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Is The Fall Coming?

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Jon David Miller
Activist Post

Is “The Fall of the United States” program being scheduled for this Fall?

For those of us who are able to see beyond the routine programming and distractions designed to keep us ignorant, the great concerns being presently pondered are the drive toward war on Syria, the potential for a larger war that could go nuclear, and the ongoing economic disturbances.

These are best understood in the larger context of the interests served by this great drama of distress.

Who Is Behind It All?

The United States and most of the rest of the world’s nations were taken over by a cabal of international banker and business powers gradually during more than a century starting before the U.S. Civil War. They have been deceptively using our nation and its economic and military strength to expand their world control.

I refer to these controllers and those who serve the interests of the illegitimate corporate state they have developed in the United States as the Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom (the “TICK”).

As more and more people have become aware of their unfolding tyrannical plans, these psychopaths and their puppets have apparently stepped up the intensity of their intentional atrocities, attacks and wars to consolidate the New World Order before it can be fully exposed and dismantled.

A significant step in their progression to world dominance is thought to be the transformation of the United States to third world status, with a greatly reduced and weakened population, possibly under martial law.

Major Psyop

Like the testing and rollout of an advertising campaign, a psychological operation (“psyop”) usually precedes, then also accompanies the implementation of a planned program involving economic or geopolitical change, from a financial event to war.

The purposely hypnotized masses have little awareness of the sophistication of the programming that has been employed to bring us to the point of the major rearrangements that are being unveiled.

Mass Hypnosis

During the 20th Century, mass mind control techniques were perfected. These were outlined by Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, who wrote the introductory book on propaganda.

Specialists for every detail were cultivated as each venue of mass communication was developed and utilized: books, print newspapers and magazines, art, theater, movies, radio, musical recordings and performances, comedy, animation, television, special effects, and more recently the Internet and mobile devices.

Using controlled mass media, the image of a fabricated wonderful American lifestyle of success and convenience was presented. The mythology that the glorious U.S. government and our innovative private sector companies would provide the solutions for our problems was deeply embedded with diverse propaganda, strategic social programs and giant fear situations such as financial distress, wars and acts of terrorism.

At the same time, the people were led to believe that we were still in charge of our nation through our voting power and expression of opinions, although most candidates for office are pre-selected and manipulated by those in control behind the scenes.

Mind controlling myths, symbols, logos, memes and subliminal images and messages have been employed routinely, both subtly and overtly, through these media vehicles for purposes of manipulating the public. Numerous celebrities that have been drawn into the psyop, exhibit occult images and symbols that further it.

At the same time, poisonous chemicals and drugs have been increasingly used on the masses for several generations to lower intelligence, foster apathy, facilitate hypnosis, weaken health and decrease population.

False Flag Events

Orchestrated events have been used selectively, either to lodge a false blame on an enemy or to justify a policy.

The Pearl Harbor attack, the assassinations of the Kennedys and Martin Luther King, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the Oklahoma City bombing, the 9-11 World Trade Center collapses and attack on the Pentagon, the Sandy Hook shootings and the Boston Marathon bombings, are all examples of events that were either set up or allowed with foreknowledge.

Each such false flag operation that enters the public consciousness without widespread recognition of the actual conspiring role players in the action, gives them more power and emboldens them for their next move.

September Shock? October Surprise? November Knockout?

The purchases of weapons, bullets, body bags, grave liners and stored foods and water by the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA and other federal agencies, the militarizing of police forces, the joint federal-local training programs of emergency personnel, and the numerous disaster and martial law drills in areas from the Mississippi River’s New Madrid earthquake zone, to many cities, including a large one planned for the Washington, D.C. region this Fall, are all signs that something major is expected before long.

From reports on the Internet, there are indications of possible disturbances on September 11, as usually expected, or sometime between now and the end of November.

New orders by federal agencies for relief supplies are said to have a specified delivery for September or early October. Several special training events for various domestic security forces have a deadline of October 1, and other emergency tests and drills are set for around that date. A major cyber attack and power outage drill is planned for November.

The following disasters are imminently possible:

More War - The administration drum beats have been strong for attacking Syria, even though the use of chemical weapons there has been labeled a false flag by many observers. The fear is that conflict with Syria and/or Iran might set off World War III, which could go nuclear. If oil prices were to soar, it could cause economic and social troubles to worsen dramatically. Of more concern, is any level of nuclear war not really bad?

