Surveys Show Global Trust In Government At All-Time Low, Losing Control Worldwide

By Melissa Dykes

Multiple studies are finding that trust in central governments and their institutions (including the establishment media) is at an all-time low around the world.

Regarding a recently released global survey titled Leader’s Report: The Future of Government Communications, the Guardian reports:

Weakened and distrusted central governments around the world have been incapable of responding to the way the internet and social media have empowered populist but previously fringe groups, a unique worldwide survey of government communication chiefs has found.

The survey spanning 40 countries is the first international review to reveal how deeply governments feel they are losing control and authority over communications.

…how deeply governments feel they are losing control…

Distrust of central governments and institutions of authority plus Internet as an alternative means of gathering information have combined and snowballed into an uprising of nationalism and populism, although the people attempting to run this dog and pony show like to mush those two concepts together with radicalization and extremism… because if you don’t trust your loving central government, you obviously must be a radical extremist.

“When people feel ignored, unheard and unrepresented they turn to alternative sources of information. If governments do not communicate with citizens properly, citizens will go somewhere elsewhere for information,” the report says.

Another way of reading this? “Waaaah! Our propaganda is no longer working!”

The report also says people are “more apprehensive than perhaps at any time since the end of the cold war”. Really? Could that be because they are finally are more informed?

And yet, the people running things somehow act confused when 75% of the 300 government workers surveyed for the study admit the average citizen’s voice is not taken into account when key decisions are made.

Meanwhile one of the world’s biggest marketing firms called Edelman came out with a survey that found trust in the global power structure including governments, non-governmental organizations, major corporations, and the mainstream media is at an all-time low across the board:

The firm’s 2017 Trust Barometer found that 53 percent of respondents believe the current system has failed them in that it is unfair and offers few hopes for the future, with only 15 percent believing it is working. That belief was evident for both the general population and those with college education.

What do you want to bet that 15 percent who claims to believe the system is actually working are a part of it? The system is working after all… for the elite in charge of it.

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This is the first time in 17 years that Edelman has found trust decline in all four sectors surveyed. The findings were across the board, regardless of education level.

In addition, they determined that the burgeoning wealth gap and income inequality are linked to a lack of trust; the lower the income, the less trust. Look around. That makes sense.

The Davos elite’s annual meeting is happening this week and one of the themes this year is about how nationalism will lead to war. China’s President Xi Jinping, the first to attend Davos, is promoting “inclusive globalization” at the forum, warning,

“With the rise of populism, protectionism, and nativism, the world has come to a historic crossroad where one road leads to war, poverty, confrontation and domination while the other road leads to peace, development, cooperation and win-win solutions,” Jiang said.

Jiang believes globalism is the only road to peace, the same tripe the masses of the world have had crammed down our throats by leaders like Jinping since World War II and the creation of the United Nations.

It’s been over 70 years now… how is that working out?

What’s obvious is that the system needs us to keep fighting among ourselves with manufactured race wars and other distractions because if everyone stopped for a moment to really look around at what’s going on, the masses would realize that we’re being returned to serfdom. Neo-feudalism.

But the angry masses are waking up, though.

Richard Edelman, the Edelman firm’s president and CEO, noted,

“The implications of the global trust crisis are deep and wide-ranging,” said Richard Edelman, the firm’s president and CEO. “It began with the Great Recession of 2008, but like the second and third waves of a tsunami, globalization and technological change have further weakened people’s trust in global institutions. The consequence is virulent populism and nationalism as the mass population has taken control away from the elites.

Yeah, about that control… I’m thinking the elites are going to do whatever it takes to get that back…

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Contributed by Melissa Dykes of The Daily Sheeple.

Melissa Dykes is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa and Aaron also recently launched Revolution of the Method and Informed Dissent. Wake the flock up!

