Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dashcam Video Sheds Light on Cop Shooting 70-Year-Old Disabled Man

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

Finally, police dashcam video has been released in the shooting of a Lincolnton, North Carolina man in York County, South Carolina. The victim of the all-too-typical police shooting was traveling back home to North Carolina via the South Carolina route, when he was pulled over by fearful York County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Terrence Knox for an expired license plate.

The victim, 70-year-old Bobby Canipe, who is handicapped, was shot by Deputy Knox when he got out of the vehicle and reached into the back of his truck for his cane, which is when Deputy Knox’s uncontrollable fear took over and the Deputy fired not one but several shots at Canipe, hitting him once.

Deputy Knox has since been placed on paid vacation, also known as paid leave, while the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division “investigates” the incident and does whatever it can to blame the victim and eliminate any legitimacy to claims of wrongdoing on the part of the fearless deputy.

Trent Faris, official spokesman of the York County Sheriff’s Office stated that the shooting was unfortunate but “appeared to be appropriate because Knox felt an imminent threat to his life,” according to the Associated Press.

Despite the fact that Canipe was 70 years old, disabled, and was pulled over for a minor (read “ridiculous”) infraction to begin with, many may have wondered if the video would show any remote form of a possible reason to believe that Deputy Knox was justified in opening fire on him.

Thankfully, the video clears this question up quite well.

From watching the altercation, it is clear that the sole blame of the shooting lies on the shoulders of Deputy Knox who not only initiated the interaction but reacted to it in a crazed, paranoid, and hysterical manner. Indeed, from watching the video, it is clear that not only did Canipe pose no threat to Knox, there was no reason to even believe that he might have.

The viewer is clearly able to see that Canipe is elderly and that he is removing a cane from the bed of his truck. Indeed, the cane is already out of the truck before Knox opens fire.

Of course, the Rock Hill Herald has made the decision not to show the exact moment of the shooting either in an effort to protect the guilty party or simply to censor real life. However, the responsibility for the shooting is still clearly visible despite the viewer being unable to actually see Canipe being struck by Knox’s gunfire.

In a testament to Knox’s police work, Knox can still be heard yelling at Canipe to “drop the gun” even though, after the Herald sees fit to return the footage, Canipe is seen leaning on the cane. Knox’s police experience apparently did not take into consideration that the odds of a gun-owner keeping their weapon in the bed of their truck and then leaning on it (particularly after they tried to shoot a cop) are quite low.

Although, admittedly, Knox did show more regret than many of his colleagues who have shot and even killed innocent people, police officers have taken on a line of work with tremendous responsibility. A simple “Oops” or “I’m sorry” simply doesn’t cut it after you have shot someone in the stomach.

Despite the fact that Knox’s idiocy, paranoia, and uncontrollable fear resulted in an innocent man being shot, the York County Sheriff’s Office is defending his actions and Knox has been placed on paid leave during the course of a SLED investigation.

It is the action and response of the York County Sheriff’s Department, however, that speaks louder than even the insane reaction of the incompetent Deputy. The fact that the YCSD, even after reviewing the video provided above, would even consider suggesting that Knox acted appropriately speaks volumes about the quality and nature of that department.

The people of York County would be wise to reconsider the militaristic, violent, and unaccountable monster they have allowed York County Sheriff’s Department to become before these incidents become daily occurrences in York County.

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Anonymous said...

Take all the bullets away from these officers....Give them one bullet and have them keep it in their breast pocket just in case they actually need one....

Anonymous said...

Another cop goes on a paid vacation!

Anonymous said...

If fearing for your life is justification then any citizen being pulled over should be fearing for their life. I'm guessing they will think that fear is unjustified even though that fear is much more reasonable

Anonymous said...

When you train your police to perform as soldiers, killing becomes second nature and secondary to the task at hand...stealing the life of the country because it deserves nothing less.

Anonymous said...

Police have a higher standard that they should be held to, simply because their actions could end up killing someone. Most people in their jobs making mistakes won't kill someone. The police making mistakes often end up with someone being killed!

Wrong address for a swat raid, inexcusable! There is no excuse! You would think a swat raid on someones house, that getting the right address would be paramount! But, it happens all the time!

As a cop you are hired and paid knowing your job is potentially dangerous. That's part of the job. You need to make sure every precaution is taken to ensure you aren't killing people by mistake! It's not something you can take back! And, it isn't more important that you're alive at the end of the day! It's far more important that everyone is alive at the end of the day!

dan said...

...only cowards hide behind a badge.

Anonymous said...

The cop was apologizing immediately, he knew he was completely in the wrong. A cowardly response by someone not capable of protecting and serving. Fire him and put him in jail.

Mark McCandlish said...

I think the cop was a big enough man to admit his mistake and apologize. Most killer cops are self-righteous sociopaths who are more interested in playing CYA than doing the right thing- even in the light of an acknowledged mistake. And unlike most killer cops, he ALSO rendered first aide instead of watching the victim bleed to death because of his mistake. This is a cop we can work with. The others can go to hell.

Anonymous said...

