Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WARNING: Prominent Activists Being Framed With Child Porn

Activist Post

A disturbing trend is unfolding where some entity is attempting to frame prominent anti-establishment activists and alternative media organizations with child pornography.

These activists are being sent emails with malicious attachments containing images of child porn in a seeming attempt to discredit them or set them up for arrest.

Two weeks ago Luke Rudkowski of was sent an email from a @tormail domain with attachments containing child porn.

Rudkowski communicated more with his attacker who warned "We plan to not just set you up with child porn but every alternative media founder and master on the planet."

Rudkowski's attacker has apparently made good on this threat. Two more prominent liberty activists have now been targeted using the same tactic.

Stewart Rhodes from Oathkeepers and Dan Johnson from People Against the NDAA discuss a recent attempted set-up. As they document with their Internet security tech, this was a more sophisticated attempt to install child porn than the attempt made a short while ago against Luke Rudkowski.

It's a warning to all activists to be extra vigilant as the establishment attempts to discredit, and apparently imprison, those who seek to tell the truth.

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Jeff Simpson said...

That's some pretty dirty frigging pool. But just goes to show- observe basic internet security eg don't open attachments from strangers, run good security software etc and these bast*rds won't be able to put anything on you.

The thing I want to know is where are these guys getting this disgusting porn? Are they making it somewhere at some black US government site somewhere??

Anonymous said...

Hey, I got a terrible malware of that, I couldn't fix it. It was the complete screen supposedly from the FBI - logo and all, in big letters telling me that they had caught me with child porn.

I called my ISP Verizon, shouting at them, that they had failed in their job of providing adequate anti virus /malware coverage, since I was NOT guilty. The guy told me to calm down, that if I were really guilty, I wouldn't have got that warning, that the Feds would already have been at my door.

I would up have to reload all my comp. programs and lost my old files, the ISP programs.

After I reloaded them, Verizon or Microsoft forced about 200+ patches on me. Which re-sent me a gazilion viruses and child porn, all over again. I was stuck again.

My son happened to pass by, and had a fit, that I allowed the patches to go thru. At the end, he couldn't remove anything. And I wound up haveing to re-load the programs from scratch, and had to call the useless ISP Verizon again. Verizon is only good for taking your money and spying on you, for their masters, the Feds.

This time, when the Program tried to put patches through again, I unplugged before they could get started.

When I turned on my comp. again, there was a little logo on the bottom announcing there were "Updates."

I found my way to the internal program, disallowing them to go thru.

So, I know what it's about.

The scum hackers. they should be hung, drawn, quartered, and burned. And their ashes scattered.

Anonymous said...

I also want to add here, that in the real criminal cases, the FBI are a*____s, because they go after the alleged "johns" or whatever one calls the viewer, INSTEAD of tracing to the SOURCE - the ones who put it out, and use the kids and film them.

THAT is to be used in Court Cases.

Anonymous said...

They've done this same shit to active military guys who have become Conscientious Objectors and other moral dissenters.

Anonymous said...

One word solution, Linux.......

Anonymous said...

Look no futher! This is a classic Mossad/FBI BS setup.

Anonymous said...

What if this has been going on and is not a new tactic? What if they are blackmailing high profile politicians (the ones that aren't incrimination themselves with wrong doing, like many are)? This is a very scary thought...

EDwin said...

They can digitally videotape us in the privacy of our own homes, which can be used as blackmail when necessary by TPTB. A touchy subject they have been enjoying doing. Nice


dale said...

This doesn't make sense: why would an attacker send the porn to set you up, then admit he was setting you up? Wouldn't that be proof of a set up? It's like doing a false flag operation but admitting it at the same time. It doesn't make sense.

And that leads me to suspect it is made up, a kind of reverse false flag in which you set yourself up and invent an attacker to portray yourself as a victim of those who oppose the truth speakers, the liberty elite who get it, the wannabe saviors.....and other grandiose self-depictions.

Either way, it's pretty sick. It's hard to prove you are NOT a pedophile.

Anonymous said...

Note that one attack was from the tor network. This is used to help people stay anonymous.....and has come under fire lately by a govt. that does not want true privacy or freedom (it seems). I wonder if this will cause a backlash against tor or if the govt is using tor because it is so good at keeping things private? Maybe a good way to crush many things all at once. Oh the possibilities...

Anonymous said...

