Saturday, September 7, 2013

Chemtrails Hate Michigan Today

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

Okay, so the Internet is buzzing...What on God's green earth is happening over Michigan today?

It went from sweltering hot weather, rapidly turning into autumnal temps in the mid 50s. And although we are all used to those white fuzzy chainlinks across the sky - this particular day has got people taking pictures and asking "What's going on??"

It was definitely noticeable - not just the typical criss-cross spokes. No, we're talking complete and full coverage to the point where, when they finally dissipate they all become one, forming a chalky haze that blocks the sun and touches the horizon. Farmington Hills, Ann Arbor, Flint and Southeast Michigan are all abuzz - pictures have been described as "unreal." The foreboding, ominous feeling is not lost on Michigan residents.

Be sure to look at today's pictures below...

Video above:
Pollution Dumping in Monroe Michigan 09-05-13
Weather Warfare Dump of chemical pollutant aerosols ASSAULTING over Monroe, Michigan on September 05, 2013, 3:26pm - A taxpayer initiative for corporate profit once again?

It hit me when I looked out the window and realized why I didn't want to take a walk; it was way worse than usual. Some southern friends don't see sprays in their sky today, but all of Michigan is choking on it.

These are not the contrails that I used to play the "jet game" with when I was 6 and 7. I'd lie down on the grass, watch the sky for hours and with one eye open, I'd put my finger in the air at the end of the contrail and hold it there to see how long the trail got before the end of the trail disappeared. It wouldn't take long at all and I'd measure, from my ground perspective, about one or two inches with my fingers before the trail disappeared completely. These are chemical trails dropping carcinogenic crap on our heads and filling our lungs - see Catherine Frompovich's book A Cancer Answer.

These pictures come from Michigan Facebook groups and some Facebook friends from Michigan. All pics were taken between September 5th and 6th, 2013.

For anyone who's new to this concept...without going into the specifics of what in the world they are spraying - toxic chemical/metal/nano aerosol cocktails - please first look at all the pictures, ask yourself if this is normal, and then look at the resources at the bottom.

Adrian, MI
Canton, MI
Monroe Michigan 09-05-13 10:47 AM
Eastern MI
Ann Arbor
Eastern MI
Eastern MI
Fraser, MI
Lansing September 6, 2013. 12:30 PM
Noon EST, SE MI 
Eastern, MI

Vid above: Shelby Township

Based on some other pics, it looks like New Jersey, Ohio and Virginia got particularly hosed today as well.

Chemtrail forecaster?

Some resources:

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Jon David Miller said...

They were just as heavy over eastern Ohio yesterday (Friday, Sept. 6). These are sprayed for multiple purposes, but very harmful to us living things. More info and resources at

Anonymous said...

They are also being sprayed over Cedar City Utah. One moment, it'd be a nice and sunny day, and then the next there would be contrails and bumpy clouds which would cause it to storm. Like last night, a nice and starry sky gave way to HAARP activity and today it's cloudy and ready to rain.

Brutus Paine said...

Same thing in Illinois; has been for years and particularly earlier in the year and grow cycle. Michigan is a big tree state and trees are putting on buds besides looking for moisture to carry through the winter. Maybe that's part of it; just a guess. Illinois is in about a month long drought and what looked like an unquestionable bumper crop was probably made at about 75% instead. It'll be a bumper crop of sorts but not what it would have been if there had been another two weeks of rain through milk stage. People were tired of all the flooding though that the spring saw though. lol. Don't forget, Obummer and Congress can take control of all that for national security purposes if they "need" to; it's on the books. I'm sure it's a nice atmospheric cocktail with all the Fukushima loveliness transpiring as well whatever the case might be. Government has the Midass touch irrespective; they always do and it's always about money or power . . . FOR THEM.

Greg said...

I live in Battle Creek, i saw them everywhere yesterday.

Anonymous said...

with weather changes comes sickness
chemtrails have many uses

Anonymous said...

Don't think this is affecting our home vegetable gardens? I had a beautiful Winter garden last year.
Then I saw an onslaught of chemtrails for one week. It rained, and then my garden died within 2 days. Monsanto loves it I'm sure.
Have faith everyone.

Heather Callaghan said...

