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Economic Elite Announce Plan to Replace Human Labor with Machines

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Nicholas West
Activist Post

Speaking at the recent Davos economic conference - widely considered to be the elite economic forum to discuss trends and political strategy - an expert in artificial intelligence and machine learning, Jeremy Howard, had some stunning announcements that indicate a major shift in employment is set to occur very soon.

As Howard states in the video below, we have hit a critical threshold where machine intelligence is performing better than even the leading experts in the fields of medicine, science, and banking among others. This has vast ramifications, as this crossover coincides also with the replacement of skilled and non-skilled human labor with robots. Between the two events, people from all economic classes are being threatened with replacement in an unprecedented way. It is being called technological unemployment - a type of permanent unemployment that greatly exacerbates our current recession/depression, because the lost jobs most likely will never return.

Howard asserts that we are about to encounter conditions akin to those that occurred after the Industrial Revolution replaced manufacturing and agricultural workers to a vast degree. That event, in fact, gave rise to the term technological unemployment. Much maligned economist, John Maynard Keynes, was the first to issue dire predictions of a type of extinction level event for unemployment, which we now clearly know never fully took place. However, the new type of automation poses a far greater threat, according to many researchers such as Jeremy Howard. The main reason is simple: this time it is all-encompassing; in other words, everyone can be replaced ... permanently.

This has led to predictions such as those made by Professor of Computer Science, Moshe Vardi, when he stated that all human work will be fully outsourced to robots and robotic machine intelligence by 2045. But we need to keep in mind that this is not some sort of overnight switch that gets thrown; it is happening right now, as technology is already killing middle class jobs.

In the video below, Jeremy Howard gives very precise, concrete examples that show just how far machine intelligence has advanced, and the threat that it poses for human productivity and employment.

Particularly interesting is his reference to a map showing which countries are service-based economies, juxtaposed with the fact that America has become 65% based on information technology and processing. Both sets are the jobs slated for direct replacement by machine systems that are in some cases already more efficient, lower cost and more accurate than any human. And, unlike humans, machine learning is exponentially increasing its "intelligence" on a yearly basis. This situation creates a scenario as bad as or potentially much worse than the Industrial Revolution, when after the shift 80% of workers were worse off socio-economically.

Howard's final graphic is a stunning one that shows a 15-year flat-line, and now downward slide of human value vs. overall productivity. This can only mean one thing: we are already being outsourced, and the pace is accelerating.

Dire predictions aside, there are ways to position oneself for the coming transformation without merging with machines, as Transhumanists suggest, or turning over the running of society to a centralized hive system of political and economic management as Zeitgeist proponents endorse.

For a look at the areas where one can still thrive, please view this essential documentary. It's long, but the path for the unprepared will be far longer. In addition consider holding a portion of your savings in gold & silver


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Anonymous said...

RT did a news piece just a day or two ago, highlighting the very low birthrate in the United States and other developed societies, especially Japan.

People have come to grips that there is essentially NO FUTURE for babies born in the 21st Century, as our populations continue to grow yet there will be fewer and fewer jobs available, and therefore the means to earn an income and a source in which to obtain vital goods and services.

Not everyone can operate a farm and be self-sufficient. Just the land itself requires far too much capital investment that 90% or more of the population couldn't even begin in the first place.

Anonymous said...

This author clearly doesn't understand the train of thought that is the Zeitgeist movement. Further, the monetary system cannot survive if the majority of humans cannot create economic 'value' for themselves through labor.

The system's approach advocated by the Zeitgeist movement is currently the best long term solution for sustaining the human population on this planet that I have found.

However, our social values need to undergo a transformation if a natural law resource based economy is going to work. We need to stop placing arbitrary monetary value on human life. People should have the right to do what they want with their lives, as long as they are not harming anyone else. Historically, the most creative solutions have come from individuals that are intrinsically motivated; not the carrot-and-stick approach that is associated with the traditional economics of today.

The main reason that I have encountered for people rejecting an NLRBE is the belief that we will always have scarcity on this planet. This is incorrect, as much of the scarcity that exists is a result of the current socioeconomic model. Capitalism demands scarcity in order to maintain profits. An NLRBE would not have such a motive.

