Does Indigenous Plant Medicine Offer a Natural Gateway to Healing Ourselves and the World?

Ayahuasca is a indigenous plant medicine that is said to teach a holistic understanding of the true nature of ourselves and the universe.

Amazon Shaman at Rainforest Plant Medicine gathering
at Guaria de Osa EcoLodge, Costa Rica

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As the material world rushes around us at a blistering pace, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find truth and meaning in all the chaos.  The rat-race economy occupies most of our time and energy, and what’s left is typically drowned out by perpetually empty distractions.

We may feel utterly disconnected from nature and each other, almost as if we’ve been deliberately torn from our natural state to conform to a manufactured reality.

When we become conscious of this illusory fabric of our society, it’s a somewhat liberating experience.  On one hand, understanding that the matrix is following a predetermined track helps to bring clarity to previously incomprehensible world events, as we can now begin to see the forest through the strategically placed trees. By contrast, it can be quite frightening to realize that the engineers of this matrix seem to prefer war and fear to peace and love.

Perhaps recognizing the genuine structure of the fabricated system makes it easier to succeed or survive in the matrix, as one will likely better understand that the primary trait required is ruthlessness.  The rub is that if one learns the truth that perpetuating this “system” is fatally destructive, then ruthlessness becomes nearly impossible for the enlightened.  As it only feeds what you’ve grown to despise.

So then, how do we function in this mad society when we begin to awaken?  Shall we keep taking the soma fed to us by the controllers to keep our level of contentment just a notch above catatonic? Or shall we strive to step out of the grid to use our awakening to better ourselves in order to affect the world around us?

It can be difficult to find the willpower to heal ourselves in such a poisoned world.  Some use meditation, prayer, exercise, diet, or friends to seek clarity amidst the storm of daily life. Indeed, many have proven to find great success and happiness in the active pursuit for a better world using these methods.  And each new accomplishment moves them closer to a holistic understanding of the truth by passionately living the solution.

It seems that many have the intellectual knowledge of why we must make personal changes to effect the greater good, yet what is lacking is the profound understanding that can only come from direct experience.

Ayahuasca is now being used by many for such an experience.  Said to be a “great teacher,” ayahuasca is a psychotropic plant brew that has been used by South American shaman for thousands of years to better “see” the world.  It has inspired the work of many great philosophers of the recent awakening like John Perkins, David Icke, and Daniel Pinchbeck.  Below is David Icke speaking about his ayahuasca experience:

It had such an illuminating effect on Perkins and Pinchbeck that they both, individually, help organize bringing others to the great healing teacher.  Pinchbeck, author of three terrific books, filmmaker and a contributor to regularly attends authentic shamanic sessions held in Costa Rica. These all-inclusive Experiential Gatherings are open to the public on a limited basis for a cost of $2000 for 10 nights and 11 days.

The intentions of these gatherings, referred to as “vacations with a purpose,” are the following:

  • To experientially learn from ancient rainforest plant medicine traditions stemming from the time-tested, traditional healing and wellness practices of Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon.
  • To welcome an alchemical transformation, healing, and re-integration of body, mind, heart and spirit.
  • To receive insight and guidance from these ancient and profound worldviews and thus strengthen one’s essence and improve one’s health.
  • To enjoy and be nurtured by the pristine Pacific Ocean and mighty rainforest ecosystems on the Osa Peninsula and her natural wonders.
  • Expand one’s guts and grace. (Source: The Rainforest Plant Medicine Council)

It is unlikely ayahuasca will ever be considered a “party” drug as some other psychotropics like mushrooms or LCD have been labeled.  Ayahuasca is overwhelmingly taken for the purpose of learning and healing where authentic gatherings run by trained shaman offer the most powerful experience.  Below is a trailer to a new documentary following three successful people on their journey to ayahuasca:

So does ayahuasca allow you to “connect to the umbilical cord of the universe” to experience the “infinite” understanding?  Is it the natural gateway to healing ourselves so we can help heal the world?  There’s only one way to find out . . . .

For more information on taking the journey to experience the Rainforest Plant Medicine Gatherings visit HERE.

Have you experienced ayahuasca and want to share your story to help enlighten others?  Email your stories to to be published.

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