Armed Security Guards in Florida having passed their 3 day course would not have mad this mistake. Why? Because they are held responsible for their actions in a shoot- no shoot situation. Police know they will be protected by the government and the union 99% of the time. Ridiculous, irresponsible, unreasonable action by this deputy. He needs to quit or be fired and loose his gun rights.

Leslie said...

Besides being a coward and an idiot, this cop is a terrible shot, thankfully for Mr. Canipe. Hope Mr. Canipe and his family sue the socks off him.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You will be more than happy to see a police office when you need one! This officer did the right thing under the circumstances. At the age of 70, everyone should know if you are pulled over by the police, stay in your vehicle and don't reach for anything!

Anonymous said...

The cop is like 50 feet away...prolly cowering behind his car door, and goes into, "Shoot first, ask questions later" mode. Before long, people who get pulled over will just get out and open fire on the cops as a preemptive self preservation action. At least that way you have a fighting chance of surviving...

Anonymous said...

You people are just monumentally naive.
You think the system is going to correct itself????

Anonymous said...

That was attempted murder. Notice as he yell's the standard CYA of "drop the gun", "drop the gun" even after he knew the man was unarmed. That shows me that he attempted to tamper with evidence by providing misleading information that was being recorded. (Sorry if that comes out as gibberish, I just woke up).

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but this as are most unnecessary police shootings come as a result of hiring former soldiers trained to kill people as law enforcement officers. Unfortunately ,for Canadians, very shortly we will have the RCMP and border guards manned by former soldiers as well, not public servants but people who were trained as killers. People who voluntarily signed up to go to war. Nothing that happened in Afghanistan had anything to do with protecting the sovereignty of Canada. Things are going to get worse in Canada much worse Soldiers are good at two things following orders and killing people and these are the type of ppeople your government wants in these positions.

Anonymous said...

Something I've yet to see commented many people can pick up a shotgun and so effortlessly point it unwaveringly at someone with one hand....much less a frail old man?

berealtruth said...

"Despite the fact that Knox’s idiocy, paranoia, and uncontrollable fear resulted in an innocent man being shot..." Don't you mean, "an innocent man being MURDERED"?

Anonymous said...

Was the cop on pshotropic meds? That's my question

Anonymous said...

In some ways I feel sorry for the cop...NEVER GET OUT OF A CAR WHEN THE COPS PULL YOU OVER And keep your hands in sight! That's the way it's got to be in a society where we allow gun ownership

t said...

Stay in your car no reason to get out. It doesn't matter how old you are police are the ones not knowing what's in the car or what the person is capable of. The cane did look like it could be a type of gun even for a split second that's all the time the cop has to react to make the choice his life or the person who's going to shoot. What's it matter if it was in the bed of the truck would be a good place to put a mount if you wanted to surprise someone.

Anonymous said...

you dont reach for anything unless asked by the cop... 70 year old man should know that. you people are so judgmental. there is nothing on that tape that points "clearly" to the officer being at fault. he told the man to stop multiple times. get a grip

Steve said...

Did the elderly man survive?! How is the mindset of the wife?! I assume the passenger was his wife. How is the mindset of the cop?!

Anonymous said...

Three trolls in a row trying to reinforce the victim mindset or coincidence of three people suffering from the abuse syndrome. (They protect and enable their abusers)

It's a shame we have so many people who are suffering from this type of mental illness.

No matter what you do to defend yourself or how blatant the attack is, YOU are always wrong and the police or authority are right.

We are cultivating sick minds who enable this kind of abuse and criminality.

Remember the guy who was shot by dickhead cheney?

He apologized for it taking the blame. Case in point.

Anonymous said...

I like the attempt by anon at 11:11 to blame gun ownership on incompetent and corrupt police.

The previous poster nailed when stating most of the cops on the force today are damaged soldiers suffering from drug use and other mental issues.

Panx911 said...

This article doesn't even mention if the old man died or not. This is a horrible thing to have happened but why did he get out of his vehicle? Everyone knows to sit tight and let them approach. I see a mistake made on both sides leading to a horrible outcome.

Hide Behind said...

If you or I had shot a 70 year old man because we thought he had a gun and had but a cane and was over 50' from him when we did so, what would be the consequences of our actions?
It would not matter if the old fart was drooling and telling vile obscenities about the house your mother worked in while waving that cane in the air; the threat factor would not be be there..
What the fuck does this old farts being a veteran have to do with his being shot by a fn idiot in uniform?
Damn but the so called freedom pundits love to keep elevating the mythology of military sainthood over that of non military populace.
S. FREUD knew what slips of mind hid.

Anonymous said...

please sign our National Petition Against Police Brutality.

Anonymous said...

You're slick with your words, people like you are just as bad as those you vindicate. Clearly what happened was wrong, but your personal attacks and violent mind state fuel the hatred that makes officers like him fearful in the first place.

Anonymous said...

The officer is clearly incapable of fulfilling the duties of LEO.

People defending themselves against an ever increasing abuse and misuse of powers is no justification for Police being fearful.

Maybe if they executed their jobs in a competent and professional manner instead of knee jerk reactions of a coward then this wouldn't happen in the first place.

I take it from your response you are somehow affiliated with LEO, and from your words I would highly recommend you find another line of work.

You obviously don't have the qualifications.

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