Set your email application to not show images in HTML emails. Otherwise, the image is on your computer from the second you look at the email.

Dave Phillips said...

People are getting hackers and crackers confused. Hackers are not cyber terrorists or anarchists, they are programmers and tech savvy operators. Crackers however are the ones who brute force crack systems, system passwords, load malware and virus codes into everyday items to junk a persons computer. Ask any decent programmer the difference and they will tell you the same.

Anonymous said...

FBI virus? Kaspersky provides a free killer. After Kaspersky finds and kills it, reboot from a good boot disc. No boot disc? There are sites out there that will also give them to you. Plan on about a day of trouble. Dont throw things, or delete your files. It'll be OK.

Alexander Backman said...

The FEDs did the same thing to William Rodriguez after he threatened the establishment and denied running for Governor of NY. Rodriguez told me this at lunch one day in 2004. That the FBI or some other USGOV agency put porn in his computer, laptop, to get to him.

In my case, it is the AGENCY that is after me. Already tried to do away with me and my family in 2010. Spent 6 mos. in safe houses with the family. Then in Dec 2012, DHS agent came to me and said that when the AGENCY has you on their list, sooner or later, they will get to you, no matter what. All this because I interviewed an operative who saw some amazing stuff in Israel.

Anonymous said...

This stinks to highwater of that little kikeroach, Ehud Barak hiding somewhere and doing his dirty work with Nobama's blessing.

Anonymous said...

The TOR network was militarily developed... this smells like the NSA/FBI/CIA... may be one or all of them in inclusion, not some 'random hacker'. This has organized intelligence agency written ALL over it!

Anonymous said...

I'll spread the word. Thanks Activist Post.

Anonymous said...

Makes the assertion that Scott Ritter was a child pornographer more enlightening. Great way to silence you critics.

Hide Behind said...

If anyone from gov wants to plant wiyhin your puter offsite memoryhole, or any connected wyfy phones, they can just do it.
They can use any mail but they do not need mail, hell at one time they were using one of multiple back door in Norton Security suite.
Quite a few years ago before memory was cheap and encryption easy to set up Thinking Was safe A friend, Weed Whacker" showed me some 100 entrys by gov without a backtrail. almost maybe was 20 years ago.
Wonder how much porn is on the Big UTAH site.
I asked a person if that Utah Site Filtered out gov induced programming and his answer, "Of course they do, and it is then sent to a monitor vectoring that decides its usefullness.
If it stores it can send.

Anonymous said...

Publish the email headers if you find this. Whomever sent them are guilty of international Felonies, call interpol.

ajmacdonaldjr said...

I agree with Dale, above: these are self inflicted wounds, which were inflicted - or where said to be inflicted - by the fake patriot activists themselves. These peoples are not to be trusted, because they are setting up real patriots for violent resistance via their rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

I was downloading a pod cast (JLL, I think) and went to check my download time and a download of 9ucj.html was downloading also. I stopped it but it was pretty strange. Don't know what it was . No way was I gonna go there, so please don't you either. Never have seen this happen before....Don't know what it was.

Anonymous said...

ajmacdonaldjr and Dale claiming that this is a reverse false flag and that these guys are slandering themselves, risking everything...OMFG...WE SEE YOU!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ ajmac

So you and dale are omni-sentient and know everything about everything?

I disagree, when the government wants to hide the truth they go to extraordinary means: They murdered Micheal Hastings to cover up whatever story he was going to report to the public, why wouldn't they frame activists to stop them from telling the truth?

We are dealing with an Absolute Evil that will do anything to get their way, do not give them the benefit of the doubt otherwise you're just sub-serving them, Macdonaldjr.

Are you the evil murderers puppet of lies and deceit or are you a Citizen who just wants to have a good life, like any other ordinary citizen who is upset?

maureen said...

Just think what they could hack and exploit when they access the Smart Meter computer attached to your home.

You have ZERO CONTROL over the 900 MHz and 2.45 GHz antennas, the Zigbee microship, the flash memory, software upgrades or any other parts of the computer posing as an electric meter.


Susan said...

My name is Susan Lindauer, ex-CIA Asset and 9/11 whistleblower. I have actively fought against the Patriot Act and NDAA.

I want to go on record that I, too, received a strange email purporting to show photos of the Bilderberg meeting about 2 weeks ago. It allegedly arrived from a fellow 9/11 activist, who has sent me good stuff before. When I attempted to open the pictures, my computer jammed. Ergo, I have no idea if the files downloaded onto my computer or not.

