Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Meltdown America: A Warning From Survivors

Jeff D. Opdyke
Activist Post

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” — George Santayana

There’s a perception in our country that America is so exceptional that the trials and tribulations — and outright social catastrophes — that rock other countries in the world simply cannot happen on our shores. We’re the biggest, the strongest, the richest. We are America. And we have divine immunity.

Ahh, the power of the mind to mask the facts we refuse to accept.

We are a deeply troubled nation, riven by political dysfunction, angst-ridden by social disquiet, addled by so much debt — more debt, $125 trillion, than ever accumulated in history — that we will never be able to completely repay it without radically devaluing the dollar or radically raising taxes and cutting government services.

Yet we watch meltdowns in other countries and never consider for an instant that, just maybe, something like that could happen here.

But we’re closer to that tipping point than you think.

Casey Research is launching a special video today called Meltdown America, which takes an in-depth look at three people who survived economic and political collapse in Yugoslavia, Zimbabwe and Argentina. Now, I know no one will think that America would ever devolve to such a degree that it would mimic the path of any of those three countries. But I will remind you that a century ago, America and Argentina were vying to hemispheric superiority … and Argentina lost because of asinine political choices within government.

I was invited by Casey Research to appear in the video to discuss the likelihood of a similar meltdown happening in America. As a nation, we have reached the point where we, too, are making asinine political choices in government, and those choices threaten the lifestyle that you and I know as normal. I want you to watch this video with an open mind. Do not immediately assume that none of this can happen to America. It can.

And it probably will.

To survive, you must be willing to see what you don’t want to accept … and willing to make moves that others will call crazy. Remember: It’s never those who stay behind that survive. It’s those who act to get out of the way of an unpleasant future that live to tell the stories of how it all fell apart.

To watch this unfolding tale of collapse and survival, click on the video link below.

Until next time, stay Sovereign …

Jeff D. Opdyke is the editor of The Sovereign Investor, where this first appeared

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Anonymous said...

How times have changed. Before you'd give away a free e-book to get people on your list. Now you need to produce a full scale documentary.

Clarity said...

I guess the rest of us who already lost everything in the 2008 collapse & now live paycheck to paycheck, should just plan to be herded into the fema camps. Or hell, just blow our own heads off & be done with it. We are the useless eaters anyway right? No investments to move into another country, no $$$$ to get the hell outta dodge. Stay here & be gunned down in the streets looking for food or gas???? Good advice if you are secure right now....but what about the rest of us who were the middle class just 10years ago & are still trying to recover from 2008...... Guess we are cannon fodder.........

Anonymous said...

Funny! Not! America's hand in everything the goes bad! And now we get to reap what we have sown!

Anonymous said...

in the same boat as clarity. and i just cant wait for the weak minded to make the connections in his ultra-fluoridated brain that governance is evil, its giving rights you didnt have in the first place to someone as dumb as the uninformed populace who put him 'behind' the 'law' while you just stay in front of said laws...the game is rigged from the start and yet morons still believe they can fix this damn artefact we call 'politics'
we're in the era of communication/information, if we can build a monetary system that is open source and decentralised, maybe, we could also consider the same for REPRESENTATION...the nation isnt in need of money, what it lacks is REASON and MORALE.

Anonymous said...

There's no doubt this is probably the best video I've seen on this topic.

Paul Panza said...

There is no debt. It is an illusion that exists on paper. The illusion, like "time" is so strong in the human construct that it is difficult for a nation to choose a different path like Icelands people who broke the spell. The banksters and the evil handlers the insurance companies ( also a group who deserves the socio-military label "Neo-niggers") are no longer in control. We must break the illusion that money is power, "in god we trust". Gods don't need money, they need slaves.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous, April 15, 2014 at 10:00 PM - "if we can build a monetary system that is open source and decentralised, maybe, we could also consider the same for REPRESENTATION".

May I ask if you are suggesting a more direct participatory democratic system or a more anarchistic one? Or something different?

I'm all for direct democracy from a philosophical perspective but practically speaking the "dumb" and "uninformed populace"(that really is putting it nicely) are not people I really want to trust to govern themselves collectively - that would be mob rule.

And the masses have been so programmed that if the power goes out for 2 days they loot violently and assault or even kill for supplies and just for any useless junk they can snatch - heck, they even tazer and beat and even shoot each other for dibs on the latest newfangled piece of junk on big shopping holidays with no emergency or intellect involved.

So you say you want reason and morale(I'm assuming 'morals' though) but would you trust people that have been programmed to have little or none of either trait to have any power over you directly in a mob-rule scenario?

Anarchism is also something I support in principle however I believe the time of that being truly possible is long past as there really are too many private kingdoms already that can be used to enforce their will on others.

