Thursday, April 4, 2013

Chechnya High Rise Burns For 29 Hours With No Collapse, WTC 7?

Chechnya high rise burned for 29 hours
Joe Martino
Activist Post

On April 3rd Chechnya’s tallest building, a luxury hotel, caught fire and burned for 29 hours before finally being put out. The building is completely destroyed; however, it did not collapse. This raises many questions as to how World Trade Center 7 could have collapsed on 9/11 with only small fires on a couple of floors.

Looking at the photo taken of yesterday's blaze and comparing it to the WTC 7 photo taken on 9/11, we see two very different situations. In one we see a large portion of the building on fire and the fire appears to have been burning for some time. In another, we see almost no fire at all. Yet the building with little to no fire collapsed at free-fall speed into its own footprint in just 7 hours. The 29-hour blaze of Chechnya’s building left the building still standing.

This should raise some interesting questions as to why WTC 7 collapsed so quickly, or even why it collapsed at all.

I wanted to end this one off with one of my favorite WTC 7 videos. Although it doesn’t go into every shocking detail that proves WTC 7 could not have collapsed by fire and was in fact a controlled demolition, it gets straight to an obvious point that doesn’t take a scientist to figure out.

I would suggest that anyone who hasn’t researched WTC 7 yet, spend a bit of time checking it out. WTC 7 also fell on 9/11 and was not struck by any planes. For me, it was another nail in the coffin to an already obvious truth.

I also would like to be clear that this isn’t just about making a point, but also about the fact that there are some serious questions that have been raised about 9/11 and the US government has refused to answer or re-investigate.

As a society we must stop negating any real questions by calling them conspiracies, and instead open our minds up to the fact that there is some big time denial going on here about an event that has drastically changed the way our world functions.

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Anonymous said...

The 9/11 towers did NOT collapse.
There was almost no rubble from the buildings.
They were pulverized & turned to dust.
See videos and book by Dr. Judy Wood

Anonymous said...

Gee, no one seems to ask what even started the fires in WTC 7. No planes hit that one. I used to work there. I miss the place.

Ed Chiarini said...

Keep in mind that the WTC's where hit with jet airplanes unlike the hotel in this story and jet fuel has one of the hottest burns known to man !!
Fire so hot it can disintegrate steel !! This is why the WTC's came down .... especially the construction of high rises in 1978 when the were built .... just something to think about :)

Anonymous said...

Quote:On April 3rd Chechnya’s tallest building, a luxury hotel, caught fire and burned for 29 hours before finally being put out. The building is completely destroyed; however, it did not collapse. This raises many questions as to how World Trade Center 7 could have collapsed on 9/11 with only small fires on a couple of floors...

Simple. The building was designed by some stupid Russian architect & not by "award" winning "respectable" architects in the US!

Anonymous said...

,,,,did not collapse. Did I hallucinate that? They were pulled, there was lots of pulverized dust, lots of rubble, but it was quickly gotten rid of to prevent objective investigations of what really happened.

We must demand an independent, impartial investigation of what happened (since the investigators Keane and Farmer both have stated the govt lied) and why the govt lied. Only the truth will make us free.

Anonymous said...

Jet fuel burns hottest? .... eh... riiiight.

What was that stuff they were spraying just weeks before the whole thing when tumbling down? Elevator efficiency tests and 'upgrades'???? lol ok. That's what they're calling plotting a terrorist attack now.

Hmmmm.... I'll bet a LOT of tax dollars went into the research and development of that super-hot burning substance. All to be used to kill innocent people. I feel so god damned patriotic I think i'm going to go gag now.

I remember watching this happen on live TV and just having no words. Watching people jump out of these buildings and die. I feel so horrible for the people who were physically THERE and watching this take place, let alone the people actually in the buildings themselves.

Anonymous said...

@ Ed Chiarini: Keep in mind that 19 Arabs with toothpick and tweezers accomplished this too. Looks like you've been listening to MSNBCABCCBSCNNFOXnews! Perhaps you'd be interested in some factual data on the subject!

Israel did 911 and we have all the proof in the world. It was a controlled demolition from start to finish, And they murdered 300 Americans deliberately with the help of the US government.

Anonymous said...

Jet fuel burning heat is far from being hot enough to melt steel. On the other hand nano-thermite, an explosive used by the military, can do the job in a very short time.

Anonymous said...

I guess our government wants us to believe that Russian structural steel is FAR superior to American structural steel.

Anonymous said...

Jet fuel burns hot enough to disintegrate steel? Really? What do you think jet engines are made of?

HereAmI said...

One simple point. The Chechnya building burned because the EXTERNAL CLADDING, which was made of PLASTIC, caught fire. The internal structure did not burn. Look at the picture; that's called "When plastic burns". So no analogy with the WTC.
Which, as our first poster pointed out, was atomised, and went skywards, not downwards. There was virtually no seismic signal, because very little hit the ground. As per Dr Judy Wood's essential work, "Where Did The Towers Go?".
NONE of the pilots, architects, engineers, donut makers, owl varnishers for 9-11 truth, or mainstream conspiracy groups want to state this simple truth, as that is not what they are being paid to do.
Steven Jones is the main "nanothermite" apologist. He was previously deeply involved in cold fusion research, but he doesn't tell anyone about that.
I challenge anyone with nanothermite for a brain to look at those pictures, and honestly tell me that that is a controlled demolition. It isn't. It is a building which is being entirely turned into dust.
Here are the photos:
And btw, all those people leaning out of the TTs have taken their clothing off. Not the kind of thing you do when a raging inferno is all around you. More the sort of thing you do if you are being microwaved from a distance. And note, not a yarmulka amongst them.