Economic collapse - If interest rates climb more, if derivative financial contracts are exposed, if the dollar loses international status, and/or if banks and markets crash, those with paper and digital assets will lose seriously and be stunned. How awful could a total economic crash become?

Electro Magnetic Pulse - An EMP could shut down the whole power grid as well as any electronic appliances and devices, including gasoline pumps and the computer chips in automobiles. Within a few days of no power, no ability to buy food or water, and no transportation, people may go wild. An EMP can come from the sun or by a major explosion from a missile or satellite in the atmosphere.

Solar system changes - The sun frequently emits Coronal Mass Ejections, one of which could come directly at our planet, causing an EMP. There is also much concern about other celestial bodies, from a “Planet X” to Comet Ison (to come nearest in November), to random asteroids and meteors, that could stir up the sun or otherwise disturb Earth.

Earth change disaster - The Louisiana sinkhole continues to expand with little media attention. There could be a methane explosion there or nearby in the Gulf, setting off a devastating earthquake. Further, volcanic and seismic activities are frequent in several areas of the planet. A large event with major geographic changes is possible at any time.

Pandemic - Whether newer harmful viruses were created in labs or developed naturally, there is frequent discussion of the threat of a deadly pandemic, possibly initiated as a bio-weapon.

Nuclear radiationFukushima is an ongoing major radiation harm to the world, especially north Pacific coastal areas and the rest of the northern hemisphere. Nuclear plants are also thought to be leaking in several North American locations, and some are on or near seismic faults or waterfronts.

Urban disaster - An attack by some enemy, whether a nuclear detonation or some other type of explosion or planned disaster event effecting a U.S. population center, is another constant concern, even worse if it includes a nuclear plant.

Martial Law - One or more of these disasters would likely cause social disorder that results in martial law. There are reports of numerous military vehicles and troops and weapons in readiness, and a number of camps with large facilities ready for occupation by masses of people who may be relocated from their homes.

Prepare For The Fall

Now is the time to act. Reach out to relatives and friends. Suggest that they get informed immediately.

Urge people to pressure congressional representatives to block the movement toward war. At the same time, form support communities and organize to store food, water, tools and other supplies along with making security plans in case of any possible disaster.

Be confident that there are multiple dimensions of reality. The apparent challenges of the outward worldly realm give us an opportunity for growth in awareness and understanding. Increased caring attention devoted to loved ones, and thoughts of healing love for the world and its people, will help calm the insanity and the fear it tends to spawn. Love is our power for improving ourselves and the world.

For greater consideration of the potential disasters we face and how to best prepare, visit:

Jon David Miller is a social analyst, wellness educator, philosopher and singer / songwriter. His education includes a Bachelor of Arts with honors in economics from Ohio University, a Master of Arts in religion and a Master of Divinity from Hartford Seminary, and 40 years of experience in wellness education, business, community organizations, social studies, research and writing. Jon is the author of several books, including The New World Order Empire, and developer of several websites, such as

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Anonymous said...

I'm really getting tired of doomsday predictions. this year, next year, this fall, this summer. We all knows that the rothshilds are behind all wars as they benefit from them. this is all being played.

Anonymous said...

Everything is right on schedule.
To bring in the New World Order, and a one world currency, they must crash our economy (Kill the Dollar). Then to cover up the Bankers crimes they need a major war. The Government is preparing for something big, are you?
You are all most out of time to prepare!
Stock up on Food, Water, Medical and Home protection (Guns & Ammo). Do it Now!

Taylor said...

This advocate's page/blog is outstanding in the most informative way. If you get serious about advocating about this sort of stuff, let me know because the is the time that the US must govern themselves and that is when the civil war 2K will start. We have already had the Civil war K. They are pushing for Civil war KKK or 3K. Await your response!

J T Lessard said...

This is long, but worth every minute, I promise. Explains it all in such excellent detail.

buzzard said...

Arab Spring leads to an Obama Fall

stevor said...

Is it one group that is behind it all or two groups? It's rather obvious that the mentioned Military/Industrial/corporate complex is a big player but is there also the group that wants a fascist New World Order run by the UN?
The reason that I ask is because I wonder about Soros' involvement since he seems to be against the military/corporate folks

stevor said...

If anybody cares to read a novel about all this, along with the NWO being instituted and later BEAT, check out my book, "Bilderbergers' Aliens" at Lulu press

Anonymous said...

