Thursday, January 30, 2014

Engineering The Rollout Of Geoengineering

Bernie Suarez
Activist Post

The systematic pre-planned rollout of geoengineering and aerosol spraying of our skies is now in full swing. This attempt to roll chemtrails out to the general public was predicted and anticipated by many in the movement for years, but now we are seeing the actual implementation of the agenda. Chemical spraying nationwide has been relentless for years.

All of humanity has been watching planes dropping their sustained chemical trails which artificially start and stop whenever chemical barrels are empty or when perhaps the person or system controlling the release of these chemicals from the planes needs to. All of this has been happening in broad daylight. We’ve watched as these unmarked planes with transponders in the off position sneak around the skies (go to and confirm this for yourself). These same non-passenger planes are known to loop around and fly back in the same path previously traveled. Whistleblowers have come out and confirmed many segments of these mass operations. I have personally interviewed someone who had regular access to a large military Air Force base and confirmed the spraying of the “white stuff”. Others have taken up to sampling soil, water and air, all which have turned up exponentially high levels of improbable metals, and the accompanying pH increases that come with that. Many of the metals found just happen to match the metals required in the same weather modification patents issued to U.S. defense contractors. All of these metal elements are incompatible with life. All have deleterious effects on all of nature, its life forms and its life cycles. All of these realities ignored by the U.S. government, its mouthpiece politicians and the mouthpiece geoengineers.

All of this information only confirms and vindicates the whistleblowers who have spoken out against chemtrails spraying operations. For years now chemtrails operations have become common knowledge, having been exposed worldwide from deep in the trenches of the movement to the public and private letter writing efforts to politicians and other agencies informing and inquiring about these programs and asking for their help. At some point in say the last 5-10 years the movement started getting attention from segments of media but the script eventually became clear: chemtrails was to be denied and not talked about. Soon we saw those stories about chemtrails go away, ignored, side-stepped and even replaced by other environmental concerns.

Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich may have learned about the need to keep chemtrails in denial mode the hard way when his brother was mysteriously “found dead” in his own home. Was this foul play? Who knows, but this much is factually known: Kucinich was also the one who specified “chemtrails” in his Space Preservation Act of 2001. He wasn’t kidding. The opposition and its Internet trolls would have you believe he didn’t really mean chemtrails. It was all a misunderstanding. Anyone believes this? We may not know who was behind the mysterious death of his brother but we do know Kucinich never spoke about chemtrails again.

As for the movement against chemtrails, it has been met with as much resistance and propaganda as any movement. My hat goes off to the chemtrails-geoengineering activists. They’ve had to watch as the control system literally re-edits old movies and animated films to insert chemtrails into them. This is the same system that is re-educating the children that cirrus clouds and geometrically straight (tic-tac-toe) lines in the sky are part of natural cloud formation. We’ve watched paid trolls defend chemtrails by asserting (blindly) that persistent contrails is the ordinary phenomenon which explains how temperature-humidity variations dictate whether planes can change today’s weather in a matter of an hour or two. These are just some of the piles of lies that the chemtrails movement has been subjected to, up until now that is.

Until now, the globalists and their politician minions have been sitting on the deny card. This plan is about to change. The trick is how to go from covert to overt. How to say we admit we’re doing it, but then sell the item as a good thing. This is a job that can only be pulled off by Barack Obama and his administration. In times like these you need a sales closer to close the deal. Someone who can convince the victim that the punishment is good for them. Like a master-slave relationship.

Look, for example, at how Obama is selling mass surveillance to the American public, even comparing the dreaded NSA to American heroes like Paul Revere. The control system knows no one can sell tyranny to America the way that Obama can. They know that the time to flip the mass perceptions of various conspiracies against humanity is now, while the current president is in power, and there is no time to waste. The rolling out of geoengineering seems to be well within this timing.

The move to roll out geoengineering and chemtrails seemed to have accelerated after the September 2013 revelation that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was prepared to put out a climate report that admits the earth had actually been cooling since 1998. This information which conflicted with all the global warming claims had to be dealt with in a manner that is conducive to continued spraying and continued advancement of Agenda 21 and global carbon tax. Thus, since then the administration signed an executive order to take over all climate change legislation. Then SHOWTIME cable network launched Years of Living Dangerously, a TV show promoting global warming and its ties to climate change. This also called for late-year press releases from media reminding viewers that global warming is still alive … in the form of global cooling, of course! This also pushed IPCC to put out the official claim that since 1998 we are simply in a global warming “pause”.

