous foods would start the biggest genocide over the Serbian people.

To those swashbucklers in charge, it was too little or they are really in a hurry, so they came up with a new technique in which they began treating us like insects.

See our sky Serbian citizens!

You can see it for yourself!  See the traces of poison that comes from unmarked planes daily.  From the moment when our own government signed the so-called Partnership for Peace (on December 14, 2006), the sky over Serbia is completely under the network of poison trails, which felonious planes pour daily like we are insects and not people.

Above us are implemented “vivo” experiments as in concentration camps during World War II.

Above is us is open genocide!  Our traitorous government allowed it.

They have sold their own people in order to remain in a position where they were brought by criminal representative of foreign agencies.

Do you have a right to be a coward?

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