10 Signs Of Our Global Awakening

By Paul A. Philips

Since time immemorial, under the ruling thumb of the world’s dark overlords, humanity has been hacked, stymied, suppressed and coerced into submission through mind-controlling, soul-destroying atrocities. Those unable to see that just about every subject under the sun is a deception and how their family and friends are affected don’t yet realize the extent to which the dark overlords have us snugly stitched up.

However, alternative media sources tell us that people are awakening exponentially to the realization that they’re being stitched up and in the swathe of these awakened souls, more and more are playing their dutiful part in enlightening others.

So, here are 10 signs of our global mass awakening.

1. The fall and further fall of the mainstream media

Trust in the mainstream media has fallen to an all-time low and continues to plummet. Much of this has to do with an increasingly aware and disgruntled public: More and more people are able to discern a mainstream media totally lacking in integrity, thanks to the rising popularity of the independent/alternative media exposing the dishonesty.

Unlike the alternative/independent sources, the servile corporate-controlled mainstream media has been a highly effective tool used to manipulate the consensus reality of the masses for a number of powerful individuals having political and financial self-interests. A number of us know we have seen attempts by these elitist individuals controlling the mainstream media to thwart the rising popularity of the independent/alternative media through false, baseless accusations of ‘fake news.’  Indeed, it’s an attempt to discredit because it exposes the truth about the elite and reveals their hidden agendas….

Essentially, the unjust ‘fake news’ labelling of the independent/alternative media has backfired on the manipulators: Instead of achieving censorship it has given rise to further increasing support for the alternative/independent media, while the mainstream media has taken an even bigger fall. As many of us know, the real fake news exists in the mainstream media with its propaganda and mind control…

Given that these 2 paradigms cannot live side by side each other, which one will win the information war?

Besides the mainstream media, worldwide, an increasingly aware public show a growing distrust for Big Government and Big Business institutions from multiple polls.

The distrust and unpopularity implicitly expressed by the public on these crooked institutions with their resident crooks mainly come from the truth revelations put out by the alternative/independent media.

Further, this is what happens when Big Government and Big Business not only ignores the people’s voice in decision making, but also demonizes their dissension and public opinion, which only serves to fuel the public’s uprising.

3. Marches against Monsanto have intensified

There couldn’t be a better example of the public’s growing distrust in Big Business than Monsanto. As the years roll by marches against Monsanto from people of many different backgrounds all over the world have risen significantly and don’t look to be cooling down….

Although there are signs of Monsanto clawing back, in recent years earnings have plummeted. The earnings drop for the biotech company suggests a growing public disdain for their GM seeds as more and more people realize the dangers of GMO and its glyphosate herbicide.

More and more realize that Monsanto are out to patent, own and control every seed in the world. This threatens the destruction and diversity of every natural God-given seed….

4. Increasing health awareness

Although still very popular, people’s awareness of the dangers of fast food has increased, as indicated by recent erratic share prices in some of the major fast food corporations who’ve had to pull out all marketing stops to claw back on fallen share prices.

Reports indicate that last year people have shown more interest than ever in organic non-GMO healthier food options. Besides how these choices affect health, people’s increased interest and awareness has extended into concerns over the environment, animals and the workers involved in food production.

Alternative news, new paradigm, consciousness, new world order, spirituality, natural health, self help, conspiracy, Paul A Philips, raising awareness

5. Increasing recognition of disinformation

People are increasingly seeing right through those various media sources with their dogmatic unhealthy skeptics, shills, trolls, pseudo-debunkers, controlled opposition agents, biasing, filtering and in-your-face lies intended to sell you the spin of disinformation to keep you ignorant, deceived and helplessly anesthetized in the matrix control system…

6. Increasing support for social media

The social media outlet has greatly contributed to our awakening. It has indeed provided a unique and effective platform for the people’s voice. No wonder the mainstream media and elitists are unpopular:  It has allowed us to spread the word on subjects such as PizzaGate and the Clinton conspiracies….

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Along with the alternative/independent media, the explosive interest in the social media outlet has not only changed our views but also continues to redefine journalism and how information is shared. How this is redefining media is a subject for another piece.

Simple to say we’re in a golden age of alternative/independent and social media which has contributed greatly to our global awakening.

Conspiracy theorist,Alternative news, new paradigm, consciousness, new world order, spirituality, natural health, self help, conspiracy, Paul A Philips, raising awareness

7. Changing viewpoint towards the ‘Conspiracy Theorist’

Another blatant indicator confirming our awakening is a change in how the term ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ is now generally viewed.

Used frequently over the years in mainstream media the term ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ was invented in the ’60s by the CIA (Crooks IAction). It has been used as a cover up to discredit those aware of the facts on how the dark overlords and their associates have been involved in criminal activity….