That is how the "elites" got most of their wealth and power before international bank fraud as they built the biggest fortresses, provided the most jobs and highest living "standards" to attract "loyal" servants to their protected cities, and amassed private armies to project their power onto neighboring regions and take control of them.

These days some of those private armies are better equipped if needed than most world militaries, so you can try to assert your own self-determination against the "new serfdom order" but with no regard for "civilians" a few high-altitude carpet bombings here and a bunker buster or two there and maybe a few Tomahawks thrown in or an AC-I30 Spectre or Apache Longbow with armored ground support and your self-determination will be massacred like it is nothing.

Or does somebody have a plan that will completely dissect and destroy the global private corporate networks and render all of such "elitists" powerless before we try that self-assembly stage?

Will this be another guillotine revolution then?


Anonymous said...

Jeff Opdyke is the editor of the sovereign investor and they offer weather trading as one of their gambling services, that's right they actually place bets on our weather, rain or not, disasters or not etc., etc., does anyone think that gambling on the weather is not and cannot be manipulated by the banksters, by HAARP etc., there was a story on AP not long ago regarding GEOENGINEERING-WEATHER DERIVATIVES and how it all works and more to the point WHO is behind it .
So you want to warn people and at the same time you invite them to your website and take up your gambling ideas on how to play a part in creating a disaster just to make money to make the coming disaster more palatable...give me a break.

mijj said...

might be worth checking out info on how the Russian people coped with day-to-day necessities of life when Russia went into meltdown in the 90s and the vultures descended.

tomas rader said...

Balkanization of the USA was predicted by an unknown author 'cussler' in CIVIL WAR 2. Out of print now ... had a checklist of 28 items before the breakout event ... the SHTF spark. The Bundy ranch event was item 26 on the list. It's not just class warfare ... it will be racial war. in cusslers version the blacks take the south, the latinos led by la raza take the south, and the anglos the Midwest and north. it does appear to be shaping up that way.

tomas rader said...

jeff won't be investing when the progressive 98% turn those vineyards , golf courses, tennis courts, and swimming pools into vegetable gardens and water holding tanks for gardening to feed the starving. private property will be just an ancient memory ... hope the elites can adjust to the communal good. BLM can't.

Weltgeist said...

Oh what a protest we have here. Why you chicken shi@%t pussies cannot post your real name?! O_o "Anonymous" joke.. "They" (or the infamous "them") must be shaking in their shoes right now! People should have DONE something over 10yrs. ago, but I'm afraid it's just too late now.. sorry losers! Welcome to the Bipolar States of Americaahhh.. Just be sure to take your perscription meds now, those wonderful Psych drugs from Big Pharma will fix you. America is toast.

Anonymous said...

@ Weltgeist / Thomas - Wow, I know I'm a cynical person but you make me seem bright and cheery by comparison, lol.

The game isn't over yet, and though the odds may be greatly stacked against those who oppose the agenda the only way defeat is guaranteed is if everyone just gives up. At least by fighting there is a chance of winning, or even just messing up their 'best laid plans' and causing some hurt to them aka 'going down swinging'.

Some fight peacefully with words but everyone with any survival instinct left will fight physically when the time comes for that, if it comes - and I do hope that it can be avoided still, but I wouldn't bet on that.

The problem is that a basic need of survival has been turned into an ideological and political topic and there is no real cohesion amongst the opponents of it all, there is no clear plan of action beyond screaming "off with their heads" and cutting loose the dogs of war recklessly. That is exactly what they want.

Past revolutions have failed without a clear plan of action, and even if it succeeds the chaos that ensues will see the worst elements that remain of society kill and conquer their way back up the pyramid of power.

With a clear plan of action and some unity the odds would greatly increase, but they'd still be stacked in the PTB's favor.

The 2 most successful revolutions in modern history were achieved without a shot being fired extra-judicially, though both ended with total destruction at the hands of the global cartel years later.

These NWO folks fight for something they believe in, so too should everyone who opposes them even if it is a losing cause.


Willy Whitten said...

Okay, lets see, shall we move to Venus? Mars? Maybe a nearby asteroid...

Does anyone really think there is anywhere on the planet to hide from what is coming?

Make the best of what time you have left kiddos.


Anonymous said...

Thing is you're totally right overall engineered wars, greed, apathy, and moral decadence not to mention all sorts of other things we do have it coming....

brad said...

Weltgeist - see YOU are posting your legal name, SSN etc out here too, and you call the others cowardly? Joking? Self blinded?

As for getting connected to survival ability - if you can't leave urban areas, grow everything you can inside your house/apt/yard, etc. Instead of buying another piece of sparkly chinese crap, drive out to the country after connecting with someone on the net and see if you can barter labor/property/food defense for some food when TSHTF if you can make it. Develop a community of interlocking interdependence and assistance in that area.

Or watch your phukn TV and buy garbage stuff . . .

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