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The Mother of All Conspiracies Aimed At Our Children

We are from HHS
and we're here to help you
Dave Hodges
Activist Post

There is presently a massive conspiracy designed to separate you from your children and give the government complete control over your children. To put it simply, Health and Human Services (HHS) and their state level emissary, Children Protective Services (CPS) are engaged in a conspiracy which will culminate in (1) the Agenda 21 designed breakdown of the family; (2) the eradication of any semblance of parental authority over children; and, (3) unbridled and unfettered access to seizing children from the home in unlimited quantities for whatever nefarious purposes which might dictate the volume of child seizures.

The International Plot Begins with the UN

This program emanates from a partnership between various United Nations organizations and ICF, acting on behalf of HHS, CPS and Obamacare (i.e. The Affordable Health Care Act). The evidence in this article, along with the included links, will demonstrate that when Obamacare is fully operational, our families, specifically our children will be living in a Romanian type of a Ceausescu hellish nightmare.

Romanian dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu, seized hundreds of thousands of children from stable families under the pretense that these children had disabilities which could only be treated by the government. In reality, this madman planned to use the seized children, raised in government orphanages, for military and state purposes. Three hundred thousand children were raised in these state run orphanages (Romanian Had Ceausescu survived, the vast majority of these children would have been useless to him because there were functionally retarded due to severe neglect.

After reviewing HHS, CPS and UN documents I have no doubt that Obamacare has the same goals and intentions as Ceausescu. What is being presently reported in the alternative media is merely the tip of the iceberg with regard to HHS’ intentions toward the ultimate outcome of the children in this country. After reviewing the documents, there is no doubt that Obama is representing international interests which will seek to remove as many children as possible from the homes of their parents in the spirit of Ceausescu. I freely admit that what I am about to reveal here has made me lose sleep and for the first time contemplate the real possibility of a revolution against the bankers who have hijacked our government. I cannot see parents submitting to this tyranny without a fight.

But first let me quickly review the recent revelations of the HHS/CPS/Obamacare intention to conduct what I have dubbed as “home invasion interventions.”

Obamacare Home Invasions and Interventions

According to a previously unreported Obamacare regulation, that has managed to escape “scrutiny” from the mainstream media, millions of American families will be targeted for home invasion by the forces of the Federal government in the name of preventing parental neglect resulting in disabilities in their children. And the Fourth Amendment be damned, after January 1, 2014, Federal officials may enter your home without a warrant in order to “intervene” for the purpose of saving “high risk” children.

Obamacare’s Definition of High Risk

The exposure of the extreme and intrusive nature of Obamacare through home invasions is finally seeing the light of day in the alternative media. However, this exposure is grossly understated. As a starting point, I will briefly review what is making the rounds in the alternative media. According to Human Health Services, your family is eligible for this Soviet-style “intervention” in the following situations:
  1. Families where mom is not yet 21.
  2. Families where someone is a tobacco user.
  3. Families where children have low student achievement, developmental delays, or disabilities.
  4. Families with individuals who are serving or formerly served in the armed forces, including such families that have members of the armed forces who have had multiple deployments outside the United States.
  5. Although this is not being widely reported, homeschoolers and their families will be targeted for “interventions” as will be families who object to having their children take vaccines.
There is no question that all of the above categories will warrant a home invasion followed by “remediation.” The visits will not be conducted by HHS officials as has been reported in several publications. The home invasion visits will be conducted by CPS on behalf of HHS.

HHS has designed a detailed 110-page policy manual which focuses on the criteria constituting child neglect. This policy manual which is the guide created by HHS for CPS’ home intervention visits makes the above criteria, presently being reported in the alternative media, look tame by comparison.

HHS, CPS and the Criminalization of Parenthood

In the 110-page HHS/CPS manual, the variables which comprise child neglect worthy of government intervention is frightening beyond any words I can find to express their undisguised intentions. This entire document which will serve as the field manual by CPS in support of Obamacare undermines parental authority to a level that is beyond belief.

How many of you were ever grounded by your parents and not permitted to play outside with your friends? This is now illegal under the HHS/CPS policy manual. They label the treatment as neglect by isolation. There are no time frames set forth which constitute isolation, and it is left to the field representative. This obviously erodes parental discipline.

If your child is judged to be underachieving in school, this is referred to as educational neglect and is worthy of governmental intervention. Further, if your child is absent for five days in any one month from school, the same allegation would be made against the parent.