For more comprehensive information about the train of thought that is the Zeitgeist Movement, please visit their website and read The Zeitgeist Movement Defined; an orientation guide now available for free download.

Brendan R

Anonymous said...

This is why the whole personal income dynamic has to change. A productivity tax on robots has been touted, but I am not a fan of taxation.

Personal Taxation did not exist and wasn't needed prior to the creation of the federal reserve in 1913, but we tend to forget that and instead submit to the propaganda that personal tax builds roads, schools and hospitals. Tax does not do these things!

Our current system is of no benefit to the majority of the global population.

Automation and robotics were sold to us on the basis that conditions would improve, yet this has not been the outcome for most people.

If we measure workers' conditions over the past 100 yeras, we should have evolved to a four day working week at most. A four day working week would create more employment in the short term, (as will the 30 hour week that OBomber "care" encourages in order to bypass it) but again, this cannot fix the problem of lack of prosperity for everyone. A debt jubilee or a wiping out of all current debt, would help in the short term, but againm, unless there are fundamental changes to the system, the problem does not go away for long.

The Ubuntu system in Africa proposes that three hours week per person per week is enough to enable a community to operate successfully. This seems incredibly low yet it is claimed that it is working in Africa right now.

The true solution is to drop the whole current model and start afresh, (not such a radical idea if you look at US history). Abandoning the idea that everyone has to have a "job" in order to survive and flourish is not easy for the fully enslaved and indoctrinated amongst us. Being "busy" in a job is not necessarily being the best we can be, and it usually takes us away from being able to spend more time helping others, or pursuing our passion..

Given that most money is created out of thin air, not backed by anything except debt, there is no need for poverty or the compound interest that creates it. The current system will never ever address this issue.

If we care to look, we are already seeing big changes, and are being shown the way. Iceland has jailed its banksters and politicians and said a big "No" to having its people pay for the debts created by those now in jail. This is in stark contrast to countries like Greece which had the same option as Iceland, but instead are making their citizens pay and pay and pay. Iceland has shown the way for other countries to follow and is a shining example of how eliminating debt enables a society to flourish very quickly. Iceland's economy turned on a dime, so to speak, and is now the envy of others.

Sweden, (I think it is), currently looking at the idea of a state-paid income for each and everyone of its citizens, including the currently employed.

Cryptocurrencies are also playing their part. They may not be the full answer but they are playing a vital role in challenging and changing the perception of currency.

A few countries out-shone the US with their own state-issued currencies, backed by real gold, which enabled them to provide 100% free schools and hospital services, interest-free home and car loans, cheap state-owned fuel and electricity and cash payouts to the newly married. The Us has since "freed" those people of those things by military invasion, hanging/killing their leaders and plundering the state- owned central banks and assets.

Working less at regular jobs and fair income for all can be made possible with the help of automation and robotics, but to do this, the whole income / taxation /compounding interest regime has to change.

We have a tremendous opportunity in front of us.

Anonymous said...

The problem is the Zeitgeist frame of mind is not going to be implemented (on any sort of level) until it is far too late for today's youth to expect any kind of prosperous future.

We are heading for AT LEAST several decades of repeated and worsening unemployment and social unrest like we are seeing all over Spain, Italy, Greece, Ukraine, Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, Bosnia, etc.

Anonymous said...

Brendon R wrote "The main reason that I have encountered for people rejecting an NLRBE is the belief that we will always have scarcity on this planet. This is incorrect, as much of the scarcity that exists is a result of the current socioeconomic model. Capitalism demands scarcity in order to maintain profits."

exactly.The universe is naturally abundant. There is enough for everybody.

Anonymous said...

To Anon Feb 8, 2014 at 1:01pm

YOU don't understand the elites. What Zeitgeist wants will NOT come to pass because the elites DO NOT CARE about people, we are only resources, defensible things to them. Zeitgeist is looking at it from the point of view of benefiting everybody, whereas the elites do not care about anyone but themselves and therefore would never let ANY system be put into place which benefited people, as it would destroy their power base. They are in positions of power, they want more and more control, they want EVERYTHING, the planet itself and all its resources, and control over every aspect of every living creatures life as well.