No longer generally viewed as a label to slap on crazy kooks believing Richard Nixon was a werewolf… etc… Conspiracy Theory has become more generally viewed as either conspiracy fact or at least something worth investigating rather than flatly dismissing.

For more on this see: 9 Indisputable Truths about “Conspiracy Theorists”

8. Increasing attempts to shut us up

Our global mass awakening has got the dark overlords greatly concerned as they question the effectiveness of their control systems over us. How can they deal with our awakening in growing overwhelming numbers?

Desperately, in cahoots with their associates, they’re throwing everything at us ranging from the grossly suppressive, the extremely petty, the violent and the ridiculous to try to shut us up and deny our self-expression, keep us mentally, spiritually and physically enslaved in the matrix controlling system.

9. Awakening through unknown/unforeseen processes

Our awakening goes beyond the specific and measurable: We cannot simply quantify our awakening: There are circumstances occurring on a spiritual level that go beyond our limited understanding. Such as, for example, claims have been made recently of energetic emissions from our galactic centre that could affect our spirituality and transform us….

10. Rise in local meet-up groups

As already mentioned, the Internet and social media has indeed been great for exchanging information to wake people up but what if these set ups become censored? Further, large groups, virtual or real, run the risk of infiltration for dumbing down and deliberate disinformation.

So the solution lies (in part) in the forming of local community-based in-person groups to cultivate the resistance and humanity; and local meet-up group numbers are already growing.

In conclusion

Will our mass awakening to the deception produce a turnaround — a world that makes a difference for everyone? A world where there are no predators, no controlling hierarchy, no blood-sucking vampiric slave-drivers at the top ruling the numerous enslaved at the bottom… no more fight for self-sufficiency because it’s already been achieved in the communities… etc.

It is up to us all to play our part.

You can read more from Paul A. Philips at his site NewParadigm.ws, where this article first appeared.

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51 Comments on "10 Signs Of Our Global Awakening"

  1. I agree with this article, except for this one sentence: “There are circumstances occurring on a spiritual level that go beyond our limited understanding.”

    We do not have limited understanding. We, all of us, have unlimited potential to full understanding within. This power has been intentionally kept from us for eons. We are, in fact, unlimited. What they fear the most is that we discover this one truth above all others.

    • you are contradicting yourself. Either we have unlimited understanding or we have potential for it. Can’t be both simultaneously. Pick one so we can discuss this concept further. It needs to be explored intelligently.

      • Well I suppose that’s contradictory, although it’s more like splitting hairs. It all depends on how you define “we.” Some people already do have unlimited understanding, everyone has the potential, most of it is currently unrealized.

        • Irrational. No one has unlimited understanding because everyone is limited: we are all limited humans and still exist this side of the grave.

          None of us have perfect knowledge, therefore, none have unlimited understanding. Knowledge, wisdom, and understanding are the 3 axis of pure spiritual balance. One cannot be unlimited in understanding and not also be unlimited in knowledge and wisdom, hence omniscient. To claim unlimited understanding is to claim to be God. That is blasphemy. Hubris.

          • BeeTheChange | January 23, 2017 at 10:51 pm |

            I’m talking about spiritual belief and you’re attacking my statement with religious dogma. Spirituality and religion are two totally different belief systems, apples and oranges. You’re perfectly entitled to believe all humans are limited because someone told you that God said so, but me not believing your belief doesn’t make me irrational.

          • No, try again without spin. Your statement is irrational because it is not rational and has nothing to do with whatever you wanna believe. I am entitled to believe that all humans are limited because reality is that all humans are limited. You are not entitled to equate beliefs based on fantasy with beliefs based upon observation. That is irrational. Incidentally, that same irrational belief structure (beliefs based on fantasy) is the same one used to get people to trade the real (gold) for fantasy (fiat), or worse, digital currency.

          • BeeTheChange | January 24, 2017 at 9:25 am |

            You only feel that way because you have never experienced your multidimensional aspects, Pyra, the part of you that is eternal. That is not a fantasy, it’s real, but you are like the blind man using “observation” to feel the trunk of an elephant and calling it a snake. You believe you are limited and insist everyone else is limited, too. That’s the real fantasy, and that’s the spin.

          • Elva Thompson | January 24, 2017 at 10:44 am |

            Hi BeeThe Change,
            Someone asked a question on my blog about how to stop the inner struggle. It’s an article about Duality called More gas for the gassed.
            My reply to the comment echoes your understanding.

            Here’s my take: Our inner struggle is built into our software. Basically we are all gollums. Some of us have realised that there is something else in inner space – something that transcends the programme of duality and stops the struggle, stifles the voice – if only for a moment. Once you touch that space – the neutrality between the poles of Duality, you will have found the answer to your question.