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31 Comments on "Surveys Show Global Trust In Government At All-Time Low, Losing Control Worldwide"

  1. The plebes have raised their collective head and the ears are up with eyes wide open. Who will make the first move to start the stampede and take back the wealth that has been stolen from the forgotten men and women that keep the cogs turning.
    Since 1913 Woodrow ‘the treasonous’ Wilson gave the keys of the unfed to the unholy ones.
    The goat worshipers have brought nothing but pain, misery and death to the commoner.
    Vaccines that destroy the auto immune system we all have at birth. (see Catherine Frompovitch’s website and many others)
    Gmo which destroys various organs.
    Fluoride in our drinking water, is poison has nothing to do with our teeth (read Christopher Bryce ‘the Fluoride Deception’.
    Perpetual wars which solve nothing but brings death and dismemberment to plebes that volunteer and are in turn treated badly by the very same government that started the war(s).
    Weather modification and chemtrails.
    Kommon Kore to teach our children that communism is good independence is bad.
    Read Zbig’s ‘the grand Chessboard’. he is so full of horse scat that I had to quit reading.
    Usury is unChristian.
    Taxation is Theft.
    Pitchforks required.
    Sacrifice the goat(s).

  2. NJguy - Proudly Deplorable | January 19, 2017 at 10:57 am |

    The globalist bankers still unconstitutionally control our currency which means they are still VERY dangerous. They have unlimited funding since they can just push a button and create “money” to buy anyone and anything. They will crush us again as they did before.

    They must be eliminated or we will be.

    • The next crushing enslavement paradigm is arriving under a green cloak of climate change propaganda….the new system controlled by the same powers that shouldn’t be sold to plebs as the end of neoliberal crony capitalism and banking as we know it. It represents the combination of the worst of Fascism and Marxism slipping in under the radar as Smart* tech.

      Scott Pruitt, Trump’s nominee to head the EPA, is already signaling he believes in the Establishment’s narrative on climate change….the slippery slope to Hegelian synthesis of conservative skeptics with ZERO admission to ongoing GEOENGINEERING. Thus, it falls on us to expand the debate – or else submit to the NWO 2030 Marxist Agenda.

      *Ushering In a Totalitarian Police State in Cashless “Smart Cities”

      • Very few people, relatively speaking, seem to GET how quickly this trap is being sprung…the *SMART Tech juggernaut is the NWO morphing steadily & incrementally at a pace that is directly threatening to engulf us all …then after the trap is sprung……we’ll be scratching our heads wondering what just happened.

        • I disagree with your analysis….. The NWO is failing on most fronts..(Trump, BREXIT, Italy Vote, Iceland, etc…etc.)… The Conservatives, Populists…. have been aroused to action….and more people are waking up to the injustices caused by the NWO…. We’ve been arming ourselves with weapons, medical supplies, food and food production, water and water production and energy and the ability to generate our own energy for the last 16 years…..The Trap is known and we are waiting for them to spring this Trap…which is our signal to pounce…. To respond with great force… Once the Economy collapses, it will be Medieval… and those that have the knowledge to feed themselves and the means to protect themselves will have half a chance to survive the coming madness…. I for one, look forward to the Mayhem….

          • The NWO is entering under a stealth paradigm. Have a smart phone? We’re being told in approx five years TSA is expected to require all airline passengers use a digital boarding pass on their smart phones. More authoritarian nations such as Saudi Arabia and Thailand are requiring government registration of biometrics for use of smart phones to verify who is using the phone and when. Hundreds to thousands of major cities are beginning to adopt biometric smart cards (for travel and then purchasing), smart grid is expanding as are aggressive moves to eliminate cash. Brexit and a superficial US resurgence of nationalism appear to be a temporary isolation of parts of the west as massive flows of capital are shifting around the world – to include Obama’s transfer of control over the internet to the UN via ICANN with China poised to capitalize on the management of the internet worth trillions in data collection. UN Agenda 2030 is being rapidly rolled out. Even poor nations in Africa with very little infrastructure are adopting digital mark of the beast technology. Optimism is good, but gotta watch out for those curve balls, they’re more insidious than most can imagine.