All great comments, guys! Thanks, keep them coming. Be sure to keep up about chemtrail marches. Any other suggestions for keeping it off our veggies are welcome.

I keep hearing about the "after storms" too. It did rain in MI today, Sat - YET the temp spiked back up at least 20 degrees! I wish I would have emphasized OH more but I didn't have pics at the time. Keep your bodies detoxed/chelated and clean. Thanks all! Peace, Heather

Anonymous said...


Michael Moulds said...

I heard it was aluminum Barite, because our magnetosphere is damaged, and they use them to reflect harmful radio waves back into space. But ain't nothin' gonna stop the sun's magnetic poles from doing a flipflop. The new government will be situated in the Ozarks. Then comes the No World Order.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching them spray since I heard it on Art Bell in June 1998. They had a lot of sprayer problems and lockups back then. They're pretty smooth now. I understand the spraying mechanism is now turned on by satellite now. That gives the pilot compartmental deniability as to what he's doing - besides getting a lot of radiation exposure.

Anonymous said...

Everyday, Allday in Dallas, Texas!

sumerian god king said...

That's nothing

Anonymous said...


Brian said...

We get the same crap up here in Ontario all the time.

Anonymous said...

I live in Brasília, capital of Brazil and we see this very often in our sky.
Most people are don't look up because they are too busy working and surviving, but some of us that are awake have noticed what's being done in our skies.

Anonymous said...

Ironic and devious, isn't they want to start a world war with Syria over the use of chemicals.

Anonymous said...

You guys in Michigan don't get much of a spraying. You should see it in Phoenix, Arizona. The entire sky is blotted out for days on end. For a six-week stretch this summer, that's how it was, every single day. Not a patch of blue to be seen in the sky, just white, murky, sickly looking chemtrails, from horizon to horizon. So it could be worse (lol).

Anonymous said...

been watching this in the skies of NS Canada for 6 years now.All the time day and night,and Ive noticed the decline in the health of the evergreens, they all look sickly here. And most of the people i meet dont look so well either,including myself. Welcome to the zombie apocalypse, we are the walking dead indeed!!

Mark McCandlish said...

There are a number of things that come together the deeper one looks. For example, OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Hazards Administration) has a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on Aluminum Oxide nanoparticles. See CAS#1344-28-1. (You can plug in these phrases and find it in Google search.) Under Section 6, under "Accidental Release Measures", it says: "Measures For Environmental Protection: Do not allow material to be released into the environment without the proper government permits".

Now we know Aluminum Oxide nanoparticles are hazardous to human health because the U.S. Air Force figured this out beginning twenty years ago at Wright Patterson AFB, near Dayton, Ohio. In USAF Report AFRL-HE-WP-TP-2006-0022, entitled "In Vitro Toxicity of Aluminum Nanoparticles in Rat Alveolar Machrophages" They found that prolonged exposure to this extremely fine Aluminum nano-particulate caused suppression of the immune system, by preventing white blood cells (Machrophages) in the little air sacks in the lungs (Alveoli/ Alveolar) from engulfing pathogens (germs) and contaminants through a process called "Phagocytosis".

This essentially means that your first line of defense in one of the primary portholes of infection (inhaling into the lungs) can be disabled by Aluminum Oxide nanoparticles. (Expressed as AL2-O3 np) This means that there are two atoms of Aluminum and three atoms of Oxygen in each Atomic structure.

For this reason, it is looked upon as a wonderful accelerant in any combustion reaction, because it releases those three Oxygen atoms into the process once the proper temperature is reached. This makes Aluminum Oxide np a great candidate for use in nano-thermate explosives, (See Wikipedia) because the sudden Oxygen release in combination with other chemical components can reach extremely high temperatures very quickly, which is great for slicing through steel supports in the controlled demolition of tall buildings.

NASA in its power point presentation BAP 01-09-2001 (Completed quite conspicuously within a few months of the USAF report listed above) shows a clear desire on the part of the aerospace and defense community to employ "metallized fuels" (using metal nanoparticles) in the instance of not only "gelled rocket propellants" but also enhanced versions of the fuels used in commercial and military aircraft such as "Jet A" and "JP-8".