            We have to understand at this stage of the game you either get it or you don’t! This is the difference between third dimensional consciousness and fourth dimensional awareness.
            Join the fourth dimensional rebellion!

          • BeeTheChange | January 24, 2017 at 11:05 am |

            Hello Elva. I’m familiar with your work. The only rebellion taking place is in 3D. Outside the duality reality, all is peaceful, neutral. The fourth dimension is only a stepping stone to higher dimensions, a place to practice “not 3D” and the very non-human trait of neutrality. Neutrality is the key that unlocks the gate across that bridge but it is a difficult place for humans to remain for long. Multidimensional consciousness allows you to traverse these realms easily.

            Thanks for your comments, but there really is no struggle because you cannot stay in a place of neutrality if you are struggling or rebelling.

          • Sure, you are entitled to your own beliefs, but your beliefs don’t prove that someone else is wrong. You’re not entitled to misconstrue and rewrite someone’s comment. BeeTheChange doesn’t use the word ‘fantasy”. You do. Your beliefs are not intrinsically real, and another persons’ beliefs fantasy. Don’t you get it? How many dimensions can you read? How much access to knowledge do you have? How open is your mind?

          • Average Joe American | January 26, 2017 at 3:35 am |

            I rarely get into this with people but, you’re correct, Janus. People are entitled to their own “beliefs.” Aren’t we all?

            But I think it prudent to understand that our greatest enemy, inimical to understanding, IS “belief” (just as opinions are like buttock apertures, everyone has one–except it’s not true of beliefs, most possess only the one orifice, while expounding many beliefs).

            “Belief” obviates, obfuscates, ignores truth or the possibility of truth. One can believe in God, that He told us to take over peaceful Canaan by sword, spear, fire, utter and total slaughter. God said so, assume I believe the guy who God said it to. And that I believe the world is flat, the Sun and planets go around the Earth, which I believe to be the center of the universe. Assume that I believe maggots come out of the air and form on dead bodies, and that night air is bad for us to breathe. That I believe witches should be burned, drowned, or hanged. I believe railroads will never work because the human body cannot survive speeds greater than eleven miles per hour, that electricity will kill us in our homes, and that the sound barrier cannot be broken, I read it in science publications and I believe it. I believe tobacco is good for you, and e-cigarettes are worse for you than smoking tobacco. I believe in vaccines, I believe in removing tonsils and gall bladders, I believe GMOs will solve world hunger, I believe in the two-party system, and that everyone should believe in what I believe and that that will make it so. That will make it truth, if enough people believe as I do.

            Would I be considered mad?

            Truly? The one thing I personally “believe” in is that people should cease believing in things and start knowing as much as they can. “Belief” has been, for far too long, overrated. It’s been promoted by politicians and religions, well okay, they’re allowed, smart people don’t “believe” them anyway. But when we hear: “Science believes,” or “current accepted medicine believes,” or “modern [fill in the blank…economics, nutrition, psychology/psychiatry, astronomy, physics, whatever] BELIEF holds that…”

            Well, we’re being informed by MSM that “belief” still holds sway. That tomorrow they’ll find a new subatomic particle which changes everything we thought we knew, a new primary cause for disease, a root theory uniting “Leave It To Beaver” with quarks and gluons.
            We’re now supposed to BELIEVE. Experts have said for us to. What are we, lemmings? Eggs were bad for us, now they’re good? Wonder Bread and cornflakes were good for us, now they’re bad? (Trust me and stick with the free-range eggs and organic bacon.) Antibiotics and nuclear power would transform the world…like, oops? The US is in the business of saving the world for Democracy? (Mind-check, we’ve got seven or so wars going on now, haven’t officially won one since 1945, hello? Who’s winning here?)

            I “believe” (that damn word again) we have to stop “believing” in things and start learning about things, knowing about things, understanding things. Sure, it takes a bit of skill with the Three ‘R’s…(um, that’s Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic, for you newbies: the three skillsets that created the modern world you live in), with a bit of work some of us just might get up to speed.

            Like Bee, you get it, Janus…well, to a point: It’s not about who’s wrong, it’s about who’s aware. It’s about those who “believe” versus who “know.” Those of us who realize they don’t necessarily “know” don’t substitute “belief,” we keep looking. Those of us who substitute belief for knowledge, those idiots stop there. Those of us who don’t recognize the barriers, keep looking.

            Nothing to get upset about in the jungle. Our DNA ate bugs there for a living and ended up on Wall Street and the Hallowed Halls of Learning.

          • BeeTheChange | January 26, 2017 at 9:57 am |

            Well done, AJ.

          • We’re on the same page. I respect knowledge, and then there’s the rub. How do we know that this information is knowledge or belief. There are people who think all myths are lies, and those that see myths as being based on truth. Best to work slowly and patiently toward knowledge, and avoid harming others in the process.