As if that wasn’t enough propaganda, the control system then launched an attempt to go for it all. In early December 2013 government geoengineering front man David Keith goes on a national TV late night show and announces a solution; we need to spray the skies to help cool the planet against global warming. As if activists, informed citizens and critical thinkers don’t exist, Keith makes his claims on the Colbert Report to the sarcastic reaction of both host Stephen Colbert and the crowd before walking off seemingly uncomfortably. Had we seen the last of it then or was the system planning other moves to roll geoengineering out to the general public?

As the New Year began, we all knew they were not done but no one could know for sure which direction the control system would go next. Now we know.

Now we have a clearer picture of where the agenda is going in their quest to roll out geoengineering. Ironically, it was about mid-way last year when I received an email from someone defending against one of the videos posted on my website, asking me to take it down. The person said they agreed with much of the content and videos on the site but this one video in which an individual recorded a chemtrails pilot admitting they are spraying is attributed to Weather Modification Inc., a weather modification company as the name clearly implies. The person claimed this company is legitimate and nothing to do with the chemtrails operations.

Why is this important? Because this raises fundamental questions such as; are we to view the spraying of metal particles chemicals to manipulate the weather as a "good" chemtrails spraying? Is spraying of metal particles (including silver iodide and aluminum) approved by We The People? Have the long-term effects of spraying been examined by physicians and health experts and deemed to be safe? How are these spraying programs being conducted by Weather Modification Inc. different from the spraying programs we are observing every day in our skies? What else does Weather Modification Inc. do? What if all chemtrails operations can be attributed to Weather Modification Inc.? Does that give the public a reason to finally accept chemtrails as a normal operation being conducted by government good-guy contractors for your own good?

Let’s explore even deeper questions like: What public statements can Weather Modification Inc. issue regarding chemtrails planes? If what they are doing is moral and acceptable to the public why isn’t Weather Modification Inc. upset about the chemtrails planes ruining their work? For example, if I’m a pilot with Weather Modification Inc., wouldn’t it concern me that while I’m dropping silver iodide in the atmosphere to create rain, another unmarked plane could be flying around dropping ‘other’ non-approved chemicals on the same atmosphere I’m working on? Where's the conflict? Wouldn’t this scenario present massive problems and potential wasted money? That would actually give Weather Modification Inc. twice the reasons to protest chemtrails. After all, those planes illegally dumping chemicals are a threat to the effectiveness of Weather Modification Inc.’s work and a major threat to their reputation. If Weather Modification Inc. really believed this, wouldn’t they themselves want to track the chemtrails planes and want to file a lawsuit, criminal investigation or Freedom Of Information Act request or anything to fight back against chemtrails? Is this a textbook example of compartmentalization of knowledge? I think it is. Listening to the chemtrails pilot, it almost sounds like he genuinely doesn’t think he is doing anything wrong. It takes us back to the U.S. Air Force CHEMistry 131 manual with the ‘Chemtrails’ written all over the front. Surely most if not all US. Air Force pilots will study this manual and not think this could be used in a bad way. If nothing else, the video above shows how they get the pilots to do the work. This is the magic of compartmentalization of knowledge.

Now in Southern California, where chemtrails operations have been at an all-time high, with chemicals being dumped at record levels into the sky every single day, we are now experiencing an engineered “catastrophic” drought. However, we know that where the ability to make rain exists, the ability to stop it also exists. These are the fundamentals of weather control. This truth is being hidden from the public as Weather Modification Inc. has now been rolled out to the general public in a local news segment reporting not only the emergency drought that we are in, but the solution being delivered by Weather Modification Inc. After seeing this report, it occurred to me we’ve come full circle. Problem, Reaction, Solution. Another solution being offered to an engineered problem. Of course, we’ve known all along that this is how the control system operates.

So even though control of the weather was considered conspiracy not very long ago, now it is being put out into the public as a good thing. The History Channel told us years ago, it (chemical spraying) was being used as a weapon (for creating drought and heavy rain) against potential enemies; even so, some disregarded the History Channel documentary as fiction and insisted all of this was a conspiracy.(?) Now it’s being sold by local news as a solution to the current engineered west coast drought.

For a movement that has been eerily ignored, mocked and marginalized, the challenge now becomes to focus on the players who are choosing a role in the overt rollout of the chemical spraying crimes against humanity. Activists, informed citizens and critical thinkers need to expose these new players and claims seeking to insert their lies and deception into the hearts and minds of the masses. The same way that geoengineering front man David Keith was laughed off on the Colbert Report is the same way we, the awakened critical thinkers and concerned citizens, must look to expose Weather Modification Inc. and any contractors, military or corporations who continue to work toward the agenda that involves the geoengineering of our planet.