The desire here can be understood as embedding the nanoparticles of Aluminum Oxide directly in the fuel, and the advantage this provides is that as an aircraft flies higher, where the Oxygen content of the air drops off, there is an extra dose of Oxygen sitting right there in the fuel (albeit completely inertly) until combustion occurs. This has been shown to increase thrust, combustion efficiency and aircraft range and altitude capability. But the Aluminum Oxide merely recycles itself, taking on new Oxygen atoms and eventually settling back down to Earth. There is a very distinct residue. And it is showing up in snow melt from the peaks of mountains all over the world.

This, in turn, creates a serious problem during fire season; the perfect example being the fire near Yosemite National Park (right now) which has consume hundreds of square miles of forest and cost the State of California over $80M to suppress (so far.) And where does that money go? One wonders.

But never fear, if you owned that land and your logging permit had been stalled in court by an environmentalist lawsuit, the government will give you a waiver from the lawsuit to log it after a fire and even pay you millions in taxpayer dollars to perform "habitat restoration". It's a big money maker for someone...

Mark McCandlish said...

And then of course, you may wonder how it is even possible that this Aluminum Oxide nano-particulate is being sprayed out of the exhausts of hundreds of jet engines around the world without some one somewhere looking the other way. We know OSHA has a Material Safety Data Sheet on it, admonishing that it not be released into the environment without proper government permits. So there must be regulations, right? And where are they? Under Title 50 United States Code Chapter 32, and somewhere around subsection 1512, it says clearly that hazardous chemical materials are not to be released over U.S. populated areas under any circumstances--- unless of course, some aspect of national security requires it be so. In fact it prescribes such activity as being a "presidential advisory" with such dispersing being declared via notice to the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, the Secretary of State and the Governor of each State in which such dispersal shall occur.

This means there has to be a paper trail. There is no question this substance along with the other things found in chemtrails, like Barium and Strontium are harmful, so harmful OSHA has a MSDS on it-- which in turn brings it under the jurisdiction of Title 50 USC, Chapter 32, and the requirement of notices being given. Something a real journalist can track with the Freedom of Information Act or the Public Records Act in the particular State where spraying has occurred.

There is no doubt that the geo-engineering/chemtrail phenomenon is happening, no matter how often government officials brush it off as conspiracy theorist mythology. As I see it, the best way to get at the truth is to rub the government's nose in its own reports and see if they still try to deny it. Then it will be clear, as it has been to me for decades-- that the government LIES. Whenever it damn-well feels like it. The big question is, "Why?"

Anonymous said...

Same story in the Netherlands... It must be a mind dumbing chemical that is been used because most Dutch people are blind and waving Orange flags to the new Clown King and his Fascist Wife. Sooner or later all those responsible will face trial and will be burned alive and hanged like witches in ancient times. Have a sunny Sunday ! Caesar Lion Cachet

Anonymous said...

The tanks from which these sprays emit must be re-loaded at airports, so perhaps some savvy folks could go snooping around at airports or get a suitable job at an airport to get access to the areas where the re-loading occurs and obtain photos of the equipment and samples of the chemicals to provide concrete evidence that the US government is using chemical weapons against its own population. Then you can call on all the nations of the world to do to Washington what Obama is eager to do to Syria.

Anonymous said...

It's not just the USA that gets sprayed. It's WORLDWIDE.

I'm in the UK and by looking at these pictures, I'd say that was only moderate spraying. We get it so bad over here that we never see ANY blue sky for days. All we get is one greyish white sky that is pure chemtrails from dawn to dusk. It lasts for days on end, eventually breaking up. No sooner has the sun peeped through, then back out come the planes to colour it all in again. Can't even think of growing foods and the ground never sees the sun, so most things fail. I'm sure Monsanto and Evergreen are loving this.

Contact your congressman/woman or MP and get them involved. Of course they will tell you they are 'simple contrails' go back to bed everything is ok. You just have to keep on at them until you get a breakthrough, no matter how small.

Get involved in sites that cover this topic, make your own blogs/sites etc. Make people aware of what's going on. Although there are many more people awake now, there's still far too many asleep and oblivious to what's going on over their heads.