          • Pyra Gorgon | January 26, 2017 at 7:50 am |

            Sure, you are entitled to your own beliefs, but your beliefs don’t prove that someone else is wrong
            Yes, it does when the belief is based on reality instead of fantasy. Said that but you are too busy trying to invert what ‘belief’ means, like your boy after you, “Average Joe American”. You can swear all day long that you can flap your wings and fly in a 3 piece suit and my belief is that you are batcrap nutso and are going to fall when you attempt your first flight off a tall building. Guess what’s going to happen when you try and prove my ‘belief’ wrong?
            You’re not entitled to misconstrue and rewrite someone’s comment.
            You’re right, I am not entitled to misconstrue and rewrite someone’s comment. That is not happening here, maybe seek out the meaning of the word(s): paraphrase, elucidate, expand content on…yeah, like that. Further, when someone writes something INSANE, it is NOT ‘misconstruing” their insane comment as what it is: insane.
            Your beliefs are not intrinsically real, and another persons’ beliefs fantasy.
            Can we use correct thought here? When your beliefs are based on REALITY, they are intrinsically real because …well, reality is real, yanno? And when you BELIEVE that which is real, you add nothing to the reality, but you ground yourself in it. The belief in that which is real is what it’s about. If your belief is based on fantasy (unreality) then you belief in the untrue, the unreal.
            Don’t you get it? How many dimensions can you read? How much access to knowledge do you have? How open is your mind?
            I do ‘get it’, which is why I bother to stand up and say anything at all. Bee is operating under a syncretized New Age eastern mystic-philosophical slant where what you believe or think or ‘know’ (like gnostics try out) can become reality. . Those false beliefs have been put down like mad dogs through the ages as many things: superstition, bad science, bad doctrine, bad ideas, and so on. New Age mystical thinking is INSANE and IRRATIONAL.
            I do NOT HAVE an “open mind”. You leave your skull open too long and too wide and your mind falls out and some unclean thing slithers in! But you mean: am I receptive to new ideas, new ways of approaching understanding and so on? YES! But that is not what is really being asked: what you are asking is if I am willing and capable to believe any ole crap you dream up. NO. Not anymore. I have been around the mountain several times, I know what is back there.

            And that ties me into this article: #5 & #9 on this list. #5 is people ‘waking up’ to ‘disinfo’ yet in #9 they disinfo you with, “Such as, for example, claims have been made recently of energetic emissions from our galactic centre that could affect our spirituality and transform us….”<–THAT IS MOAR New Ager nonsense. Question the assumption that spiritual energy (energeia/ volition) is electrical like our material universe uses. That is false because if it were true, there would not be two separate phenomena, there would be one: nature adds no fluff. Question that entire system of thinking processes.

          • BeeTheChange | January 26, 2017 at 10:43 am |

            So, I went from irrational to insane because I know something you don’t know? Do you also criticize someone for climbing to the top of Mount Everest because you can’t? Instead of asking, “What was that like?” you lift your leg on their experience and cry, “Insane!” You must live in a very small world, Pyra. You will keep walking around the base of the mountain while the rest of us make our ascent to the top.

            We do create your own reality, you are creating your reality this moment by lumping everything you do not understand into New Age, and calling it batcrap nutso. This is the lazy thinking box you have been told to stay in and you are camped out there for the duration, no different than Western medicine calling thousands of years of Chinese medicine primitive. When you are afraid to open your mind because something might slither in, you become a prisoner of your skull.

            “Nature adds no fluff.” No dear, nature is all fluff- downy feathers, powdery snow, and miracles beyond your wildest dreams. You can be a mole or you can open your wings and soar with the eagles.

          • So, I went from irrational to insane because I know something you don’t know?
            You have yet to prove you know anything I do not know, Bee. You haven’t even supported how it can even be possible to have ‘unlimited understanding’. Talk that out, how does such a thing happen in a finite and limited spiritual reality of a created being? Expect me to ask this again if you ignore it because it is a focal point. If you cannot even explain ‘unlimited understanding’ then you cannot have it because you don’t understand it well enough to speak on it! LOL

