Friday, February 14, 2014

19 EU States reject GMO corn; Council approves anyway

Rady Ananda
Activist Post

Nineteen of the European Union’s 28 states rejected Dupont’s insecticidal corn, citing concern for pollinators.  Five EU states approved the genetically modified maize, and four abstained.

But because state votes are weighted based on population size, no clear majority was reached either way, which leaves it up to the European Commission, who approved Dupont Pioneer’s TC1507 corn on February 11.

The Commission approved TC1507 for import in November 2005 and five months later approved it for human consumption. This week’s approval will allow for its cultivation.

French activist and politician Jose Bove condemned the approval and explained that Germany’s abstention prevented a majority vote rejection of the corn.

“The European Parliament, the majority of Member States and 80% of citizens do not want GMOs in Europe,” Bove said in a statement, calling it “inconceivable” and “political” that the Commission would approve TC1507.

France is voting on a new bill to ban GM corn, to counter a high court ruling last year that annulled the ban.

Four of the five states approving its cultivation “produce virtually no corn in their territory,” he said.
The Greens/EFA plan to censure the EC for its approval of the crop and seek to revise GMO approval rules. Under EU rules, the Commission is empowered to approve GM for cultivation.

Rebecca Harms, Co-President of the Greens/EFA, warned that the authorization should be suspended until the approval process is revised to take account of “the legitimate and consistent opposition to this highly controversial technology.”

A motion of censure may be initiated by one-tenth of the members of the European Parliament (77 seats).

Twelve of the 19 nations that rejected TC1507 approval, the leading agricultural states in the EU, sent a letter to the Commission warning that GM approval may spark voter condemnation in the upcoming summer elections.

Reuters speculated that the battle may lead to a situation when GM crops would be allowed in the EU in general, with all countries reserving the right to ban them nationwide, without restriction.

But trade agreements may overturn this right.

Bove warned that TAFTA, the TransAtlantic Free Trade Area agreement still in negotiation, is setting up arbitration courts to enable corporations to challenge state laws, forcing their product on nations that do not want it.

TC1507 is the second GM crop to win cultivation approval in the EU.  Monsanto GM corn, MON810 is approved, but mostly grown only in Spain.  Three other GM crops were approved for cultivation, but later banned. Widespread populist opposition has stymied further market penetration of biotech crops.

The 19 nations to reject TC1507 are: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

Estonia, Finland, Spain, Sweden and the UK approved it, while four abstained: Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany and Portugal.

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Anonymous said...

The UK government are bastard poisoners.

Anonymous said...

Im from Ireland , and im shocked to see Ireland reject this because the government here are normally euro boot licking scumbags.

Anonymous said...

Germany's dirty on this one...

Anonymous said...

when the government does not listen to the people....the government will loose.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the UK government does not represent the majority of the peoplewho have made it clear that they do not want GMO food or crops in the UK. Not now and not ever.
As for Germany they abstained and then shortly afterwards started a move to pursue the right to reject GMO crops from their nation along with several other nations. So of they dislike this technology so much why did they abstain? Why did they not vote against this abomination?
Political machinations at work here to be sure.

Zeolite said...

The world doesn't want this Frankenfood crap! No one wants to eat it, not even it's creators, they all insist on organic for their own families. Hypocrites, it's the money people!

Anonymous said...

British Gov are real scum bags. They have their heads so far up the Eu's ass it sick.
Most of Britain do NOT want GMP poison.
The British Food Standard Agency admit that if an animal has been fed GM feed, 'traces' of GM material are found in the meat (milk, eggs etc) - this is a backdoor method of forcing GMO's onto us. Buy Organic only.

Anonymous said...

This is a very important issue because it has already been proven these crops/organisms spread without control.

We have too many useful idiots that do the bidding of greedy corporations never having the intelligence to realize that their greedy pursuits will be the detriment of us all.

This is not fear mongering.
If we find out too late these crops are as hazardous as indications are showing and they spread beyond control, we ALL are in deep doo doo.

What good does it do a man to gain great wealth but kill the very earth he depends on.

These people are not in their right minds.

Just because they have a title or a nice suit everyone thinks their intelligent and benevolent.

Just the opposite is true.

You may as well take people out of an insane asylum and put them in charge.

Anonymous said...

The Bastards will one day Hang for what they have done.

Anonymous said...

Here in the US so many people are suffering from the ill effects of Monsanto products (which include gastro intestinal illnesses, skin rash problems etc) that they are no longer buying processed foods that include their ingredients. I personally know 3 people who can no longer eat certain processed foods and they are drastically changing their diets for better health. There has been such an increase in food intolerance in the last 10 years that it is impossible to ignore the connections to Monsanto products. In the end Monsanto will be the death knell of processed food companies that put profits ahead of people. Many of them are suffering declines in profits already.

Anonymous said...

though majority of german people rejects it, our government slighted and betrayed those which recently brought them to power and abstained, 100% surely knowing what they were doing then!
they abstained because there are 3 parties in government and ONE of them (merkel´s CDU) wanted to approve (both opposite parties reject, too). so ONE monsanto-darling-party got the power to ignore and stomp on hugh, hugh majority of europeans and we can only pray that there´ll be a way out... .
there´s something wrong with that system which makes such possible.

Hide Behind said...

Sick and fjord tired of those who throw their little tissue fit, stomp their foot on ground, wave a finger in air and say; God will punish; someday they will pay, just you wait and see, then they put the thumb they had up their ass moments before and place in mouth to go pout in a corner; meanwhile we are watching children be fed shit for foods because shit for brains can only throw tizzy fits.
I watched as young people demonstrated against the WTO and The Crazy 8 and whatever economic bastard nations held a summit mine demo was in Seattle. and big money won because the vast fat asked comfortable middle cals was too busy sitting g on their vibrators to get into the fray.
Tis time for more Demos worldwide on the order of those trays but not like US gutless clock ..... who worry more about getting chapped lips at a demo than hitting back for a good cause.
You cannot stop the proliferation of genetic modified corn crops because even one fields pollen can travel, as was proven in South Africa and India over 500 miles by wind patterns.

Wendy Kenny said...

Where can we vote against this outrageous monstrosity, they are committing genocide we must be able to stop these monsters, it's a nightmare what can we do?

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