Small Town PD Caught Laundering Millions For Drug Cartels

raidBy Joshua Krause

Whenever a police officer is caught doing something illegal, the most common excuse we hear for their behavior, is that there are always a few bad apples. However, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes the whole basket is rotten.

That’s what the Florida village of Bal Harbour recently discovered. The local police department, in conjunction with the Glades County Sheriff’s Department, ran a money laundering sting operation for two years. However, this “sting” quickly turned into a real illegal operation. The tiny Bal Harbour Police Department had officers conducting deals all over the US, and sending money across the world. Over $2.4 million was added to their coffers, and no arrests were ever made.

Officially, the money was used to buy new equipment, in addition to first class flights, computers, luxury hotel rooms, and firearms. Unofficially, hundreds of thousands of dollars were withdrawn from the operation, with no record of where they were spent. About $20 million was funneled through businesses in the Miami area to launder the money for drug groups, and the police never notified federal authorities about their operation.

Their criminal activities were likely spurred by budget cuts. According to the chief of law enforcement in Glades County “We had to find a revenue stream. It allowed us to have resources we wouldn’t normally have.” Their operation finally fell apart after the police were investigated by federal authorities, and the Miami Herald newspaper. Currently, several federal probes against the Bal Harbour Police Department are still ongoing.

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Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger.

  • drbhelthi

    One wonders if Jeb Bush and his Israeli-led realty company were affiliated, related with the Iran-Contra treason?

    • mjnellett

      A little ( or a lot) anti-Semetic) Comrade? When was the Iran-Contra affair labelled treason Comrade?? I must have missed that one. Iran-Contra was an operation that sought to circumvent Congress and get some of our hostages back then use the money to fight the Communist Sandinistas in Nicaragua. Where’s the similarity Comrade?

      • Bud

        To circumvent a virtually pro-communist Congress, I might add.

        • drbhelthi

          It will work better if you add factual information.

          • Bud

            You would work better if you kept yourself informed.

          • drbhelthi

            The concept of communish has been replaced with the New World Order movement, sponsored by the Illuminati.

          • Bud

            Not to those of us who keep ourselves informed.

          • drbhelthi

            “Misinformed” is a better fit.

          • Bud

            Well, yes, that pretty well describes yourself and those of your ilk.

          • drbhelthi

            You continue to misuse words that you do not comprehend.

          • Bud

            P.S. Those who speak English know what I mean.

  • Michael Manley

    Their criminal activities were likely spurred by budget cuts. According to the chief of law enforcement in Glades County “We had to find a revenue stream. It allowed us to have resources we wouldn’t normally have.”

    And no one believed Public Enemy & NWA when they said that it was the CIA was running the crack-cociane trade in the black ghetto. Well guess who controls the heroine & meth trade in the white suburbs(ghettoes) across the USA?

    • Doug

      And how much opium is still housed in fort Knox?

      • Michael Manley

        Dunno eggs-actly?
        Perhaps you should ask the CIA, or the US soldiers guarding the poppy fields in Afghanistan?

        Please follow the links below:
        CIA, Wall Street establish drug empire in Afghanistan: Stephen Lendman
        How Opium Greed Is Keeping US Troops in Afghanistan | Brainwash Update
        Afghan Heroin Brings CIA $50 Billion A Year, Covers US War Expense

        Give thanks!

    • LoveGod

      Exactly….criminals setting up to catch criminals. Imagine how this explanation goes over when given by a regular citizen who needs to pay his bills “judge…I had to find a revenue stream”…we need a reformation.

  • Ronnie Lee

    Didnt I see a movie that was simular to this. Their reasons are irrelevant. Dont become what you are catching

  • Seedman

    Blaming such corruption on budget cuts just compounds the evil. Try lovers of money rather than lovers of God. Sort of like the public school system that always needs more money to make headway.

    • William

      Is there really someone elce out there who is concerned about their soul? Some times I wonder!!! Praise Jesus!!

      • Seedman

        Light and salt, brother. He who sows little will reap little.

  • GrandmaAmerica

    Thank you for sharing this info…..

  • omni

    execute the police that laundered the money

  • Jeff Z

    Google Catherine Austin Fitts and read her story while working under Jack Kemp in HUD. This is not only OLD news, but pretty much business as usual in the entire ‘Merikan Empire, Inc.

    • Bud

      And, of course, all the other governments in the world are squeaky clean.

      • William

        I think that is true! I believe I read that in the national enquire!😀

        • Bud

          You’re probably the one who wrote that for the National Enquirer.

      • Jeff Z

        So that makes it ok? ‘Merikan Empire Inc exceptionalism’s excuses are getting weaker by the day.

        • Bud

          So that makes WHAT OK? Your nonsense is getting weaker by the post.

  • Jason

    I was just awakened to all of this about three months ago. I’m honestly at a loss as what I’m supposed to do with this knowledge. Yes my anger is with our officials, but my primary anger is with myself and the American people. We are just as much to blame. We have relinquished rights and elected these evil men. Were focused on reality tv, sports, music and hollywood.; Maybe it’s for the best that they destroy us and themselves. Maybe that’s the only way this thing can restart and be fixed. It seems the corruption is too great for anything else to fix it. I hate to be negative and all is lost, but it really seems that it is.

    • macoohno21 .

      Yes, but ignorance was bliss, welcome to reality!

  • Arthur Fernandez

    …and they Love Obozo in Bal Harbor for all your information!!,….Lots of Fine Democrats in that town!,….I bet they all going to vote for the other Crook!!,…..

  • Warpaint

    They should catch a case per citizen of their town, so if they have 3500 citizens 3500 cases per charge per defendant…maximum penalties no concurrent sentences so it ends up being life without parole.

  • Bud

    Government agencies should be limited in their budgets to the money which appropriated for them. I don’t see any other way to eliminate this sort of practice.

    • William

      Yes and no more guns or tasers!! Fair and equal ya know!!

      • Bud

        That was probably supposed to be an intelligent post. It wasn’t.

        • William

          Alright your the intilectual! Great sense of humor also!

          • Bud

            Nah, I can’t possibly be an intellectual. The liberals would say I don’t have the formal “education” which is required to be considered an intellectual.

            Sorry, but I really did not understand your post. Was it supposed to be sarcasm, or…….what?

  • James Peters

    This is just one of the many reasons why all drugs should be decriminalized

  • Gary Nobles

    Not much difference when you compare Apples to Oranges. Obama steals from the US Treasure and gives to ISIS. Small town steals from there Treasure spends on there Dept and there selves. What it boils down to is when you got thieves at the top, you got thieves at the bottom.

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