            We do create your own reality, you are creating your reality this moment by lumping everything you do not understand into New Age, and calling it batcrap nutso.
            Inaccurate connection. I do not lump everything I do not know into New Age and call it batcrap nutso. I call New Age philosophy batcrap nutso like I already did. I call other things by what they are, and if they are like New Age thinking, then yes, it would be batcrap nutso too. Same but different. Why is this a difficult concept?
            When you are afraid to open your mind because something might slither in, you become a prisoner of your skull.
            You are arguing disingenuously because you are twisting my words and meaning. No, when you do not guard your mind, then unclean things slither in. That is what is meant, and if you had unlimited understanding, you’d have known that.
            “Nature adds no fluff.” No dear, nature is all fluff- downy feathers, powdery snow, and miracles beyond your wildest dreams. You can choose your reality by being an earthbound mole or you can open your wings and soar with the eagles.
            More lack of this unlimited understanding on your part, Bee. Thank you for proving my point with this exercise. “Nature adds no fluff” means that nature does not add elements that have no use. “Fluff” is useless stuff tossed in to give appearance of added content when none has been added. Everything you mentioned are necessary things, not fluff. Down feathers keep the bird warm, powdery snow is the consequence of scientific phenomena happening in their respective systems that must occur for other systems to manifest themselves, and so on.
            I reject your mole and eagle false dichotomy. I understand what you are trying to convey, but I do not agree with how you frame it. I am neither mole nor eagle. Both are unclean, one is vermin the other is a carrion feeder. But since we are deliberately trying to misconstrue the messages of the other, we’ll just leave off with that.

          • BeeTheChange | January 26, 2017 at 2:12 pm |

            “Talk that out, how does such a thing happen in a finite and limited
            spiritual reality of a created being? Expect me to ask this again if you
            ignore it because it is a focal point.”

            Okay Pyra, I’ll bite. Would it help to explain to you that I’m a shaman? That I have certain skills that allow me to see the world from a different POV, skills that open doors you don’t have access to? Do you know what shamans are, what they do? Because if you’re going to spit on a body of knowledge I have spent years learning there’s no point in going further. I can share esoteric knowledge with you, but I won’t tolerate any more insults and name calling. Would you like to know what I know, what I have seen and experienced? Open your mind, or stay in your box. Your call.

            BTW… when you label eagle and mole as vermin, unclean and carrion eaters, you are spitting on your mother, and it might surprise you to know she hears you loud and clear.

          • Pyra Gorgon | January 26, 2017 at 3:00 pm |

            Okay Pyra, I’ll bite. Would it help to explain to you that I’m a shaman?
            No, would not help at all, Bee. I sort of figured that based on what you’ve been writing, anyways. I have a very close friend who is a shaman, in fact, he is my “Poppa Wulf” from back in the day. YES, I’ve spirit-traveled and have seen my totem critter. YES, I’ve had so many OOBE’s that I quit bothering to record them after a point, YES I’ve astral traveled far and wide. YES, I at one time did crystal healings and chakras and kundalini empowerment, personally made trips to ley lines. All of it. I made Ouija boards move without touching the planchette while I was involved in Wicca and used to read tarot for the entire coven. I also studied the dark arts very young and there are things I cannot and will not tell you. I was taught what the Key of Majick is the hard way… I currently practice herbalism and folk medicine as I cannot afford allopathic doctors nor do I trust them in any way. Since I’ve been my own doctor, I have not had any illnesses. I can add to this list many more things, but that would just be seen as boasting or ego-stroking. Not my thing, but just know I am not approaching you from a position of ignorance.

            You think I just fell off the Bible dumpster truck yesterday while in frocks with bobby socks and an innocent stare. This is not the case at all.

            Approach my reason, Bee. Explain to me in terms of rational constructions a way that I can comprehend what you mean by “unlimited understanding”. THIS IS THE ONLY POINT OF CONTENTION between us. I am not condemning your lifestyle, practices, your spiritual beliefs, or whatever. I am condemning the fact that you wont answer me in a way that is direct and to the point. I have this feeling that you are skirting my question because you have no good answer that you can cogently present without deeper scrutiny you don’t want to have. If this is the case, please just say so. I get it. I have some beliefs that I cannot coherently give voice to without looking insane. 😉 but I am not sharing those… 😀

            As far as what “Gaia” thinks, she can go suck it. I don’t answer to her, I answer to the One who made her. Besides, last I checked, God told us to take dominion over the earth, not worship it. You worship God and walk on the earth…hmmm interesting perspective when viewed from sole to soul. 😉

          • BeeTheChange | January 26, 2017 at 3:27 pm |

            You have presented me with an interesting conundrum: how to explain the concept of unlimited knowledge so someone so limited? You’ve done all these amazing things but embodied nothing of what you learned. What a waste of effort. But it’s obvious you have way more esoteric knowledge than I do, I’m just a shaman and you have the Key of Majick, yet you are the one arguing how limited you are. Makes about as much sense as calling an eagle a “carrion eater” or believing you can take dominion over the earth. This must be the same notion all those chemtrail pilots have… nice going.

            I think we’re done here, Prya.

          • Pyra Gorgon | January 26, 2017 at 4:34 pm |

            I’ll take that as a graceful bow-out from a position you cannot defend or argue, Bee. No hard feelings. 🙂

          • BeeTheChange | January 26, 2017 at 5:16 pm |

            No Pyra, that’s a determination you are incapable of understanding the word unlimited.