Anonymous said...

@ Ed Chiarini - As others have already pointed out jet fuel(kerosene base) does NOT burn hot enough to disintegrate structural steel covered with flame-retardant material.

But the issue of this post was WTC7, which was not hit by any plane and had very little or no jet fuel to feed any fire.

But more importantly - according to NIST(the official story/conspiracy theory) all of the jet fuel at the WTC would have been burnt off within minutes of impact, with upwards of 50% of the fuel burning off in the initial fireballs of impact.

If the jet fuel could have remained for a few hours without burning off then it's possible the fire could have gotten hot enough to cause the weakening of the steel(unlikely but possible in theory).

That was not the case though, after the first 10-15 minutes there was no jet fuel left to feed the fire, only standard combustibles present in all such high-rise/office building fires were feeding the flames after that.

29 hours of such fire did not bring down this building mentioned here, and other similar steel high-rise structures have burnt longer than that - and none of them ever collapsed.

PS - The WTC towers were in fact designed to withstand the impact of a 757 jumbo jet with a full load of fuel and the resulting fire from that fuel was also taken into account.

747's may be larger with greater fuel capacity but since most of the fuel was gone with the impact fireballs that is irrelevant.

The buildings were designed to withstand 757's and NEVER have structural failure, yet 747's caused massive catastrophic failure in less than 2 hours.

The difference between a 747 and 757 in size and weight is not that pronounced that one could cause no major structural failure and the other can cause the worst structural failure of such a building in history within an hour or two.

The absurdity of these belief's just goes to show the truth about "self-deceiving cowards" who accept authority as truth instead of truth as their authority because it gives them an excuse not to think for themselves.


Jessica Heitman said...

Actually, those buildings were built to withstand the impact of a 707. Have you ever watched Zeitgeist? You can watch it free, online. You'll get a chance to hear the buildings' architects explain this, completely dumbfounded by the collapse, along with a ton of other great information that it sounds like you could really afford to hear.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's easier for the brain to accept data that would ease the mind of dealing with the horrors of the truth of the matter, that is if your a total moron.

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like the government shills are out on this one.

Don't waste your breath Jonny. Those of us who know need no convincing. Those who know but are paid to propagate the official 'lie' will always be on these articles to muddy the waters of truth and cover for the criminal cabal in DC and TelAviv that did this.

Nice pics BTW @hereIam. But the comparison is with WTC7, not the twin towers which were, btw, a cntd. demo. as well. Not perhaps the same method, but charges strategically placed and time to destroy them from the TOP DOWN rather than the bottom up like #7.

Anonymous said...

Any sane person can NOT believe the government version of 911.

What really did happen can only be known with a new, honest transparent investigation.......probably not going to happen.

Speculating about what methods were used is helpful when people learn and share what they know.
One thing I know for certain is that the 'judy wood zealots' show up like a bad rash on every 911 thread. They are rude belligerent and do more to disturb and distract than anyone else. They are a government sponsored group, just like the infiltration program talked about by Obama crony Eric Holder.
Ignore the Judy Wood trolls, their only mission is to divide and fracture the 911 truth movement.

Anonymous said...

A comment about commercial jet fuel; not much more than kerosene.

Consider the melt point of Iron is just over 1500F
the melt point of structural steel is over 1300F
and will become soft slightly above 1000F.

Where as jet fuel max burn temp is under 600F in open air.

Open air burning temperatures 260–315 °C (500–599 °F)[source: wiki]

If jet fuel melts steel then how do commercial airliners use the fuel without burning out their engines - just a thought...

How does one explain the even cuts indicative of thermite charges (we wont speak of the thermite residue found on the scene).

Check this out, for those reasonable people:

Anonymous said...

Most people cannot comprehend a government doing them harm when they have been led to believe from birth that it is there to protect them. One would never comprehend a loving mother or father crouching over you in the middle of the night with a knife with the intent to kill you. It is too scary of a thought for many and incomprehensible for most. Advice: Keep yourself abreast, watch for the new signs and red flags that signal the oligarchs making another move on the chess board. The plan is to well thought out, laid out and being carried out. Enjoy your life. Laugh with your friends and family. Try to do something nice for someone every day. Do not let small nuances come between true friends, and discard the ones that will run when you are in a squeeze. People do not realize how interconnected we are with nature and each other. Love your best.

Anonymous said...

An orange is indeed truly an apple - disinformation agents will always tell the masses that this is so. I say an orange is really a pear, and those agents can't fool everyone...

StrYdeR said...

Oh come on. Do we need a investigation? Do we need some authority to tell us the truth before we ourselves accept it? We the People are the goddamned ultimate authority... if you see a thing that is bullschitt... its bullschitt. Move on... you're right! You're Right!! YOU ARE FUCKING RIGHT!!! They got us just running in circles man.. quit recognizing and commenting toward the how it should be and act upon those things. this isnt our first rodeo here... we dont need to figure out how goddammit we must do! And to do, you must know the law.

Ben Franklin was asked at the conclusion of the constitutional convention, "What form of government have you given us?" He replied, "A republic, if you can keep it." George Washington rising from a seat a couple of tables away overhead this exchange and chimed in, "And to do that, every man must know the law."

Of course these days, to effectuate the idea formed in the quote above is to be what is now called a Domestic Non-violent terrorist of the patriot movement... But be that enough to stop you, well... i guess you can continue on with the circle running.

Anonymous said...

Correction, the steel melt temp is at 1500 degree Celcius. There is no way that jet fuel could burn through a 4 inch thick steel square main column and was sheared at 60 degree angle. Get ur heads out of the sand, people!

Anonymous said...

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