The Importance of Body Rejuvenation in a World of Toxins and Stress

By Amanda Warren

I’m sure that most of our readers are well aware by now about the basic lifestyle choices that can lead us toward optimum health. For more than a decade we have covered the dangers of GMO food, pesticides like glyphosate (now found in 80% of human urine samples) and many dangers of the entire agro-industrial complex. Eating organic food – and growing your own if possible – remains one of the best ways we can keep our systems clean of the overt and hidden toxins that are now built into our food system and environment. Along with drinking purified water, exercising regularly and getting proper sleep, these cornerstones will certainly put us far ahead of the average consumer looking for fast food and empty calories.

However, pure avoidance and filtration of toxins is likely not enough in our modern world where beneficial choices aren’t always as obvious, e.g., GMO non-labeling and all manner of biotech obfuscation, as well as the near-meaningless term “natural.” Sadly, the food of today has been developing an increasing number of nutritional deficiencies over the past many decades. Soil depletion has in many areas reduced the value of even organically grown produce. Meat, chicken and fish can be genetically modified, loaded with hormones and subjected to all of the horrors of industrial farming. In fact, what we previously have considered to be the web that comprises our food ecosystem is not even exclusive to what occurs naturally – we must now factor in the unnatural creations being built in the food labs of the future. We truly don’t yet know how these synthetic materials will interact with other synthetics, nor how they will affect nature at large.

If we are to take our health seriously in the modern age, I believe we need a more comprehensive approach: one that adds in detoxification and rejuvenation in order to rebuild any hidden damage that has been done. A dietary supplement that has the ability to rejuvenate the human organism, in addition to countering nutritional deficiencies, is going to be paramount as we examine some of the recent developments below. For example, one company in particular has completed extensive research and has produced a modified iron-based bioactive mineral. The mineral, called Synthesit, is up to 100% bioavailable and capable of promoting blood stem cell production, reducing cholesterol levels by 40% and reducing weight by 5%. Studies show that regular intake increases athletic performance, improves oxygen transport, lowers blood pressure and heart rate. Synthesit has been manufactured for sale in the US, in Switzerland and in Germany since 2020 and delivered to customers worldwide. Such special and unique minerals with the capability to actually rejuvenate the human organism will provide the next level of protection and adaptability in the face of new waves of chemicals and toxins.

In terms of general health, any competent allopathic doctor or naturopath will zero in on the elimination of stress as one of the most overlooked aspects in our modern approach to health. New gadgets and devices are coming online daily which consume our attention, alter our moods and release a flood of potentially damaging stimulants into our systems. Worse yet, these effects – particularly mental health – are beginning at earlier and earlier ages, setting the stage for why it is of utmost importance to begin repairing and rejuvenating our systems on a continuous basis from the outset. It is also worth mentioning that smart-tech devices – through extraction, manufacture and disposal – also form new threats to our environment, ecosystem and eventually us as individuals.

The assaults are clearly becoming more external than they have previously. We saw, for example, how swift the effects were from the recent disaster in East Palestine, Ohio (which occurred right in the middle of valuable farmland and waterways) as the derailment killed many tens of thousands of aquatic wildlife and poisoned untold numbers of animals. Area farmers were immediately concerned not only for the evidence of short-term impact, but longer-term outcomes from all related animal products. The cocktail of chemicals released were complex and potentially cumulative with impacts that could develop over decades. Growing organic food and getting proper sleep and exercise likely won’t be enough for those who have been exposed.

Another pervasive threat which is finally getting much more mainstream attention is the threat from “forever chemicals” (PFAS). A recent study showed that eating just one serving of freshwater fish like salmon, trout or catfish will give us one month’s worth of these chemicals. PFAS are being found up and down the food chain as well.  Endangered orcas have been exposed; and one study showed how these chemicals can transfer from mother to fetus, potentially affecting development. What does that portend for us? Unfortunately, early signs are showing the very same effect, as PFAS have similarly been found in human umbilical cords.

Our modern reliance on plastics must be accounted for as well. It seems that nearly everyone has digestive problems these days, and now we might be learning exactly why. Mounting evidence suggests that the leading cause might be the ingestion of plastic – to the tune of a credit card’s worth per week for the average person. Microplastic particles have been found in the lungs of living people and in human blood. Further evidence shows that a brand-new disease – plasticosis – has emerged that is killing seabirds and is likely to affect other species. Worryingly, this new disease leaves the birds with a weakened immune system due to inflammation of the digestive tract.

For these reasons and many others, regaining overall balance in the human organism with methods of detoxifying and rejuvenating our bodies will be essential in order to overcome any damage already done.  Regardless of our current level of perceived health and fitness, methods and supplements should be sought which specifically focus on improving blood circulation, increasing the number of red blood cells, increasing the oxygen level in our blood, and heightening our mood and concentration. With new techniques and revolutionary ingredients we can augment our traditional approach to health and well-being and build a lifetime of powerful resilience.

Image: Pixabay

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