If your child has ADD or ADHD, you could be accused of neglect because the document details how this can be somehow caused by poor nutrition, although the variables associated with the cause are not specified.

The document goes out of its way to specify that poverty and neglect are not inextricably linked. Then the document goes out of its way to link poverty with child neglect. Read between the lines America. As we already are aware, many poor children who go missing from scandals such The Second Mile Foundation, The Franklin Scandal and the latest with the 78 missing wards of the state in Oklahoma, frequently end up being put into child sex trafficking rings operated and funded by such notables as DynCorp and HSBC bank.

Of course no Obama-inspired program would be complete without an attack upon the Second Amendment. Obamacare is no exception, as one of the criteria for child neglect are parents who are also gun owners.

The presence of alcohol in the home is a trigger for an allegation of neglect and subsequent “intervention.” Of course, alcoholic parents can present a clear-and-present danger to a child’s well-being. However, in the policy manual the conditions for concern over alcohol do not detail the amount and percentage of the family resources involved necessary to obtain alcohol. In other words, one can of beer in the home can be considered to constitute child neglect by the Obamacare CPS fieldworker.

If your child has engages in any type of illicit or criminal behavior, your family is at risk. Raise your hands if you ever smoked pot before the age of 18, or drank as a teen, or engaged in any kind of sexual activity before the age of 18, ever stayed out past curfew, or ever shoplifted? IF your children ever engage in these and a multitude of other transgressions, you are in danger of losing your children. This also means that if your child is ever involved in a fight in school or is assigned detention, the school will be required to report the behavior to the HHS/CPS and you can expect to have a “home invasion intervention” session with your friendly Obamacare CPS fieldworker.

If you are ever late picking up your child from daycare or from school aftercare, you will be reported.

If you have ever been depressed or have been treated for any mental disorder (e.g. PTSD, anxiety, etc.), you are at risk for losing your children.

Even illegal immigrant families are not immune from this insanity. Children are judged by the field worker to not be fully acculturated, do not properly speak the language, exhibits signs of being homesick and judged to have not formed an unspecified number of friends and formed a cohesive social network, allegations of neglect can be made.

I could literally write 10 more pages on what CPS/HHS, on behalf of Obamacare, considers to be parental neglect. I would invite the reader to spend some time reviewing the document which will be serving as the policy manual for the forced home inspections. Please note that when the reader gets beyond the flowery language and professed concern for children, that the language is written so broadly that virtually any human condition, any family circumstance or child’s behavior can be interpreted as child neglect.

The important thing to note is the use of language by this manual. Parents who are deemed by an Obamacare CPS field worker, operating under the HHS flag, to be neglectful towards their children are considered to have created “disabilities” within their children. As the reader will soon discover, the use of the term “disabilities” is key to understanding how far this administration is willing to go to seize children for some nefarious purpose.

Sadly, this is still only the beginning. There is far more to be concerned about beginning with who is ultimately responsible for these outrages.

Meet the Creators of the State Sponsored Child Kidnapping Rings

The primary author for this insane manual for HHS/CPS and their designed home invasion interventions is Diane DePanfilis, Ph.D., M.S.W. She is the Associate Dean for. Research and an Associate Professor of Social Work at the University of Maryland. More importantly she is a co-editor of the Handbook on Child Protection Practice. In other words, DePanfilis has been a major player in the unconstitutional practices we see in CPS in all 50 states. As if this is not concerning enough, all of the other contributing authors have their professional origins and affiliations with the same organization.
  • Lindsay Ritter Taylor from Caliber, an ICF International Company
  • Matthew Shuman, M.S.W, A consultant with Caliber, an ICF International Company
  • Jean Strohl, A consultant with Caliber, an ICF International Company,
  • Jeannie Newman, M.S.W, M.I.B.S., A consultant with Caliber, an ICF International Company
It was at this point, I smelled a rat. We have the primary author being a CPS author designed to teach their field operatives on the methods of how to abuse parents and undermine parental authority. And all of the contributing authors come from the exact same corporation, ICF. At this point, it is prudent to ask the question, who is ICF?

ICF Is the Biggest Player That You Have Never Heard Of

ICF International partners with government and commercial clients to deliver consulting services and technology solutions in climate change, energy, environment, transportation, social programs, defense, and homeland security markets. In my mind, this established ICF as a major player in the introduction and implementation of the globalist agenda by designing matching Federal programs. And as it turned out they are a major player in Obamacare through their subsidiary acquisition, Caliber Associates.

