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How Schools Use Fear to Brainwash Students to Trust the System: A Parent’s Story

Recently my child experienced firsthand the kind of victim disarmament indoctrination America’s public school system is teaching our children.

Melissa Melton
Activist Post

The school went on lockdown mode without even bothering to inform me, her parent, and while it turned out to be nothing at all, the impression left on my child that day will not soon be forgotten.

In 2005, a federal court upheld that our nation’s public schools trump parent rights:
Parents and politicians alike were shocked when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled on Nov. 2 that parents’ fundamental right to control the upbringing of their children “does not extend beyond the threshold of the school door,” and that a public school has the right to provide its students with “whatever information it wishes to provide, sexual or otherwise.
The court went on to clarify:
Parents have no due process or privacy right to override the determinations of public schools as to the information to which their children will be exposed.
What this decision essentially says is that, as a parent, your rights to control what your children are being taught end at the school door.

Mainstream media reports continue to reveal the larger government indoctrination agenda at work in America’s public school system.

One California elementary school hosted a “toy gun buyback program” last week aimed at scaring kids into getting rid of anything even resembling a fake gun, and ultimately, to scare them away from active self defense, real gun ownership and the natural right to bear arms protected by our 2nd Amendment.

According to a CBS affiliate in San Francisco, the school’s principal held the event “as a lesson for children who may see guns as part of everyday life”:
“As they get older, it becomes just a natural thing,” [Principal] Hill told KPIX 5. “If they have a real gun in their hand, they’ll pull the trigger just as quick. I mean, they don’t fear it.”
The key word there? Fear. As in, ‘they don’t fear guns’ enough…yet.

These programs are popping up at schools and churches across the nation following the Sandy Hook shooting last December. Since the tragedy, schools have gone overboard hyping the fear of guns and pushing gun control programming into overdrive, with young kids being suspended and arrested all over the country for paper guns, pink bubble guns and even making their fingers into the shape of a gun on the playground during a harmless game of ‘cops and robbers’.

Likewise, schools across the country like my daughter’s have begun jumping at ghosts, going into lockdown mode for almost any reason and putting the kids on a perpetual fear roller coaster akin to the atomic bomb drills following World War II.

While fear rules the day at our nation’s public schools, the flipside to this coin is a continual normalization of total compliance with the system.

CBS Los Angeles recently reported that new palm scanners in two local schools would “speed up the lunch lines”. These schools join others who have implemented similar biometric payment systems that read vein patterns connected to the children’s meal plans with an infrared light.

Parents in Louisiana spoke out against the new palm scanners in their children’s school cafeteria, calling the program the Mark of the Beast. School officials there were quick to defend the system, saying these palm scans are just more “technology that is used throughout our lives. Everywhere.”

Everywhere, indeed. Poor argument actually, because if it is the Mark of the Beast, then wouldn’t it technically need to be everywhere?

Elsewhere in Florida, one school district was testing a new iris scanning software without even informing the parents at all. When the parents found out and protested, and the program got shut down, the media reported that it “could keep kids safer,” as if to imply the parents were just not as concerned for their children’s safety as the school was that they would deny their kids the ability to have their irises scanned every time they get on a school bus.

Other schools are forcing students to wear RFID tracking chips that trace their every step via computer. It began in one San Antonio, Texas school district, and when a student spoke out because she felt the practice infringed on her religious beliefs, she was kicked out of school for refusal to be chipped. Her case went all the way to federal court before being struck down, setting a precedent that student rights — religious or otherwise — no longer matter once our children set foot on school grounds.

There’s a reason Rutherford Institute founder and constitutional lawyer John Whitehead refers to schools as one more part of America’s ever-expanding ‘electronic concentration camp‘. Our kids are being taught that giving up privacy and basic freedom to go about their daily lives chipped, tracked and trace is normal.

Many American parents cannot afford private schools and do not have the time or ability to homeschool their kids, leaving their children at the mercy of public schools as their only viable education option. The Obama Administration has been toying with the idea of a federal preschool program and longer school days with less summer vacation. That means that, all waking hours considered, students will spend more time for more of their adolescent lives at school than at home with their families. Parents will have to work extra hard on building up their children’s critical thinking skills, to help them wade through a river of government propaganda to find the kernels of truth.

(H/T to Sharon on the iris scan story tip!)

MELISSA MELTON is a co-founder of, where this article first appeared. She is an experienced researcher, graphic artist and investigative journalist with a passion for liberty and a dedication to truth. Her aim is to expose the New World Order for what it is — a prison for the human soul from which we must break free.


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Anonymous said...

This was propagated in the 1960's when the "women's movement" was initiated. The plan was two-fold: a huge percentage of stay-at-home moms were not contributing to the IRS, and if they could be encouraged to return to work, the state would also have greater influence over their children.