          • Pyra Gorgon | January 26, 2017 at 5:31 pm |

            That’s bogus. You haven’t even tried. You’ve spent all your energy evading, not attempting. You also said I name-called and insulted you. Looking back, I do not see where, unless you count me stating the obvious as insulting. Don’t falsely accuse me of name-calling, that tends to become a self-fulfilling prophecy with me…

            Seriously, if Unlimited Understanding 101 for Dummies was the paper you were writing, you haven’t even bothered to type a heading. Come on now…

          • BeeTheChange | January 26, 2017 at 6:25 pm |

            I told you I was a shaman to explain where I come from, and you pissed on that, and then outlined in detail what a metaphysical miracle you are. Why should I go further? So you can piss on me some more? You know all, see all because you’re limited. Duh! You’re so wrapped up in conflicting beliefs you wouldn’t know unlimited understanding if it kissed you on the lips.

            When you call the eagle a “carrion eater” that blares “waste of time!” Unless you’ve been a strict vegan since birth, never ate a single piece of meat in your entire life, you are a carrion eater too, Pyra, the worst, most obvious kind of irrational hypocrite on earth.

          • Pyra Gorgon | January 26, 2017 at 7:49 pm |

            Unless you’ve been a strict vegan since birth, never ate a single piece of meat in your entire life, you are a carrion eater too, Pyra, the worst, most obvious kind of irrational hypocrite on earth.
            So you equate properly butchered and prepared meat with decaying roadkill carrion?
            We have bald eagles around. I see them eating dead possums, coons, and dillers on the highway shoulders all the time. I said eagles were carrion eaters and you get upset. Go tell the eagles to stop eating rotting carcasses and I will stop calling them carrion eaters.
            I told you I was a shaman to explain where I come from…
            I don’t need a lesson in shamanism to hear your argument in defense of a person having unlimited understanding in this present reality. Instead, you choose to try cognitive assassination, false indignation, redirection, and B.S. passed off as philosophical truths. You make outlandish statements and refuse to back them up with anything other than sniggling me.
            Do you remember this from 3 days ago? In 72 hours and lots of posts, you have yet to disprove or even attempt to invalidate this–>
            None of us have perfect knowledge, therefore, none have unlimited understanding. Knowledge, wisdom, and understanding are the 3 axis of pure spiritual balance. One cannot be unlimited in understanding and not also be unlimited in knowledge and wisdom, hence omniscient. To claim unlimited understanding is to claim to be God. That is blasphemy. Hubris.


          • BeeTheChange | January 26, 2017 at 8:20 pm |

            Did I agree to attempt to disprove your little bolded statement, Pyra? No I did not, because you’ve already done that yourself. Knowledge, wisdom and understanding are not the 3 axis of spiritual balance because they’re all the same thing. Go eat some properly butchered meat, it’s doing wonders for your brain.

          • Pyra Gorgon | January 26, 2017 at 8:55 pm |

            Alright, okay, Bee. Past this, it’s just badgering you. I get it now.
            And what is wrong with eating meat, anyways? Not only are you a shaman, but also a militant vegan? Rabid animal rights lover in here somewhere too? What am I dealing with here? Am I about to get tossed into the murky drink of Progressive Eco-Earth Day, save the whales but pro abortion?

          • BeeTheChange | January 26, 2017 at 10:13 pm |

            You are dealing with someone who recognizes and abhors your utter disregard for life. Your condescending, belittling attitude toward me, the earth and all the animal spirits I know and work with is horrifying. Quite frankly, you disgust me. You can return to your coven now, your god is calling you.

          • You’re an awful tender cut of meat for an old shaman. How’d you ever make it through your inner journey to your familiar spirit with the emotional complexity of a toddler?!

            I guess the spirits are getting desperate these days…

          • BeeTheChange | January 27, 2017 at 8:53 am |

            Okay Pyra. That’s enough jousting, time to get real. You have outted yourself as a minion of the dark lord and you are hammering me about unlimited understanding because your god has convinced you it’s impossible. The path to unlimited understanding can only be found through love and it’s available to anyone with a pure, loving heart. You have chosen the path of sneering ridicule and anger, which is why you insist you are limited, and you surely are, that’s why it’s called darkness. You have chosen poorly. Every moment you have the option of abandoning the dark and choosing the path of light. It’s no mystery and it’s not difficult, it’s just the simple truth.

            If it’s anything other than “Thank you,” don’t bother responding, I am done with you. Being around the unclean too long is most unpleasant.

          • You’ve been weighed, measured, and found wanting.
            There is nothing to thank you for, unless you want praise for your childish behavior and inability to hold adult discussion.

          • BeeTheChange | January 27, 2017 at 12:15 pm |

            Being found “wanting” by a carrion eater is the highest of compliments. I accept your compliment with great gratitude and love.