Caliber is an “established leader in providing research, consulting, and innovation in human services and human resource issues.” ICF acquired Caliber in 2005 in order “to serve HHS, the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the U.S. Department of Education.” Caliber Associates and their four contributing authors to the HHS/CPS field manual, which will be used to enforce child welfare regulations, was the undeniable link to Obamacare through this field manual. But as I discovered, the rabbit hole went even deeper.

After I found the co-authors of the HHS/CPS policy manual which will guide these forced home inspections, I smelled the distinct odor of the United Nations and Agenda 21 and sure enough, this was exactly what I found.

The United Nations and Obamacare

At times, I feel that I have the globalist playbook and I am able to often anticipate their next move. Please allow me to briefly illustrate how the globalists have operated in another area, education, and then draw the parallel to how the UN is deeply involved in Obamacare.

The Common Core Curriculum, which is sweeping the nation’s education system, was the product of “Education for All.” Education for All comes from the United Nations education arm, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Common Core went from UNESCO to the National Governors Association who in turn farmed out the development of the details to various NGO’s, which in turn sent the standards to each state for implementation. This is the standard model that the globalists follow when implementing a controversial program and Obamacare follows a similar pattern as did Common Core.

There is no doubt that the provisions of allegedly protecting children in Obamacare, originated with the United Nations.

In the United Nations document entitled, Human Rights, Persons with Disabilities, ICF and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Training toolkit), implementation for programs designed to help people, children in particular, with disabilities, came from the World Health Organization (WHO) [Page 36], UNESCO [Page 37], the International Labour Organization (ILO) [Page 36] and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)[Page 38]. As one can see from the title, ICF and the UN have partnered to protect people/children with disabilities.


Please remember that earlier in the article, I made the point that the HHS/CPS field manual referred to neglected children as children who have disabilities. It is quite apparent that any of the conditions listed in the HHS/CPS manual will produce children who have disabilities. And in the case of Ceausescu, in which he seized hundreds of thousands of children who had “disabilities” and planned to use them for purposes of the state, the same picture is beginning to emerge with regard to Obamacare and the home invasion visits. I can draw no other conclusion than Obamacare is State-sponsored child slavery.

Under Obamacare, virtually every aspect of parenting is criminalized. Any child can be considered to have a disability for which the State is the only legitimate treatment source. When Obama was first running for President in 2008, he promised to build a civilian security force that “was just as strong, just as well-funded as our military.” And when one combines this conspiracy with Obama’s Executive Order 13603 which calls for a mandatory civilian conscription to complement a military draft, it is clear that this lunatic is planning to enslave a large segment of the population, and he will obtain many of his conscripts from Obamacare. And many of you who are familiar with Agenda 21 and their expressed views toward parental rights and the rights of children, do not need me to connect the dots, you already have done so.

My advice to all parents: don’t answer the door on New Year’s Day 2014 when Obamacare begins to be implemented.

Dave is an award winning psychology, statistics and research professor, a college basketball coach, a mental health counselor, a political activist and writer who has published dozens of editorials and articles in several publications such as Freedoms Phoenix, News With Views and The Arizona Republic.

The Common Sense Show features a wide variety of important topics that range from the loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of The Common Sense Show is to provide Americans with the tools necessary to reclaim both our individual and national sovereignty.


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Anonymous said...

Wow, I like to stay informed by reading as many different opinions as possible. But the trash you spew is so spurious you are not only a danger to public discourse, you are an agent of misinformation and fear. Are there problems with national or international policies that have the potential for tyrannical interpretation or execution? Sure there are and there ALWAYS have been. But recommending people shut their doors, or prepare for the inevitable government take over of their lives? Dude, you need to wake up and do something other than scream conspiracy. Your CV points to an intelligent person. Your rant makes you seem like a nut. I will stop reading this blog now.

Anonymous said...

During Obama's presidency the USA has not expanded its international legal obligations in the humanitarian field and still participates only in three out of nine core human rights treaties. The Americans have not so far ratified the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (only Somalia and South Sudan has not also acceded to it)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I see blood.

Anonymous said...

ShiiiiiiiT... over my dead body! They got another thing coming. NoBody touches my kids.

Anonymous said...

They are creating FEAR - FEAR paralize people - paralized people will not stand up and FIGHT

Paul Panza said...

I would like to see the child protection services for DC remove Obama's children from his control as it is well known that he has bragged about killing people. I don't know of any parent that would be allowed to keep their children by making such public claims. How about starting at the top to enforce the law.

Anonymous said...