It was an emotional agenda, targeting their desire for emancipation which has now come back to haunt them. Two prong attack against women while making it seem it was in their best interest.

Anonymous said...

For the life of me I can't understand why any 2 parent household would have their child in public school?

Anonymous said...

ONE of the MANY reasons we homeschool...


Former School Trustee

Anonymous said...

Oh, stop it!

We kids had fire drills and nuclear drills every other month!

What kind of child are you raising? The middle class Americans, are the ONLY parents in the world that overprotect their kids. What kind of nonsense is that?

All those drills were a bit frightening, but not overwhelmingly so. I'll tell yu what they were to us kids: exciting and they were also a good way to get out of our regular classes. We kids like a bit of fright, after all.

When your kids watch all those horrible movies, in the mode right, now, you don;t think they effect your kids psyche?

What about all those "fairy tales" that you tell your kiddies when they're toddlers? Little Red Riding Hood. the Three Little Pigs, Snow White, and all those Grimm Fairy tales?

Don't protect your kid from the world, these thing build character, a little at a time. Otherwise, the adult your child will grow into, will cave in at the least trouble, unable to act or think.

Anonymous said...

ANON...The usefulness of drills to respond in emergencies...stories that teach lessons of right/wrong...and other such life lessons are valuable for preparing our children......and life is full of these lessons....planned and unplanned....BUT....

THE SHOCK & AWE. of nothing comparable to being tested in fire of moral choices or sports....where young children and young adults make character building decisions...
SHUTTING DOWN A SCHOOL...with total contro, no bathroom, and not Character is PSYCHOLOGICAL PROGRAMMING....BIG DIFFERENCE....I prefer my child make a critical decision about a difficult situation than...brainwashed with fear and mind control tactics in these shutdown protocols of Mind-Fukking public.schools implementing 'security' over freewill training.

As for the education institutions judicially creating a threshold of parental rights ceasing at the school door...these rights are not civil, not created by the constitution or the states...BUT NATURAL RIGHTS OF CREATION/ such the never cease...but be forewarned All Parents!! When YOU SIGN CONTRACTS OF ENROLLMENT, READ THE FORMS TO SEE IF YOU ABRIDGE YOUR RIGHTS....

The world may all be a Stage...but CONTRACTS are how you diligent in what you sign...ask questions, demand answers in writing.

And defend your life&blood children...there is a saying among the Jesuits...'get them when they are young'...

Be vigilent and prepared to defend what others seek to control and take from you...YOUR CHILDREN.


Truth said...

James 4:4 " you adulteres jeneration....a freind of the world is a enemy of God"!!! Most do not protect there children....enoff!!!

Anonymous said...

The article is about how the school can force feed whatever agenda it wants to your kids and as long as your kid attends there, they will swallow it and nutin you goin to do bout it, got it, and here lately the spoon has gotten bigger and more full of the B.S. that flies in the face of what is right and wrong. I agree, a friend of the world is an enemey of God.

Anonymous said...

And if your kid wants to eat sugar all day you will let her do it? There are some decisions we have to make for the good of our children. No matter how much she wants to be in school with her friends, you should make the best decision you can. You will answer to God for your decisions....not to your daughter. Get to know your homeschool community. You may be pleasantly surprised. Try out a few outings with them.

Anonymous said...

ANON WROTE- "Don't protect your kid from the world, these thing build character, a little at a time. Otherwise, the adult your child will grow into, will cave in at the least trouble, unable to act or think."
Notice the first four words here "Don't protect your kid..." as to infer every parents right and instinct and duty to protect thie child is something wrong or actually doing the child a disservice-This couldnt be further from the truth. Ignore this obvious disinfo troll and keep loving and protecting your children by NOT throwing them to the wolves of the public school system! The false argument of " it was this way when we were kids...." No anonymous, it wasnt like this. A homosexual teacher/lobbyist has recently convinced congress to pass a bill that allows boys and girls to shower together at public schools. We now have teachers molesting students at an alarmingly increasing rate, lockdowns, intimidation, biometric scanners, routine police dog visits to sniff down the kids in a line-up,severe scare tactics and intimidation as well as a Luciferian/freemason based carriculum and often school board. It's all right in front of you....but hey everyone...just send your children along...dont protect them..let the state raise them...just go quietly back to sleep...zzzzzzz -

Jean said...

As for the comment regarding the "back in the days" fire and nuclear drills when we were kids, that, too, was indoctrination and programming. We grew up worrying about who's finger "was on the trigger." However, the NWO realized that total destruction would leave them with nothing, so now we have "soft slavery" instilling fear regarding basic rights of self protection and the slow destruction of our Constitutional rights. Gun confiscation/disarmament is just the first step.