          • Thanks for sharing more of yourself. It’s appreciated.

          • Pyra Gorgon | January 26, 2017 at 8:07 pm |


          • Whoaah…I did not know this! That does go a long way explaining why I might view you as narrow minded, rather than narrowed minded at times ! Cheers 😉

          • Average Joe American | January 26, 2017 at 4:00 pm |

            Don’t know what you mean by: “…like your boy after you ‘Average Joe American.'” Really? Read some of my stuff, Pyra, check out what (not whom) I vote up for then explain yourself to me like I’m six. I’m weary of following tortuous trains of verbally expressed thought which lead essentially nowhere but back to where we started. Sum up, buddy.

            What I said (summing up): The biggest enemy of Truth is this reverence for Belief. If that’s MOAR, explain exactly how and why (tell others what the semi-acronym stands for, while you’re at it). If that’s New Age nonsense, say how and why. If I’m full of crap (as you accuse Bee of being, me following), tell us all how and why. Use small words and be succinct for the dimwitted amongst us, who haven’t yet syncretized enough to understand what you think we oughtn’t syncretize.

            In this life, I’ve observed that “Belief” is used by scoundrels and charlatans to bamboozle children into badgering their parents for fancy presents on ceremonial days; on the other hand, Truth as we know it, at least as expressed by others (let’s not devolve into solipsism), is a very different thing from Belief: Truth is where two and two make four, the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle equals the sum of the squares of its legs, and so forth–per Pythagoras and Euclid, verifiable Truth, still true now. Every living, breathing creature in Jericho must be reduced to bloody screaming compost per instructions from God–per Joshua and before him Moses. Someone’s Belief extended to and adopted by others present, not verifiably True now.

            Both “truths” were agreed upon at the time by consensus but…

            I “believe” I’ll take Pythagoras. Gives me a baseline when I inadvertently wander into parallel universes and encounter the occasional black swan, Pyra. Your universe doesn’t have black swans, mine (and apparently Bee’s and others’ here) do. That’s universes, plural, Pyra. If the notion of purple swans offends your sensibilities in the goldfish bowl or mouse-maze you would limit your (and our) awareness to, well keep at it, good luck, and more power to ya. Maybe the architects will let you out for a swim in the big lake or a run with the wild field rodents later, let you explain to your wild brethren your theories of existential phenomena. Belief vs. Truth, all that 101 stuff, based on life in your bowl or maze. (Just don’t get lost in Zeno, or Zen for that matter. We needn’t be stymied by dumbass questions like what is the sound of one hand clapping or why Achilles can’t logically catch the turtle. In life we aren’t required to define “truth” before it hits us in the face, or believe in “belief” before we’ve had a chance to sort stuff out. But telling other fellow beings their interpretation of strange swans?…is no more Truth than Zeno’s paradoxes or a bucketful of clever koan-conundrums. Belief is not Truth, belief in Truth, however, go figure… I’d rather believe in Truth than in Belief.

            Believers have hung more people on crosses than truth-seekers ever did, trying to make their notions and parables come true by consensus. Worse, make true their perception of notions and parables, their interpretations. For those of us who disbelieve in Beliefs and seek Truth, it’s freaking nuts out there.

            Q: What is the sound of one Truth banging up against one Belief in an imaginary Greek footrace? A: Same as a tree falling at the South Pole. One man’s ceiling’s another man’s floor, Pyra. If you can’t think outside the box, at least push the envelope…or permit others to do so without putting them down for it.

            Incidentally, Pyra? I’m no one’s “boy.” Read my stuff, as Average Joe American, or as DROPOUT2001; I pretty much absconded over fifteen years ago, taking half a century’s acquired observations of “reality” with me to ponder in my dotage. The “boy” in the man doesn’t grant or recognize your right, Pyra, to publicly imply I’m some kind of idiot follower. Or anything at all, really. I mean, you can do it here, in this milieu, but not with any sort of recognized intellectual legitimacy.

            Were I you, I’d cover my groin and move away slowly. You stepped into the wrong discussion here, friend. Not sure you have the boots for it.

          • Pyra Gorgon | January 26, 2017 at 4:41 pm |

            That tediously long post tells me your feelings got hurt. I’m sorry you got underfoot in the argument and got smushed, “Average Joe America” whatever.
            I dunno. Maybe complain to Disqus or something.

          • Remind them about Access to infinite intelligence and the like.

          • BeeTheChange | January 25, 2017 at 2:44 pm |

            I think that is something one has to discover on their own…. 😉

          • I disagree. Skills and information useful so that others can expand their knowledge and consciousness should not be kept secret or made to be “mysterious”. Just plain speech will do. Plant a few seeds. There’s such an absence of knowledge. No point in pretending to be dull.