They can easily use what Zeitgeist wants to put into place as a way of total control, benefiting themselves. Even of they don't, they already have vast control over economy, resources, and are acquiring more and more control over people's everyday lives. Automating the workplace WILL NOT WORK since the elites have NO intention of setting up systems of ways of living to allow non-working people (who they see as slaves essentially) to benefit from robots/ machines doing the work for them. They see us as resources, if the workplace is automated we will be obsolete, useless in their eyes and therefore they will allow people to live in desperate squalor and even die off. Zeitgeist cannot come to any good fruition as long as they elites hold sway over business, economy, government and technology. We MUST remove all aspects of their influence first before we can set up any working system, be it Zeitgeist or other any other. Though I suspect aspects of Zeitgeist, which mirror what the elites want to do, is influenced by the elites. Look up the New World Order and what the elites want to set up under that system.... wouldn't hurt to look up info on the Illuminati too. Nothing we try will ever work because they do not want to lose power/ resources/ control. They ALWAYS infiltrate, disrupt, divide and destroy anything that would threaten their power.... or twist/ corrupt it to their own ends so that it ends up benefiting them instead of people.

So if anything positive is to come out of Zeitgeist or ANY movement/ idea, we have to break the elites power, strip them of it, ferret out their infiltrators, and determine where in all aspects of our individual lives, society and each movement they have added their corruption. THEN people can determine how to live their lives truly for free.

It's not easy. The elites are master manipulators, they have been doing this throughout history. But they are NOT perfect, they are defeatable. Good luck to you and everyone else and don't give up. I know there are alot of nice and good people in the Zeitgeist and other movements... The elites and their infiltrators/ puppets have muddied the waters greatly, but it is not impossible to defeat them. Namaste.

Anonymous said...

Then why do we need rich people or money or capitalism, if we can get machines to make everything everyone needs?

Anonymous said...

If they are going to make them like Boeing jets and other doomahookies that have never worked, then I wish them good luck. Bullshit Baffles Brains.

Anonymous said...

They are defeatable. As the greater population wakes up we are already much closer to our objective than ever before. To me, the PTB look absolutely desperate right now. It is increasingly difficult for them to hold power and things are not quite working out as well as they had hoped. True, our victories to date seem small, but once more of us realise that is actually we the majority who have the uiltimate power, things will change rather quickly.

dale said...

Let the robots do the work and let all of us share the benefits.

Anonymous said...

Dale, think of the leisure time we could have, and the time to serve others in ways that robots cannot.

I just watched
after reading the article about web designer who works in exchange for gifts rather than money. The chap decided to do this after reading the book Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein.

Anonymous said...

The simplest answer is the ruling elites do not care for humans/humanoids and they themselves want to escape from their flesh bodies. They ideally want to exist as holograms where their higher dimensional consciousness can reside in this reality forever. The elites also want the resources of the planet for themselves and the easiest way is to remove all opposition by removing all humans/humanoids and replacing the workforce with technology such as computers and robots. The elites have already perfected this technology that is many thousands of years more advanced than publicly available technology. However the ruling elites will fail because physical immortality is impossible.

Anonymous said...

As a veteran of the computer/IT industry for over 20 years I can undoubtedly predict this robotics replacing all jobs as pure fantasy. Have people not noticed that some things involving computers are more complicated and less efficient? What would happen if a computer/robotic controlled car malfunctioned? Would it pull over to the side of the road safely and stop the engine? The more complicated the machine the more infinite the possibilities for error. Besides, greed, as history has always shown, leads to destruction not nirvana. It might be better said that we are entering a Dark Age or in the midst of one.

Anonymous said...

This is precisely what a new doctrine of freedom has been predicting for several years. It is called: "Sperryism".

It's third Freedom-Tool called "SuperCompany" solves the problem of diminished numbers of jobs, by rapidly turning "workers" into "owners". By rapidly turning them into, the "wealthy". See:

Anonymous said...