          • …”if wishes are fishes”…I’d like to believe this is indeed plausible …yet the BIG Pic of infrastructure Kontrol is thru their highly developed & ubiquitous financial chicanery rendering us all unable to withdraw cash after cash has been outlawed, albeit globally, with Pentagon/NSA et al>Think Tanks… that have already prepared themselves for this ‘Oath Keeper’ contingency.
            ..Why is there the plethora of cell towers ridiculously overpowered EVERYWHERE in America, as an example of the very real potential of frequency modulations rendering the masses incapable of even responding to any existential threat …as just one example…or clandestinely deployed foreign troops that don’t speak English, all jacked up on special amphetamines turning the troops into psycho psychopaths to mop up Mom & Pop USA…railXway yards full of modified ‘shackle’ cars with tracks running to all the pre-prepared FEMA Kamps with the barbed wire pointed inwards & guillotines on the parade grounds + billions of rounds of ‘hollow point’ munitions etc…
            …So …good luck with looking forward to the mayhem.

      • NJguy - Proudly Deplorable | January 19, 2017 at 5:42 pm |

        I don’t even know if they’ll bother trying to hide it. They’ll just start crushing the currency abroad and let us bleed.

        We need to absorb the fed reserve in the US treasury very quickly, cancelling out our debt to them, and begin issuing US dollars sooner than later.

        • I completely agree. We need to understand if Americans try to pull away, TPTB will throw everything they have at us.

          • Razedbywolvs | January 20, 2017 at 2:16 am |

            I don’t agree. Maybe it’s equally a bad idea to let governments control the money. They don’t have a very good track record.

          • First, the corrupt must be stopped and new laws enacted to prevent further corruption to take hold. Then you can deal with the money issue. Trump is like one of the founding fathers. If he can fix the areas that need it to stop the corruption then we have a chance.

          • AAAAAHHHH……. the “laws” !

            The most effective tool of the State to enslave us.

          • Great quote, Croco Dile, and very true

            Old Russian saying: For my enemies the law! For my friends, anything.

          • I get ya. It’s only a start, too much dumbing down for a huge decentralizing shift, imo, though some great learning curves are possible. I don’t usually see either / or choices, more of a pendulum or continuum, otherwise we get herded into false dilemmas. Great start would be many versions of the Liberty Dollar theme along with digital options not designed and controlled by TPTB (e.g. Bitcoin) and an awake, informed, and vigilant citizenry constantly watching their central banks like hawks…on the path to minarchist / anarchist level solutions.

    • no sir, they will NOT , because the 100th monkey syndrome is real, and because more and more people are becoming IMMUNE to being bought off, since MONEY does not equal happiness even in the USA , the most WARPED country on the planet! Soon enough , the BANKSTERS weapon of creating money from nothing is going to backfire so badly , that they will ALL be jumping from the building tops!
      Use your head and think about WHY paper money , digital money , and STOCKS and BONDS are eventually going to become WORTHLESS!! Even if it takes a global catastrophe through some kind of environmental emergency , it WILL happen , trust in this

      • Keep dreaming. There will always be creeps like Ted Cruz who will do anything for money and power. Or Oturd and the 1000’s of others who will gladly fk the public for money.

  3. Mnunchin is testifying today and if I had my way he would say this:

    You ask how the Trump administration can possibly bring down the deficit faster than you can grow it.

    1. We will first conduct a forensic audit of the Federal Government.

    2. Based on what we see we will reduce the size of the government that you have filled with Dem voters whose
    job is is to redistribute our tax dollars in the form of public assistance to the rank and file voters and illegal
    wannabe voters.
    2. Next, we will pay off the outstanding sovereign debt to nations that lent us money.
    3. What remains that is debt to the Federal Reserve will be wiped off the books after we conduct a forensic
    audit of the Fed.

    • Mnuchin is Skull & Bones. We have to loudly demand these things ourselves.