The US$ will collapse and will be replaced by a global basket of currencies, including the Euro, the EurAsia, China, and possibly Australia and Canada. There will be Hyper Inflation in the US when this happens and the US will turn into a banana republic. The African Denar would have made it into this basket, if the US didn't kill Al-Gadafi and tear apart the middle east. All world currencies have there natural life spans and the US currency is at it's end. Get out while you still can or live in poverty.... oh wait, you already are living in poverty, it will just be 10 times worse.

William Burke said...

Australia and Canada are not currencies.

0jr said...

The inability for nations to pay of debts.
The refusal to accept the dollar as payment for oil.
The build up up private armies eg. aka blackwater.
The acceptence. of spying by foreign govs. eg izrealhell.
The influence and dictates of foriegn govs over the interests of it's people eg izrealhell.
The infiltration of foriegn interests into gov. eg. izrealhell aipac.
The quartering of foriegn troops iizrealhell.
Training of security forces by foriegn gov. to brutily deal with civil unrest.
The violation of constitutions by politictions and gov.
The grab for guns.
Supensions of constitutions.
Large influx of hostile foriegn population.
High unemployment.
Imminent collapse of fiat money.
Civil unrest
Racial violence
Ongoing mass forclosures and bankruptcies.
Ongoing wars and start of new ones to sustain the economy
Rise of violent crime
High in inprisonment rates
Increase in monopolies of banks and industry
Increase of propaganda by gov. and msm.
Centralization of power of gov domestically and internationally
Dewindling resources.
Coruption of religiuos,social, and gov institutions
Apathy of the general public
Coruption of culture
Coruption of population
Immoral population
High drug and alcolhol usage
Decrease in birthrates
Decrease in family structure
Increased dependency on gov for basic needs
Increase in immorality
Increase in diseases
Increases in new diseases
Increase in ineffectiveness of medecines
Increase of a militraized police state and infiltration by foriegn agents eg izrealhell
Decrease in religious,social and gov aid programs
Increase in inability by such to provide aid
Increase in poverty
Growing poor birthrate
Increase in hunger
Growing ghettos
Rising costs
Lack of decent housing
Increase of corps. taking ownership and use of natural resources eg water and pollution caused by fracking ect
Increase in bans by corps and gov of self sustainability
Increase in extinction of of all forms of life
Global warming
Growing control of gov by corps.
Increase in taxes
Decrease in gov services
Local govs. going bankrupt
Decrease in afforability of education
Decrease in level and quality of educated pop.
Me giving up on listing anymore
People not beig able to do anything about anything
Masons ect...............................................
rotchilds .................................................................
Increase of wealth transfer from poor people and nations to private banks
Increase in debt of people and nations
obuma mickain ect..............................................................
my backed up toilet
increase in use of innefective pesticides that kill beneficail insects and not targeted insects
Increase in bedbugs ect epedemic pestilence
Growing # of mental cases
Increased diversionary focus on homos ect that don't matter while important issues are ignored
Villification, trivialzation, criminalization ,censorship and violence against groups that form to expose and take action against unlawfull people and behaviour
Murder and inprisonment of whistle blowers and journalists that expose crimilality
Crimilazation of activisim
nsa aka big brother
Carear politictios
Derelection of duty by gov
Refusal of gov to prosecute crimes by gov
Refusal of gov to prosecute crimes by corps. ,banks and wall alley
Bailouts of biz and banks
d fed bank
fiat money
pedophilia by politicans,corps and religious institutions and failure and coverup by gov.
All aid to foriegn govs especially izrealhell
Tax loopholes for biz
Gov handouts to big biz
Immunity for politicians,cops and judges
barry sererto aka obuma care increasing taxes to and power to the irs the private collection agency for the private fed r bank
to be continued

Anonymous said...

Like Bugs Bunny used to say "ahhhhhhh shut up"

Anonymous said...

The video posted by J T Lessard, above in the comments is VERY good and a must see!

Veri Tas said...

More tedious end-of-world doomsdaysaying. The world is waking up to the lies of the elite and the internet is our most precious tool. We shall overcome!

Jon David Miller said...

That is the idea - for enough people to wake up that we can overcome being duped and controlled, while preparing sensibly for possible natural challenges and helping each other. We are trying to prevent "doomsday".

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