I demand the FBI investigate. Fellow activists should be warned that women are being targeted in these grotesquely offensive attacks. I know that I am joined by Oathkeepers and PANDAA in declaring that all of us STRONGLY DESPISE any individual who would exploit children for the purpose of attacking activists who support the freedom of this country.

We will not back down. Your actions prove that you are malicious and malevolent. We will expose you. We will prosecute you, and demand that you face maximum sentencing above the federal sentencing guidelines. 30 years should do nicely.

Susan Lindauer

Anonymous said...

The "FBI" screen freeze happened to me, I was pretty freaked out because I had no idea what was going on. However, I fucked the virus over with my computer knowledge and sent a code for antivirus so it automatically gets fixed now.

Warren Marris said...

Most of this is actually a bunch of wannabes in my view than a real "Anti Activist" attack... But the trouble is the pathetic little hackers and their sill games do mean we could be targeted by the real FBI anytime...

Indeed, Virizion is right that the FBI would not give you a nice "We are coming to get you" warning"

Were they playing to Masters? Not necessarily but they were no help to you...

HAs anyone ever got the bloody Whitesmoke toolbar? You all know how that can imprint in your registry so when you do a full bloody clean it comes straight back... If you get caught - Your best bet is a full and unadulterated FORMAT!...

And do not be afraid if the Feds do knock your door while that happening... Because the only way to stop anything on a hard drive never being recovered... Is totally destroy the damn thing!

So you get a visit while you are formatting - There you go Feds! I ain't got nowt to hide! BANG! You blew em out the water!!!

Anonymous said...

You aren't guilty if someone ELSE sends you such crap, or if you're looking at porn and some side panel is questionable. You have to "download" or send it to be considered guilty. But if a warning comes up on your server that says "dangerous" it may refer to something that you don't want to connect with.

Anonymous said...

So they hit unformat and see everything. Get encase software and check. Check on the net how to wipe a drive clean, there are several methods. Be aware that the programs that would have found and cleaned the spyware from your systems were produced in the past and taken off the market. The spyware companies have no interest in removing government spyware. Think of the perks that can be offered.

Anonymous said...

The pedo's in the government have plenty of that to go around.
Remember a San Jose newspaper broke a story about Bush senior having young boys delivered to the white house?

Luciferians love gay sex and little boys/girls

Anonymous said...

"So you get a visit while you are formatting - There you go Feds! I ain't got nowt to hide! BANG! You blew em out the water!!!"

Um, no, you didn't. Your files can still be recovered after a reformat of the hard drive. ALL of them. Use a secure deletion tool like Darik's boot and nuke to erase the contents of your hard drive.

Amy Barnes said...

There are a few ways to HELP prevent this sort of thing from happening:
1. Use Linux. It's less able to be hacked or backdoored.
2. Don't click on attachments from people you do not know.
3. Use WEP or some other form of encryption on your internet router to avoid internet leeches from hacking the boxes on your network.

or, -- best of all -- hire a tech you trust and KNOW to come out and help you secure your computer better.

And, -- if you are an activist -- you need to have a darn GOOD lawyer on speed dial, "just in case."

:) Good luck

Anonymous said...

FBI sets this up all the time they are guilty of distributing Child Porn on the internet all the time!
Last year the Pentagon got busted for Child Porn!
There guilty of creating the laws that say any nudity under 18 is child porn.
There guilty of messing up peoples perceptions of what is ok not ok. At the same time they have worked with Dyncorp Pegasus Corp, Cerbus and others as Child slavering across the world.

Anonymous said...

I have a stack of articles a mile tall that says the Bush cabal and his 'recreation coordinator', Michael Aquino, have a bigger stash of pedo porn than anyone else. Court records are worth a look. Paul Bonacci, Johnny Gosch, Rusty Nelson, Jeb Bush, Bush43, Jeff Gannon, and others can fill you in on the lurid details if you don't have time to read. See 'The Franklin Cover Up' and 'Conspiracy of Silence'. See 'Why Johnny Can't Come Home'.

Penny Pincher Personal Finance said...

Here's some suggestions:

Make them have to break in to get to your data. Then make it hard to break in. Harden your house - put wire cloth over your windows (stops flash bangs too), get a dog, alarm system, good locks, etc.

