Baby Taken Off Hospice After Being Given Cannabis Oil – Now the Govt is Taking it Away From Her

Maddie-hb-2629By Matt Agorist

Last year, Meagan and Brandon Holt’s daughter Maddie, who suffers from a rare and debilitating disease called Zellweger Syndrome, was given only a short time to live, and her family was forced to do what no family can ever imagine – put a 2-year-old in hospice care.

Maddie is deaf and blind, and entirely dependent upon round-the-clock medical care. Prior to being placed in hospice care, Maddie developed life-threatening horrific seizures which sent her health into a downward spiral.

For months, the family administered several prescriptions that were intended to help Maddie. However, none of them seemed to work and, in fact, had a negative impact on her health.

After months of watching Maddie’s health deteriorate, doctors had no more options, and her parents were preparing to say goodbye. Maddie was going to spend her last days alive on life support in a hospital bed.

But then something amazing happened. Meagan began researching the effects of cannabis on intractable, or untreatable epilepsy.

She found one last hope: cannabis.

Being in Washington state, where medical and recreational marijuana is legal, Meagan got authorization, and then a beautiful group of people began donating whole plant cannabis extract to their family.

From the first dose, Meagan says, they immediately noticed a positive shift in her health. Maddie’s health improved exponentially, and within days “she was off hospice, on palliative care, and working towards recovering from a rough year.”

“Without cannabis, she would be a vegetable, or worse, dead,” explained Meagan Tuesday, to the House Commerce and Gaming Committee.

But all this hope would quickly be brought to an end thanks to a law that makes it illegal for growers to share cannabis with families like Meagan and Maddie who need this powerful medicine.

But, Meagan, Brandon, and Maddie are fighters and Meagan has been pushing for legislative action, HB 2629, to reverse this ridiculous law.

During the Committee hearing on Tuesday, Meagan took to the podium to deliver a moving speech.

This Bill is needed, so families like ours, who are in a situation no one should be in, can legally accept donations of a very expensive medication.

I want to read a quote that left me with a very heavy heart. ‘This is the last harvest of cannatonic for the children. This grow is no longer legal, so I can no longer donate healing medicine, at no charge, to the parents of children, whom doctors have told to go to Hospice and die. I have never had a harvest for the children that made me sad beyond measure. It will be processed into oil in under five weeks and distributed in two. What will the medically abandoned children and their parents do then?’

If it weren’t for the generosity of the members of the cannabis community, we would not have been able to treat her. This Bill would allow me to be legally given life-sustaining medicine for my child. It would allow home growing of cannabis, which, in turn, could be processed and given to the patients that need it the most.

I do not see anything wrong with sharing quality medicine. Being able to grow and share a plant seems reasonable. Please approve House Bill 2629, so me and my child are no longer criminals.

Michael Scott is a close friend of the family, activist, and person responsible for putting together the moving video below. When speaking with the Free Thought Project, Scott said “It’s so very sad that these kind, loving folks are having to fight for the right to help their daughter and heal her. We’ve watched as Maddie has begun to heal. The damages Maddie suffers from now are from the medications the doctors gave her! Maddie is going through withdraws… it’s not right, not right at all.”

When the Free Thought Project reached out to Meagan for a statement, she replied with the following powerful words,

The most important thing out of all of this that I want the legislators and really the government as whole, to realize is that this is more than just being allowed to share and grow cannabis. This is about the right to treat my daughter with a natural medicine.

How can it be ok to want to over medicate our children? Why should a child who is on hospice suffering from a terminal disease, not be allowed to chose to use a healing plant that allows them to enjoy their final days?

Cannabis allows my child to be herself. It allows her to enjoy the world while she is here. I can’t say for certain that cannabis will treat her Zellweger Syndrome. I still wake up to the reality that my child has already exceeded her life expectancy and every day could be our last. But what I do know is that with whole plant extract oil she is comfortable, coherent, and able to enjoy the little things, like a walk outside or play time with her sister.

The federal government needs to stop criminalizing innocent people for a plant. I am doing what any good parent would do and doing what is best for my child’s quality of life.

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On Tuesday, the House Committee hosted an open forum and are deciding whether or not this Bill will move forward.

The family is asking that everyone contact the committee members and voice your support of this Bill.

The e-mail addresses for all the representatives in the Commerce & Gaming Committee are below:


The time for action is now.

The annual meeting of the American Epilepsy Society took place in early December, where the largest study presented there confirmed the astounding benefits of medical cannabis to treat seizures.

Epilepsy affects one in 26 Americans during their lifetime, “with one-third having a form of the condition that resists treatment or effective management,” such as Maddie’s.

The findings of this study add to the growing body of evidence that cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive extract of cannabis, can provide the best option for intractable epilepsy.

Of 261 patients given CBD treatment, 45% experienced a significant reduction in seizure frequency, and 9% were seizure-free at 3 months. Some children continued to experience benefits after the trial ended, even one year after.

“In the subsequent periods, which are very encouraging, 9 percent of all patients and 13 percent of those with Dravet Syndrome epilepsy were seizure-free. Many have never been seizure-free before,” said lead author Dr. Orrin Devinsky.

The Free Thought Project has covered many stories of CBD providing miraculous benefits to children suffering from treatment-resistant epileptic seizures. With scientific evidence piling up, it is no longer deniable that cannabis provides a host of medical treatments.

