Predictive Programming in “Homefront Occupation” Video Game Trailer? (UPDATED)

Nicholas West
Activist Post

This violent video game trailer portrays a scenario of occupied America 10 years after the economic collapse of America, where North Korea stands as the occupying force.  The script was written by the writer of Red Dawn and Apocalypse Now, John Milius.  The two-minute trailer graphically shows American citizens greeted as “comrades” by speaker systems carrying the announcement of “the great leader of the occupied United States.” American citizens are subsequently shot, thrown in ditches, and put into concentration camps.

It is an unlikely scenario that occupation would come at the hands of North Korea, even in the year 2027, as the video presupposes.  A more likely scenario, based on increasingly detailed information about American police being trained to accept the reality of FEMA camps, is that such an occupation would come from within, whether justified or not by external events or the internal economic collapse precipitated by elite globalist bankers.

At the real heart of this game, beyond the specific plot details, is the further acclimatization that there is a disastrous social collapse coming, brought about solely by a foreign enemy, which will result in American citizens being treated like cattle.  The “resistance” naturally becomes a violent one within this Road Warrior scenario.  

As George Orwell said, “If you want to see the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.”  Or, perhaps you can just play this video game. Meanwhile, in reality, a largely peaceful worldwide resistance is taking place that might just wind up thwarting the imaginations (and hopes) of the designers of this form of collapse scenario. 

UPDATE: The next trailer more clearly shows the “backstory.”  It opens with Hillary Clinton giving a press conference about North Korean aggression toward South Korea.   Fade to full integration of the Koreas by 2015, triggering Japan’s total surrender.  The whole geopolitical discussion is nebulous and convoluted; but, hey, it’s a video game.  Nevertheless, the final striking message is one of the total conflict of invasion and uprising with a the lingering final statement: “Home is where the WAR is.”

Note: These opinions are based solely upon the trailers released for this game.  The game is scheduled for release in March. 

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