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Thirdworldizing America

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Stephen Lendman
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Center for Economic and Policy Research co-director Dean Baker calls poverty America's "new growth industry." The state of today's America is deplorable.

In his latest May 3 analysis, economist John Williams said "April "employment and unemployment data were nonsense: the economy remains in serious trouble."

About 23% of Americans wanting work can't find it. Most jobs are temp or part-time low pay/poor or no benefit service ones with no futures. Conditions are getting worse, not better.

Federal, state and local government jobs were lost. Construction shed 6,000 jobs. Zero manufacturing jobs were created. Most good ones are overseas. They've been offshored to low-wage countries.

Economist David Rosenberg called April a "potemkin payroll report. Where's the income hiding," he asked? Average wage-based income declined 0.4%. It was the biggest drop since last October.

Market analyst Graham Summers discussed "a truly horrible economic reality" beneath April's headline job numbers. The average workweek declined by 0.2 hours. The average manufacturing workweek was down 0.3%.

Fewer overall hours worked subtracts 15 minutes per week. Applied to private sector employment, it's "the equivalent of over 21 million work hours lost in one month."

It's the biggest decline since April 2009. At that time, the economy was "absolutely imploding. It's numerical equivalent of firing 718,000+ people."

It's how companies begin dealing with downturns. "They don't start laying people off en masse.they start cutting work hours bit by bit."

Mass layoffs arrive during "full-blown recessions. The first stage is already happening." Clear signs show it.

Markets are euphoric. They're hitting new highs. Economic contraction is ignored. It happened in 2000 and 2008. Warning signs look ominously like earlier.

Peter B. Edelman co-directs Georgetown University's Center on Poverty, Inequality, and Public Policy. He calls "low-wage work" in America "pandemic."

America "descended into poverty," said Paul Craig Roberts. Growing millions struggle to get by. Many are "one medical problem or lost job away from homelessness."

Some colleges and universities offer adjunct professorships. They pay "$10,000 per year or less." Education was once "touted as the way out of poverty." Increasingly it reflects it. So do military enlistments. They're a desperate way to find work.

America's wealth disparity is deplorable. The top 1% owns over half the nation's wealth. The bottom 90% has a decreasing share. Social inequality defines today's America. It's unprecedented or close to it.

It matches or exceeds 19th century harshness. Protracted Depression conditions affect growing millions. Poverty, unemployment, homelessness and hunger approach record levels.

Socially destructive government policies bear full responsibility. Wealth and privilege alone matter. Ordinary households are sacrificed. Popular needs go begging.

Inequality is institutionalized. Around 100 million working age Americans are jobless. Most others are underemployed. Millions struggle to pay rent, service mortgages, cover medical bills, heat homes, and manage other daily expenses.

America’s 1% has more wealth than the bottom 95%. Income inequality is greater than in all other developed countries. Over three-fourths of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck.

Neoliberal harshness is policy. Bipartisan complicity force-feeds it. It's institutionalized when vital aid is needed. Doing so wages financial war on millions.

Obama exceeds the worst of George Bush. He's wrecking growing millions of households. He's doing so to serve monied interests. They own him. Whatever they want they get.

Obama's thirdworldizing America. He's ideologically over-the-top. He's waging war living standards. He's targeting the nation's social contract.

He's dismissive of growing needs. He's heading America for tyranny and ruin. He's banana republicanizing it.

It's already a kleptocracy. It's run by corporate crooks. Bipartisan complicity lets them have things their way. Profits are privatized. Losses are socialized. Bankers are at the top of the pecking order.

Ordinary people are exploited. A democratic facade masks New World Order harshness. Its holy trinity is eliminating public services, predatory capitalism writ large, and cracking down hard on non-believers.

Freedom's fast disappearing. Inside the bubble, it's paradise. Outside it's dystopian hell. America never was beautiful. It's worse than ever now in modern times.

Monied interests run things. Electoral politics doesn't work. Washington is too pernicious, corrupt and dysfunctional to fix. Privilege is institutionalized. Beneficial social change isn't tolerated. Police state harshness prevents it.

Force-feeding inequality defines immorality. It's also destructive economics. America's been declining for years. Private wealth is pitted against popular interests. It's been winning for decades.

Younger generations are worse off than older ones financially. Wages haven't kept up in real terms. High-paying jobs disappeared. Low-paying ones replaced them.

Deplorable social inequality exists. A race to the bottom continues. Future prospects look grim. America appears headed for what most of humanity faces.

At least 80% live on less than $10 a day. Over three billion people live on less than $2.50 a day. More than 80% live in countries where income disparity is increasing.