All geoengineering must stop now and we all have an obligation to demand this stops. I have never consented to inhaling nano-sized metal particles that are known to be dangerous to the human body and nature. This is exponentially worse than the dangerous vaccines the establishment is forcing on your children. This is unapproved mass genocide and human experimentation, all of which is prohibited by the ethical guidelines that apply to all experimental subjects. The first being knowledge. For any experiment to be considered ethical the subject must have knowledge of the experiment being conducted on him/her. This knowledge has been hidden and these experiments on nature and humanity continue unapproved.

Let us never accept these lies and propaganda which have been planned in advance to usher in the rollout of geoengineering. Educate your children and keep sharing this relevant information about science, ethics, plane tracking, visual evidence and personal observational studies, and the hidden nature of the secret pseudo-science government studies that are supposed to prove that somehow ordinary emission from average planes can be emitted during normal flight and simultaneously change the weather. Think for a minute, how did the Wright Brothers miss this massive global climate altering side effect of their planes, and why didn’t this massive plane flight side effect make it to the literature and books about planes all these years? Why doesn’t anyone recall seeing lines in the sky before say 2000? Where are the childhood photos with chemtrails in the background? Did we all suffer from mass visual illusions of deep blue skies only?

This spraying agenda is very much a part of the global government plans for control admitted by the U.S. Air Force which has stated goals of controlling the weather by 2025. This control is already much more advanced and possibly in full effect now. Let’s keep the pressure on government to release the information they know about these spraying operations and let’s demand criminal investigations into those heading this agenda. Let’s keep a mental note of; Thou shalt not be fooled, in the back of our minds as we continue to fight for exposure and criminalization of all forms of unapproved unethical geoengineering.

Will we ever get our once beautiful blue skies back? Will it happen in our generation? It doesn’t seem very likely given the pace of lies and deception laced in massive compartmentalization the system has embarked on. We may not know how this will end but let us at least focus on who the players are and their tactics, so we can channel our energies and efforts in the most efficient way.

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.

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Anonymous said...

You are a nut.
And you detract from the plentiful greed based conspiracies which are ongoing and real, by persisting in this tin-hat theory.

Anonymous said...

I think this link is incorrect. I'd really like to see this......"December 2013 government geoengineering front man David Keith goes on a national TV

Anonymous said...

This one?

you don't need to publish these two comments....

Anonymous said...

Plentiful conspiracies? Beyond pot calling the kettle black there...the irony, it burns.

Anonymous said...

I don't get what this "anonymous" is trying to say?

Anonymous said...

First comment = Anonymous 8:02 = paid troll

Anonymous said...

Weather Modification Inc's fleet, according th their site are NOT ChemTrail planes

I think the video titled ChemTrails Pilot on camera is misleading because Weather modification and ChemTrails different animals. They have a similar application but a very different agenda.

I'm certainly not saying that we should modify the weather, I just think that clarifying the difference is important.

This clip with David Keith on the Colbert report is HILARIOUS!

Anonymous said...

Look in the sky ... Those are not contrails ... They are chemtrails ... They do not dissipate behind the plane as the contrails do .

Anonymous said...

Truthy1 says: It's all real and provable.There are multiple layers of operations ongoing at the same time "with very different agendas" and the same goal ! Hosea 4:6
King James Version (KJV)
6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. Know Jesus,Know Peace,No Jesus,No Peace

Anonymous said...

Great Article, now with YOUTUBE videos popping up showing the "snow" in the South like Atlanta don't melt, but BURNS this is a most timely article. You can see in Japanese Anime at times they'll have a solo plane fly over the sky leaving a Chemtrail to make is seem normal to the kids watching it. The first time I seen it I almost fell out of my chair, oh so blatant now you can't believe it until you see it. The S.O.D back in 91 said they would control the weather by 2025, but I believe they have been able to do it far sooner than that. Now that pictures from the 3 month High Pressure system in the West that coincided with the Great Lakes Region of cold weather has been shown, it seems they are letting it break down, and funnel some moisture to California now. The snow that don't melt looks to be turning viral now, so join in on that !

Anonymous said...

chemtrails are very real! Any one can see them in the sky almost everyday! Dont you find it strange that we never get a real clear blue sky anymore. Look up on the next sunny day! I bet ya its milky hase.

