Eloquent 4th Grader Brings Crowd To Its Feet After She Rebukes Govt School Testing

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

Standardized testing today is nothing like it was in the ’90s, and certainly like nothing before that. Today it is nonsensical and insurmountable enough to make students, teachers and parents cry. One Florida fourth grader, who could barely see over the podium as she gave a rousing speech to Hernando County School Board – just couldn’t take being a mere statistic any more.

On Mar 17, tiny nine-year-old Sydney Smoot rocked the Brooksville Elementary Schoolhouse when she boldly ripped into the new Florida Standards Assessment. She brought the Board to its feet with a standing ovation after a two-minute lambasting, complete with fitting gesticulation. Take special note about orders that the students cannot disclose what they see on the test to their parents.


Read more about her here and here.

Coincidentally, a parallel battle wages against PARCC* testing which is a somewhat privatized form of standardized testing that unfairly gauges knowledge of newly installed Common Core curriculum. It’s an additional burden that takes 10 hours to complete. These tests are moreso hushed. So much so, that publishing company Pearson was recently caught spying on students’ social media accounts to make sure none of the Common-Core-crazy slipped out. All under the guise of “security,” of course. In actuality, these bullies really, really don’t want parents to know what’s happening.

With such an aggressive push for these tests, shrouded in secrecy from parents, and despite such an impressive backlash, it is becoming more apparent that a synthesis is about to take place where everyone loses. Everyone but the State and Common Core pushers who are poised to pull back just a little and by doing so, get what they really wanted all along.

*PARCC = Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, a coalition of states

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  • colinjames71

    This adorable beyond words little lady has more sense than the entire forces of the school testing regime put together. Good to see.

  • Rex

    Well, she makes a good point! And if school was about educating children, I’m sure they wouldn’t do such silly things.

    But, it’s not. It’s obviously about indoctrinating children into the idea that stress is just a normal part of life, and that you have to go along with what the bureaucracy tells you. That it’s not about what is actually write or wrong, correct or incorrect, but only that the paperwork is in order.

    Unfortunately, they are so full of crap even the kids aren’t buying it.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Highly impressed by this young lady.

    • timwebb1000 .

      She reminds me of Rachel Corrie, who made a similar speech whilst still in junior school.
      And was murdered for her vision.

  • JuneUSA

    Was that the principle behind her who would not stand up and applaud? Or maybe the board member who passed the testing? She did a wonderful job and I hope they listen.

  • Brent McKaskell

    Every parent who supports this bright child should read Hold Back This Day, a powerful novel (amazon.com) that dramatizes just where brain-washing, mind-controlling schools – along with our government – are leading America. We owe it to children like her.

  • MM59

    Don’t get too excited, Florida is Jeb Bush controlled. Jeb Bush is Common Core.
    Despite a strong parent organization and many citizens working to get legislation to stop this Common Core Crap (CCC) – all proposed bills were watered down by the corrupt Florida State legislators. They are going ahead with this, like it or not.

  • amuncat

    I told my son when he was growing up that any time someone warned him to not tell me, that meant he was suppose to tell….
    They truly think they own our kids!!!!

    • timwebb1000 .

      They do, unfortunately.
      Legally, anyway, even if not lawfully.
      You see, it all begins when you register them at birth.
      Now read on…

  • Robin Raven

    This young lady is obviously an Indigo, born on Earth at this time prepared to do battle against human oppression. These children will be stepping up more and more. Watch and learn.

  • trigon500

    The leftwing will now label her a “Tparty racist radical” for her defiance to the creepy new “edukashion” directions crafted by these cultural commies.

  • homeschool

    makes a good point for home schooling…

  • timwebb1000 .

    Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings….
    Please fill the US congress with citizens of this calibre.
    World problems would be over in a week.

  • Common Sense

    The criminals don’t care about speeches, letters, protests or petitions.
    They will just ignore it, and if that doesn’t work they will ridicule and demonize, and if that fails they will use violence.

    You people just don’t get it.

    You’ve been invaded and are now occupied.

    This is like the gun issue thinking that removing any legal means of getting a gun will solve things.



  • Guest

    Anyone who has their kids in public school (training) these days is just setting them up for a future of being a poor, uneducated globalized slave. If they’re a boy their “schooling” will also include “medication” for ADHD (mental illness). Home schooling I think is the only option at this point.

  • Ian

    She’s in fourth grade come on theres no way she wrote that all by herself or even got those ideas for herself in the first place. Regardless a brilliant kid but c’mon now.

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