Direct from the document-"Guns and other weapons—guns that are kept in the house that are loaded and not locked up or are in reach of children;" Constitutes inadequate supervision according to the document.

Anonymous said...

..anyone who does not know or see the local, national and then international agenda of these an idiot...I worked for US DoD for over two decades as a "Federally protected Whistle-Blower" citizens who are shilling, or do not want to see the evil intentions and conduct of these people...please wake up...are better yet...demand of your Congressman that they introduce legislation calling for "Amnesty" for any traitor below Cabinet Level...if they truthfully admit to what they were being black-mailed by the NSA or whomever...and what they did for the black-mailers....then they have 30 days to get their pension, their illicit wealth and get out of the country...then we move on to impeaching the big traitors...convict them and hang them...


RJ O'Guillory
Webster Groves - The Life of an Insane family

Jinab13 said...

Dear Anonymous... you sure have a lot to say, none of which is worthy of reading. Yes, I will keep my kids and keep my kids safe... I will not participate in Obamacare in any way. If I choose to homeschool or NOT vaccinate my children, that is my right and my choice. If I choose to feed them home grown food because most of the food is Genetically Modified and not fit for anyone's consumption, I will do so. You are nothing but a troll, so go peddle your BS somewhere else...

Anonymous said...

Let them try to enter my home and touch my family.

Anonymous said...

If you have kids, and if you have considerable savings and/or marketable skills, then make plans to permanently move out of the US ASAP.

The "let them just try to take my kids away" bravado is just plain foolish. This is a fight that you are doomed to lose.

If you attempt to "interfere" in any way, they will not just shoot and kill your dog. They will shoot and kill you, too.

Anonymous said...

Good because i'd rather die than bend to these satanic sacks of dung brained money grubbers...

Anonymous said...

Every bit of what you state is there for all to see. but stop focusing on BHO. He is an errand boy delivery this round of globalist trash. If not him, then someone else. If not today, then tomorrow.
Focusing too much on the man severely blinds to the real, on going, and pervasive threat behind the curtains. People will focus on stopping HIM, and not THEM.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you aren't for real, are you? "Misinformation?" And oh, yeah, there's always the possibility someone might misuse inhumane laws, but there's really nothing to worry about. Right.
Your comment might lead one to believe you actually do a bit of reading. It looks as if you really don't, though.

Dan Q said...

"1. Families where mom is not yet 21.
2. Families where someone is a tobacco user.
3. Families where children have low student achievement, developmental delays, or disabilities.
4. Families with individuals who are serving or formerly served in the armed forces, including such families that have members of the armed forces who have had multiple deployments outside the United States.
5. Although this is not being widely reported, homeschoolers and their families will be targeted for “interventions” as will be families who object to having their children take vaccines."

All of the above are "unnecessary" expenses under Socialist National Health Care. If you've been paying attention to the news, mainstream doctors are no longer recommending screening for breast cancer.

"Romanian dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu, seized hundreds of thousands of children from stable families...this madman planned to use the seized children, raised in government orphanages, for military and state purposes."

Given that we allow children and babies to be molested and filmed nude at airports without complaint, I guarantee the sheeple will have no objection to the government seizing and killing your children when the media can call objecting parents "anti-American traitors", just as they did Snowden exposed the NSA as violating its "foreigners only" charter through blackmail.

Andrei said...

Dave, can you get references about Ceausescu story of seized children?

Gary orGibby said...

@Anonymous#1 (above) / Please DO stop reading. You are beyond help and obviously a boot-licking coward. You won't be missed so move on and let the grown-ups work this out. You're a useless child.

Anonymous said...


Anon at 8:56 is the typical shill who comments first in an attempt to divert the readers or discredit a valid article.

They also typify the soul-less people who will sellout their own family for a paycheck. You can't get much lower than these people so be aware of them.

The other devils are the local and state officials and police who will do anything they are told. The people at the top steering the system in this evil way must have minions to do their bidding, and those minions are among us.
They live on your street, have families, must eat and sleep.
They are not beings from different planets with special powers, they are just evil people who are willingly doing wrong and know it.


And remember, a people deserve any regime they endure.

Your fear and apathy only make them loathe you MORE.

It will be harder to defend yourself if you wait till the abusers are kicking in your door.

Anonymous said...

Such a perfect moron esspecially when he writes about things he don't know.
About Ceausescu "the dictator"is is only a fucking funcy lunacy what you are writing about.
I am University degree < I was working there I know more than NSA, CIA , KGB ... could possibly knows, but to tell us such stupid fancy lunacy, please let Ceausescu alone, he was the smallest wrong and bad that could happend to one nation.
Sorry dude you are a real imbecile.

dr. Alex. Semenciuc

Anonymous said...