The poorest 40% of world population has 5% of global income. The bottom fifth has $1.5%. The top 20% has 75%.

According to UNICEF, 22,000 impoverished children die daily. They "die quietly in some of the poorest villages on earth, far removed from the scrutiny and the conscience of the world. Being meek and weak in life makes these dying multitudes even more invisible in death."

An estimated 28% of children in developing countries are underweight, malnourished and/or stunted.

Tens of millions of impoverished children aren't in school. At the start of the new millennium, nearly a billion people were illiterate.

Less than 1% of what's spent on weapons globally can provide universal primary education.

Preventable infectious diseases claim millions of lives annually. Unsanitary water and lack of basic sanitation affect half the world's population.

Diarrhea and other water-related illnesses claim at least 1.8 million child deaths annually.

Nearly half the population in developing countries, at any given time, experience water and/or sanitation related health problems.

Around one-third of children in developing countries have inadequate shelter. One in seven have no access to health care. Most with it get too little.

In 2003, 10.6 million children died before age five.

Rural areas account for 75% of people living on less than $1 dollar a day. About half the world's population live in urban communities. In 2005, about one-third lived in slum conditions.

Around 1.6 billion people have no electricity. Billions lack basic necessities overall. It's reflected in lower than average life expectancy, as well as high infant and child mortality rates.

America's future may resemble what most of the world now faces. Its race to the bottom assures it for growing millions.

Force-fed austerity increases their numbers annually. Things keep getting worse, not better.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at His new book is titled How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War Also visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.


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Anonymous said...

Global drastic climate change will solve these problems in about seven years. By extincting off most if not all the humanzees. Don't worry , life's crappy )

Hide Behind said...

For my whole life I could find, and lived in some, 3rd world poverty but especially ignorance within US.
It stil amazes me that the ones who always yelled the loudest never lived anywheres near those 3rd world conditions.
The government reasons for intervrntion, has always had as its primary motive the interest of a very small and elusive group of peoples and their financial needs.
Today it is the ones who aided the accumulation of wealth into an oligarcal model who are hollering not for those who have always lived under 3rd world, actually U S poverty is worse than 3rd world because the middle class paid to hide it, but now the middle class will not and cannot afford cost of paying out coins too hide poverty and yes the fn ignoranceof nations people.
The largely hedonistic and quite hubric liberated cons in this nation had ought to be damned gratefull that gun owners are of their social class and cultual memeic mindset;
IT IS NOT THE GOV THAT CAUSES "Theywho now cower under and behind their silver and gold running shoes and piled up food stuffs that the gun owners and middle class employees of the sytem realy fear; No not the gov but the 43 million and numbers growing of largely unarmed but getting pissed off of being pissed on by so called liberal or conservative. Demo or Repub, Middle Class.
That's why gun owners buy amo in Bulk just like the gov does.When the domestic third worlders especially the 1st and 2nd generation immigrants will lose the easy money track head for home away frome Us as they historicly alaways did until our welfare system paid them to stay.
Hoard food and a yuppy gun or two with a few hundres rounds of ammo for each can of food, because that is how many third worlders and the newest members of past yuppy class will be trying to get each of those cans.
I once watched two men fight with homemade knives for a chance,just a chance, to get in a line where if enough room and food was available at a Friends Outreach they could have warm soup and stale bread watery tea and a warm floor and blanket to sleep upon.
The civilized men and women inside never seen or heard reason why when cops found a mans frozen body under some cardboard in an alley was found, he held a wallet sizrd picture of Santa Clause in one hand and his fingers were frozen over a blodd red chest wound.
We civilized did not realy give a f.... either.

Anonymous said...

I think North America has intentionally been turned into a third world shit hole. It's systems of government, justice, enforcement, education, food, water and the land has all been corrupted and destroyed. It is beyond saving and it'll just take a few years for the damage to be clear to everyone other than the few. Also intensive Third World immigration has increased in unheard of numbers to further destroy both Canada and The United States. The job has been done. It's over. These 2 nations have been intentionally destroyed to the point of them not being able to be fixed. Ever. Nothing left. Finished.

Anonymous said...

Cut the climate crap, we are not going to be wiped out in seven years.

Anonymous said...

^As an extension to the thoughts of the poster above me.

As an expatriate who lived in one such zone (yknow one where migrants from the 3rd world are flocking in), I wholeheartedly agree with your analysis of things. This is not only occurring at a rapid pace but is engineered by the very same powers who have been involved in humongous earth changing events.