Anonymous said...

I can't be sure that chemtrails exist, but all the research I have done points to it being true, and knowing what the elite are capable of with their socialist / communist agenda for the world, adds weight to the whole chemtrail debate. As for the guy above quoting from the bible as if it has relevance, I find it incredible that so many people fall foul of the biggest mind manipulation experiment in the history of mankind - religion, when you step back and look at it objectively it is very clear that it is a load of bullsh*t (forgive my french). For example the guy above suggests that 'as we reject knowledge, lord jesus will reject us...' Hold on have you conveniently forgotton the history or the Bible? God didn't want us to have knowledge, but when Adam and Eve ate the apple from the tree of knowledge they were punished by God, now it would seem that if we choose not to have knowledge we will be punished for that also, total contradiction! And as for 'Know Jesus, know peace...' I'm pretty sure that without Catholicism, or Christianity there wouldn't have been so many wars in the name of religion - 'Know religion, no peace more like'.

Anonymous said...

I personally "watched" the sky fill with chemtrails from 0630- 1400 hours planes crisscrossing so much i couldn't count them all....I was driving from Manchester NH to Burlington Vermont and back. The only thing that made me more comfortable was the fact that there was an extreme NW wind and I watched it all travel to Southern New England

Anonymous said...

Geoengineering Whistleblower ~ Ex-Military ~ Kristen Meghan, Hauppauge, NY, January 18th, 2014

Anonymous said...

Dear Bernie,

Great article - however please don't overlook this Ex-Military whistle-blower, Kristen Meghan, former Air Force Bio-Environmental Engineer who gave a ground breaking presentation of what she had discovered about Chemtrails while serving her Country. This BRAVE young lady has put her livelihood / life on the line for us.

Anonymous said...

Gee, could we leave religion out of this so that we can have a fruitful discussion? Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Please share this very important information:
Geoengineering Whistleblower ~ Ex-Military ~ Kristen Meghan, Hauppauge, NY, January 18th, 2014

Anonymous said...

The 8:02 Anon LoL ! This must be a rookie troll ? The jackass has used too many textbook buzzwords from troll school . Thanks anyway for letting us see you useful idiots are still collecting a check . Ha ! Ha ! Tin hat Conspiracy ! You Bozo !
Wait till you and your family begins having premature health issues then YOU can write OMG !

Todd Kruse said...

Great article I live in new Mexico and we have had 12 storms from July of 2013 an every one of these storm were sprayed and effected and diverted to date we have had 1.5 inches of rain in the south of the state all are rain has been diverted east I think there goal is to create super storms of death and destruction new ever herd of winter tornados ; 20 tornados in Illinois in 24 hrs its geo super storm engineering they don't care how many people they kill or how much destruction they cause EVIL!

Anonymous said...

The reason that many people can not observe the chemtrails is not that difficult to understand. We tend to dismiss what we are not accustomed to observing. In our modern world, most Americans spend their lives indoors. People do not often gaze
at the sky. And the biggest reason of all, if the individual acknowledges chemtrails are different than contrails, then the individual must acknowledge that our government is chemically spraying us without permission. For most people, this is psychologically too overwhelming.Fifty years of TV brainwashing have literally caused Americans to trust gatekeeper environmentalists over their own eyes. That is why chemtrail activists, informed citizens must resolve to continue pressing this issue to our elected leaders and our individual communities. Stay Strong!

Ronald Patrick Marriott said...

Anonymous said...

A few years ago I read a piece on the net about who was installing these canisters or trigger mechanisms. The article cited the "toilet engineers" as the ones , because of sanitation, who were responsible for the crimes of chemtrail installations. I have a friend who works at a large airline in Canada as a head mechanic and asked him about this. He confirmed that they do everything except the toilets. That there are "special licensed guys" who, after the plane is in the hangar, or whenever there is "toilet trouble" these guys are called. This would represent a choke point of control and explains how this can happen in broad daylight. God's speed all.

Anonymous said...

1. Halogens: chlorine in the water, bromine in the bread, florine in the water, all highly reactive. But what do they react with?

2. Enter aluminum.

They want u sick slave. Now trust that geo-engineering propaganda and suck in that alum air.

Anonymous said...

A small group of leading climate scientists, financially supported by billionaires including Bill Gates, are lobbying governments and international bodies to back experiments into manipulating the climate on a global scale to avoid catastrophic climate change.

