Predictive Programming: Illuminati Pictures Presents “Contagion” (Video)

Zen Gardner
Before It’s News

So the Illuminati “Warner” Bros want to light a little fire, do they. “Nothing like a good pandemic movie.”

This one has all the big names to make sure it rolls out big. And of course you just don’t do one of these without insider Laurence Fishburne–who you’ll see below makes the inane claim that the flu comes from……THE BIRDS!..AND YOU CAN’T STOP THEM!…

Just the trailer is enough to make you sick. As if the world doesn’t know enough fear and trauma, these bastards have to run a good old stand by freak out right up the media flagpole.

As usual, major misdirecting from the real truth of the matter as to who is morphing these man-made strains of viruses, as well as programming not just fear and the potential reality, but the subsequent system-dependence for “protection” as if the government or CDC ever gave a damn about anyone but themselves.

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