Amanda Warren

corporal punishment

Corporal Punishment Returns to Public School

By Amanda Warren Corporal punishment is generally thought to be a degrading form of public punishment intended to inflict harm or pain on another. The term is most associated with the public school system as its presence lingered there for some time after it became a more controversial practice. One reason it's viewed as barbaric is…

UN police state

Did the UN Really Install a Global Police Force at the Local Level?

By Amanda Warren While people were in a daze of reverie following the lunar eclipse and the Pope's U.S. visit, a very important yet overlooked announcement was made by the Department of Justice. "Launch of Strong Cities Network to Strengthen Community Resilience Against Violent Extremism" rang the bell to usher in a global-local initiative to…


Government Disregards Data on People Killed In High Speed Police Chases

By Amanda Warren Just on the heels of the FBI essentially shrugging off pressure to pin real numbers of police killings of U.S. citizens - a report finds that deaths of people during police high-speed pursuits are drastically under-reported. USA Today reports on another aspect that often goes forgotten when it comes to safety and…


FBI Shrugs at Calls to Pin Real Numbers for Police Killings

By Amanda Warren It's been a busy week for the FBI. Whether it's peeking in on Hillary Clinton, reviewing an inmate death, creating elaborate lures for mentally ill people who might join ISIS, or shutting down websites that sell fake badges - they  are all over the news. So busy are they, that they don't…


Cop Caught on Film Electrocuting Captured Suspect In the Back

By Amanda Warren An incident in Fairfax County, Virginia is stirring up a long awaited ire. Perhaps due to years of programming, apathy can be a typical response to police beating or hurting suspects unless it becomes too garish. But as more cell phone footage rises to the surface it becomes harder for police to…


Watch This Officer Handle Loads of Loitering Teens

By Amanda Warren Activist Post is two for two when it comes to positive police stories this week. People are more apt to record negative police interactions especially considering that the footage is needed to prove a claim in court. It isn't too often that the neutral or positive stories make it to the surface.…


Police Shot Innocent Bystander Like the Crook They Were After

By Amanda Warren Over the last few days, both mainstream and alternative media outlets have reported on a strange incident of a "stand-off" in Rancho Cordova, California last week.  A presumably mentally ill man inexplicably fired an AK-47 outdoors at the home across the street, riddling the home with about a hundred rounds which killed the neighbor's dog inside.…


Watch a Preacher Stand Up to Robot Cop When Commanded to Free Speech Zone

By Amanda Warren Christians and preachers are increasingly finding trouble when they attempt to stand on a sidewalk and share their faith or provide brochures. Jury nullification activists will understand the feeling. You might think it's weird when people yell on a street corner, but if it's a public sidewalk and the people aren't impeding…


Legal Challenges Home in on Baltimore’s Shrouded Stingray Use

By Amanda Warren It is estimated that at least 42 law enforcement agencies across 17 states use controversial Stingray tracking and surveillance devices. Although they are often depicted mimicking cell towers, these devices can be placed anywhere and intercept cell phone tracking data without the user's knowledge. In some cases they can shut the service…

whistleblower cop

“Whistleblower” Cop Faces Prison After Exposing Dept Washing Blood Away

By Amanda Warren Incidents of police brutality continue to rise and draw attention in other parts of the world, perhaps because the citizens in those parts are not yet desensitized. Canada, for instance, appears not far behind the U.S. in unnecessary violations. The policing attitude grows insidious in some parts of the UK and draconian…

John Geer

Grand Jury Indicts Officer Who Fatally Shot John Geer In Doorway

By Amanda Warren Long, cold silences and stonewalling basic attempts for information have been the biggest keynotes in the “Justice for John Geer” case centered in Fairfax County, Virginia. A special grand jury has indicted the officer responsible in Geer’s death on second-degree murder charges. The department has issued a statement (below). You may recall…

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