Excellent article and research, well done for warning parents of what is to come. It absolutely stinks of UN Agenda 21, with its totalitarian global government plan seeking to remove private property and individual rights at every level. It may be worth parents acquiring a second passport, just in case, or at least compare States eg New Hampshire is for freedom of the individual with excellent checks and balances - many are moving there.

I had just listened to a David Icke interview this very morning in which he talked about the unprecedented level of removal of children from their parents by social services with the slightest excuse, and that parents are warned they will be jailed if they go to the media as the family courts demand secrecy. The Illuminasti = pure evil. Don't think they live by the normal standards of mankind. There is no empathy thus no limit to their abhoration. This article should go viral globally. As it is a global agenda, no country is immune.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying I don't believe it, but where are the evidence? Can anybody link to any hard-core facts? or is it just reading between the lines?

somitcw said...

Romanian children were "medically" examined at the age of three years to determine which should be captured. The captured Romanian children went to Cighid, other orphanages, and to psycho hospitals.
While reports of Cighid were horrible, it may be nowhere near as horrific as what is planned for U.S. children.

Anonymous said...

I understand that people do not believe, there was a time I did not either, but they took my granddaughter and I have been fighting to regain her for eight years. They take children every day under false allegations. I lost my granddaughter, because I needed her to eat her lunch quickly one day and I offered her a cookie if she would do so quickly. I was told that by bribing a child in this manner the state would not allow it, so they would take her. The state children's ombudsman investigated the case and could find no reason that she should have been taken. My case is not unusual, it is happening every day to thousands of children and after they take them, many of them die. It is all on the internet....look it up. Start with one organization named AFRA - American Family Rights Association. Then go to and learn what the UN is doing on the rights of the child. Your parental rights are in jeopardy in the US. It is already through the House and only needs 67 senators to ratify it and Obama will sign it he says. You will then have no parental rights. There is more going on than you believe, I know it is more than I want to believe, but there is proof!

Anonymous said...

In brief:
Who and what is The Committee of 300? - They are a 'Super National' body that knows no boundaries, respect the laws of no countries, they are a committee of 300 men who rule the world they're known only to each other and nothing happens without their consent.

The Federal government - the 'secret upper parallel government' that runs the United States DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW that you have an 'upper parallel government' that 'calls-the-shots', that dictates what is going to happen to your lives and mine. What are their goals?: their goals are a 'One World Government' that will be called the 'New World Order'.

Thirteen of the top family of the United States are in the Illuminati today and they have a BIG SAY on everything that happens politically in this country. doesn't matter 'who' is in the White House this Committee of 300 through the Royal Institute of International Affairs, through the Council of Foreign Relations, exercises complete control, but their strongest arm is called the Club of Rome.

The Club of Rome is one of the most insidious baneful organizations in existence today [32:50], which has done intolerable, immeasurable harm to the United States of America...
The Club of Rome was instituted and organized to start an attack on the world's population using the United States as the whipping boy. And they came up with the paper called 'The Zero Growth Post Industrial Plan for Industry and Agriculture for the United States of America'. Three days after that plan was accepted as official by the United States Policy by James Earl Carter, I was able to through my intelligence people to get a copy of this insidious document. Basically what it said was, "That the middle-class of the United States of America have to be destroyed because in the coming push to a world order the middle-class would be the stumbling block, because history has shown that the peasant-class in ancient days when they had revolted were just easily crushed, there was no resistance, but now they have grown a new 'super-class' of people in the United States called the middle-class who had long-term employment, they had job security, who were well paid, who could afford to buy the products that were made by the United States didn't need to buy products from China or anywhere else and the Club of Rome's post industrial zero growth paper said "This has got to stop! We have to bring down the middle-class of the United States, and the way that we will do this, the way that we will accomplish this task is: By Crushing Their Industries! " - Dr John Coleman -

Dr John Coleman gives the most in-depth talk on who really runs the White House and how it is done, why they are ramping it up now and how they are able to control the world the way they have for such a long time (a real eye-opener, people must know about this)1:43:30

Anonymous said...