We can only conquer this issue if we do it as a whole - WORLDWIDE!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello friends, I live at Cosy Corner Beach in Kronkup Western Australia - Google Earth it - it's just wonderful! I am VERY happy to tell you that here is a little space in the skies above earth that is completely free of all that toxic crap and vegetables jump out of the ground here. You're welcome anytime.

Love and light

Anonymous said...

They're turning our atmosphere into their atmosphere. They Live, We sleep.

Anonymous said...

I watched this happen on Friday. It was a beautiful day with NO clouds in the sky, by noon it was so obvious they we(in Michigan- I am in Bay City) were being blasted. By late afternoon, the sky was a total whiteout. The next day it rained. I have figured out that what doesn't get dumped on your lungs and the ground, comes down the next day attached to moisture as poison rain. I don't even mention it to anyone anymore as people just look at you in disbelief.

Anonymous said...

US: Chemical Weapons Use On It's Own People??

Anonymous said...

Here in MI we probably don't get sprayed as badly as others, but there was definitely an uptick in spraying this week. We had beautiful blue skies and then they went and messed it up.

We probably don't get sprayed as much because MI tends to be cloudy. They spray when the skies are (mostly) blue, and within a couple days of rain. We don't need a weatherman - the spraying tells us it will rain soon.

Anonymous said...

Australia SE Queensland/NE NSW 8 Sept there at it.

Muzzmatrix said...

I'm so glad that I wasn't alone in seeing this week long in your face display of chemtrailing in Sotheast Michigan.

Anonymous said...

Same here in SE Texas. Couple days before rain, heavy trails. Glad I am not the only one that made that conection. Don't worry, I belive their gig is allmost up.

Anonymous said...

One of several culling methods of the so called overpopulated earth by the elite.Ninety nine percent of of the human race are only cattle to be eaten by the one percent as having been useless eaters anyway.

Anonymous said...

While driving to work, I observed 10 chemtrails side by side spanning the horizon from Jackson Michigan to Chelsea Michigan the afternoon of September 5th. Experienced symptoms of a cold that night (Coughing, sneezing, congestion) all which went away by the following morning.

Anonymous said...

Heh, just like what was said a few comments up, get blasted by chemtrails (which I've been noticing for the past several days) and it's raining this morning. I live in sw Michigan near grand rapids and I see the trails nearly every single day.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, central Florida got it BAD. I

Here are my pics from right outside my front door:

Anonymous said...

Shit man. Before you know it grow lights are going to be illegal because people are going to try bringing little gardens inside to get away from this shit.

Anonymous said...

Toronto, Canada got a huge dose of chemtrail poison on Saturday too. I watched the criss-crossing and some curving chemtrail dumps as well. It was an all-out chemical dump day. I see chemtrails several times a week and it never fails to ruin perfectly good days.

Anonymous said...

Read these words from the 60's
"Mercy, Mercy Me (The Ecology)"

Woo ah, mercy mercy me
Ah things ain't what they used to be, no no
Where did all the blue skies go?
Poison is the wind that blows from the north and south and east
Woo mercy, mercy me, mercy father
Ah things ain't what they used to be, no no
Oil wasted on the ocean and upon our seas, fish full of mercury
Ah oh mercy, mercy me
Ah things ain't what they used to be, no no
Radiation under ground and in the sky
Animals and birds who live nearby are dying
Oh mercy, mercy me
Ah things ain't what they used to be
What about this overcrowded land
How much more abuse from man can she stand?
Oh, na na...
My sweet Lord... No
My Lord... My sweet Lord
Qui te prophetic!

Anonymous said...

Well, if they are killing us, should we just lay down and take it? Please note, it doesn't take an army to cut the head off a snake. Just sayin...

Anonymous said...

mark McCandish may be right about the Alo3 use in jet fuel ....notice that the only time you see chemtrails is wherever jets encounter colder relatively humide air In 2004 MSM in France announced that new jet fuels were being experimented which explained away the chemtrailings noticed by europeans
The weakening of the magnetosphere coresponds to the faster traveling magnetic poles especialy the north .;.in the late 1970's , spraying the atmosphere with aluminium oxides to protect people from uvb radiations was already on the table ... when I was studing atmospheric science in texas ....
Turner 'the other guy '

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

We get it bad in England too. Only problem no one believes you, every one is asleep, if you mention chemtrails you taken to be a mad nutter!!