          • BeeTheChange | January 25, 2017 at 10:39 pm |

            I already planted seeds and was called “irrational.”Maybe you can do better. Knock yourself out.

          • Already done. See below.

          • BeeTheChange | January 25, 2017 at 11:13 pm |

            We have a colorful phrase for that here in Montana- “beating a dead horse.” Debating with sky god believers is generally pointless, but please feel free to take up the gauntlet.

          • Patience is an inestimable virtue.

          • BeeTheChange | January 26, 2017 at 9:48 am |

            …and I see that yours is being tested below. It will be interesting to see how virtuous you are.

          • BeeTheChange | January 26, 2017 at 3:30 pm |

            Okay See Janus. I gave it my best. You can feast on the carrion below. Since there are no time stamps you’ll have to scroll down and see where I picked up. Like I said about debating with sky god believers…

    • Average Joe American | January 24, 2017 at 5:02 am |

      We’re indeed limited in our perceptions, we’re staring at computer screens and interpreting printed symbols. But spiritually we’re expanding (or contracting, judging by many articles and comments), and the individual plastic key-characters we press here expand into words, sentences, concepts, paragraphs, larger concepts, essays of thought representing glimpses of the inner- and extra-dimensional Universes we experience and attempt to describe.

      Why spoil it by boiling it down to words?

      Because it’s the best we can do here, General Semantics notwithstanding, we DON’T necessarily think in symbols, our higher selves automatically expand them (words, sentences, paragraphs) into concepts, hopefully into major connective cognitive events. Internalized, then externalized.

      Korzybski, Ouspensky, Freud, Camus, Kant…so many were full of words, some used their written words to declare war on words. (Some were full of compost. But even compost settles down into fertilizer for seeds of thought.)

      I like reading your stuff. I disagree that there are NOT circumstances occurring on a spiritual level beyond our understanding. If we, however advanced, did in fact GET IT all, I doubt we’d waste our time hanging around here. Many of us through meditation, harsh life experiences, various drugs, have touched the brass ring…we know it’s there…and fell back. We’re not done here yet. I note that you’re still here, I’m still here. A lot of us are still…here.

      • Very well articulated, especially since it’s true that words are insufficient, language was intended to be such so that all the important things remain hidden behind the veil and we must struggle to explain ourselves and our experiences. When you engage in animal communication for any length of time, you learn to express yourself in feelings, concepts and emotions instead of language. You can exchange an entire lifetime of experiences in a single emotion and walk away with full understanding of that being.

        Yes, the brass ring is there, but I differ that we “fall back” in coming here to discuss such matters with others. Some people feel they have been given this knowledge for the purpose of sharing it with others. There are many such people on this site and others, where a few who have recently awakened are looking for answers. These people are called wayshowers, they consider this soul work, so “being here” doesn’t necessarily mean a “falling backwards,” it’s more like a path of service, a perceptual nuance perhaps, but a valid one.

        I don’t know if you have experienced multidimensional awareness during your meditations or entheogenic experiences, but we can exist in a different dimension and still be “here.” This is a neat trick that leads eventually, through trial and error, to no longer being here once your work is done.

        Nice talking with you, you have good energy. Don’t fall back, you are needed.

        • When I say “fall back” to “here” I’m not referring to blog exchanges, rather to THIS plane of existence: we have to return and take care of business. We may exist on multiple levels or planes simultaneously, but at some point we have to focus nearly exclusively on this one: chop firewood or freeze, get up and make a peanut butter sandwich or starve. I’ve experienced multidimensionality (through at least three different means, actually), so I know it’s “real,” but I’ve never mastered the trick of functioning in more than one state of awareness at a time. At least, not for long…and I definitely advise against driving in that condition!

          • BeeTheChange | January 25, 2017 at 2:38 pm |

            Oh sorry, I misunderstood… LOL

            I have had all these experiences too, including the need to fix a PB&J or starve. I figure you’ve heard the Zen saying – “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” Just like most Zen sayings, you don’t fully understand them until you actually experience them.

            So nice to meet someone who understands this process, or maybe is just learning the same thing I’m trying to learn. I don’t think we’re intended to operate in both dimensions at the same time, we have to kind of take baby steps back and forth across the bridge. Seems like a good idea, actually. I find I can pretty much go there and come back at will, this has taken quite awhile to learn.

            I can’t decide if this is something I have done many times before, or if I’m supposed to be learning this all again.

            I can drive “in that condition; I live way out in the country, driving is pretty tame and mellow. You can stop in the road to look at a horse and the tractors just kind flow around you.

            Nice chatting with a fellow traveler.

  2. The LSM overplayed their hand when it became obvious they were pushing the Hildebeest.
    This caused the herd to raise it’s collective ears and look about.
    Will a stampede be next, or will LSM go quietly into the night.
    Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. King James.

  3. thanks for this uplifting piece 🙂

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