Recently, I had to move back to my home country, Pakistan for financial reasons and due to the fact that certain Arab countries do not award you citizenship even if you are born there. An excellent step if you ask me, cause this, in contrast to the way the Americans and Canadians function, actually encourages people to go back to their own fucking countries and solve their messes, instead of just running away from them to first world countries leaving them to super illiterate backward people and their educated but uber corrupt leaders who then proceed to bring in a political system (one supported by your Governments for some fucking reason even though they openly indulge in mammoth amounts of corruption!) that facilitates their Monarch like rule/corruption thus keeping thirld world countries in a perpetual state of instability and chaos.

To be very very fucking honest, I think all Governments in the world are in on it together, the ones that dont comply and play along with the script are the ones that get nailed. Suffice it to say, there are none opposing them today, everyones just doing their bit and contributing to the final show.

kim cassidy said...

Anonymous- you are mostly dead right, but why did you have to ruin your great comment by throwing in your very thinly veiled (resentment?) comment about immigration? I would offer you this insight about hispanics coming across the border (we both know that is your primary concern): these unfortunates represent how recently the united states has gone rotten, in that they still have the view that this is a land of liberty and opportunity, however naïve. They did not get the memo that they are prey. The immigration bill (read BILL, as in payable immediately) is a fast-track into privatized prison warehousing, funded by you and me. They will find neither liberty or opportunity, as those are scarce commodities even for homegrown folk these days. I really believe, if you knew how complicit our gov has been in destroying whole towns and states, via corruption of every type, you would see that we actually owe these people something, even if they don't realize this, and they don't. Their only intention is to try to provide a good life for their families. That is a good thing. They just come to the wrong place, somebody needs to take down the statue of liberty I suppose, since it is false advertising. But you are very right about the lateness in the game. There is little chance, with most people too busy or preoccupied to pay attention, that we will ever be able to resolve even the simplest of problems in time. Who ever said being right was fun, was nuts.

kim cassidy said...

Stephen: fabulous article, very well stated, and critically timely. I also really like your style, and readability, and will share on FB. Thanks for clearly saying what needs to be said. Always a pleasure.

Dr. Goldstein said...

To my American friends: Your "hope and change" president turned out to be a pathetic cowardly puppet who lets Wall Street and the Military-Industrial complex pull his strings. The endless bailouts could have paid off every mortgage in America, but corrupt bankers come before the people.

Here in Canada our government got hijacked by a red, white and blue Conservative Party with only 38% of the vote. They are deeply hated by most Canadians, and they will get a boot up the ass in the next election. That much is certain.

My biggest fear: The current regime in Washington will try to "save the economy" by starting WW3. It's a totally insane idea, but the Israeli-Americans who run the country believe they can "win" a nuclear war against China and Russia.

The current events in Syria could easily escalate into WW3. 2013 could see the start of WW3.

Anonymous said...

The illegal immigrants coming to the US come here because this is the country in which they wish to live. The illegal immigrants running this country are trying to change our nation into something they want. I would much rather have a Mexican immigrant beside me, fighting to keep this country the way it was intended, rather than residents who are hell bent on "Hope and Changing" it into the socialistic hell hole they have in mind. While most Latinos have Christian beliefs...the towel heads are far from it. They no more believe in religious freedom than someone can pick up a turd by the clean end.

Anonymous said...

1st of all, anthropogenic 'global warming' was contrived as an istrument of our oppression.
It's working good.
An impoverished, dependent entiity out of options will go along with things am abundant, independent entity simply won't.
That, along with all the other planks of The Communist Manifesto and the high tech instruments they employ are used together.
To civally, fiscally, socially, morally crash us. This is the implementation of UN Agenda 21/ Sustainable Development; a complete plan for complete control under the guise of environmentalism.
Think the folks that orchestrated Fukashima, the Gulf oil disaster and spray the planet with poison care about the environment?
-James Bennett

Anonymous said...

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. It is a class struggle. The middle class is shrinking. Without major political and economic reforms the U.S. is a a down hill race to the bottom. An average family of 4 with mortgage payments utilities, maintenance, car payments, gas, auto insurance, food, clothing, and health care, it takes at the very minimum of $3,000 a month just to breakout even. You have to be a DINK Double Income No Kids or a YUPPI Young Urban Professional. The jobs in the service and information economy do not pay a living wage. They pay $10.00 to $12.00 dollars at the very most. Most of these people that work at these jobs are collecting public assistance which is adding to the national debt that is over 16 trillion dollars in addition to billions of dollars payed out to the military industrial complex. This cannot go on forever, eventually the government will go bankrupt. It is just a matter of time. They are going to play thing out to the very end.

Jack said...

The US government always judge the third-world countries bu their own culture. I think the word"thirdworld" should not show in the media.

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