And the elite do not want free energy to replace their income source and investments in oil. So to not upset their means of making a living, the planet suffers, poverty still exists, hardships experienced. So let's not bother them...oh heavens no....let's let them bother us! pfffffff I'm annoyed at just the computer generated telephone menus! Much prefer human to human conversations, can ask my questions directly and get a prompt redirect without having to waste my time listening to an entire menu, or pressing #1 if I want English. Or how about the plethora of computer viruses and hacking. Techno is not the answer. It's created many frustrations and breakdowns. There's always the next greatest thing to off to work we go. Oh but wait, how will we afford their techno gadgetry with no jobs? that is a bit of a problem, isn't it?

They cannot just adjust one side of the equation without adjusting the other side of the equation. If they replace jobs with bots, then everything we need for living and enjoying is totally FREE in a jobless society...where before we used to pay to live.

Anonymous said...

The inconvenient truth is that even when fully blessed, mankind is a sinful creature. Thus, given the entire continent of N America to dwell in, his first act is not to rejoice at God's goodness, but to begin slaughtering those people who are already living there, and to indiscriminately murder the animals which they depend upon for survival. He always creates an "outgroup" and then exploits and demonizes and exterminates it.
He goes on, in the midst of plenty for all, to become not magnanimous, but even more selfish. He begins to slaughter his own babies, 50 million of which and counting have been murdered without compunction in this land of plenty. No-one raises a voice in protest.
Those people who of all people should rejoice in God's goodness and absolute power revealed in their defence have gone on to become the very worst examples of mankind. These people have written a book which institutionalizes racism and the hate-speech which they then have the bitter gall to project onto others, claiming persecution in the face of the clear evidence that they themselves are the greatest persecutors of all.
Thus mankind is incorrigible. No zeitgeist movement will ever save him from his own wickedness.
On 9-11 this land of plenty was first delivered into the hands of the God who was invoked in its first establishment. The region known today as Ground Zero was the place where this national commitment to the God YHVH was first made; and here too it was where that God revealed Himself in its Judgement. The second Judgement fell upon the land exactly seven years later, on 29 Elul, when 777.7 points were wiped off the DJIE. Seven more years will bring us to Sunday 13th September 2015.
"Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death and mourning and famine, and she shall be utterly burned with fire, for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her".
Remember the days of Noah.
"Today, if ye will hear His voice, harden not your hearts".
Tim Webb.

Anonymous said...

Robots, schmobots. I work in the plumbing/electical trades and there ain't no way a robot can do what I do. Up/down ladders; In/out of crawlspaces, basement to top floor to bleed water lines, tracing circuits back to the main panel and back up to the 3rd floor. And figuring the how, the why, first step, next, etc. to objective; getting parts and supplies; tooling up for the job. It would cost the elites a bazillion dollars make a machine do what I do. I have sworn to GOD that if the day ever comes where I cannot make an honest living using my skills, to Hell with this misguided world and the dumb ass elites who don't have enough common sense to change a light bulb. They may think they have power. Who are they gonna call when the lights go out? A robot?

Glen Dooer said...

When the day comes that Bot's will be selling cars, homes, food etc to other bot;s we will know it is over.

Aude Sapere said...

So, let the machines do the work, and pay people anyway. Otherwise who is going to buy all the stuff the machines make? Give everyone a living wage, for living, and let people develop hobbies doing what they love to do, creating art, music, gardens, artisanal projects, beekeeping. It could be a beautiful world if the machines are used for the good of all the people, not for sociopath ceos to make profit. Socialism (public ownership of the means of production) is not a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

yes a dark age ie they make us more stupid

Anonymous said...

"People have come to grips that there is essentially NO FUTURE for babies born in the 21st Century,"..................... They haven't come to grips with the yellowstone calderra - it was reported as having very significant underground activity only a few days ago and if it blows it will most certainly put a crimp in the NWO plans. Something like that is about the only thing which will save humanity apart from the return of Jesus. A total reset is required to rid the world of the NWO vermin. Something like the flood of Noah's day when God repented of having made the world and man. It's like Noah's day today btw and the bible says that is when the end will come.