Only use a wired connection - not wireless - at home. That way they have to physically get at your wiring or you have to get a virus, instead of someone just hacking your router via the wireless.

Get a laptop that has NO hard drive - or maybe a Raspberry Pi and your regular peripherals. Run Liberte Linux off a thumb drive or maybe a DVD or CD-Rom whatever it will fit on, if it's on hard media then you can't write to it. It has built in encryption and TOR.

Keep your documents all on thumb drives or external hard drives. Encrypt them. Then when you are not using them, lock them up. You could even hide/disguise them too. Also, lock up your laptop. You could also put it all in a specially sealed tamper evident envelope, that in order to get to your laptop or saved data, they'd have to break a seal on it that would be apparent. You'll need a new seal for every time you leave your computer unattended. I suggest you get them with serial numbers then.

Get your own cameras and alarm system so you can catch the agents coming into your house on camera. Have those images be streaming into the "cloud" so if they realize they're on camera it'll be too late for them to do anything about it unless they then erase the cloud. Have it stream to your phone or your computer at work so you can monitor your house in real time.

Get pick resistant locks. You will have to get some commercial grade ones, which are more expensive.

You can tell if someone has altered your lock tumblers to be more pickable (typical LE/agent trick) by taking it out and seeing if there is only one pin left in it. Most regular locks have 5 pins and they will remove 4 of them and then make a key that moves the last one so they look normal/it's faster getting into your place with a key instead of with picks. They will place bugs if you are under physical surveillance, and then they have to come back in to change the batteries every so often, so this is why they do this key trick.

The pick-resistant locks have springs that make them move back so a lock picker can't move each pin out of the way in turn and have them stay out of the way while he does the other ones. It can still be picked but it's a lot harder.

Another thing you could do is never use the internet in the same place twice. Then you do use wifi, and look for open wifi's, and use them with the hard driveless laptop.

Assume your house and phone and all public places are bugged. If you have something sensitive and important to say to someone, go out in a field without your cell phones, and say it there. You could also take the precaution of throwing a thermal tarp over you to prevent someone from reading your lips during your meeting.

Take a lot of left turns while driving to see if you have a tail. This doesn't work as well if there is a team tailing you, as it does if there is just some private dick following you around by himself. You can do similar things while walking around town - duck into shops or restaurants, go out the back door, dawdle at newsstands, run a block or two and then walk again, etc.

If you think your life's in danger, then never take the same route to the same place, and never take it at the same time. Don't drive on lonely roads all by yourself. Always check the bottom of your car before you get in it, and the back seat (in case there's someone in the car). Always start the engine with your door open, no seatbelt on, and your left foot on the ground - if it explodes you'll get knocked out of the car and live, most likely. Don't snug up to cars in front of you - make enough room that you can get around them if you're at a light.

Penny Pincher Personal Finance said...

I should also add, get rid of any torrent or file sharing software you have, because this is a very typical way for someone to unwittingly "share" files. This can turn a thing where you accidentally open a file that is icky, to a thing where you're facing a felony charge for distributing it, without ever having wanted the file in the first place.

Charles Haymarket said...

Thanks for this news, but as a very long term activist, someone who has been gang stalked relentlessly, these are fairly old tactics. These clowns are scum who will resort to anything. I've had to buy many new computers through the years, as sometimes this shiite can't be taken off. The good news, is it has led me to use public computers, like the library, and old pcs and lap tops are great for target practice.

Good luck out there folks. The enemy is getting desperate and sweaty. The good times may be coming our way. Charles Haymarket

Anonymous said...

"I also want to add here, that in the real criminal cases, the FBI are a*____s, because they go after the alleged "johns" or whatever one calls the viewer, INSTEAD of tracing to the SOURCE - the ones who put it out, and use the kids and film them.

THAT is to be used in Court Cases.".......................... That's because it's them who distribute that crap. They make sting operations themselves. It's a game to them. What else would they do if not that? - unemployment.

testestaaaaaaa said...

When I entered Canada in 2009 and have filled for asylum against USA/Slovenia, my laptop was also searched for several hours(Canadian government have downloaded everything that was stored on my laptop).

Anonymous said...

So a high-profile paid-for fake activist claims a fake attack to try to get freedom-loving public opinion against the Tor network. And then you are too stupid to read between the lines, so you post the propaganda article here.

99% of the news is carefully crafted bullshit, and not just the stuff on CNN or FOX.

