Friday, April 25, 2014

How Monsanto Annihilated A Paradise and Turned It Into An Island Of Illness

Joe Martino
Activist Post

A beautiful island in Hawaii called Molokai has been subject to biotech giant Monsanto for some time now, and the results of Monsanto’s actions on the island is beginning to show very dark conclusions. The residents of the island of Molokai seem to be getting sicker and sicker as Monsanto continually carries out their actions near villages on the island. Some are suggesting the island has become a laboratory and the islanders are the lab rats being tested.

Although not enough study has been done to find out why the rates of illness, cancer, asthma and diabetes are suddenly rising greatly on the island, many believe the evidence is anecdotal and seen when you observe the people.

Monsanto leased 1850 acres of land on the island of Molokai to grow their Bt corn crops. The very fact they are merely leasing the land already raises the question as to whether or not they know the land will become of low quality once they are finished with it. The Bt toxin Monsanto uses is engineered into corn to allow farmers easy control over pests without spraying as much pesticides. Only there seems to be growing evidence that this Bt toxin is a threat to human health.

Although The State Health Department has stated they feel the farming practices are safe, nearby residents are not happy about what’s going on and strongly feel Monsanto’s practices are causing harm and illness to those especially close to where Monsanto is spraying. Many in the area are beginning to do the research and are connecting the dots that the recent rise in illnesses is directly related to what Monsanto’s Bt toxin and Glyphosate has been known to cause.

This isn’t the first time residents of cities or villages near Monsanto farming territories have stood up with concern after they had noticed increased health issues once Monsanto had moved in. Farmers in Argentina had also raised their concerns and people in India raised awareness about not only the health effects but the potential damages to the environment. In France farmer Paul Francois won his court case against Monsanto as the courts found Monsanto was guilty of chemical poisoning.

A report published by Thanal, an environmental organization based in Kerala, India, stated that Monsanto’s glyphosate causes both health and environmental issues. Something the WHO and other organizations have denied for years. [1]
As the acute toxicity – reflected in the WHO classification of glyphosate is low, it has long been promoted as safe. However, recent evidence shows substantial adverse health and environmental effects, especially of the formulated products… Recent experiences and studies show a wide range of long-term adverse health effects, again mostly related to formulated products, such as leukemia and other cancers, skin diseases, and birth defects, gastrointestinal problems, and alterations to the central nervous system. Other findings link glyphosate and especially formulations with affecting embryo development, damage cells and DNA, and interrupting the hormone system.
As more independent and integral studies take place, more evidence is piling up to show the dangers associated with GMOs. Even respected names such as David Suzuki has raised his concerns about GMOs claiming that humanity is part of “a massive experiment” when it comes to GMOs.

Sayer Ji of Green Med Info also linked evidence between breast cancer and RoundUp, one of Monsanto’s most popular pesticides.[2]
An alarming new study finds that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup weedkiller, is estrogenic and drives breast cancer cell proliferation in the parts-per-trillion range.
What’s happening in Molokai has happened in many other areas of the world and is not something that can continue if we want to have safe food and a healthy environment. GMO crops are being banned in many areas around the world but North America still lacks the political integrity to make the move.

The annual March Against Monsanto is set to take place on May 24th, 2014. A tradition that has already done so much for raising awareness about GMOs and the dangers associated with them. Many believe the March Against Monsanto helped to stop the Monsanto Protection Act, a bill passed by Obama that would protect Monsanto from being able to be charged for any health or environmental damages they cause.

Let’s raise some awareness and continue to work to stop Monsanto. You can also begin by growing some of your own food! You don’t even need a garden!



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Anonymous said...

".... they are merely leasing the land already raises the question as to whether or not they know the land will become of low quality once they are finished with it."

Most land in Hawaii is leased out, never actually sold.

Anonymous said...

Please note that the Monsanto Protection Act was NOT stopped. It was signed into law April 2013.

Hotshot said...

And the Farmer Assurance Provision (as it is properly called) expired on September 30, 2013.

el5z said...

