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What Are Chemtrails?

If you watch the sky on days of visibility, you may notice unusually long-lasting emission trails from airplanes, sometimes criss-crossing each other.

Normal airplane condensation “contrails” are made of ice crystals from the freezing of moisture in a jet’s exhaust when the air humidity and temperature are at certain levels. Real contrails usually disappear rapidly.

By contrast, “chemtrails” are chemical aerosol sprays that persist and emanate out into fake cirrus clouds, often accumulating in layers. These artificial clouds commonly draw moisture to them, gradually making a chemical haze in the sky.

Who Is Spraying The Chemtrails?

Chemtrail aerosols are delivered stealthily, without announcement to the public or coverage by the controlled media. The spraying mimics normal jet contrails and is obscured by real clouds to minimize the likelihood of people noticing it in the sky.

This “stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering” program was designed by the elite power cabal of The New World Order Empire as a vehicle of control. It is secretly perpetrated through their puppet bureaucracies and quieted employees as a method of saving the planet from “global warming”.

Most establishment scientists accept the standard myths of climate change and believe what authorities say about it. If a questioner is not satisfied with the public pronouncement that the streaks in the sky are normal contrails that just last longer, officials will claim the aerosol spraying is harmless geo-engineering to increase cloud cover and dim the sun for countering warming.

Such climate fraud has been exposed to be for control purposes. It is also being used to support Agenda 21, a United Nations program to compel post industrial populations into a highly controlled urban lifestyle.

What Is The Purpose of Chemtrails?

One real purpose of these “chemtrails” is weather manipulation. Rain or drought conditions can be generated, and storms may be moved or intensified by using additional technology.

It is speculated that the HAARP installation in Alaska is sometimes used in conjunction with the chemtrails to create weather events. In addition to bouncing beams off the ionosphere for multiple purposes, this patented field of antennas may be able to shoot beams off of the metal particles in the chemtrails, redirecting them to a targeted location.

Another purpose of chemtrails is thought to be poisoning of the land and the public. The fallout from the sprays has been tested and found to include heavy metals, including aluminum, cadmium, and radioactive barium and thorium, as well as polymer fibers and biological components.

How Do Chemtrails Affect Us?

Chemtrails are considered by investigators to be part of a comprehensive attack on the population.

Breathing the heavy metal dust contributes to poor health and lessened intelligence, as does drinking the fluoride added to city water, and consuming aspartame, MSG and other neurotoxins. These chemicals are in many food and beverage products.

Such public poisons are widely distributed on purpose to undermine health, driving people to the medical establishment for pharmaceuticals, including psychotropic drugs that numb the brain and cause other health issues.

At the same time, chemtrails and additional poisons, including ongoing radiation from Fukushima and other nuclear sites, contaminate the food supply and the environment, weakening and killing trees and other plants, and reducing food production. Genetically modified crops (GMO’s) and agricultural chemicals are promoted as solutions, but these are unhealthy themselves, and they further destroy the natural ecology.

There are three key intentions of this poisoning, which is primarily a massive mind control “psyop” program on the part of the elite power controllers.

One is to reduce awareness and mental acuity so the mass hypnosis media propaganda and staged news events can more effectively manipulate the unwitting populace.

Another intent of the operation is to preoccupy people with stressful, financially draining health problems, while raking in profits for the pharmaceutical wing of the tyrannical corporate conglomerate, which I call the “TICK”.

Lastly, the early death of as many people as possible serves the population reduction agenda of the power cabal.

How Can We Stop Chemtrails?

www.OffgridOutpost.comThe chemtrail sprays are easy to see in the sky if it is not too cloudy at the time. Learn to identify them by exploring all the information at and watching for the chemtrails in the sky.

Then point out the spraying to others while suggesting they investigate. If you want to, you can mention, an introductory site I’ve created.

If you are bold, you can get the attention of strangers in store parking lots, and outdoor events by pointing at the sprays and saying, “Are you aware of chemicals being sprayed in the sky?”

These aerosols are poisoning all of us. Everyone needs to know about this and how to better protect ourselves and our loved ones. You can attract even more notice by wearing a biohazard mask on heavy spraying days, which is a good idea anyway.

They have been spraying for nearly 20 years! It has gradually increased over time. Those of us who know about it want it stopped.

When enough people are knowledgeable, we can leverage the power of a large number of us on our officials, from the local community to the state level, to get this disgusting abuse ended. Some cities have already passed resolutions to stop local spraying, but legislative bans by larger jurisdictions are needed to protect people effectively.

From there we can move on to reworking the corporate and bureaucratic structures that are currently used by the powerful elite tyrants in their long planned program to control us.

Jon David Miller is a social analyst, wellness educator, philosopher and singer/songwriter. His education includes a Bachelor of Arts with honors in economics from Ohio University, a Master of Arts in religion and a Master of Divinity from Hartford Seminary, and 40 years of experience in wellness education, business, community organizations, social studies research and writing. Jon is the author of several books, including The New World Order Empire, and developer of several websites, such as

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