A defenseless populace is an enslaved populace.

Jena Bush

Henry said...

Once again, you are forced to pay the excessive school taxes but you have no rights. The hallmark of dictatorship.

This why schools are free to sexualize children, even in kindergarten! They teach little boys to hug each other, hold hands and kiss, thus instilling homosexual behavior patterns. No wonder so many boys are growing up to find homosexuality as normal.

NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) just loves it when children are sexually exposed at an early age. They grow up believing that sexual feelings at age five is normal.

This passes as education and the graduates can barely read or write.

Anonymous said...

Inasmuch as I teach second grade in a public school...When there is a lockdown, and unfortunately there are lockdowns, we shelter in place. This is done to provide (albeit) limited protection to children. There are two security lights to keep the lights dim, but far from dark. There are one small window by the door, and it is iron meshed. The doors are steel. We read them stories and it is akin to a campout story reading session. There is no talk to excite or agitate the children, this would be non-productive. There has been real danger outside of the school, one lockdown was because of a person with an AK-47. By the way, we have done it this way when Bush was in office, Clinton, Bush1, and Reagan as far as I remember. We do allow children to use the restroom, but with myself or another male teacher as physical cover. Google Victoria Soto. By the way, I am right of Reagan, I am ultra conservative, so don't paint with a broad brush.

Anonymous said...

Self-correction..."There is a small window by the door." I did not proof this, I just hit send...

Kerry said...

Years ago, Orrin Hatch initiated a bill that was passed which gives parental authority over education (I don't recall the name/number.) Prior to withdrawing my children out of school completely, I effectively took advantage of it. I did not want my children learning paganism and propaganda so I simply wrote out a letter to the Superintendent and the Principal stating the law and what I would allow and disallow into my children's minds. They told me that they would abide by it but other than Math, English, P.E. and Art, my children would have to do something else and how would I like their extra time spent? I said, well, you know what? I actually like my kids and thanks for the opportunity to be able to spend more time with them. We'll hang out together, please dismiss them during these periods. It worked out great. I did eventually pull them out and they were still able to partake of the school's dances and extracurricular programs which afforded them time with their peers. This was one of the best gifts that I was able to offer my children. No regrets.

Anonymous said...

Anon mentions that it started with reagan. Interesting! As a lot of things started with the Reagan admin. That was when industry started to be deregulated, and this was the start of big corporations making huge political donations in return for beneficial legislation. Now we have corruption at every level, where big business practically dictates the law for its own benefit. It is not a coincidence that we now have a lot of very insane things happening. It is not going to change until we get the corporate money out of politics completely.

Fear Death By Water said...

The truth here is from the moment you put your children on the bus (or drop them off at the front door) until the moment they are dropped back off (or you pick them up) the state has custody of your children. They are no longer yours during that period. If you think I'm wrong attempt to pick them up during an emergency.

Anonymous said...

Imagine witnessing a parent's attempt to stop their child's public temper tantrum and the child screams: I'm gonna tell my teacher on you!

So, go ahead, drink the koolaid.

Anonymous said...

Homeschooling is free, most co-ops don't charge much and Ron Paul has launched free curriculum.
Unplug from the Matrix. Enjoy sharing your life with your child.

Anonymous said...

Every parent should remove their child from the public indoctrination and brainwashing. If you can't afford private school home school them.

Anonymous said...

Fear, huh? You mean the same tactic that organized xtianity has used for centuries to brainwash children into believing in a fantasy god?

Anonymous said...

Anon who started his/her post with: "What kind of child are you raising? The middle class Americans, are the ONLY parents in the world that overprotect their kids. What kind of nonsense is that?"

That's just "brilliant". Troll much?

My homeschooled students could run circles around your simple mind. My job is to protect my children. My experience as a school trustee opened my eyes as to the issues going on in public schools -including the whitewashing of history, test schools, teacher performance (yet there are some fabulous teachers, too), etc. So, don't piss down my back and tell me its raining. Our country's public education system is horrific and it is churning out under-educated sheeple.

Anonymous said...

If this woman with 8 kids can do it so can most other sincere patriots.

You want TV and schools programing your kids?

Anonymous said...

I said "...and Reagan as far as I remember." I cannot speak to what I have not directly experienced. By the way, as a conservative person I have always told my students parents that they are the number one teacher, role model, and provider of moral guidance to their children. Home schooling can be a viable option, even a preferable one, but remember, not all parents are fully capable of home schooling. Before someone jumps on that one, I work in an inner city school where 93% of our students speak another language other than English. The average income in the neighborhood is 14,000/household. Drug dealers, alcoholics, gang-bangers, and criminals all have children, often many of them. So home schooling is great, if you are that kind of parent. But what about the children born into these other situations? What about them? I remember in scripture, for those of you who are Christian, Matthew 25:40. I end my response with... Thomas Paine:

Anonymous said...