I wonder if anyone knows the history of Monsanto. Originally they were the jew slave traders who tore African families apart by bringing these people from Africa to work as slaves in America and other places. All this can be found on Google. They were evil then and are now . They have the support of the government to inflict their poison on people by not having to identify their product on food labels. Big corporations spend money to lobby government and get their way regardless of the harm they inflict on others. Power and money have taken the place of responsibility and empathy toward others.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The poisoning of the air by pesticides,chem trails,radiation and industrial pollution along with the death of honey bees will have a very drastic affect on all life on this planet.

Willfully or through conditioning people are distracted or apathetic to their own detriment.

Because it isn't a bomb blowing up in their face they lie to themselves and say, "it will be alright. Things will get better."

Ask yourself one thing.
In the past ten years, have things gotten better?

The only way things will improve is is we actually DO something about it otherwise our complacency will be the signing of our own death sentence.

Sadly their are some people so defeated that this doesn't bother them.
They are already dead inside.

I am not one, and will fight till my last breath.
Winning is in the will, and death comes for every man soon or late.
What better way to die than against all odds, for the ashes of our fathers and the temple of God.

Hide Behind said...

The rates of deaths and illnesses caused by chem/ bio/ag firms are not just becoming but have gone beyond the level of being pandemic,in reality.
If all the Corporate bio illness and deaths numbers were caused by chickens we would kill every chicken and ban the growing of chickens.
Nah irony is not my strong suit as Salmonella from fowlz in US kills hundreds and makes hundreds of thousands ill with flu like symptoms has no slowed down the eating of chickens flesh and eggs that are no more than concentrated chemical soups of hormones and bio/chemicalized feeds.
There comes a time when someone needs to raise the issue of how these mass killers of mankind , almost all Of US Corporate based and american staffed, seemingly are exempt
from any possability of prosecution and in fact have Government enforced protective measures emplaced .
AFTER viewing all the deaths and also devestations to environment what needs to be asked is if firms such as Dow, Archer Daniels, Monsanto and several others, if indeed they are not but part of US military Bio/Chem programs , and are US sanctioned weapons to depopulate and bring instability to upset rest of worlds ability to feed their populations.

Skol said...

I concur with all of the above, for the most part.
What heartily saddens me is that the reality of America as the land of the free, is manifested in the way Monsanto can ride rough shod over the best interests of American people.

Tragically, it is through a combination of the nationalism of US society, that has been ingrained into its citizens since elementary school where children are taught the pledge and indoctrinated with the belief that USA is the "Best country in the world" without evidence of such, that makes complaining about the government to be "un-American", and the oppressive, all pervading abuse of power by the big corporations such as Monsanto, which closes all legitimate avenues of objection to their actions and their approval of such by the government.

It is for these reasons that US citizens are not only expected to endure the onslaught of GM foods directly to the consumer, and the experimentation of their production on their doorsteps and its possible effects environmentally, but also to do it gleefully as if they were part of an Orwellian master plan that has tricked them into granting their silent approval.

Wake up USA. Do not sit there being silenced by those who would oppress you, comfortable in the knowledge that their wrong doings are endorsed by the people you elected to REPRESENT your views and interests.

Speak up, address the issues that impinge on the future your strive to assure for your selves and your children, before we reach the point of no return.

Anonymous said...

@el5z -

So, the Jews are just responsible for all the evil in the world, right? Next, you are going to inform me that the Jews were the founders of the KKK. Or that Hitler was right. Or that the Holocaust was a Hoax. Or Israel should be bombed off the face of the Earth. No one else, of any other race, creed, ethnicity could possibly be vile and do things to harm others. It just has to be those damn Jews, they create and cause all the suffering in the world. You're a jackass el5z, a hateful individual with nothing better to do with your time except erroneously stir up old hatreds, biases, prejudices. I wish people like you would just crawl back into your dark cave and never come back out. The world has enough problems...

Terri said...

We The People must STOP attacking each other, that works for them, always has.

Jews eat foods provided for Monsanto, why bring crap like that into this important conversation? To what end, what is your point.

Garbage comes in all colors, GROW UP ALREADY. Join the human race and stop agreeing to be a pawn of the elite with their screwed up views causing such division between all of us and of all life on this slowly dying planet.

Your playing into their game with your hateful, spiteful words and antique views.

Just two classes of people, (no not (R) or (D) but those who feel they need to cull the herd and the rest of us, in the herd. So WAKE UP and stop allowing them to divide us. Our strength is in our numbers. You truly need to change sides or educated yourself more.

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