Activists delivering Bradley Manning petition held at Quantico

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UPDATE: FireDogLake has posted an account of Hamsher and House’s detention at Quantico Sunday afternoon. Michael Whitney confirmed that Hamsher and House’s cars were towed, and that the two were “detained for two hours up until Manning’s visitation time period was set to expire at 3:00.”

Activist reporters who tried to deliver a petition protesting Bradley Manning’s treatment by the US military were blocked from seeing Manning and held against their will at Quantico on Sunday, while their cars were towed on seemingly flimsy pretenses, the reporters say.

FireDogLake blogger Jane Hamsher told her Twitter followers that she was detained at the gate to the US Marine base at Quantico when she showed up to deliver a petition signed by 42,000 people, demanding that the US military take Bradley Manning — the alleged source of the State Department cables released by WikiLeaks — out of solitary confinement.

“Now been here at Quantico gate for 30 min.,” Hamsher tweeted early Sunday afternoon. “Will not let us leave base, holding us.”

David House, a computer programmer who works with FireDogLake and is one of very few people authorized to see Manning, reported similar issues as he arrived at Quantico on Sunday to ask Manning about conditions in the prison.

“Detained for 40 minutes now upon entering base,” he tweeted. “Advised that cannot leave.”

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