Anonymous said...

In 1995, after I've analyzed and perfectly comprehended the Capitalism ( I'm not a Marxist) I've stated the only one conclusion possible:
as it is this society it will tremendous worst than everything until now.
Even the Stalin's , Mao, Pol Pot hell could be considered a nice and happy walk in the park in one glorious day of the Springtime.
Never I was wrong in my conclusions
Look around you people , everything is absolutely the blue print of Brave New World , 1984,Mockingbird,Soylent Green and Idiocracy and much more than all together.
Be aware "we-you" are doomed,There is no escape from HELL .

Anonymous said...

driverless cars cops cant stop blacks for no reason no speeding tickets for cops revenue

Afshin Nejat said...

Economic Elite Announce Plan to Replace Human Labor with Machines... SO THEY CAN KILL YOU.


Anonymous said...

This video and article are overblown.
The statistical claim that 80% of the jobs across 3/4's of the world are in the "service" sector, (including Brazil, Mexico, etc) is absurd. 65% of the American workforce is NOT in the "information-sector." A great deal of the "statistics" surrounding employment concerns the "official" economy; when, in fact, some 40-50% of the real economic life is often "under-the-table."
However, it IS true that a large percentage of the American/European populations are employed in services and I.T., largely due to the fact that our I.T. serves the continued (imperial) control of poorer nations around the world, and because our manufacturing base has been re-located to those poorer countries.
Robotic penetration of I.T. services WILL have a big impact on the people employed there, but nowhere near the scope of the industrial revolution; where, the whole mass of the population was forcibly driven from their land over a few decades, (to work in factories).
Today, we're dealing with the END of the industrial-capitalism model, not the beginning. The robots and computers that are supposed to replace human labor are totally dependent on energy to run them, and a REAL, physical economy to sustain everything that robots cannot do, (at least for another few decades); and the massive instability of the present, elite-controlled system will see a collapse before the fantasies of computer-geeks ever come true.
But then again, that cute girl on stage... winking at me while he spoke, was quite a distraction, so I might have missed something he said.

ickster said...

upload a computer virus....................pricless

Anonymous said...

There's something about Activist Post that I don't entirely trust. Is it the predictive programming? the comfort with which all these "startling revelations" are flown over us? Critical thinking tells me I'm being bulldozed. Help!

Laurel said...

There is no unemployment on a hemp farm.

Unknown said...

Time to replace the elites with humans!

Anonymous said...

Natural stupidity in better than artificial inteligence!

Anonymous said...

This is OUR world, OUR society and home. It is NOT the property of the elite or the industrialists. One day they will learn that lesson.

Sum Dum Goy said...

Just don't sell them anymore of our machines.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we will ALL be working for food, soon, on land owned by the Queen of England, and the Financial Interests, in the 'City' of London. Hopefully, they'll allow us to eat some of the GMO-food we grow.

Anonymous said...

There is NOT a single human being existing upon the earth today, who has been formed in the likeness of LORD God. Human beings come from Adam and Eve, who were made in the image of LORD God, BUT NOT in likeness.
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Anonymous said...

PARADiGM SHiFT for New Generations : Obtaining a "job" is NOT the FUTURE

Sit down and Deeply Ponder about this, and figure out Positive, and More Natural ways to Survive, then being trapped in a working prison system without bars !

Mark Bravard said...

gov will tax's robots just same as reg humans.

The Light said...

The elite cabal wants robots as they do not consume their resources as much as most of us useless eaters. You bet when they can institute their dystopian ideals, they will. Get ready for that day because they will do everything to get rid of most of us. They are already doing it, but it isn't fast enough or taking enough of us out right now. That will end, though, they will ramp up and slaughter most of us and enslave the rest.

Anonymous said...

Automation is troubling for human being Because now a day’s large scale industries Firing their employees .Because large scale industries needs their production fast so it implement the machines to their industries and no space human being. So I thought that Robots are replacing humans. I think that Technologies are very good for industries because with the help of Technologies we can reduced our time as well as money. But if the technologies are on its way then it's a big trouble for human being.

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