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Fukushima nightmare: An atmospheric scientist and a medical scientist sound alarm

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Rady Ananda
Activist Post

In this two-hour July 2013 interview with an atmospheric scientist and planetary risk consultant, we learn that the Fukushima catastrophe is ongoing, that the US government is lying to us about our exposure to radiation and its attendant impact, and that our Food “Safety” agencies have raised allowable levels of radiation by more than 400%.

Simon Atkins, PhD, DSc, warns not to eat any Pacific seafood and to consider moving to the Southern Hemisphere, at least 15° south of the equator.

In a more staid presentation in March, a medical scientist presents detailed information on the impacts of the Fukushima catastrophe on the human body, in terms any intelligent lay person can comprehend.

Steven Starr, MT (ASCP), is a medical laboratory scientist at the University of Missouri, with expertise in nuclear proliferation and its environmental impacts, and is also a senior scientist at Physicians for Nuclear Responsibility.

His 21-minute speech is entitled, “The Implications of Massive Radiation Contamination of Japan with Radioactive Cesium” and was given at the Cinema Forum Fukushima symposium in New York City March 11-12, 2013. The event was co-sponsored by The Helen Caldicott Foundation and PNR.

In it, Starr corroborates the seriousness of the radiation, today, that Atkins stridently warns of above:

Hat tip Tracy Turner and Dr. Piotr Bein.

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Jon said...

I applaud this man for the courage to come forward. I now can understand much clearer the terminology of this disaster. God be with us all..
Much Love folks

Anonymous said...

I call Bull Shit on the whole Fuku Psy-op.
If it were as bad as they want you to believe we would all be dead by now.

Get over it there is nothing to fear except falling for this kind of BS.

Anonymous said...

boy if they wanted to force transhumanism on us, altering our DNA with radiation couldn't do it any more quickly.

here's RT coverage of Fukushima:
Fukushima apocalypse: Years of ‘duct tape fixes’ could result in ‘millions of deaths’

uNclear Future said...

"If it were as bad as they want you to believe we would all be dead by now."

That's the sort of denial Lung Cancer victims embraced while they were smoking.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 1:13 aka TEPCO apologist
you really need a little education as to radiation poisoning progression.

Bequerel said...

No shtit anonymous. And what "they" really don't want you to know about are all the scientific studies which prove that cesium can cure your teeth.

Everything is psy-op.

Hide Behind said...

It is far and away a worse situation than the author portrays.
Like damn near all intellectuals the author has to sit and wait for confirmation of what they believe; Confirmation from those paid by the ones that caused the problems.
It is a built in safety valve by those who profuce the disasters and killings and those scholars are finally allowed to talk. not of now but of back then.
And then after some reading and proofreading and rearangemrnts to not plagerize a copywrite the establishmentarians of the cyber world release the news.
Hre is something for the non bloggers and yes you bloggers as to the people that are living in the fn now.
This world has fn puters and smartphones and damned smart peoples no matter the country you are in except for majority of places in southern US.
I was talking to ex Iraqi scientist as americans were mentally and physicly masterbating as we killed Iraqi peope looking for wmds
All men and women that had all been helped to move and were given jobs in British Canadian and US ,; high paying positions.
Many in military security corporations but most were ensconced insome of the highest educational establishments in those three nations.
There are and have long been means for the ones on ground to tell their"true" stories but they could not find anyone that was not part of their fn problems to talk too.
It is by some journalist aided by thouands of independent and inquizative thinkers that showed Bill Clintons dropping of more DUI bombs and firing more airborne armameents in his last 9 months as President just in Iraq than had veen used during first Iraq war and the total tonnage of the bombs dropped on N. Vietnam in thatt conflict.
It was no damned professoror legal media a holes.
Go look at Japanese talk rooms, guess what they speak and spell English fuently and will tell you of their stories and measurements of radiation.
Japan and US military and cyber firms ,they say, are heavily momitoring and intergering in truth issues.
Here in states you can stil find some mon twits and vlueless unisex users that talk of isdues above crotch lrvel.
To poster at 1:13pm Iwould only ask if themto turn down their internal volume and go listen to real people.

Anonymous said...

Notice how Hind Behide doesn't mention the Bush family at all, as if they are exempt from any blame. Some things scare me worse than radiation poisoning, and you're among them, fuckface.