    • What! Why would we pay off the debt to the fed? Just tell them to go fk themselves. The entire income tax collected is used to pay the debt on money we should have been printing ourselves. Giving control of the money to a central bank private corporation is an outrage and a criminal action. Only the people’s government has the right to print money. We have been ripped off long enough. If someone with integrity were to get a list of all the globalist criminals and take over the military the problem would then be solved because there would not be opposition to writing off the debt and printing money by the government. After all, printing 1 billion is just a computer entry.

  4. losing control? Did they ever really have it? Look at all the revolutions that have taken place throughout history….all the deposed leaders. “Let them eat cake” are famous last words. The more they disregard their citizens, the more hazardous for them.

    Hit rock bottom now…having a problem with globalization…it’s not selling….eg. Brexit, Trump, etc.

    “When people feel ignored, unheard and unrepresented they turn to alternative sources of information. If governments do not communicate with citizens properly, citizens will go somewhere elsewhere for information,” the report says.

    Meanwhile my congressman has me blocked off his facebook page ? so I send these emails to him but he never calls, never writes….although I do occassionally get form letters from the petitions I sign. Isn’t that nice?

    • Fire in The Minds of Men by James Billington. Most revolutions have been the work of the globalists. Order out of chaos. A massive awakening is our best hope.

  5. Get rid of the greedy parasitic GLOBALISTS. THEY plan the DESTRUCTION of the world as we know it. To render it in their image and the deaths of 6.5 BILLION.

  6. Mellisa you are a GOOD GIRL! I trust your views and I respect your fighting spirit! Keep on fighting
    for the little guys girl!!

  7. I for one do not care if the economy does collapse….for I am ready…. with stores of .22s that will buy anything I need…. Gold and Silver will not buy anything once the Great Collapse comes….But Lead will be used to buy everything…

  8. What is up with this sights crazy moderation? You have more moderation than the SPLC.

  9. Consider this – Iran makes a nuclear bomb and blows it above the USA. The EMP destroys all the cell phones etc. so now we are back to getting our news from the corrupt establishment owned media. Oturd sold us out to Iran for WW3.

    • Iran is moving full steam ahead on UN Agenda 2030. Something to consider is Iran was captured by the Globalists a long time ago, to include Khomeini as a western asset who worked behind the scenes with the CIA to instigate the Iranian hostage crisis as a false flag. By the 90s, Iran was adopting UN Agenda 21 and IMF structural reforms. Iran’s President Rouhani is a Globalist himself, publicly committed to bringing Iran into the NWO economic system. Rouhani received his doctorate at a western [Jesuit] university in Scotland. The Clinton admin “accidentally” gave Iran plans that advanced its nuclear weapons program under Operation Merlin.

  10. Think about this: When a kid in school has all the other kids picking on him he is being bullied and the kid is a victim. Now look at Trump who has all the media lying and spreading propaganda about him and then call him the bully. Trump is the victim of all the bullying by the media, RINO’s, and dems. They have convinced the public that Trump is the bully because he fights back against all the bullying coming at him from all directions. Isn’t it amazing how the media can sell so many people that the victim is the bully?

  11. Hmm, Let’s see;
    Central Banks/holocaust worship literally shoved down the throats of virtually every nation on earth thanks to Sewer Nation’s Judas Class “coupling” with the Neo-Bolsheviks, our own founding documents shredded via the dual citizen corrupted SCOTUS, ANOTHER global economic collapse waiting in the wings AGAIN perpetrated by the Rothschild’s et al, the culture of the most foul nation ever to waste space/breath pushing relentlessly against the only other nuclear power, (legitimate and sane, Israel excluded), to draw out their collapse by having another world war for “Goim” to die while the synagogue and their D.C. “Judas Class” profit, sitting silently by on their haunches, drooling/picking their noses with an addled grin chanting “six million….six million”…
    Now, who’d a thunk, DUH!

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