By the way, probably completely irrelevant, but Melissa Melton is very pretty. That has nothing to do with anything, just an observation. On a more serious commentary, a concerned, passionate, caring parent is the best kind of parent. No school can ever replace that. Kuddos to her, even though I think she might have perceived the situation to be a little more dire than it was. I wasn't there though, so who knows, every teacher, every school is different. I hope that wasn't inappropriate about Melissa being pretty. If so, just reject this commentary, or modify the pretty part out of it.


The US government is involved in an institutionalized program that resembles the "Hitler's Youth" program developed by the Nazis'.

brad said...

Yeah, scanning irises for kids gettin on a bus will obviously stop some whacko on psychotropic drugs (the real reason for school violence issues like Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Paducah, Red Lake, etc) from shooting at the bus. That iris scannier will instantly morph into a powerful laser that will disintegrate the incoming rounds into powder, yup.
What a total crock of shyte.

Anonymous said...

Its like anything else, if you disagree with something make sure you don't support it! If the school is acting wrongly in regard to educating your children, withdraw from the school. Americans forget that they have the ability to not participate. There are other ways to live, work, school children, run a business etc, you name it and there is another often better way of doing just about anything. I am glad these parents are sharing, as that educates other parents to start paying attention to what is going on in there childrens schools, their family churches, after school classes etc. It is time for all Americans to take responsibility for their families everyday, no American can afford to assume all is well while they are at work. It is time to change your life style, your future and the future of your children and country are at stake!

Anonymous said...

You are hot!

Anonymous said...

You know she speaks the truth because of reports from shady hoke, err, I mean shady hook, with kids being locked in the closet by teachers.

Chick is dead on. School are liberal torture chambers.

Anonymous said...

"Chick", really? What is that about..."This woman is..." Although I am the second grade teacher in a previous post that doesn't necessarily agree with Ms. Melton, I think she deserves the respect to be referenced as "Ms." or "Miss" Melton. Also, in order to have a better grammatical structure to your sentence, you might consider combining two sentences to make a compound sentence, and of course agreement. Here are a couple of examples... "Miss Melton is correct in her assertation that schools are liberal torture chambers." or "Ms. Melton is correct, school is indeed a liberal torture chamber." To be credible, one needs to present one's position in a formal and literate manner. Being a second grade teacher, this is another thing we do at the liberal torture chamber called school. We teach. In fact, that's all I do. I teach children how to think, not what to think. That's what happens in a pluralistic society, that is why we argue with people we disagree with, instead of what they do in other countries. Yes, we face challenges, but nothing this great people (Americans) can't work through. I only ask that you don't be overly suspicious of the motives of your fellow citizens. I believe that we are on the same team, and I hope this polarization reverses itself. By the way, my class never misses the Pledge of Allegiance or our 30 seconds of silent contemplation. Ever.

Dr. L. said...

The use of fear is a problem in the entire educational system, as well as with the media from which we "learn" so much. It is not just about "schools", it is about the worst approach to human learning and life. To base almost all systems purported to enhance human learning on intimidation, threat and ultimately fear is to reduce learning to reptilian fight or flight and survival modes where intrinsically motivated learning, thus the most human forms of learning, is diminished in favor of learning for the benefit of those who control the fear or economic motivators.

Anonymous said...

There are multiple online schools that have wonderful programs from K through college.
If you are a 2 parent household of course it is ideal for one parent to raise the children, not daycare and not schools. If you don't want to raise kids but would rather work, don't have kids pretty simple really. If you are a single parent and you can get grandparents to help online schools would be a great choice. Freedom really equals choice, the old wisdom that
we all heard as kids still stands, life really is about choices. There are a lot of choices for education out there, you only have to look. Make a good choice for you and your family and share the knowledge daily!

Anonymous said...

Melissa, I'm sorry but I have no sympathy for you. You clearly understand the corruption and harm of gov't schooling, yet make excuses about sending your daughter. This is utter bs. If your kid wanted chocolate cake for breakfast every day would you let her? No? Why? Because you know that as a parent with more knowledge and experience and one would hope wisdom, you need to make many decisions for your daughter. One such decision that cannot be made by a child is about education. Grow up, be a parent for god sake and make the correct parental decision. Homeschool. Otherwise, you are the worst kind of coward.

Angel Writer said...

@Snakebelly - Wow, you are right. Training good little COMPLIANT soldiers for the good of the movement.

What the hell has become of our country?

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