The scientists, who advocate geoengineering methods such as spraying millions of tonnes of reflective particles of sulphur dioxide 30 miles above earth, argue that a "plan B" for climate change will be needed if the UN and politicians cannot agree to making the necessary cuts in greenhouse gases, and say the US government and others should pay for a major programme of international research.

Governance of the UK's first geoengineering project, which aims to inject particles into the stratosphere to cool the planet, is in need of improvement and researchers should have done more to explain its aims to NGOs and the public, say scientists. Guardian Nov 17, 2011

Anonymous said...

A question in my mind asks , before this agenda is finished. How much money is this agenda going to cost? With all the chemicals they have been using and are going to use, gas for planes, parts for planes that need to be fixed, everyone that is involved with making this agenda a success, etc, etc. It sounds like a price that cannot be sustained. Surely the money does not come out of the governments pocket. I think were talking billions upon billions of dollars here folks. So my question here is who is paying for it? I don't believe it is the average joe.

Anonymous said...

very well put

Anonymous said...


Terral BlackStar said...

Chemtrailing is just a very small part of Rothschild/Rockefeller/Gates Eugenics that has been funded for decades by the Global Bankster Cartel. The story above falls short in providing information on the nano technology components being sprayed on human, animal and plant life for ultimate control by artificial intelligence part of the larger super soldier programs used in conjunction with millions of real-world simulations through which threat assessment and contingency planning is carried out through Council On Foreign Relations Working Groups and the Department of Defense working under the CIA-controlled puppet government.

Chemtrailing is connected to HAARP monitoring of the 1.5 Hertz Carrier Waves maintained by global infrastructure including windmill farms, oil well drilling rigs, railway and even electrical and decommissioned telegraph components maintaining the 7285-feet tall carrier wave around the globe. Artificial intelligence (AI) then uses more than 350 sub frequencies that piggyback on this carrier wave allowing AI to communication with the nanobots inside the human, animal and plant life hosts creating optimum environmental conditions for reverse engineering and ultimate control.

Weather modification through chemtrailing and HAARP is being used right now to manipulate and control strange weather events connected to the inbound black star now moving through the Libra Constellation responsible for current increases in earthquakes, volcanism, magnetic pole migration, weakening magnetosphere, shrinking heliosphere, magnetopause reversals, interplanetary shock wave anomalies, ocean conveyor disruption, jet stream anomalies, strange weather/storms, fireballs/meteors, sinkholes, etc., etc.. You are living inside one of those 2012/Deep Impact Movies with events happening in slow motion where chemtrailing and HAARP geoengineering are required to ensure that the sheeple remain sound asleep, while the global elite make the move to their underground ark cities part of the Georgia Guidestone Agenda ushering in the New World Order once the black star comes in for a perihelion event to terraform our entire planet.

If some of these shills/trolls/idiots seem to be 'controlled' and doing everything to lull the sheeple back to sleep, then the Rothschild/Rockefeller Bankster Agenda is working. Get more information from my weekly newsletters by subscribing at .

Anonymous said...

There are highly intelligent beings above us that are behind all the wars and all of the other negativity in the world. Call them gods, devils, archons, or aliens, it doesn't matter. Divide and destroy has always been their way of keeping us in check. Of course, there are people that serve these devils as well, satanists, Zionists, royal families freemasons, and the super rich are all on board with this agenda. Expose the truth and kill the traitors!!!! That's all we can do.

Anonymous said...

To All - Please keep connecting the dots where they lead you and to that end, may you all choose to consider and add WeatherWars101 work to your own. Of which, maybe found on his YouTube channel. May you review and study all his research which is quite extensive and indeed independent, worthy of further review and consideration of the data presented.

Always connect the dot where they lead you. Keep what resonates to you, but always…… keep seeking.

Credits accordingly to WW101

Geoengineering: Polar Vortex - Ice Nucleation 101

• by WeatherWar101
• 3 weeks ago

Special attention to the 5:04 time marker in this vid


Anonymous said...

For good background piece on origin of CT's, go to this AP article, here,

Anyone who denies CT's is either in severe cognitive dissonance, a paid troll or of severely limited IQ. To deny them is to reject empirical evidence (that which can be validated by any number of our five sense).

Please, People...I think the subject should be less on the question of existence and more on the question of how to get them to stop.

Doreen Agostino said...

Geoengineering And The Collapse Of Earth 2014 THIS MUST BE SHARED AND STOPPED!

Doreen Agostino said...

Historic failure of government that represents a gross violation of public trust, and profound breach of social contract

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This real people just look up and pay attention to how the sky changes and the sunshine gets blocked.

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