Anonymous said...

This is all disinformation and fear tactics that these wannabes scientists are projecting to the population! All radiation had been Fear is the Destroyer of Humanity! Wake up! WE are in times of Ascension, not of destruction!

Anonymous said...

If Stuxtnet caused this fiasco, then it is only fair if it comes home as well.

Matthew Alston said...

"He likes behind" makes no fucking sense. What the fuck is he talking about? Do I need to smoke crack to understand that undecipherable shit?

Anonymous said...

Bequerel, to what form of cesium are you referring ? Seeing as cesium is an alkaline metal and as such is highly reactive with moisture.

Anonymous said...

I declare Activist Post is dead. Just reading the dribble in the comments makes me want to scrape my brain with a cheese grater and squeeze fresh lemon juice on it. I am embarrassed to say I have something in common with you people and should just stop checking the site to protect my sanity.

Bequerel said...

Anonymous 8:37, in my reply to Anonymous 1:13, I was referring to cesium 137.

I'd hoped to illuminate Anonymous 1:13's paid shilling...or incredible lack of awareness (am I repeating myself) with certain subtlety (WTF does "cure your teeth" mean?) Well, it fit right in here. Nobody seemed to notice. Anonymous 2:09 and 2:40 offered actual intelligence, "uNclear Future" made sense; Anonymous 7:02, all hopped up on "Ascension", made clear that a bizarre and ridiculous statement like "...cure your teeth" went down without a thought. Amazing. Burp.

So...Anonymous 8:37, way to go---you at least got a little hiccup on the cesium/teeth thing (wasn't that supposed to be fluoride in drinking water...?)

"...cure your teeth." I admit, it was a decayed little test of American Brain Death (ABD). Judging from the the overall responses so might seem not too far of a stretch...the ABCs (you know, learning about things and stuff) will soon be overwhelmed by the ABDs.

And remember, Anonymous 1:13, and Anonymous 7:02...Sara Palin said that radiation is good for you. I suppose she had already divined that cesium 137 can even "cure your teeth".

Becquerel said...

Anonymous 10:40: You deserve the BFC (best fucking comment) award here. What in hell has happened to this audience? The better the content (like this article by Rady Ananda) the more inane the comments. Is this a ZioShill effect...or an American Brain Death effect? Okay...consider both the same thing....

Activist Post is targeted because of telling the truth.

Hide Behind said...

Ever hear the term "Burakumin" by any Japanese or american talking heads in regards to the nuclear crisis at Fukashima?
There is discrimination in Japan and it is a lot different than just color of skin, and it more closely compares to old Whitemans institutionalizing of the black share cropper and migrant worker of largely latino low educated unskilled manual laborers.
Full time TEPCO workers are administrators and facilitators but never go near any of the radiation. internal workings or contaminated if even minutely materials or facilitys. those dirty jobs are left up to the "Burakumin" part time employees
All part time workers reach tje maximum yearly legal dosage before 1 years employment is filled; They are then fired and sent home.
Today at the catastrophe area the Burakumin part timers are receiving that legal yearly amount in as little as two months and then sent home.
A fired Burakumin cannot return to that nuke work for formal company's any sooner than 4 years.
4 years with no compensation by firms or government.
They have a national insurance butwith deduct and prepay most temp workers cannot afford gov premiums cost.
These are the temps that are working in the god old US Corporate wage savers, the Corporation hires sub contractors; subcontractors that hire the fired temps.
Maximum pay at Corporate temp is $80. US, but then through contractors it is $80 US minus the contractors cost and in hot areas they change workware that eats up 45% of wages daily.
No Health.
These are the ones I talked too and so should some nigmouths that complain about "quality" of responce
As a "Burakumin" of the world I listen to the tongues of the world not just some cultivated airs put on by assholes who do not listen to the people beliw their stations in life.

sohereandnow said...

Anonymous comments are usually as factual as the "handle."

Bruce Bowman said...

HAARP vs Water Powered car......HAARP won WE LOOSE !!!

Shadowfax said...

Too many videos under the articles heading.
An article is words!!!!!not a video.
Please stop putting videos in article area.

Anonymous said...

Is there raw slide show for us to read?

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