Even in spite of cannabis prohibition, politicians are starting to break the law to provide people with cannabis. Rep. Allen Peake, a Georgia lawmaker, admitted that he defies unjust cannabis prohibition by bringing medical cannabis into Georgia from states where it is legal, such as Colorado. He recently delivered medical cannabis to a mother whose son suffers from seizures.

The times are changing, and those who continue to throw people in cages or kill them for possessing a plant are being exposed for the vile tyrants they are.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

  • Marsha

    Stupid causes get Go Fund Me all the time. Can’t this get a Go Fund Me? How much money is needed?

  • Dalton

    I predict that within 10 years, especially if Trump makes it to POTUS – (remember he was the only one to stand up and declare vaccines cause autism) , we will see a big collapse in Big Pharma and Big Insurance, as we move towards natural cures, like cannabis and other herbs, and frequencies….it’s coming, and Big Pharma is worried, people are getting the word now, chemo, radiation, adderall, and most all the other big sellers are being pushed to destroy health, not restore it….can’t happen fast enough!!

    • Mary Smith

      Sadly, I don’t think Trump will be “allowed” to win the nomination. Big Pharma and Big Government are afraid of his agenda.
      I had a dream that I told him I was going to help him win the election. I only wish that were true…

      • Yvonne Forsman

        I too had a night dream about Trump, on Dec 27th. He got gas for his car at the same gas station as I did. (End of dream.) I think he will win the GOP nomination. I am afraid Sanders will win the President race b/c too many ppl believe he can actually bring all the dreams he is talking about to fruition. Just like Obama did with the Change. Not.

  • Doc No

    The elite bankster’s goals are One World Order and Depopulation and you are saving lives?

    • The Awakening

      Doc No,

      That appears to be correct, BUT more and more people are waking up to this…

  • eddysach

    IMO-This despicable situation exists directly because of the Rockefeller allopathic /symptomatic approach to pseudo medicine practices, for the sole enrichment of dank & fetid ponerological corporations & their satanic minions in the guise of indoctrinated ‘white witch doctors’ as a medical mafia…this is an ODIOUS ‘CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY’ of depraved indifference & malice of forethought reckless endangerment & outright demo/genocide by the 0.001%

    • The Awakening


      You have a way with words…. Sounds about right though and MORE & MORE people are beginning to see through the scam.

  • sallyM

    the ,ore folks push back the better. Folks should take their health into their own hands. The AMA is not, always, your buddy. Simpler and less expensive treatments that actually work are available to the research minded.
    The gubberment should stay out of the healh care bizz which they know nothing about – there are some exceptions – Ron Paul and Rand come to mind and they do good work for Dr’s withoutborders). But as a general rule eat well and stay fit, vitamins, herbs, and minerals might be a good place to start and organic.
    Not sure if the mom had any invitro vaxxes – my guess is probably.

    BTW: I’m hoping Trump becomes potus – it would be interesting if he does go up aginst the big pharma.

    • Meagan Holt

      nope no vaccines for this mama her disease is genetic

  • BlackJack77

    The most disturbing thing about this article is to think of the mindset that would deny this medicine to this small child. What is even MORE disturbing is that this twisted mind set runs the world! To these crazies denying this small child makes sense! It is logical. It is a “good” (?) thing to do.

  • watcher12

    The facts on the ground begin with – who notified anyone that this child was given whole leaf oil? Who talked about the miracle of cannabis? Folks you don’t have to tell anyone what is working. The grower didn’t have to tell anyone. Wake up people, keep quiet about natural cures that work – let the natural websites do the talking. The legislators are ignorant otherwise cannabis in all its forms would not be interfered with by a group of people and phony health organizations that have questionable jurisdiction to tell you anything. A doctor reporting someone for a second opinion. Why do you blab about what you are going to do?Just nod your head and say, yes sir, certainly doctor, I’ll do just what you say. Then when your away from the fool with the stethescope head for the border or go get your second opinion. Stop believing that these laws have any validity for a life and death situation – they don’t. Stop blabbing and do what in your heart you know is the very best you can do and don’t use your tongue to give away your children.

    • Meagan Holt

      I mostly speak up because I was in the hospital, desperate for them to help my baby and the medical community was out of options. I found cannabis and healed my baby quietly. I posted in private groups about our success and when I had my first experience of a child with this disease dying because they couldn’t access medicine I realized that it could’ve been us. I AM NOT A CRIMINAL AND NEITHER IS MADDIE! Nothing will ever change if we don’t stand up for what we believe in. Through out history we have seen how one person can make a difference. If maddies story changes one dirty politicians mind then we are one step closer to freedom from criminalization.

      • watcher12

        It appears you did well.

  • Genevieve Marlin

    I just sent an email to all of them.

  • trustingonlyinhim

    Just the blatant facts that people must now BEG their governments to use their natural/God given RIGHTS to be able to do things such as defend themselves from violent criminals, be able to live in a home on a piece of land that would be considered “off grid”, or being able to use a plant that can grow wild in order to treat their own health issues, shows just a small sampling of how wickedly depraved & vile the governments of the world have become.
    Those with power have always been willing to destroy those over whom the exercise it it order to keep it & make it grow.

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