Police In Riot Gear Arrest Homeless Protesters For Camping In Front Of City Hall

homeless_campingBy John Vibes

Last week, we reported that homeless people and supporters in Sacremento were protesting a recent ordinance that makes it illegal for them to camp in the city. Many of them were camped out in front of city hall for the past month and are demanding a reversal of the camping ban.

This Friday, police invaded the encampment in riot gear and made several arrests.

“It’s unfortunate that they wasted a lot of taxpayers’ money – riot gear, overtime,” protest organizer James Clark said.

“They’re telling people they can’t have sleeping bags to keep themselves warm,” he added.

Traci Trapani of the Sacramento Police Department said that protesters were arrested for illegal camping and resisting arrest.

“It wasn’t a quick just ‘arresting people’ type of thing. It’s been percolating for weeks,” she said.

The protesters were accused of having “camping paraphernalia” such as blankets and tents.

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The police had warned the protesters that they would be arrested if they did not move, but they stood firm and refused to leave.

In many places across the country, it is becoming increasingly illegal to be homeless. Legislators do not come right out and ban homelessness, but instead, they ban people from camping in urban areas, or make it illegal to feed people without a permit.

Representatives from the city government have stated throughout the protest that they have no intention of changing or repealing the laws against urban camping.

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13 Comments on "Police In Riot Gear Arrest Homeless Protesters For Camping In Front Of City Hall"

  1. Same old same old.

    In 1932, veterans of the WWI were camped there, demanding the bonus they had been promised to enlist, a bonus they had not, and would never receive.

    President Hoover sent infantry, cavalry, and even tanks against ragged, hungry veterans and their wives and children, led by General Douglas MacArthur.

    They chased the Vets and families out at bayonet-point, burning down their tents, wounding and even killing in the process

    Google “Bonus Army”

  2. Guillotine_ready | January 3, 2016 at 12:18 pm | Reply

    It’s called war on the people and the sad part is the people do not even fight.

  3. Michael Manley | January 3, 2016 at 4:03 pm | Reply

    Capitalism eventually devours its own.

    • That would be socialism, communism, fascism, marxism, Islamism and hedonism.
      Capitalism is the only system in which people have the freedom to make their own money by either working for who they choose, often doing the job they want, or if they are wise enough to have their own ideas that people like, can work for themselves and have employees. Capitalism allows people to have nice things if they work for them AND they get to actually own them, unlike many of the others. The benefits of capitalism are of course more abundant in a society where people are morally sound. Because these people are good, they get more and they give to the less advantaged more and more often. When a society leaves it’s moral high ground, every time it has happened in history, people lose their freedoms and societal structure begins to crumble. People who have few or no morals, don’t like capitalism because it makes each person earn their keep based on their own abilities. People who don’t want to work for what they get, want to live in a society where the government forces others that work harder or have some other advantage, to give them part of their hard earned income. This system of stealing from one, to give to another who didn’t earn it, is not capitalism, that’s socialism.

  4. Clearly the people in this video looked to be physically and mentally able to take care of themselves, aquire their own housing/shelter. They look able to work. They evidently choose not to, and they can…it’s America, where we have forced income redistribution. Where gov thugs take part of a struggling single mom’s waitressing check and give it to grown men, who can, but who refuse to work. Oh yeah, and it goes partly to supply their taxpayer funded welfare phones. Funny how that works. Why do you need a phone if you choose to have no job, no home, no bills or responsibilities? My biggest question is how do these guys ‘deserve’ free stuff when they can, but defiantly refuse to take care of themselves? America has turned into a country that punishes those who responsibly do what they’re supposed to do, and rewards the bad behavior of those who are perfectly able, but refuse to.

    • “They evidently chose not to…”

      Why would that be? Because it’s more fun to be homeless, hungry, and treated like crap by society?

      The only people showing bad behavior here are the unfeeling city “officials” and anyone who supports their position.

