Sunday, February 23, 2014

Major US Utility Firm Blasts Smart Meters As “Irrational” And “Security Risk”

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According to Halt MA Smart Meters, Massachusetts' largest electric utility NSTAR has submitted scathing comments to the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) regarding its proposed mandate (to the utility, not the customer - there is no legal mandate for individual utility customers to accept “smart” meters on private property anywhere in the US or abroad that we are aware of - that is a myth and a lie perpetuated by utilities).

NSTAR states in its official submission to the DPU:
  • “there is no cost justification that can support the implementation of ‘smart’ meters”
  • “Smart Meters do not reduce the number of outages” 
  • “Smart metering systems are not necessary to integrate distributed resources” (wind & solar)”
  • “Smart meters introduce a brand new portal into (our) information systems, significantly increasing the cyber-security risk.”
  • “mandated implementation of (smart meters) is not a prerogative within the [DPU]‘s discretion”
  • “Many customers have a deep aversion to technology that links them to the ‘grid’ in a way that they perceive as an invasion of their privacy and/ or detrimental to their health”

It is worth noting how far the “smart grid” has fallen in terms of public acceptance that now a major US utility has courageously come out and rejected “smart” meters,  complaining loudly about a state mandate even as state utilities commissions- driven by a corrupt association with the smart grid industry- continue to blindly push “smart” meter programs that have shown themselves to be a waste of public funds, a waste of energy, and a threat to our health, safety and privacy.

In California, the Public Utilities Commission was responsible for pushing the smart grid on initially reluctant investor owned utilities.  While companies like GE, Landis & Gyr, and Silver Spring Networks continue to profit handsomely from the smart meter gravy train, it’s clear that this train is stalling on an uphill grade without brakes, and we know how that story ends…..

For more information, see Halt MA Smart Meters Newsletter

NStar’s DPU  comment: HMSM highlighted version or original NStar doc


Hat tip: 
Stop Smart Meters UK

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Anonymous said...

Due to a carport collapse taking out the analog meter the power company replaced it with a smart meter. My useage (not rate) is now 15% higher.Guess they thought I wouldn't notice.
Dennis Patterson--Deer Park,WA

steve2 said...

Some of the symptoms that people report from being exposed to smart meters are headaches, insomnia, and heart problems.

No wonder Americans have so many health issues. Smart meters are being installed everywhere. There are over 200,000 cell phone towers. You're surrounded by cell phones, routers, modems, and Wifi. It's radiation overkill.

John Davis said...

Oh it is worse.. Smart meters use Broadband over Power Line to transmit the information, MOST of the BPL systems are very nasty radio interference wise, knocking out many radio services INCLUDING ones that I use. (one system is acceptable, it is made by Motorola).

The only advantage of "Smart" meters is the ability to read remotely. So a hackable computer can take the reading instead of a human who puts on the card "Vicious Dog" even though all I had was cats, no dog at all (Dog lived next door and was basically a very loud pussy cat, his name was CHEVY, I ask his owner why CHEVY, he pointed to his ford truck and said "It sure is not man's best friend". )

John Davis said...

Smart meters also use Broadband over Power Line to transmit data to the power company.. Now there are a few of these systems.. All but one are kind of hard on the radio spectrum.. Knocking out many services including one I use.

The only "Advantage" is that with Smart Meters a hackable computer (NOTE: The only non-hackable computer has no external connections) can read your meter so the meter readers go on unemployment... ER, thats an advantage???)

Instead of having a human mark "Vicious dog in yard" (NOTE: I had no dog, only cats, NEIGHBOR had a dog, who was a bit of a pussy cat himself, Dog's name was CHEVY, I ask owner why Chevy, he pointed to his Ford truck and said "That sure is not man's best friend")

Anonymous said...

You can say that again- John davis.

Anonymous said...

Smash the 'smart meter' and continue to do so until an analog meter is in place

Ed NO said...

They haven't started installing them in my area of Pa. yet, but ill be ready for them. As far as someone commenting about them listening to us through them, have you ever heard of "Lilly Waves" Google that.

Anonymous said...

If they can do internet over power lines, why do smart meters have to use WiFi?

Anonymous said...

In Southern California, the electric utility company, SCE, wants $75 for replacing their Smart Meter, that was installed without my knowledge, with the old Analog Meter. The Smart Meter has only been "smart" for SCE as it resulted in higher electric bills with even lower usage.

Anonymous said...

Check out the situation concerning smart meters and the consumers in British Columbia, Canada. It is absolutely ridiculous, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Not-so-smart meters pulse from 3 to 4 AM every morning, have you had trouble sleeping? Waking at 3AM or 4 AM every morning? Your REM sleep is being disturbed by this device, fuzzy, can't think clearly anymore, sleep deprivation can be the cause. Also research the wavelength they have chosen for this device to communicate and your eyes may also be opened to the war against you and your children, mico-waved into unhealthiness and corporate medical profits..what tools we are!

steve2 said...

Smart meters got a big boost in 2009, when the Obama administration devoted $3.5 billion of its $787 billion stimulus package to help utilities install the new technology.

Thanks for aiding this health and financial debacle Obama.

Affinity Net News said...

Here's what you must realize regarding smart meters: There is no enforceable federal or state law that can force you to accept a smart meter.

- Utility companies are all privately owned corporations regardless of what they claim. You are not required to abdicate or be subjugated by any corporation for any reason.

- Do not be bullied by them even if they appear with the police to install on your home or business. Video the forced installation and prepare to raise all living hell with others.

- Threaten a class-action lawsuit with others in your area.

- Learn to protect yourself and others by starting a local meet-up group and educate yourself about your rights.

- You'll find that you have all the power and the utility companies are mere smoke and mirrors if you threaten a major class-action lawsuit.

- They don't want the bad press or PR to effect their share earnings.

- If things get really rough. Realize you are not alone. Millions will stand with you. Call all your local TV stations, and any other media that will listen to your story.

I worked many years in TV news with CBS, NBC, and PBS as a news producer. The corporate media is completely corrupt but, they love these kind of stories regardless and will very likely be supportive.

We must all stand united against the fascist totalitarian bankster/military police-state.

Anonymous said...

SmartMeters are about mind control and reading thru a quantuum computer network in Utah. Lucifer will help in te programming because it will give him an electro-physical linkage to influence your thoughts direct. Look up how much technology has enabled mind communication thru existing technologies being practiced with. He'll be able to confront your thought as fast as uou think it and thwart you. It wouldn't take long to erase your total personality thru conditioning. It's like giving the devil a cell tower on the side of your house that uses your brain as the tuned-in cellphone.

The power companies get to charge different rates by realtime metering, instead of averaging, all setup for "Enron-type" manipulation. They can lay-off the metermen entirely, rather than reduce their force thru other simple modern technology. SmartMeters are never cost-justified by the power companies because the secret NWO government is paying for them up front, then taxing us later. You know, like making the prisoner pay for his execution bullet. The police get access to the realtime data with an analysis of household activity that's as predictive as in "Minority Report". The NSA/CIA can covertly destroy your mind, if so inclined, by disrupting your sleep, let alone any really covert mind manipulations available thru tech today.

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