Anonymous said...

@November 3,2013 at 2.31 PM

Too true we even have chemtrails when its cloudy, they spray up above the clouds as well - maybe the jet men see a patch of blue coming so are already on the job. today in Cornwall, UK I watched as they painted out a large patch of blue. Its every day and all day. I am so sick of hearing the jets. They don't come up on the radar either only civilian planes. I try to inform everyone I meet. I have made flyers and hand them out or leave them where ever I go. Makes no difference - they reply, they are only contrails or chemicals from the jet engines. When say no its spraying chemicals on us they call me a conspiracy theorist! Why don't they just stand and look at what happens to the sky when the jets have done these trails. It 0only takes about 20 mionutes to see the effect, but they never bother to look up.

1woodmonger said...

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand what is really happening, In regards to Chem trails, The answer is the Sun and the earth. Right now earths protective shield from radiation from the sun is very very low, and even tho they say the sun is in a solar minimum, the Sun is in process of a Pole shift, and if you go to suspicious observers on utube you can pretty much get daily news on what the sun is doing. We have been having X-class flares the last few weeks, and it is going to get worse. The chem trails are blocking much of the Harmful UV rays however I believe Edward Snowden had it right when he said Kill shot.. when Comet ison gets very close to the sun ..Watch out! the sun will be interacting and send of huge solar flares, A good link to check for CME's is Solar ham dot com from there click on solar tracker. But remember that a solar flare takes minutes to reach earth and a CME can take two-three days. Why do you think Fema has so many coffins Ready, and underground Cities? After the kill shot, there will be a pole shift of earth as well( has happened in the past -about every 3630 thousand years.) Things are changing, the planets are re-alining. Think of it, the same thing happened to the Mayan's , same thing happened to the dinasoares. Our Gov knows what and when it will happen. Be safe, make Faraway boxes, line your bedroom with Aluminum foil and ground it to outside post at least 3 feet in the ground, buy food, amunition, guns water and survival supplies, don't forget a wind up radio and cb. Put all electronic devices in the Faraway box. After or before the Kill shot, find a shelter underground , not to far under , plan on riding the wave durring pole shift. It is my opinion that soon people will start complaining of being sick, The Gov. will blame this on the H179 Virus, they will give you a shot (witch is the same shot they give for radiation). Solar Radiation takes a long long time to kill people unless it was an extreem Solar flare from the sun. otherwise , every time i see a Class M and Class X solar flare, I know we are getting radiated. Check out nasa Soho... I cant say we are going to get a massive solar flare that will kill instantley, but i can say for sure that we are getting doses of radiation and that it is building up in the upper atmosphere eventually falling to earth continuelly. Yup, the gov will blame it on the H179, they know the trueth. notice that the chem trails follow the sun and that they really protect cities,every morning they start chem spraying at sun rise and as the sun moves west, so does the spraying . And , it stops at Sunset. Nope, Chem trail spraying is the lesser of the two evils.

Anonymous said...

kidnap a weather man , anywhere ! water board him or her into submission !

Anonymous said...

You fing morons! you dumb asses must have skipped science class cause there are NO chemtrails except what you make up in your own heads. Stupid stupid stupid idiots

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these pics... I live in Lenawee Country and the very first pic of Adrian really finally hit it home with me. I remember the very first time years ago when I realized "omg why is that jet tail not disappearing?? I've never seen that before!" and it was scary... but I NEVER thought it was this scary. I have been having heaches with no rhyme or reason for several years now, I have ruled out SOO many things and got my allergies almost under total control, yet I keep getting plugged sinuses so much that my face and eyes hurt and I get an extreme headache, and it can be ANY season, I've had allergy shots, take allergy meds every days, visit the allergy doctor on a 6-12 month basis to make sure I don't have sinus infections... and I'm still getting them. Glasses rx up to date. Dust regularly, clean bed sheet regularly, vacuum regularly, have a HEPA filter, use an air purifiyer and humidifier in the winter. Yet I'm getting these stuffed sinuses to the point of my whole face/eyes hurting and having to lay down for half the day just to get some relief, because headache medicine and even PAINKILLERS don't take it away. It's nuts.

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