Everything has to have a legal underpinning. Legal does not mean lawful; these intended government actions will therefore be legal but not lawful.
The only law before which all others bow the knee is the Law of God, which is the basis of the Common Law, under whose aegis America was originally constituted.
But, as one of your early Presidents said, John Adams I believe, the Constitution is only capable of delivering protection to a righteous people, which you are not. It is entirely unsuited to protecting anyone else. Your entire nation is hideously corrupted and morally bankrupt, therefore you have been delivered into the hands of your oppressors, who are dual-passport holders from another land altogether, whose only desire is to enslave and ultimately to exterminate you, which they have done to others also in recent times.
Those who do not learn their history are obliged to repeat it.
Because you have, each one of you, registered the births of your children, they are no longer your property from that time forwards. "Regis" is the Latin genitive case of "Rex", a king. Thus your children, post-registration, are the property of the king, and he may do as he wishes with his own property. You are merely the state-approved custodians or keepers of these children; if you do anything to, or with them, that their owner does not like, then he may remove them from you.
Thus he applies numbers to them, as indicative of their chattel status. This number is used to control them as soon as they are old enough to bring him the taxes which he unlawfully but legally applies to them as soon as he can. This, of course, was the sole reason for him to fund the establishment of your colony in the first place. You are a slave plantation. See Eustace Mullins' interviews for the verification of this unsavoury fact.
This is the "legal" basis for your discomfiture.
This therefore is the Achilles' Heel which you must attack.

Vitamin Lawyer Health Freedom Blog said...

We must all join together to stop these Agenda 21 atrocities against our children.

Dr. Rima explains why in her viral video, Don't Delta Me, Dude!

Anonymous said...

We must be United! Everyone drop their differences with one another. We MUST band together and fight in a positive and peaceful way or the message will be lost in chaos. Who is going to stand up first? I don't know all the answers but I do know that if Everyone stands up and says "No more! Enough is enough!" Things will change. But, you have to be smart about how you spend your time and money as well. STOP these huge corporations from taking control of EVERYTHING! Buy local. Eat local. Grow local. Be local. And most of all, teach your young kids to be like our grand or great grand parents. Keep life more simple. Help anyone awaken from their slumber any way possible. Numbers are key. We need more courageous people to stand and do something or anything. This is why everyone on this planet that lives in this current time is here, to spread the word. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

It is important that every person in the U.S. understand that you have to join obamacare. This is exactly like the 1940's and early 50's when they had insurance agents selling social security program to eveyone. Social security was insurance only for people who worked for the government. Later it was allowed to be sold to those who didn't work for the government, as a "retirement plan," if you bought the plan you got a social security number. There is no law saying you have to sign up for for social security program and there is no law saying that you must have a number to be employed by any company. We have been duped, at the hospitals at the birth of the baby they send in a request for a social security number for your baby, you need to stop this as this is how your child becomes a member of the government social security insurance and receives their tracking number! So just say NO. Further employers need to be schooled on the fact that they have no lawful right to request your social security number as a requirement of employment. Further employee tax was first collected to fund World War 2, it was never meant to go on for the last 60 some years! Lastly never ever get a marriage license from a county or state, this licenses means that you are incompetent to contract yourself so you contract a third party in this case the state to handle your affairs and gives rights to the product of the union ie your children to the state! And that was told to me by the supervisor at the office of marriages and death certificates, he said people are totally clueless. If you end up in court and have no marriage license for starters right there the state had no right to your children, as you did not contract to give them your product (children). If you want to get married, get married in the eyes of God and your family, only. This is how it was done for hundreds of years, in this country and others. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR OBAMACARE and that way you stay out of the exchanges, they are death to all anyway, there will be death panels for those over 70, hence no life saving care will be given for the elderly is only one of the nightmares of the obamacare insurance, their will be a mandated id card that will eventually become an implant in your hand or arm, that's also in the obamacare bill. Go online and research this stuff it's all out there print it save it read it share it and teach everyone you know what the obamacare bill really says. It is common knowledge that Blue Cross of california has decided to not be in the obamacare exchange for small business insurance as they have opted out. You all need to opt out too. Save yourselves, save your families and children, save your country, do not join any insurance in an exchange and do not join an exchange!

Anonymous said...

Chris Hodges is nothing more than a Christian fundamentalist whack job who spews nothing but fear and paranoia. Activispost is losing any credibility it once had by giving a platform to these demented, fear mongering snake oil salesmen. It's bad enough that you have Jeff Rense giving succor to these vermin.

Misty Bennett said...

The goverment took my kids two years ago because I had a argument with a greenville tx cps devil. My life forever changed I miss my son and daughter more then words can say....Wake up America

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