      • You’re just regurgitating liberal propaganda. You’r a liar and you know it. These people are in my city and every city in the US. Some are permanent ‘home bums’ and some are traveling through. A large portion of them are NOT grateful for the charity they get. They often get caught on security video taking a bowel movement or urination in business doorways and other public places. They get mad if you don’t give them some money and curse you, accost you, some even threaten you. If being homeless was so hard, so many wouldn’t CHOOSE it. They don’t have to be homeless. America has more government assistance programs than any other country on the face of this planet. These people can go stand on a street corner or median in most cities and make three hundred dollars a day. They don’t have a home, not looking for a job but by golly our taxes pay for them to have a phone! It’s ludicrous. If liberals had common decency and common sense, we wouldn’t have half the problems we have now.

    • Obviously you don’t know how hard it is to get un-homeless.

      • It’s not the same for everyone. Harder for some than others. My daughter chose to be homeless for several years. When she lost her children, she lost her unction. Through her, I’ve met dozens of homeless. Almost none that I’ve met, wanted to reenter society. Most have some sort of addiction. Many are running from the law. Some have committed murders. Most travel with a dog for protection and companionship.The females were usually more broken than the males through some sort of abuse, but not always. They can stand on a median or street and make several hundred dollars a day, depending on where they are. Many actually work for their ‘donations’, by performing for street crowds or doing a craft. Americans are the most giving people in the world. That’s why we have so many social programs to help the disadvantaged, minorities, females, children, addicts, criminals, sad people, mad people, immoral people and lazy people. There’s a government program or a church program to assist every ill of society. They give money, food, clothes, shoes, coats, blankets, temp housing, permanent housing, medical assistance, obama phones, food stamps, help with drug/alcohol addiction, ect ect…But for most, being homeless is preferable to being a responsible member of society. They have an entire network of people, friends relatives, across the nation. They have websites where I’ve seen many pictures of a homeless people smiling and fanning out the money they bummed that day, and often a bottle of booze they bought with part of it. Most females drop out of ‘traveling’ when they have a child. Some do not and subject their children to this lifestyle. The ‘travelers’ who do drop out, usually get a crazy check, obama hands them out like candy because, as we see now, he is using every type and level of mental illness to restrict people from owning a firearm. They also get food stamps, housing. Their home now becomes one of the many ‘safe’ houses for other travelers. They have their own underground society. They have festivals and functions. Most all of them are homeless, because they choose to be.

        • I agree with you, on so many accounts.
          However, I personally know homeless people in several counties throughout California, and I know many of them do not want to be homeless, and they are working to do better, but they feel the system is rigged against them.
          I hear you though, the ones who take advantage really bother me, too.

  5. When I was 17, I volunteered with Loaves and Fishes (a homeless shelter/meal provider) and the Mustard Seed School (a school for children that are homeless or in transitional housing that allows them to get caught up and their parents to look for work) in Sacramento, near the capitol. I was very struck by how many people there seemed to have mental problems. Some of these people are not capable of holding down jobs. Many are the ones that society used to care for before Reagan closed all the mental hospitals. Only a very small percentage are there because they are lazy. It irks me that they are banned from sleeping (or camping by trying to protect themselves from the elements), yet no one will do anything to help them to get off the streets. I have known homeless people, some that were able to get off the streets. First, their life is no cake walk. The longer they have to survive out their, the crazier they become. Women have to avoid getting raped. Men have to avoid getting robbed and beat up. They have to survive the elements, which are not kind. The people who take the attitude that they have to follow all the laws, and so should you, are self-righteous and lacking compassion. They obviously have not had to walk in the other persons shoes. I share the belief that everyone should pull their own weight, with the caveat that not everyone can. The self-righteous should be grateful that they have enough wits not to wind up homeless.

  6. The protesters were accused of having “camping paraphernalia”
    OMG I snorted my coffee out my nose envisioning drag queens with their make up bags being arrested.

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