Good work!

Anonymous said...

Move to LINUX, to avoid these scams. Go to Linux Mint Web Site, down load the ISO image, then put on a DVD, then move all of your files off the computer,
then load in LINUX and get rid of all MS WINDOWS.
MS Windows has open links to evil

Anonymous said...

Here's another report on the child-porn planting virus-

Dick McManus said...

I think the use of recreational drugs should be de-criminalized and we need to make it available by a prescription, except for meth. If you want to cut government spending than we need to think of the use and abuse of drugs is medical issues and not criminal offenses

Dick McManus
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Where I stand on the issues, part one and two as of July 23, 2013

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Dick McManus said...

1,938 architects and engineers and several hundred other scientists are saying that the World Trade Center buildings collapsed due to a controlled demolition by explosives. These are the experts who building these high rise steel buildings.

102 probable cause reasons to demand a new Congressional Investigation
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Therefore our US Justice Department and FBI are covering up this crime.

9/11 - More evidence of two or more explosions at the Pentagon in addition to no 757 crashing into it.

How hard was it to fly into the Pentagon with a 757 at 20 feet above the ground? -impossible

Barbara Honegger’s lecture about the Pentagon
Too many coincidences on 9/11 regarding war games parts 1 to 3

How Turkish drug trafficking is related to 911 parts 1 to 4

Dick McManus said...

Terrorism is no big threat. There in is the big lie for the violation of our privacy.

A dirty bomb is no more dangerous than a regular one, it only take a bit more care to clean up the mess.

Seven fake Terror alerts used by AWOL Bush to win re-election - the fear factor and his poll numbers

7 July 2005 London bombings Why is it that the London bombs go off just as the Congress is debating extending the Patriot Act? The thing about intelligence analysis, is that it is looking for patterns that defy the common sense rule or statistical probability that the event(s) were not due to chance.

And a coincidence, another astronomical event occurred when the British secret service, with a company of 1000+ officers, were conducting a terror drill based on a scenario in which the exact same targets, would be attacked at the exact same stations, at the exact same time, you are absolutely oblivious to reality. That is an astronomical coincidence.

Details about the lies about Iraq’s WMDs and connection to Al Qaeda.
Dick McManus
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Anonymous said...

The thing is, it's actually they who are the child pedaphiles, and it's there porn being sent to people. A person doesn't just suddenly one day decide the like prepubscent childern. It's a product of molestation in most instances, and it's been studied and is pretty well understood. Sure will be nice to find the actual individuals sending this crap.

Anonymous said...

We have that virus here in the UK, too - only here it's a police warning not FBI. It's called the Verizon virus and all kinds of freeware will stop it: I use AVG as well as Windows security.

Josh said...

Simple possession is the crime, and even videos of fully dressed teenaged cheerleads doing public performances have been successfully prosecuted as child pornography.

It doesn't matter whether you intended to have it or came by it accidentally, or whether you are aware you have it. It doesn't even matter if the police plant it on you - you're still guilty. That is how the law is written.

That's the way that those in power like it: freedom to imprison and punish anyone they like, at any time.

Anonymous said...

My name is Leslie Williams Im a Military Federal and State Whistle Blower San Diego Ca-Someone set up a Facebook account in my name and then eventually posted Sexually Provacative ad's and posts they also at the Law Library in San Diego Brought up a Porn site after I typed in Youtube at the address bar I closed it immediatley-I hope thatvthese statments are Published so a Record can be isolated electronically that these things are being done concerning me by a Third partie I do not know
Leslie Williams San Diego July 30'th 2013 Thank You-TTTTT

Anonymous said...

Rock'n Roll my friends

Freedom aint what it used to be

Anonymous said...

One person I know who was also a government opponent and activist for years is in prison right now for this in canada. Hasn't had a trial yet or at least the result of it hasn't been published yet, only the arrest so I don't know what happened.

0jr said...

There were times when my hard drive just keep whizzing like mad .
So I tried to hit the power button and hold till everything shut off and wait about 5 secs.. I read if it has'nt already writen itself from ram to the HD it shuld be lost
If it don't shut off unplug it.
Always try to note how much free and used space you have and run a shreader on the free space like a free 1 from
and rerun a good delete and defrag
read your owners manual and find out how to reset your system password as if you forgot it
find a good sys. analyzer and go thru all your none OS files
and last but not least swap out your HD

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